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Donna's Ho-Bag Volume 2 – 06/07/99 – 08/19/99



Volume 2

6/7/99 – 8/19/99

Welcome to my newest Ho-Bag!  Since we have a new site, I decided to have a new Ho-Bag.  This is where I’ll answer all the mail that I get.

First, somebody asked me recently about the Black Crowes, and Groupie Central emailed me and told me they have some good stuff on them.  Check it out at

There are 7 new emails, and the last one isn’t about Jani Lane this time, it’s about Jerry Dixon!  

Here’s on on Cinderella.

i just saw a pic of eric brittingham and he was HUGE! what is the scoop on him any way? wish some one would come up with  some info on jake e lee! i bet he has been around the block a few times ! does eric have a girlfriend? bet you will be hearing from him after my smart remark! by the way jeff labar does not have a girlfriend. he is still married to gaile!

You saw a picture of Eric and he was huge?  What was huge?   His cock, his gut, his ass?  Please explain.  But I emailed Eric today and asked him is status as well as the rest of the band, and here is his reply:

hi donna,    
well, at the moment, the only guy in the band with a girlfriend is our singer, tom.  jeff’s been divorced for a few years, i’ve been divorced for about a year and now single and fred is recently divorced too.

So there’s your answer!, straight from the horses mouth.  Go for him!

I love this site!! I can tell by some of these emails that some people have never been backstage and saw first hand the performances of their favorite rockers. Married or not many of these guys wanted blown or fucked. And they got what they wanted. That was the reality of the scene. So get off Donna’s ass and get a life.

Like I’ve said before, many of these guys are as faithful as their options.  Some just don’t want to believe!

I have some information on Axl Rose. Back in 90 I was invited to a party at the cathouse because at the time I went out with the drummer. That night I broke up with Steven(drummer) and noticed Axl. To sum it up: he doesn’t have huge nuts. He’s got an average size cock. He went commando that night (meaning he wore no underwear). Very attentive and oral. Oh yeah the titty ring was a nice addition too. Out of a possible 10, I’d give Axl an 8. Just clearing his name. Oh yeah and afterwords he was surprisingly polite. No tatrums or whatever he’s known for.

Did he make you pee in a kitty litter box?  

Here’s an email on Mike Tramp.

I just saw your page, and I thought I would share what I know about Mr. Tramp. I was with him back in `91, and I can tell you that he is above average, but not the nicest guy you ever want to meet. His girlfriend Fler, is never far from his mind. He said that he’s only cheated on her a few times. He talked about her all night. In the morning I just got my clothes and left. What an  asshole.

I’ve heard a few negative reviews from Mike from a few other girls.

It’s wouldn’t be a mailbag without an email on Jani Lane!

I think the chick talking about Jani was answering what i wrote…If that is the case here is my response.  I didn’t feel like writing down our conversation verbatum.  We talked for quite a while that night, and yes he did mention Rowanne, and his love for the kids, but that was some of the more personal issues that were mentioned.  With that in mind i am sure you will understand why i don’t feel i should take the liberty of posting the entire thing .   It is intirely possible that what he said is known as "fair game" to him, but it isn’t mine to tell.  I am sure you will understand that, ya know, common courtesy and all.  The only reason that i said anything at all is that a lot of the bands get mixed reviews. WARRANT, however is not one of those on this site.  So in conclusion, i wanted to let you know of a possitive Jani experience as oppossed to the negative.  As far as this california stuff, couldn’t tell ya.      
One more thing, you said…"isn’t it a little odd to bring a girl back to your hotel room at all if you are happily married"  As i stated in my first letter ( more like a novel ) He wasn’t in his hotel room, and neither was i! he invited me to the hotel, not to his room.  I never even got in the elevator.  See, that is how I felt i could actually still call the man a gentleman, at least where i am concerned.

Thanks for the email.  

Can’t get enough Jani Lane?  Who can’t?  So hop on down below for yet another Jani email.  I think it’s Warrant week here at the HO-Bag.

Dear Donna,
         I met Jani a year or so ago. First I have to say that he was the sweetest gentleman I think I’ve ever met. We hung out all night. I never had to ask for anything. He just made sure I was completely comfortable at all times. This man is very charming. You can tell he has been doing this for a while. Smoozing the ladies. The thing I found interesting is that during one of our many conversations about previous relationships and such, which I have
to add Rowanne wasn’t really spoke about, he mentioned that he used to date Kimberly. I didn’t know who the hell he was talking about
at first. Untill he went on to say that she meant alot to him, and that she was a wonderful woman that he wishes things would have worked out differently. Here it is!!!! The fact that she was now dating Danny Wagner really hurt him. I nearly fell out. He is in love with Danny’s Kimberly. He did sum it up with he was married and he knew he had no right to be upset. Yada Yada Yada. So that was the mention of his very own wife. That was it. I dont want my name posted because, like I said we had a wonderful time and I hope to see him again. Just thought that it was very bizzare that he is harboring strong feelings for Kimberly. In my personal opinion Jani is still looking for Misses right. He is too into other women to much to be happy at home. Again that is just my opinion. By the way you have done a great job with your website. Maybe later I’ll have more juicy info.

Sounds like a soap opera.  I don’t really have much to say other than Danny and Kimberly are now engaged from what I hear.  Warrant is going on tour in September, so will the Warrant guys stay faithful to their wives/girlfriends?  Can it be possible?  Does Donna’s Domain strike fear into the guys and they are afraid if they cheat it will be reported here?  Will Rick Steier still run around and tell people he use to play in Kingdom Come?  Stay tuned to this channel this Fall…


I can no longer remain silent on this issue.  I have read and monitored Metal Sludge for quite some time now, and though I find your incessant teasing of the Warrant boys to be quite humorous, your particular affinity for Jerry Dixon humor has become unsettling to me.  I'm not sure who your sources are for the "Jerry Dixon Syndrome" rumor, but I have information to the contrary.  Jerry is a great kisser, and actually has a decent size cock. It is fairly well-known that Mr. Dixon likes to drop his pants wherever and whenever he can, and I have never witnessed any down days for Jerry's "Machine Gun".  Consequently, I find it hard to believe that I am the only woman that reads Metal Sludge that finds Jerry to be sexy.  Isn't there someone else out there who finds him appetizing, as well?

Keep up the whoring!!!

Jerry's not bad providing he's not bloated looking.  I thought he was cute back in the day, but he can look good if he'd stop drinking.  As for his cock, you must be of the thinking that good things come in small packages!  

This is a email I got about Metallica’s roadies.

Ok. Here it is. Did you hear that all of Metallica’s groupies have to pass a test before going into the band’s bus. What happenes is: 

1. The girls enter a room filled with crew members. 

2. The girls are asked to pull up their skirts and perform sexual acts with adult toys such as dildo’s and vibrators. 

3. If they "pass", then the crew passes them along to the band bus. It’s like a fucking game to them. Almost like a merry go round. One girl passes-go on to the next. 10 girls pass-go to the next 10. What are they? Friggin’ robots? Hope you enjoy this nasty dirt. Let me know what you think?

Thanks!  And to think there are still some girls out there that don’t believe this shit happens.  Bands like Motley and Poison had this type of stuff go on all the type.  You can’t imagine how many girls these guys have fucked!

Hi Donna- 
One of my friends told me of the web site and she said that I should tell you one of my experiences from a few years ago.. A few years a ago I was living in Jersey and lived life like a true groupie. I wanted to praise someone that I hooked up with after a show in the city.. I saw Danger Danger whenthey played in the city, and I used to hang out with some of their sound guys.. (I knew this guy Gary) After seeing Bruno play bass, I wanted him.. I was at the front of the stage and made eyes at him..I told him I wanted him while he was playing.. I knew he felt the same way, cuz he kept on staring, smiling and flicking his tongue.. After the show, my friend Sasha and I went backstage, she was with Andy Timmons, one of the blonds in the group and I went with Bruno to some little office in the back and he fucked my brains out! All I can say or remember (I was really drunk) was he had a large cock and he liked to rub it against me.. I thought that was different. But, he was all over me, he wasn’t a cocky lover, he liked to give as well and his skills were very good.. I just remember that he liked to talk and asked me how things felt, and I remember thinking that it was kind of annoying after a while. After we were done, he asked me for my number..but I felt really awkward because I was kind of seeing Gary and he was really pissed at me. In retrospect, Gary and I split that morning and he left to freelance for some other local band in the city. But, I didn’t see Bruno after that.. I know my friend Sasha had a fun time with Andy that night, but still doesn’t want to tell the world. Just figured that I would share that.

Cool, thanks!

Here’s 2 emails that are both bitching about the comments I made about Orgy a while back.  However, one of these emails is mature, and one’s from a fucking idiot.  Here’s the mature one.

Orgy isn’t a one hit wonder. They will never be a one hit wonder to their true fans. They can’t be a one hit wonder either. Their song "Stitches" is rather popular and was written by them, so it isn’t a cover song. To their true fans, they will never be forgotten. I do respect your opinion though.

And I respect yours.  That was professional and polite.  

But this one is from a fucking retard.  Probably a Slaughter fan in disguise.

hey, you act like you know all of the sex lives of all rock groups maybe some a re true but most are bs lies even on the homepage people say it’s ALL bs, 

I don’t remember seeing our "homepage" saying the stuff on our page is "lies."  I must have missed that.  

probably true I bet you back then some bands would hook up with groupies and have a one-night stand with them or something but most your info is WRONG!!! sorry honey but THAT’S the truth! 

