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Donna's Ho-Bag For September 15, 2001



For September 15, 2001

There really isn’t much that I can say that we haven’t all said, thought, or heard a thousand times in the past few days. We know justice will be served. We know that the next few months, possibly years, will be ugly and difficult. We also know that it is necessary and life will never be the exactly the same again. We will go on, but there will always be fear in the back of our minds every time we enter a tall building or travel by air again. I’m angry as hell about that, but I stress that we will go on. America is not a nation that backs down from anything. We are not a frightened people, and we will fight to ensure that we will not become so. There will be brutal fights that will ensure the next generation
will not endure a tragedy like we did on Tuesday.

Like so many others have already said, the emotions we are all feeling are almost impossible to express in words. It is so sad that what makes this country great has also caused us such pain. The fact that these "people" came into our country and seemed to have blended in to our communities for the soul purpose of trying to destroy us. Some say that our lives will never be the same, yet others say that nothing will change. One thing that I think (and hope) will change is that so many of us won’t take our loved ones for granted.

Knowing that the THINGS that did this to us will be punished-annihiliated-please remember that America is very diverse. The people who live here with a different color of skin than the most are no less American, and no less human, than the rest of us. Don’t hate. It won’t solve a damn thing. It’s cruel and will only make things worse for us. It will only make more victims. Hatred of our own people will only help further the cause of these piece of shit terrorists. Remember that we’re better than they are, and we will not let them degrade our souls by making us hate our own people.

I’m touched by the sympathy, concern and the desire to help coming from other parts of the world…thank you to the people and governments of other countries who are reaching out to us in this time of need. But a bigger thanks goes out to the firefighters and police officers of our country. It makes me want to cry when I think of how brave and beautiful you really are.

We will survive. We will endure. These bombers had no idea what the Americans are made of. They didn’t know our strength and resolve. They’ll soon find out. And they’ll wish they’d thought twice before attacking this country…

Be strong.

Now onto other things.

I haven’t done a Ho-Bag in a while because I haven’t gotten any emails worth printing. When I started doing Ho-Bags the emails I got were much more fun and realistic. Now it just seems everybody emails me anytime they want to get revenge on some guy who treated them like shit. Everybody has a small cock, everybody is a dick, this guy likes to shove phones up his ass, this guy is gay, and so on. It’s all vengeful stuff and I’m tired of it. So if you think you are going to send me an email like that and I’m just going to put it up you are kidding yourself.

Another type of email I get is from the in-denial "girlfriends" of whatever rock star I just talked about. I get stuff like "Who sent you that email? I know he would never cheat on me." Wake up! If your guy is on the road he probably gets a piece of ass every now and then. A few don’t, but most do. So save your emails for somebody who cares.

Lustfully Yours,

Donna Anderson



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