Slaughter fan alert!!  I have no idea what you said, or were even trying to say.

Also, can you give me that girl’s e-mail add the one that said she had Jay Gordon
give her oral sex??  you look like a slut from all your pics, i bet you are the way you talk to people like one girl asked something about if I like rockstar how long should I wait to fuck him? PARANOID!!! and your even MORE paranoid to answer back sayin something like 32 hours or whatever! 

So you’re bitching at me, yet you want me to give you an email address?  How does fuck off sound?  I look like a slut in my pictures?  Well honey, that’s Donna D’Errico, Pamela Anderson, and Bobbi Brown!!  Think about it, none of us on this page have our real pictures up, so why would I???  And if you couldn’t tell that those are 3 different girls, then get some fucking glasses Mr. Magoo.  Again, most of your comments make little sense.

it’s like you want people to actually have sex with all these rockstars to make your site even better! ugh! it all disgusts me so! I’m sorry if I offended you and I hope you can get me that e-mail add, thanks if you can. -Rachel-

Yes, Rachel, I want everyone to have sex with rockstars so they can write into my site and I can be rich and famous.  You figured it out.  Can’t get anything past you.  But since you were polite at the end and asked for the email address, I’ll hook you up.  It’s

Hi Donna, I hope you don’t mind, but i have a question. I just read about the thing that Tom Keifer and his wife are divorced now, I know you got that information from someone else, but I was wondering if you have any other information on it. Like why? And when? I am a die hard Tom Keifer fan and just think he’s the sexiest man I’ve ever seen. Don’t get me wrong I ‘m not a hobag, but I would love to have him!

I’m sorry, but I don’t have any info on that.  But if somebody else does, feel free to let me know.

Hi Donna:

This was the first time I have visted your page.  It was REALLY cool.
Can you please dish some dirt on the following? Do they have girlfriends or

1.  Bruno Ravel (Danger Danger)

2.  C.C. Deville (Poison)

3. Steve West (Danger Danger)

4.  Jeff Labar (Cinderella)


To be honest, I have no idea.  Band guys go through so many girls it's hard to keep track.  Last I heard, C.C. was going out with some chick named Indiana.  I have no idea what happened with her.  As for the D2 guys, try posting on their message board and asking some hardcore D2 fans.  And I don't think Jeff LaBar has a girlfriend, but if I'm wrong, I'm sure Eric Brittingham will email me and let me know otherwise.

I heard that Vikki is newly single. Is that true? And I saw a picture of him with a little boy about 9 or 10. Is that his son Justin?

I haven't heard anything about Vikki in a while.  And since I didn't see the picture that you saw, how can I say if that was Vikki's son?  I don't know.  If it was a Asian looking kid, then it probably was.  

Here's 2 emails from the same person that are about Jani Lane, but after reading them, I feel like I just walking into a conversation and missed something.  

Email #1  

Isn’t it a little odd to be bringing a girl back to your hotel room at all if you are happily married?  Didn’t hear that he mentioned Rowanne or the kids or his love for her.  Talked about previous relationships; strange not to mention current one?  How come Rowanne was never at any of his shows this year (that I saw anyway)?  Daughter has to be old enough for a babysitter by now.  Not doubting what this person says at all, the scenerio just seems a little odd.  Never seen Jani at a show with a girl where he looked like he had intentions of leaving with her, but there never seems to be any mention or reference to wife, but he is wearing a wedding ring.  His whole marriage just seems a little odd.

Email #2

Forgot to mention something.  I was told that when Warrant played Adelanto, California (August 7) that when the show was over somebody asked him to go someplace or stick around and he said, "no, I have to get home.  I have to take one of my kids to the hospital."  They remembered this because they thought it was really weird that Jani Lane, after playing a gig, has to drive 100 miles back to Los Angeles to take his kid to a hospital.  Shouldn’t you get a sick kid to the hospital pronto?  I assume it wasn’t a life-threatening emergency, but why would you take a sick kid to the hospital in the middle of the night when you have a wife?  Not that it’s the wife’s job to deal with all kid issues, but where was Rowanne?  They only have one car?  Something is really weird about this relationship.

I think you forgot to mention a few things.  Like, what the hell was going on?  Did you visit Jani’s room, did your friend, did you fuck him, etc?  People, I’m not a mind reader.  I know a lot of shit, but as Dr. Evil says, "Throw me a friggin bone here."  A little background info might be helpful.  Also, you’re asking me questions I can’t possibly answer.  Jani is still married to Rowanne though.  

Hey!  I have to say, I absolutely love your part of the page.  The penis chart is the funniest thing on the site! :)  I was wondering…  do you have any info on Kelly Nickels, ex-L.A. Guns bassist?  He’s not listed in the Long & Short Of It, and it would be greatly appreciated if he was.  Any info on him would be cool.  Another thing, I know you don’t have much info on one of my favorite bands, the Black Crowes, but I would love it if you could add more than just Steve to the chart. Especially Marc Ford, ex-guitarist.  One last thing, PLEASE add Joe Elliott on the chart.  That man is just down right SEXY AS HELL!!! :) Everything about him is just pure bliss… his hair, eyes, smile…. EVERYTHING! :)  Well, that’s all for now! :)  Keep up the good work, sista! :) Thanks!

Sorry, I haven’t heard anything about Kelly Nickles.  We did email him and asked him to do 20 Questions, but he never responded, which leads me to believe he has small nuts.  If somebody sends me some info on the Black Crowes, I’ll put it up.  I don’t know anybody who has been with them, s
o I don’t have anything to offer.  

I had Dish from the Newlydeads once.It was after a Newlydeads show in Hollywood.We talked for a while then he asked me to follow him to the back of the club.He walked by the bar & grabbed a bottle of Jack,then we proceeded to the bathroom where he ravaged me.He tore off my clothes & threw me across the sink,it was great & very spontanious.He also has a nice package.

I just found this site, and I just thought I’d tell you it’s pretty awesome! There’s nothing I love more than good juicy gossip, and you’ve provided tons of it! And it’s hilarious! Keep up the good work. :)

Hi Donna. You’re page is so great. I was wondering if you know anything else besides the Penis Chart stuff about Axl Rose? I mean really! The guy is so damn sexy. He’s got a nipple ring and is just busting out of that spandex… I was wondering if you know what he’s into. He seems like the oral type to me. But you’re the expert. What dya say?

Well from what I heard Axl is all potatoes and no meat.  Meaning he has a huge nuts, but a small cock.  And he made Stephanie Seymour piss in a cat box before, at least that’s what I heard.  Other than that, I don’t know anything else.  Shit, he hasn’t been seen in years.  Who knows what he looks like now.  

I heard a rumour that Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit and Chino Moreno from Deftones have had "sexual encounters," I was just wondering if you knew the scoop? And if you do what is Carmen Elektra’s take on the situation?

I can absolutely say that Fred Durst and Chino Moreno have had sexual encounters!  That’s true.  I just don’t know if it’s with each other, which is what I assume your alluding to.  I never heard anything about that, but Fred is banging Carmen.  She’s becoming quite the little groupie.  First B-Real, then Rodman, then Tommy, now Fred Durst.  It’s obvious she’s likes guys who wear FUBU.  

Hey Donna,       
Wanted to let you know your site is awesome!  I really enjoy reading all the gossip.  A few years ago I was a bit of a groupie myself, hooking up with many band guys, but only actually having sex with two.  The first was Jimmy DeGrasso, formerly of Y&T and White Lion (I think he’s the drummer for Megadeth now).  He was not of great size, but very sweet and gentle.  One of the nicest band guys I’ve ever met.  Not bad in the sack.  The other was Mike Matejevich (sp?), the lead singer of Steelheart.  He was fucking huge!!! Kind of cocky, but we spent the night together and he makes you feel special for the night.  Very sexy guy.  Wonder where he is now?  I did regretfully make out (only, I swear!) with Jerry Dixon.  I actually asked about Susan and he said they were no longer together.  This was about two years ago, so they definately were.  I’m sure this comes as no suprise to you though.  If you’d like to use this info great, just thought I’d contribute.

Jerry’s been telling girls he was no longer with Susan for like the last 5 years.  But it’s true now.  

I thought some of you may still have a little interest in Jani Lane, or "Frog boy" to these parts, so here is some insignificant information to fill your needy little minds with.  Back in February of this year i had a run in with Jani in Las Vegas.  Turns out that he, along with the underdogs, ended up playing an "after slaughter" gig at PinkE’s.  So i took myself down there to see if I could get myself into a little fun.  After the show I offered him a beer to which he replied (and i quote) "Nah, I don’t do that anymore, i smoke the fuck out of some weed though".  I am sure he was only kidding  *wink wink*  Anyway, we ended
up going to a casino with Blando of Slaughter (who is cool ) and a lot of other people in the underdogs and various bands.  Didn’t catch there names, i do apologize.  Watched Jani clean up at blackjack and headed back to his hotel with him.  Contrary to what even i was inclined to think of the man, he was a perfect gentleman.  He never laid a hand on me, and it isn’t because i am a dog!  We just had a really good time talking about where we were from and all that usual mumbo jumbo and about previous relationships we both have had.  Around six a.m. and i hadn’t been to bed in 25 hours and he hadn’t either.. at least that is
the impression i got and he takes me into the hotel restraunt for breakfast!  We talked for  another hour and then he gave me some cab fair to get back to my hotel….completely nice, charming, witty, and a gentleman!  He was flirtatious, but didn’t cross over into that line where you think the next line is "on your knees bitch!"  Not the usual gab for this crowd but it is honest.  I don’t pretend to think he is loyal all the time but he didn’t make me feel like a mistress or anything. So in closing I am glad that there is a good side in him, and i got to see it!

Jani can be cool when he is sober, and last I heard he was looking a little more healthier.  He’s been sober for about a year, but chain smokes like a fucking freak!  He has a cigarette in his mouth more than I have a …. well, forget it.  

Here's a series of letters on Warrant playing a show at Club Dimensions on New Year's Eve 1994.

Love your site and am getting great giggles out of it.  I thought I’d not have anything to contribute until I came to the Groupie Chart.  I remember meeting Jerry Dixon’s wife Susan one New Year’s Eve when the band played a really small club in Highland, Indiana.  Yes that’s right Warrant in Highland, Indiana on New Years Eve.  I was there to see my friends band open up for Warrant and left shortly after Jani and his boys started playing.  I just remember Susan and her friends walking around with their noses in the air like it was a big deal to be with someone in that awful band.  "Your husband is playing a tiny club in Indiana, you must be so proud."  Not the juiciest information but it’s all I have right now.  Thanks for the giggles and useful information. 

Here’s a reply to the email I received on Susan Dixon being a bitch at a New Year’s Eve show.

As a follow up to the reason report on "Warrant New Years Eve" Warrant has NEVER played in Indiana (or even near it) on New Years Eves……

Wrong!  Here’s 2 emails on Warrant playing the Indiana area, and then my comments below.  

  Email #1
Warrant played Club Dimensions in Highland, Indiana on New Years Eve quite a few years back with a local band by the name of Mata Hari.  Jani was sick the entire time and ended up puking his guts out in the parking lot.  I did some digging in my old stuff and found the year, it was New Years Eve 1994 that Warrant played Club Dimensions in Highland, Indiana.  Some people can call that the south side of Chicago to make it sound cooler but it is Indiana. I wouldn’t lie, especially not on THIS page where I’m bound to be caught. Think about it.
Email #2
I remember Warrant playing Club D’s, I didn’t know Jani was sick though, I just thought he sounded like shit.  Club D’s is in Indiana, it closed for remodeling shortly after Warrant played and never re-opened and Stingrays was leveled and is a video store now.  Maybe nobody wanted to go back after their bad Warrant experiences.  Tuff played Stingrays too, good show and Stevie looked delicious.  I wish I had a hot sex story about him to share with you.

Warrant did play Club Dimensions on New Year’s Eve.  Jani was sick that show and throwing up everywhere cause he had food poisoning, and Rowanne (who was seen crying cause Jani was sick) and Susan (who was wearing a white dress) were both there.  

I’ve been with Manson and Twiggy, yes at the same time Manson isn’t all that small. He’s about average but he’s a lot of fun and very good orally. Twiggy is another story he’s quite small and always limp due to excessive cocaine use.

Twiggy’s disgusting!  I saw him on Howard Stern picking his nose, and he looks like the type that would pass out right in the middle of sex.  Call me crazy, but I like guys that at least look like they take showers.

I know you want real rock stars, but I’ve slept with Micky Dolenz of the Monkees and he is amazing!!!  This was about 2 yrs ago and let me tell you, for being  the age that he is….experience counts!  he is a complete gentleman in public and a total whore behind closed doors.  Average size in the penis department, but extraordinary with everything else…..

Now that’s what you call "OLD SCHOOL!"  So for all my groupie friends over 50, I hope that helps you out!

hey Donna,
Gotta say that I love your all have a great sense of humor, never fail to make me laugh! Just wondering if you have any info on Brent Muscat? I know he was just added to the Penis Chart, but ya know it says "Eric is..." I'm sure someone out there has some info worthy of sharing...also, d'ya know his age? It's a big secret...anyway, thanks =)

Yeah, I accidentally wrote Eric's name instead of Brent's, because I just finished Eric Singer's report and had his name on the brain.  As for Brent's age, I think he was like 18 or so when he joined Faster Pussycat, so that would put him somewhere around 30, I think.  

Hello Donna, 
Just thought we would contribute a little info, not all that thrilling but you might want to use some of it.. Burton Gans, of Pist.On:  After trying to get me to sleep with him on several different occasions when he had passed through town, I gave-in, in 97.  He is wonderfully kinky, with a rather large cock.  He likes to talk naughty.  He is a great kisser (loved the pierced tongue) and will hang afterwards.  He has an obsession with asses and I believe would swing from any limb on the tree if the mood hit him.  He is very sweet when he is sober and has always been very complementary towards me.  However, is a Major Prick when drunk which is most of the time!  Anyway, he still calls on occasion just to "chat."  I do believe he lives with his girlfriend so that might tell you a little something about him as well…. 
Brent Muscat:  Sexy as hell!  Naughty and nice, however pompous… His cock rather disappointing in size and not worth wasting the fantasy of what it could have been like.

Here’s an email backing up Eric Brittingham’s email from a few weeks back. 

Finally got to see the sight that all my artists laugh about… I will back up Eric’s story…Jeff Labar does not live in Nashville, Tom was with his girlfriend up in the smokey mountains, infact they came straight to our show ( Poison/Ratt, etc.)from the wedding …..but the gossip is great!!!

I’ll tell you something about Eric Singer.  My GOD is this the most annoying man alive.  YES even more annoying than Stevie Rachelle.  Call me sometime, I’d love to imitate his voice for you.  Stutters every word and makes not one bit of sense.  He can’t fuck worth a shit and I was very disappointed.  His pee-pee is small and he talks way to damn MUCH!  Within 5 minutes of our "love making" he was sweating all over me I hadn’t even taken my bra off and he was DONE!  Afterwards he had the "little" balls to ask me if I enjoyed it. Not only that but he actually had to get up the next morning (yes I stayed & watched T.V.) and cook breakfast for his then roommate, Derek Shitstirian (Sherinian.)  Sad part is he had the apron on and everything.  Eric isn’t all bad, I guess.  He’ll make someone a good housewife someday. 
Ivana Sukitz 
P.S.–Donna, Do me.  You can’t be any worse than Eric!!!

Thanks for the offer, but I’ll pass for now.  The reason Eric sweats so much is because he’s like 4 feet tall, so he’s probably out of breath by the time he crawls up on the bed.  At least he cooks!

I just ran into Johnny Dee from Britny Fox and we were discussing your Long & Short of it list. He is married now and I asked him if he ever cheated and his response was " No, I never fucked any pigs on the road " Hats off to Johnny Dee!!!!!!!

I don’t know if that’s true or not, but saying he didn’t fuck any pigs on the road smells like pig shit to me.  Most guys at one time or another have fucked a pig or two in their time.  Don’t believe the hype!

Hi Donna!  
Do you have any info on Randy Castillo?  Married, single, etc…….. He’s a great drummer….Motley’s lucky to have him. Also, Crane & Blas are on the road this summer, where’s all the stories??? Thanks!

Last I heard, Randy was married, bu
t that was a few years ago.  I have no idea on his status as of now.  As for Crane and Blas, I don’t know why I haven’t gotten any stories on them.  

Hi Donna, do you know something about David Coverdale or Whitesnake

I know that David Coverdale hasn’t had a hit song in about 10 years!  Other than that, I haven’t heard.  He’s fucked a lot of hot chicks though.  As for Whitesnake members, former guitarist Steve Vai is listed in the Penis Chart.

Hey Donna, I love your page!  And I have a couple questions for you.  One, I keep hearing a rumor about Lars and Kirk being "more than friends."  Is that true? I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with that. They still rock.  Two, have you heard anything about any of the guys in Tool? Just wonderin’.

Lars and Kirk did kiss each other in a photo, I think, so that’s probably where that rumor comes from.  Who knows?  If I did hear that Lars and Kirk juggled each others nuts, it wouldn’t totally surprise me.  As for Tool, I heard the singer has HIV, but I don’t remember where I heard that.  I don’t know if it’s true or not.  I think I heard it on the radio, but I could be wrong, so don’t quote me.  

just like to say i really like your domain. totally cracks me up everytime i read it (of course) ok,  I THINK Steve Gorman’s wife’s name is Imelda. i’m not totally sure, but there was a note thanking her inside the BYS jacket. anyway, Rich Robinson’s wife’s name is Emma Snowball(no joke), she’s an ex-model and they have one kid.  Sven Pipien’s wife’s name is "Ginger".  Chris Robinson was married to Lala Sloatman and his ex(?)girlfriend’s name is Elisa Leonetti. both are actresses and have been in movies.  Eddie Harsch isn’t married, and i have no idea about Audley Freed.  does this help?

can you tell me what ever happened to jake e lee? we never hear any thing about him any more. any good storys?  thanks

Actually, I have no idea.  I haven’t heard anything about Jake.

hi Donna,

just thought I’d put my 2 cents in about Stevie Rachelle.  Back in the early 90’s I was on vacation in LA and we went out the the Troubador and I recogonized Stevie at a club and he immediately came over when he heard me mention his name to my friend.  To make a long story short after inviting us over SEVERAL times we went.  My friend was pissed cuz she had to sleep in his living room with all his roomates while I was in the room with him.  I never had sex with him but all my friends think I did.  Boy does he have the lines.  He likes to tell a girl that she’d be so easy to fall in love with, yadda, yadda, yadda.  He does like posing for his females and he does have a great body, but he thinks WAY too much of himself.  He is so concerned on his looks and talking about himself.  It’s all me, me, me and his dog of course!  I don’t think he has much of a life (like the rest of us)cuz every site I go to that has something to do with 80’s rock or groupies, surprise there is a message on their message board telling everyone to check out his site! 

The first time I went to this site, I was so psyched to check out the penis chart that I didn’t realize who the three girls were.  They do all look very similar, with the blonde hair, chesty, etc.  But I am a girl, so I didn’t dwell on the pictures, I wanted to see the chart.  Later, it hit me because I recognized that picture of Donna D.  from the Motley site.  Maybe guys are too focused or overwhelmed by the site of those three girls together to see them for who they really are.  Scary, as it probably proves a lot about some guys and what they see when they look at a woman.  Anyway, that’s my opinion.  Also, I wanted to let you know that I love this site. It is all so interesting to read, and takes me back to my younger days when these bands were more popular.  This may be a stretch, but has anyone ever sent any info in on Lenny Kravitz?  He’s pretty hot, I imagine girls really go after him.

I love this site! I wish that I had something to add to it though. I have never had the pleasure of being with a rock star. I would like a little info on a few guys though if you have it. I think that Glen Danzig is very good looking, in a dark evil kind of way! That could be interesting. I noticed that you have Gene Simmons, but not Paul Stanley. I am sure that there is lots of goods on him out there. I was thinking about some of the guys from Danger Danger too. I can’t not remember the singers name, but I do remember he was hot! Anyway, thanks for all the cool info! 

Was she married to Jani or is the name coincidental? Also some of the guys on her list say they have never been with her nor do they know who she is.So who is this woman?

Ah….Rowanne IS married to Jani Lane!  And word has it she is a psycho bitch.  

You’re a really cool looking girl……… Do you have anything on Eric Singer (Ex Kiss, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore ect…) ?

Gee, thanks for the compliment. The only info I have on Eric is that he is short.  If you’re over 5 foot 6, you might be looking down on him.  He sort of looks like Bill Maher, only with thicker hair.  He also has small, little tiny balls cause he won’t do an interview with us.

Somebody wrote in a while back asking for roadie info, so I recently received this email.

Someone wrote in asking about roadies…… I KNOW that you’ll find a lot about: 
MIKE NASH—-slaughter roadie(he’s been taking lessons from Blas) 
SHAGGY (aka Chad)–Ratt/Cinderella/Slaughter 
SHAKES (aka Eric Griezbowski–Poison’s tour manager)

i dont know if this will really make a difference, but this past december, warrant was here  with the rock never stops show (slaughter fuckin sucked, mark looks like shit) and after the show me and a friend of mine went to the tour bus
and met warrant an although jani was sober he certainly was not too concerned with staying faithful. he stayed outside the bus signing autographs an checkin the possibilities out. me an my friend were invited into the bus when we declined a girl was walking past us an jani reached out an grabbed her arm an said "she’ll do" he put her on the bus,  an then  told everyone he had to get back inside the bus because it was cold. now maybe he just wanted to hang out with that girl, although its not very likely. it appeared his wedding vows did not matter to him that nite. he was a very nice guy though.

That’s no surprise.  Guys are as faithful as their options. 

Hello Donna,            
Keep up the good work with your section of Metal Sludge! It’s great!! Anyway I didn’t know if you or some of the other readers were aware of this, but if you want more info on Ace Frehley’s sex life(and the other members of Kiss) pick up "Kiss and Tell More" by Gorden GG Gebert. It’s a very insightful look at Kiss(not to mention funny).         
Here’s a question for you. When your backstage with about 10 other equally pretty girls, and the band can’t deceide who to take back to bed with them, how do you make yourself stand out so the band will choose you(besides throwing your face in their laps).                                                             
Thanks Monica

Instead of telling you what to do, let me give you a few things you don’t want to do. 

A. Don’t go out for a heavy seasoned garlic dinner before the gig.
B.  Don’t bring an annoying friend along.  Especially if she’s fat.
C.  Avoid heavy contact with the road crew early in the evening.
D.  Don’t tell them you’re the promoters daughter.
E.  And don’t be a bitch!

Hey Diva!  I see a couple of people have asked about Jay Gordon from Orgy so I just had to put my two cents in.  I met him when the band came into my club a few months ago.  He is absolutely amazing at oral sex and will lick EVERY hole down south (if you know what I mean).  His dick is average size...not as big as it looks in pictures and videos...and he likes to be called "Daddy".  It's surprising he can get it up at all for the amount of alcohol he drinks but he can and lasts for a decent amount of time.  Getting him to wear a condom is a struggle.  Jay can be a really nice guy but he knows how hot he is and the stardom has definitely gone to his pretty little head.  Hope this info helps!

Jay Gordon has a rather large ego, but the fact is he’ll probably be back on Sunset Strip within a year.  Orgy is a one hit wonder, and there only hit is just a cover song!  It isn’t even their tune.  Orgy will be one of those bands that will have one song on a year end compilation CD, and then they’ll be forgotten. 

Dear Donna,
I must express my disappointment concerning a recent picture of Stevie Rachelle that I just saw on his web site.  He’s got brown, greasy hair and looks like Kurt Cobain’s corpse on a bad day.  BARF!  He was so
fuckably hot during his headband wearing, Bret Michaels imatating, Tuff days.  I can’t believe how shitty he looks now.

Listen up rockers, you guys ought to be goddamned grateful that there are still hot, young groupies out there willing to suck your 40+, geriatric dicks!  We don’t ask for much.  Please, take a moment to assess your current look.  Is your hair short, dull and lifeless?  Are your abs encased in a Goodyear radial?  During your last tour, did I mistake you for one of my dad’s business partners at the after party?
If you answered "yes" to any of the following questions or if you basically just look like a piece of shit, please make amends.  We take pride in our jobs, so take a little pride in yourself.  Be the shaggy
haired, tight bodied, rock & roll sluts that we love so much.  Kudos to Nikki Sixx and Bret Michaels for doing their part.

Just a slice o’ my pie,
Heidi Mantooth

"Slaughter was doing an in-store record signing near Chicago. I (lived in the city and) my roommate and I decided to head down there with our copies of Stick It To Ya. Slaughter had recently become popular (due to MTV’s constant repetition of) their video for Fly To The Angels.
There was quite a line for the signing, but since fans had to (select) between Mark Slaughter and Dana Strum (fans could only pick one member to sign their albums), it moved quickly. My roomie had a crush on Dana — I don’t know WHY — and I was pretty sure that Mark and I would marry one day (ha ha!), so we both got in the (appropriate) lines and made faces at each other, (each trying) to get the (other) to laugh.
Mark was wearing his hair down and I (nearly) swooned over his presence! He was very sweet, even allowing me to take a photo with him. I was still very enthralled when his assistant wandered over after I was finished with my session and asked me if I wanted to stay after the signing and "meet Slaughter." I responded (stupidly, I may add) that I just MET Mark! The assistant rolled his eyes and looked at me (pointedly). I then understood what he meant and quickly agreed to stay.
My roomie didn’t get asked (to stay) and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, so I told her I had some shopping to do and she returned home. She was on cloud nine over meeting Dana, anyway.  I waited for what seemed like forever before Mark and Dana were finished (with the album signing) and wandered over to me. Mark was very sweet and paid close attention to everything I said, asking me about my college and my
friends. I found him to be very friendly and open.
My dreams came true when Dana announced that they were walking down the street to a diner for a bite to eat and Mark asked me to accompany them. I ordered a salad or something and continued to stare at Mark. He held my hand under the table (intermittently) through the meal and I almost fainted!
We caught a cab back to their hotel and the driver recognized them. He pointed at me and asked if I was Mark’s WIFE. Mark laughed and described me as a "friend." Hmmmm… We arrived at the hotel and everyone spilt up; I didn’t see any girl accompany Dana, but he evidently had his then-girlfriend
or wife holed up in his room. I followed Mark back to his room.
He shut the door and he wrapped his arms around me, holding me tight. I snuggled up against him, feeling very much (into the) moment. Suddenly, I looked up and he kissed me very softly. It was the best kiss I have ever had!  We made out and somehow found our way back to the bed. I wa
s feeling very light-headed from the anticipation and peeled off his clothing, garment(after) garment. I was really getting into the (intimacy) and never once thought of stopping.
Mark used a condom (without any prompting from me) and was very sweet during the lovemaking. He was (of average size) and quiet during the sex. It didn’t last as long as I would have (preferred), but it was still great.
Mark asked for my number, but he never did call me. I was bummed about that, but I fugured it (went along with) being a groupie."

I have the DL on Brent Muscat.I had him on several occasions.He may seem sweet & innocent,but don’t let that fool you.He’s a real freak nasty behind closed doors!!! He did things I never dreamed of & is a master at the art of seduction! He also has a catholic schoolgirl fantasy which I was happy to oblige! 
Lustfully yours,
Sexy Sadie

Hello Donna~ 
I've been reading your page for a few months now and had to give you a bit of info on the drummer of I Mother Earth: Chris Tanna. I met Chris in a club about 3 yrs ago when him and his band were playing New Jersey. At first I didn't think he was much of an eye candy but he was a very sweet talker. This guy LOVES to drink! So after going from the club to the hotel bar,Chris ordered a bottle of wine for us to take up to my room.This guy is so much into tits you wouldn't believe.He loves to tit fuck a girl but that's about as much fucking as you'll be doing. I must admit he knows how to work his fingers and very well.He's an amazing kisser,one of the best I've had.His lollipop is a very nice size but the only hole you're likely to get violated is your mouth (something that seems to run with that band,they love to get head and are selfish on top of it).He loves to talk softly in your ear and can get it up quite fast,although he doesn't last that long. In other the time you get all wet this guy is ready to leave,but as long as there is wine he will stay till it's gone! So that equals to TEASE!!! He might talk to you the next day,he did for me, but once he's had a taste test he won't want the main meal. And if he does go for the main meal I've heard that he sucks in bed so just hand out samples girls,don't waste your time on him!! After a while the more and more you see him, he will become the asshole you've always dreamed of. So to wrap things up,nice size,great kisser,alcoholic and slutty asshole!!!

Here’s an email that is causing quite a bit of controversy.  

I just spent the most amazing week-end of my life in Tenn.  I was up there visting my brother. For the fourth he was invitied to Jeff LaBar's party. I was pretty pumped about this.(Being a Cinderella fan.)  Anyway when we got there,it was pretty rockin' even though I got bored pretty fast. Then about 2 hours later,Jeff brought over Tom to meet my brother.
What a sweetie!!
We talked like forever. Once the fireworks started( the ones in the sky, not the ones between the two of us) we sat down on the (wet) grass.  Later on, we headed out to get some coffee,'cuz everyone at the party was pretty smashed, and I had a buzz.
We ended up at his (huge!) house. That man was great!
Your reports where pretty close in size, and he loves oral sex (giving AND
Anyway, thought I'd let you know that your chart was almost a dead-banger.

That sounds realistic enough, but Eric Brittingham says it isn't.  However, the girl that sent me the story says it is.  Here is both their emails, plus another response from Eric.


wanted to comment on the mail about tom. that person told a good story but unfortunately, it wasn’t true. there was no party, jeff was sick, tom was out of town with his girlfriend.


The deal was I was with Tom and I met him at Jeff's house.
I don't know if Eric is trying to cover for Tom cuz he has a girlfriend or what. But I am telling the truth.

After Eric saw that girls reply, he sent me this email to clear matter up.

people can’t seem to just admit they were caught in a lie, so i have to add more to prove it. i don’t cover for nobody but i won’t sit around and listen to someone saying bullshit about a friend of mine.  ok, jeff doesn’t have a house in nashville,he lives in philly and was staying at freds apartment. tom lives with his girlfriend, and unless they’re into threesomes,you didn’t go to his house. he really was out of town that weekend and went to a wedding with his girlfriend. you said you went out for coffee…tom hates coffee! i
was at a restaurant having dinner with fred and a couple of friends while th fireworks were going off and jeff was on freds couch sleeping because he had a stomach bug. so, you’re either a stone faced liar or such a stupid bitch that you fucked some asshole that told you they were tom keifer. take your pick

Well I have a feeling I won’t be hearing from the girl after that email, so hopefully this puts an end to this issue.  Eric layed the smack down pretty good on her.  So the moral of the story is, don’t make up shit about Cinderella or Eric will go medieval on your ass!

Is that picture really you?  Come on…are you that hot looking? No offense but it seems that almost all the boys that you have been with are all pretty boy poseur types.  I think that if you try it with a real metal guy, you might have better luck.  I’m not saying that you have to be with a stinky ass, hesian but try it with someone who writes music with real feeling and aggression.  You might find that since these boys get all of their aggression out honestly through their music, that they are kind and considerate in real life (ie: bed)  Also, since they are more creative, they might be more interesting and inventive in life and love. Doesn’t it bum you out when your man takes as long if not longer in the bathroom than you? Oh, well…….can you give us a pussy chart maybe??  Do you go that way?  I think it would be interesting to get nipple stats and pussy stats (ie: roast beef lips, tightness, nipple fatness and length, takes it in the butt, stench, blow job skills etc..) Just an idea…… 

I think this is like the 3rd email I’ve gotten within the week asking if that was really me on top of the page.  Am I really that hot looking?  Yes.  Are you really that stupid?  Yes.  
And how do you know who I’ve been with?  I like all sorts of guys.  But I do like guys who like to look nice and can dress.
The Pussy chart is an interesting idea, but there aren’t many girls to put on it.  There is only Lita Ford, Rayna Foss, Sean Yseult, Drain STH, Courtney Love, and maybe a couple others.  A
lso, it would be too hard to get the information on those girls.  It’s easier to get info on a guys dick than it is to find out if a girl has a "hairy or tight" pussy.  I’ve never heard any stories of any of those rock chicks banging 70 guys a tour.  When female rockers start doing that, then I’ll put up a chart.  And guys fucking lie too much.  I’d have a bunch of dorks sending me emails saying they fucked Lita Ford, and I don’t need to deal with that bullshit.  Nice try!

Hey Donna,
Whats with all these idiots who think those pics of pam and Bobbi are of you?  Sorry, but I just had to comment on that.
                                                          only me

I have no idea!  The funny thing is, even with you mentioning Pam and Bobbi’s name, a lot of people still will think it’s me. I’m sure there is some people who think the picture of Jani Bon Neil is real! 

Hi again Donna,
Just wanted to say the new site looks great!
BTW, Do you have any info on Vikki Foxx (ex-Enuff Z'Nuff drummer). Like Penis
Size,girlfreind/wife info, ect.


I’ve always like Vikki and thought he was a cutie!  I’ve heard Vikki has a nice size cock, but I haven’t confirmed it.  It seems skinny drummers always have nice size cocks.  I know a few that do, and I think Vik is one of them.  But I don’t have any girlfriend/wife info.  He does have a really cute son that’s like 8 or 9 (plus or minus a few years), and I believe he might still be going out with that chick he had the kid with.  She’s Asian.  I could be wrong since I haven’t heard much about Vik since last year.  If anybody knows, email me.

hey donna,

you are the greatest!  i love your section of Metal-Sludge, can't wait for the updates.  you're a pretty hot babe, too, if ya don't mind it coming from a fellow female 😉

so i thought i'd give you my two cents on Sully Erna of Godsmack!  i thought, hey, why not, i want to get my 15 minutes of fame just like he is....
here goes:   his dick is not long but pretty thick, but it's not uncomfortably so. he loves oral, but likes recieving more than giving.  he'll give you oral but he's a little too rough.  he's a good kisser.  really good.  long and slow and seductive, no tonsil hockey or trying to get  into your stomach to see what you had for dinner.  nice firm lips.  he makes a lot of noise.  i mean a lot.  groans, cusses, sexy talk, the  whole nine yards.  he says he prefers blondes, which i am, so that worked.  he insists on a condom, which is good, but when it comes to actual  penetration sex, don't count on it lasting too long.  he's one thrust short
of a one-pump-chump, which is too bad.  and he likes it when you're on top.  what else?  if there are any women out there who want to fuck him and really  turn him on, i suggest sucking on his nipple ring. he has one, on the left  side.  he also likes light scratches with the nails, ladies.  he will not  suck your toes.  and for fuck's sake, use a condom with this guy!  from what  i've heard, he's a major player and has gotten BJ's or been fucked by the
equivalent of the female population of Malaysia.  he's supposed to be engaged too. looking back on it, the experience was prety disappointing, i thought after making out with him for awhile i was in for a wild night, but no dice. oh well.


love ya donna!

Thanks for your story!  I like a good, in-depth report like that!  You pretty much left no stone unturned.  You even said he will not suck your toes, so for all you girls that like your toes sucked, Sully isn’t the one to go for!

I was wondering if you had anything or were planning to do a special section on some of the roadies and tour managers of all these bands?  A lot of them get just as much action as some of the musicians…LOL… I’m sure there’s a lot of dirt on various road crews out there!

I never really thought about it.  The thing is, not many people know who the roadies/tour managers are, so I don’t know if people would really care.  If you have any really good stories, you can always send those in.  Maybe if it’s a well known roadies or something.  Feel free to send me some emails and let me know what everyone think about this!

I have to put in my 2 cents about Danny Wagner.  I met him a few years ago at a show, and I have to agree with the girl that says he is very attentive if he’s into you. He followed me around like a puppy dog after the show. He is very sweet though, and funny. We hung around a bit, and yes for the first time ever I got nasty with a rocker. He had trouble getting it up, but he had been drinking massive amounts of tequila. But, he is fantastic at oral sex. He is also a great kisser. It ended up being fun, but a hard-on would have been nice. By the way, your site is hilarious!

Warrant drinking tequila and not being able to get hard??  I’ve never heard that before…
I would think that must really suck to be with a girl and not be able to get hard.  That sounds like it would be frustrating.  I know I’d be pissed if I was with some guy and I couldn’t get wet!  But at least there are ways to fix that.  Have a softy must suck.  At least you got some head out of it!

I think this is the first piece of negative mail I’ve ever gotten.  Let me see if I can uphold the Sludge tradition of making this bitch look like a, well, a bitch!

I think this site is hilarious, but a lot of what I see posted is dead wrong.  Many of these "inside scoops" are about as valid as the trash rags they were originally published in.

What rags?  Have any of you ever seen a Penis Chart in a magazine before?  When was the last time you read a letter in Cosmo that Jerry Dixon has a small cock?  Am I missing somethi

 I won’t waste my time defending every rocker I ever knew, but I will say Phil Anselmo is not gay. He may be bi- (I have no evidence of that) but if whoever reported on him had actually ever spent any time with him, she would have seen that he occasionally would invite girls to hang out with him. I even met girls he’s flown out. Just because he isn’t
with some trashy ho every night doesn’t mean he never is. If you’re around him for more than one brief meeting you’d know that. 

Well first of all, I never said Phil was gay.  I said on the Penis Chart that I heard he might be "on the fence."  I’ve heard from a lot of girls that Phil might be bisexual.  I know he’s hooked up with chicks in the past, but that doesn’t mean he can’t suck a cock now and then.  I only report what I hear.  That’s why it’s called GOSSIP!

Also, I don’t keep up with rocker news, but I know Steven Tyler was quite the playboy about 8 years ago. I don’t know if he was even married then.  

Steven Tyler a Playboy?  NO FUCKING SHIT!  Did I ever say he wasn’t?  Everybody knows Steven fucked everyone he could, so I have no idea why you even mentioned that.  And yes, he was married at the time.  Oh no, you know what that means???  It means he must have cheated on his wife!  What a shock!
 Was that suppose to be some "inside scoop."  I have a scoop for you, Tommy Lee has fucked Pamela Anderson!  Try to keep that quite though.

Also, not to discredit your advice, but roadies will take you back to the
band if they think the band would want to meet you – and if they make you do a favor, then they probably don’t think the band would waste their time with you.

Sure, sometimes roadies will be human and actually take you back to meet the band.  But 9 times out of 10, they’ll try to get play off you!  Why would a normal male want to take a hot chick and introduce her to some other good looking guys?  He wouldn’t.  That’s impossible for a man to do.  Unless he’s already got a wife and is faithful or something, but for the most part, they’ll try to fuck you.  Or maybe he’s fat and he thinks he has no chance with you, then he might just figure fuck it.  And if your a dude, good luck getting backstage.  Roadies don’t take guys backstage cause the less guys around, the more pussy for them and the band.  Roadies sometimes get laid more than the band they tour with.  So your comment was Vince Neil’s dick, totally useless.

About Jay Gordon, his first live gig was not with Orgy. Him and Amir were in an L.A. band called Jailhouse about 10 years ago. So now try to get some dirt on him.
That’s all for now. If anyone wants to submit stories, please note if they are just for amusement, because a lot of it is just crap.

Jay Gordon WAS never in Jailhouse, only Amir was, so get your shit straight.  I have a Jailhouse CD, I got it for free so stop staring at me, and Jay Gordon is not listed, sorry honey.  He was a local LA dude that hung out with everyone, and maybe he jammed with some bands, but he certainly wasn’t in Jailhouse. And besides, that info is old news.  The only crap I’ve received was your letter.  Thanks for writing!

Hi, Donna! 
Just writing again to ask if you've heard anything on either Josh Todd from Buck Cherry or Jay Gordon from Orgy. I haven't had the opportunity to meet either of them yet, and I would like to know what I'm getting into ahead of time. So, if you have any info, I'd love to hear it!


Jay Gordon?  I heard he was in Jailhouse!  Just kidding.  I did hear that Jay thinks he’s a rock star now and is pretty full of himself.  He should get over that soon since Orgy will basically be remember as a one hit wonder.  And that wasn’t even their own song.  As for Josh Todd, I haven’t heard anything.  If anybody has any info, send it in.

I just read the letter about Elisa Maldonado being Dana Strum's girlfriend for four years. Well it just so happens that two years ago he MUST have gotten temporary amnesia and completely forgot that he had a girlfriend. I met him in '97 at a meet and greet and we got pretty close. I would have gotten alot "closer" except that my boyfriend was bartending at the same bar that they played at that same night so he was still in the building. I
specifically asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said no. Maybe he is the love of her life but I know the feeling can't be mutual.

Dana is faithful only if he doesn’t have the option of banging anything else (like most guys in bands).  When a guy has been married 4 Fucking Times, that should tell you something.  He’s been involved in plenty of threesomes are foursomes over the last few years.    Besides, he’s Dana Strum!  I know girls who have fucked him, and I just can’t understand why.  A lot of girls are just naive and believe anything they hear, and Dana is King Bullshiter.  If you hook up with Strum, you deserve to be fucked over.

Here’s an email on a variety of rockers from the old school.

Hey Donna,    

I wrote to you before asking if you want any dirt on some of the old rock stars that I used to date (or have just slept with…)… Well, here goes….. (Please bare with me, because it has been almost 9 years since I was single and cruisin the strip or rock and roll scene!!)                                       
Mick Sweda (Bulletboys): Yes , hes very passionate, attentative, and a very good kisser. The lines he uses are very smooth and he looks you directly in the eyes when using them. (Hard to believe he’s such a bullshitter!!) He’s pretty good in bed, as long as you dont care about foreplay or cunnilingus, because he has NEVER heard of them!! His size is probably pretty average.             
Jason McMaster (Lead singer/Dangerous Toys): Very sweet. Fun to fool around with and VERY SEXY!!!! Remeber the "Teasin’ Pleasin" video and Jason’s rolling hips?? Well, imagine THAT between your legs!! Not to mention t
he fact that hes got the most incredibly beautiful fire red pubic hair!!  With Jason, just follow his tattoo on his lower abs to the prize below. He’s very yummy!            
Terry Ilous (Lead singer/XYZ). If you like nasty sex, this guys for you. Terry is very much into dirty talking and when you combine that with his French accent, its incredible!! A little rough on the outside makes up for a very sweet hearted guy on the inside! A little on the small size (penis-wise), but loves foreplay and just fooling around! A good choice if you like it nasty!!                           
Stevie Rachelle: Yes, I am one of the millions that has had him. The unfortunate part is that he is probably the best lover on the planet…just wanted him again and again. And he is the most giving lover ever. Loves to give oral and is excellant at it!!      
Paul Geary (drummer/Extreme) Prefers a quickie blow job, but doesnt put out in return. A little on the small side and definitely a premature ejaculator.             
Jerry Dixon (Ya…me, too) The smallest dick Ive ever seen!! Made the most promises of any man Ive ever met and didnt fullfill one of them!! Brags about how great he is in the sack and he was a 2 pump chump…well, maybe 3!! A fun kisser, though.     
Johnny Frank (Bass/Kingdom Come) Very Sweet and really into giving a girl a good time. The only drag with Johnny is that he likes to secretly video-tape his sexual escapades with his women. (I found this out only after several nights at his house). So, girls….you may have been taped if you were with him!!                   
Gotta go… will send more later……. (I have just a few more to type, but its not a good time, if you know what I mean…)                                                                                                                                                          

p.s. Is that really a picture of you on the website??       

Of course it’s a picture of me!  Who else would it be, Donna D’Errico, Pamela Anderson and Bobbi Brown?  Don’t be silly, that’s me!

Hi Donna! I was just reading the latest installment of your Ho-Bag and noticed your comment about how ‘some girls are bad w/ measurements’. I’d like to share with you and any interested readers a little trick I learned when I was a Groupie in Training for measuring guys’ cocks. It’s called the ‘Hand Test.’ I know that my hand (from the bottom of the palm to the tip of my middle finger) is six inches long, which is about average for a female. When I’m with a guy, it’s easy to just lay my hand alongside his dick while I’m playing with him and see how it compares. The best thing about this is, the guy never realizes that I’m putting him to the test, so to speak! Try it, it’s very reliable! I’m waiting for your Official Cock Ruler, though. It sounds like it’s more fun and WAY more accurate than my way! *grin* By the way, did you know that those ‘official’ penis measurements done for surveys and such are measured along the _top_ of the penis?! You probably did, but I only learned that recently! The things you learn from reading while waiting for the band to come out, huh? Take care, keep up the good work! You make me proud to be called a groupie!

Ahhh, I like that!  That’s clever.  I’ll have to give that a try!  But if you were to try that on Tommy Lee, you’d need two hands!  

Just love all the info!  Have you ever heard anyhing about Kevin Moore from Dream Theater?  Now that is one fine piece of eye candy that I wouldn’t mind licking once or twice!!

I haven’t really heard anything on Dream Theater at all.  I don’t even know what Kevin Moore looks like.  Maybe I’ll have to pay attention more.  If anybody knows anything, you know where to send it.

Dear Donna,

          Jerry had a recent encounter which was far different then your penis chart.  He was very eager and able to get it up!  He also was a very good kisser and took time to really talk as well. Very smooth with the compliments.  He also got very hard very quick!

You must have gotten Jerry when he was sober, which isn’t very often!  I know Warrant is currently touring out East, so maybe he’s more sober this tour.  He is getting a divorce from his soon to be ex-wife Susan, so maybe he knows he has to get it up now or else he won’t get laid.  But I’ve heard more bad stories than positive stories about Jerry’s abilities.  But he is basically a decent guy.  I’ve never heard any stories about him being a cock, it’s just that his dick doesn’t usually want to work.  And he does have a small cock.  But he does compliment his chicks and can be fun, but if he’s in an altered state, for-fucking-get about it!    

Here’s an email I got about Jani Lane

I hear he is pretty faithful to his wife these days.  Is that what you hear? I don’t need this posted, I was just curious.

Sure you need it posted, how else are we suppose to know if he’s staying faithful??  You aren’t Rowanne are you?  Jani had his fair share of girls last year, and I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.   He is supposedly sober now, so maybe he is a tad more faithful, but I wouldn’t hold my b
reath.  Erik Turner seems pretty faithful, but that’s about it.  If anybody has any stories about Jani, let me know.

Do you have any info on the Black Crowes?? I’m trying to find out Steve Gorman’s wife’s name….Nobody seems to know her name!! I love your column it’s cool. Thank you…

I don’t really get too much 411 on the Black Crowes.  I do have Steve Gorman listed in the Long & Short Of It though.  I don’t know his wife’s name, so if anybody does, let me know so I can post it.

Hi to Donna I guess? Its a great site for me, a future "groupie" in training. Im very young and into hard music and so far have been with both Tommy Stuart and Robbie Merrill from Godsmack.  They didn’t seem to mind I was young as much as their tour manager did!  My friend and I didn’t even lie about our ages!  I really thought they were both cute and blew both of them!  Robbie is hung like a God! Tommy’s nice too! He kept whispering cute things to me when I was going down on him and brushing his fingers through my hair!  He was really gentle! Robbie watched the whole thing!  It was really exciting! Hopefully I’ll catch them again soon on the Ozfest tour, I think its almost over though!  Everytime they’ve play around me since something comes up!  I don’t mind if you print any of this and hope to do Chino from the Deftones one day!  I hope to see info on him soon! Thanx!

It’s good to hear from "Groupies" in training.  It sounds like you are off to a good start!  Godsmack seems to be pretty cool.  I’ve heard Robbie is very well hung, so maybe I’ll have to see what all the fuss is about!  

Hi Donna. I was wondering, now that Mick Sweda is back with the Bulletboys again have you heard anything about him? I know from experience that he is a very good kisser and very affectionate, but that was as far as it went. Thanks.

There is some Mick Sweda information listed above. I do remember seeing him in a video with a bunch of pussy hanging around.  He was washing some pussies in a bathtub.  I was watching the BulletBoys home video ‘Pigs In Mud’ and he was washing his cats.  What did you think I was talking about?

Hi Donna!

This is the first time I’m writing…( I have a feeling it’s’ the first time of many) and I actually just recently discovered the Metal Sludge page…  and let me say,  I LOVE IT!   I’m writing regarding keyboardist Derek Sherinian…(ex Kiss, ALice Cooper, Dream Theater).  I"m actually surprised there isn’t a ton of stuff here about him.

First of all let me tell you all you have to do is be in his sight while he’s playing, and look cute, and dance around a little, and he’ll send his roadie out to see if you want to "hang out" after the show.   He’s terrible in bed, if you happen to get him THAT far… (usually he’ll expect a quickie blowjob, probably in the rest room of the dressing room of the club) if you do get him in an actual bed, he’s selfish and arrogant, and basically wants you to service him, and his very average and not so pretty piece of manhood.   He’ll barely even touch you, and use the  "intercourse is sacred, and I’m saving it for the one I fall in love with" routine.  He likes to have his ass played with too, licked, and fingered… He may even ask you to call him specific pet names…  all and all just a terrible time.

I’m wondering if anyone else has had a similiar encounter.

Thanks for giving me a place to get all that out…

I did hear that Derek has been to our page, so maybe he’ll see your review of his poor sexual skills and clean up his fucking act!

I’m writing about Yogi the guitarist for Buck Cherry.   With ALL the buzz about them right now I can’t believe none of the Buck Cherry guys are in the Long and Short Of It.

I was caught a little off guard by Yogi and his mammoth size love stick. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I have NEVER seen anything like it. Tommy Lee is tiny in comparision.   As the circumstances were,  we didn’t do anything, but with the girth and length (a decent 10 inches, even more, I"m bad with measurements)  of his love stick,  he would most likely be more then satisfying to anyone he was with. If he doesn’t hurt them that is…

Thanks again-   more to follow…

More than 10 inches!!??  Some girls are really bad with measurements though.  They’ll say some dude has a 10 inch cock when it’s really like 6 inches.  I guess it depends on how many cocks you’ve seen.  I just like to whip out DONNA’S Official Cock Ruler and find out for myself.  It’s more fun that way.  If Metal Sludge ever sells merchandise, I’ll be sure to sell my Official Cock Ruler for a reasonable price! 

Hi Donna, do you have any information about Danny Wagner?  Does he have a girlfriend and is he faithful?  I heard he’s got a big cock, and I’ve always thought he was cute, so any info would be great!  I think your site is very acurate and informative, and what you do is awesome.  Thanks!

Thanks for your email.  I do think Danny has a girlfriend, but if he’s faithful or not is another story.  The guy is in Warrant, and is anybody in Warrant faithful??  Is that even possible to be in Warrant and be faithful.  Highly unlikely.  I know he had his fair share of girls last Summer.  You can find out more about Danny on the Penis Chart.  But if anybody has any Danny stories or conquests, please let me know!

Here’s an email I got on Dana Strum’s "Girlfriend", Elisa Maldonado.  

got dana strum mentioned..  maybe old news to you all though..could be used in the hobag seem to be real updated on all the rock stuff anyway…. anything to help!  

So I checked it out and it’s a site for nude models.  Now boys, don’t get your dicks all hard yet, the link will only show you her face.  So put the Kleenex down cause you’ll have to pay to see the rest.  But in Elisa’s bio, she talks about how she found the "true love" of her life, Dana Strum, and has been with living with him "happily" for 4 fucking years!  Gee, that’s funny, doesn’t Dana bang chicks all the time on the road?  Dana’s not Blas, but he still gets plenty of play.  Elisa must be one of Dana’s many Ho’s.  I thought it was funny that this chick says he’s the love of her life and they are living together "happily", but he’s out fucking all sorts of chicks.  Y
ou know what girls, don’t be so fucking blind!  Wake the fuck up!  So check out the link and she Elisa for yourself.

Hi Donna! You have the best groupie page on the web. The reason I'm writing is that I desperately need your advice. In the next week there's going to be a huge concert in my area called Edgefest and there will be about a dozen bands there. I wanted to know of what's the best way to get backstage without doing the roadies any "favors"? Also what is the best way to dress to attract the bands without looking to sleazy. The last thing I want to do is look like a desperate groupie.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Your the best Donna!

The best way to get back stage is to either know somebody who works at the venue or know somebody with the band.  It depends on what your objectives are and what bands you want to meet.  You can try to meet the bands before the gig at the hotel and "accidentally" run into them.  Look for a bunch of tour buses in a hotel parking lot, and once you find the buses, try going to the hotel bar.  For radio festivals like Edgefest, most of the bands will probably stay on one or two hotels.  It’s best to go to or to find out the bands touring schedule so you can see if the bands will be in town before the gig.  Some festivals have meet & greets, so you might wanna look into that.  Or you can do the time honored tradition of waiting by wear the bands load in.  It really all depends on accessible the band is. But girls who hook up with roadies for the most part are stupid.  They won’t take you to the band anyways.  You’ll just suck their dick and then they’ll blow you off.   I never dealt with roadies anyways.  As for attracting bands without looking sleazy, is that possible??  But I’d say use common sense.   Don’t dress like a hooker, but don’t dress like a prude.  Wear what your comfortable in.  If your an attractive girl and you dress hip, then you shouldn’t have a problem. Guys are pigs for the most part, so you could wear a potato sack and most guys wouldn’t care.  Your biggest challenge will be trying to meet the band so you can talk to them.   Let me know how it goes!

Hey Donna…..I’m kind of new to the internet but was quickly directed to this Metal Sludge site by all my sleazy, warped friends! I went directly to your penis chart and much to my total shock, the slut puppy of all slut puppies in Hollywood, or so I thought, Taime Downe was given almost a ‘non’ review!!!  From the ladies (HAH!) I have known that have been porked by the man, it was my understanding he is actually quite amazing. So…… it that they are SO LOYAL to him they dare not show disrespect for his privacy OR do they just not know how to find their way into your site? And here I was at least hoping to hear (read) if he packed a polish sausage or a vienna one. Damn it all!!

If anybody girl has any Taime sludge, let me know.  Or you can be a guy for that matter!

Dear Donna:

Just wanted to add to your list. My 2 best friends and I were quite the
little groupies back in "the day", and I wanted to give you the 411 on the
guys that we were with.

Eric Brittingham: VERY nice dick. Perfect in length and girth (for lack of a
better term). He’s a gentleman, and he’s very affectionate. He’s not too
pushy, and when you’re with him, you are the most important person in the
world. And god that long blond hair in your face is just incredible! Likes to
cuddle afterwards, and will still hang out with you afterwards. On a scale
from 1-10, he’s a 9.

Jeff LaBar: For a little guy, he packs a pretty good package. He’s also very
affectionate. Kind of cheesy, in a Mr. Rock Star kind of way, but still a
nice guy. He’s a very good lay, and really enjoys oral. Would rather receive
than give, but what guy wouldn’t? He still hangs with you when it’s all over.
Not too much of a cuddler, though. He does talk a lot, which gets annoying
during sex. He’s a 7.

Stephen Pearcy: I would NEVER do this guy again. All bark and no bite. He’s
got a potato in his pants, I SWEAR. I was so disappointed. And talk about Mr.
Rock Star attitude! You would think this guy invented rock n roll the way he
acts. He’s only about 6 inches hard, so he’s about average. Nothing special
in his moves either. His attitude ruins everything he had going for him
(which wasn’t much to begin with). He’s a 4.

Marq Torien: short and fat penis. Loves to receive oral. Doesn’t give. Not
very romantic. That’s about it. He’s a 3.

Kip Winger: According to my friend, this was some of the best sex ever. And
by the way she was squealing like a pig, I believe her! He hangs around
after, too. Heck, if you give him your number, he’ll probably call you! He’s
a pretty cool guy, except when his girlfriend was around. He ranks a 8.

Jimmy D’Anda (BulletBoys): Wonderful, sweet guy. Drinks waaayyy too much, but
could still get it up. He has a decent weenie. Not great. He likes to propose
marriage while you’re giving him a bj. He was a 6.

Great email!  That’s how it done girls.  Keep sending ’em in.

Hi Donna,           
I happen to know that when Rikki’s girlfriend, Melinda(which I might add is a very nice girl) is away, he bangs various women.  Then before they leave he follows them around with a plastic bag picking up incriminating evidence such as cigarette butts, condoms, EVEN HAIR STRANDS & deposits them in the outside trash.  So Melinda, if U are reading this……U might wanna take a peek in those dumpsters out back.

And you wouldn’t happen to be one of those "various women," would you?  I’m not surprised to hear this.  But at least Rikki cleans up after his women.  That’s a plus!

I wanted to ask, is there a website that you know of that has this same kind of info on Rappers and R@B artists? I love your website, and the penis chart is a definite must. But I must say that it would be hilarious to see some of these so-called stars rated where it counts, especially since they like to brag so hard. 

As far as I know, Metal Sludge is the only site of it’s kind.  That’s probably a good thing!  However, there is Groupie Central and Groupie Stories, and they might not have penis charts, they do know a lot of stuff.  You might wanna post something on their message boards and see if anybody has any info for you.  Groupie Stories is at, and Groupie Central is at

do you have any gossip on
Keri Kelli (PBF, DPM, Ratt)? 

Actually, I do.  Here’s 2 different emails on Keri Kelli, and both have a similar theme.

Email #1

I recently had a brush with Keri Kelli’s limp little fucker! He’s such a fucked up whore.. I can’t even make out the size of the thing HARD cause he was so high it couldn’t even GET hard! I’ve never tried holding such a loose thing in my life. And he has gotten so WRONG LOOKING isn’t even funny! The race is on to look as fucked up as Steve!! Needless to say..I didn’t fuck him. This was a somewhat public place we were at and I’m sure he’d have to do some explaining to his pretty – and I’m SURE, rocket scientist girlfriend – (hey! He’s been seeing THIS one for over TWO weeks ..IMPRESSIVE!)!!

Email #2

Ok, I too have had the not so great pleasure of dealing with Keri Kelli and I must say that "little fighter" just did not do it for me. Although, one of my good friends tells me otherwise.   I do hear that when he wasn’t so heavy into drugs that he was a bit above average.  But the drugs are really taking a toll on him nowadays, just look at him.  I am very impressed that he has been seeing the same girl for so long now,( I wonder what her problem is) that is just not the typical Keri Kelli, and I am sure that we all know that. So what ever come on line he gives you, I must say run as fast as you can, you don’t even want to go there.

We asked him to do 20 Questions, but so far we haven’t gotten a response.  I guess he thinks he’s a rock star now since he’s in Ratt.  Guess again Keri.  Your more disposable to Ratt than one of my tampons.  Before you know it he’ll be back on Sunset in some other joke band.  

In May I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Slaughter’s girlfriend Rebecca in the department store that I work.  She had both of the little boys with her and they were precious.  Brandon obviously idolized his daddy and he let everyone know it.  Rebecca, on the other hand, doesn’t quite like Mark as much as Brandon does.  When I realized who she was I perked up and, well I eavesdropped. :)  Anyway, all that she had to say about Mark was that she didn’t know when she would see him again, and by the way she talked that was not a bad thing.  She told the person with her that she was "getting sick of him and his stupid friends". She was as nice as she could be to me, but didn’t like my co-worker quite as well.  So I can see where she would be labeled as a bitch.  As I said, she was nice to me though. I just thought that you would like to know since a while ago Mark and his woman was a rather large topic of conversation.  Have a nice night.

Thanks for your letter!  Look for more "inside gossip" on Slaughter towards the end of the month.  I got some stuff on why Mark hasn’t married Rebecca and what Blas looks for in a girl!

Here are 2 different emails on Ratt bass player Robbie Crane and his nipples!

Email #1

Loving this website!  Just wanted to add to "The Long & Short Of It."  I too have done Robbie Crane.  I agree completely w/ what was written, but he also loves his nipples licked (frantically I might add).  My mouth was so exhausted from nipple sucking that I’d have to seriously consider not speaking for an hour just to rest up.  Just wanted to add my $.02.

Email #2

Dear Donna,
Next time you see Robbie Crane with his shirt off, check out his nipples.
His right nipple is bigger than his left one.  This is because he likes that
one to be sucked and pulled on during sex.  He sometimes even will pull on
it himself, suck on his lower lip, and moans, "MMMMMMMM." He also likes to
jack himself off while you lie there and watch.  I happen to know this as
fact because I’ve been with him on several occasions.  I think it’s funny
that other girls talk about his nipple fetish too.  If only Melissa, his
girlfriend, could read these!  She would be in for a rude awakening!

Now after I printed those 2 emails, I received this email defending Robbie.

Anyone ?claiming? that they have recently been involved with Robbie Crane is obviously hurt by the fact that he is so faithful to his girlfriend.   The past is the past and Robbie definitely has one, but again…. that is the past.    People change, grow up and eventually all realize the simple FACT that bimbos are bimbos and after a guy like Robbie has had so many,  they aren?t even worth that quickie blow job  back stage.  Robbie Crane has apparently gotten wiser in recent years and as hard as it may be for all you SLEAZY ASS BIMBOS, it?s time to finally face that!!!

So did Robbie have your write that or are you really Robbie’s girlfriend?  I hope your right about him being "so faithful" cause if your not, I’m going to get a thousand emails saying otherwise, and then you’ll have a rude awakening.  

Hi Donna,
Just wanted to say I really enjoy your writing.  I lived in Hollywood from ’90 to ’92 and did some writing for Screamer and Rock City News.  Afraid I don’t have anyone of consequence to report on; most of my boyfriends were in small-time club bands, or, even worse, at Musicians’ Institute.
Question: Didn’t Tawny Kitaen also date Jerry Seinfeld for a while?  I’m pretty sure she did.

For some reason this sounds familiar, but I can’t say for sure.  You might want to check with  They might know something.

Oh my god, this is the funniest shit I have seen in a long time!  Your comments about these rock dudes has me poor belly aching from too much laughter.  Keep up the good work!

Hello Donna!
My name is Carl (a.k.a. The Black Widow). I visit Metal Sludge often because I feel it offers something Metal Edge doesn’t: a lack of restraint and humor. Every now and then I check out your section (not that I care who’s got the biggest dick) because I appreciate a woman who can speak frankly about sex and rock & roll and still be beautiful without looking sleazy. The more I look at your picture though I feel that I have seen you somewhere before. I know that sounds like the oldest line in t
he book, but it’s true. Have you been a model or an actress? What did you do before working for Metal Sludge? Can you tell me more about yourself like: height, favorite foods, movies, bands, songs,  places, ect. ? I am dying to learn more about you.



Thanks for your interest Carl!  I figure it’s about time I tell everyone a little bit about myself.  I was born on March 30, 1968 in Cosmox, British Columbia, Canada.   At around 18, I was discovered at a football game and did some work for Labatt’s.  Once I moved to the U.S., I ended up in Las Vegas.  I stripped for about 6 weeks in Vegas, but I was never really into that so I started to work for a limo service as a driver.  That lasted until I was discovered yet again in a supermarket by a talent scout, and that’s when I started some serious modeling.  My modeling gigs got me some auditions and I ended up on a show about lifeguards.  I’ve dated a variety of celebrities and rock stars, and during one relationship, a sex tape was stolen out of my house by construction workers.   It ended up on the internet and has caused me a lot of grief.  I am now married to a musician who has 3 kids of his own, plus I have my own kid from a previous relationship, so we have a total of 4 kids!  I also just recently took out my breast implants.  I’m working on several projects right now, including writing at Metal Sludge! And if you must know, I’m 5-5, 110 pounds, 34-22-34, blond, and my turn ons are men with foreign accents, rainy nights, sharing an ice cream on a hot day, secret admirers, tattoos, and being kicked in the spine.  I’m glad I got that off my chest and that I got to share with you a little bit of my life.  Thanks for your question Carl!

Lustfully Yours,

Donna Anderson



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