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Donna's Ho-Bag Volume 3 – 09/01/99 – 12/30/99



Donna's Ho-Bag, Volume 3


Welcome to Donna’s Ho-Bag, Volume 3!  

It’s been a year since the first Ho-Bag!  My how the time flies!  When I started the Penis Chart, I only had about 17 names, now I’m up to almost hundred!  Thanks to everybody who have sent in an email and been brave enough to share your stories with me.  It’s been really cool! :)

December 30 – Happy New Year

This is the final Ho-Bag for 1999 as well as the last Ho-Bag for Volume 3.  It’s onto Volume 4 after this.  Have a safe New Years and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.


    I could help noticing on your groupie page that some of your facts are wrong. Regarding Bobbie Brown she never slept with Duff Mckagan, Steve Rochelle, or Dave Navarro. Duff and Bobbie were always seen hanging out
together which is true. But they were only friends. They were never seen hanging out alone. Nor did they ever sleep together. They were only party pals. Bobbie only met Stevie a couple of times. Back in the day he was always calling her but she was never very interested. Dave Narravo and Bobbie are fun loving pals. They may have kissed a few times but Bobbie is to loud and over bearing for Dave. No loss to Bobbie. They still remain good friends.  What people see and what people hear are usually 2 different things. People like to assume things because of the way she looks. But in all honesty she is a very educated person with an amazing sense of humor. She isn’t the girl you make her out to be on this page. 

PS. For the record she is still good friends with all the names mentioned above including Tommy and Janie.

I love emails like this.  You said that Bobbie and Duff were never seen hanging out alone.  No shit!  If they were hanging out alone, you wouldn’t know about it because they would be ALONE!  It’s a known fact that after Bobbie had her daughter Taylor, she started banging Duff.  She was hanging Guns N Roses and it’s not a secret.  So she was cheating on Jani and banging Duff.  Not that Jani wasn’t cheating on her.  Sounds like a good relationship, huh?  It’s also known that she fucked Stevie because that’s no secret either and we even brought it up in his 20 Questions with him.  As for Navarro, you think they might have kissed but never did anything else??   Yeah, I’m sure they just made out and held hands like 10th graders.  I’m sure all these guys hang out with Bobbie because they love how loud and overbearing she is!   Guess again honey! 

I have a friend who witnessed a rather interesting incident at a backstage party during NIN’s "self destruct" tour.

She was part of a small crew doing interviews for local papers and such.  According to her, various members of NIN, Manson, and Jim Rose lined up 10 naked girls and put them in Doggy Style position. Someone else put a bowl of fruit loops under each of their asses. At the same time, all of them were given water enemas and told to "hold it" – the girl who shit first was the loser. I’m not sure what happened next, but apparently, girls were
shitting water out of their assholes into bowls of Fruit Loops while a huge crowd was watching. Also, this could be bullshit, but I heard that Mr. Lifto from the Jim Rose circus ate (to some degree or another) the brown
liquid/fruit loops mix that was birthed from some groupies asscrack.

This isn’t a bullshit story. Reznor himself has mentioned this a few times, and from what I understand, it’s told in great detail in Manson’s Autobiography: Long hard Road Out Of Hell. Speaking of which, I happened to read a part in that book where Manson and his high-class bandmates pissed on a deaf girl whom they covered in raw meat. I quote the keyboardist: "I’m gonna cum in your useless ear canal". Must be part of that artistic genious
Mr. Manson has.

It makes me wonder what the most degrading thing a groupie has ever done.  That might be a good addition to your site: "groupie degradation". If it aint Sixx making girls lick jizz from his hand like cats, it’s the Nothing
Records camp making girls shit out mud into TooCan Sam’s breakfast ceral.

-Serial Thriller

What can I say, holding in those enemas was hard for me.  Did I just write that?  Ah, nevermind.

That sounds like a weekend at bastard boy floyds.  I’m sure when Motley puts out their book, there will be some pretty good stories in there.  Guys will always find new ways to entertain themselves on the road, and I’m constantly amazed at what lengths some of these girls will go through to be a part of the festivities.  Some chicks enjoy putting on a show for the guys because these chicks must crave attention.  I’ve heard of chicks fucking themselves with beer bottles, but the enema thing is new and totally disgusting.  I’m getting sick just thinking about it.  

Here’s a few emails on Vince & Pam.

Dear Donna,
Real quick I dont know if this means anything but a few years back when Vince had his Exposed swim suit line they profiled him on Life Styles of the Rich and Famous. Did you ever see it? Well they showed him driving around Malibu with Pam Anderson in his Rolls Royce, I cant remember if they said anything about them being an item but with Pams reputation I’d bet there was some fucking going on, I always thought there was. Good Luck on finding out the real truth. Thanks for keeping us informed.


Hi Donna-
Just wanted to add something about the Pam Anderson/Vince Neil thing.  A few years back I remember seeing Vince on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.  The show gave you a tour of his house and all of that, and I do remember them showing a shot of he and Pam together out on his balcony.  This was quite a few years ago, and I know Vince has been with a lot of silicone breasted blondes, but I am almost positive they identified the gal as Pam Anderson.  Maybe someone else remembers seeing this too. 

Hey Donna,

I just wanted to comment on some of the stuff I read in your ho-bag. You are so right Pam is so full of shit! I’ve met her and Tommy both together and separately. Tommy was a different man without Pam, much easier to get along with. Donna D’errico is awesome and her interview proved it. her and Nikki are one of my favorite celebrity couples. You can tell they are very much in love and they are genuinely cool people. The Lit guys are still really sweet.  The picture of Fred looks pretty accurate. He’s not all that big but he is enthusiastic. Courtney Love is total trash that used her former husband to get where she is. I met her while she was still married to Kurt. She was
playing at some venue and was late to stage because she was fucking some guy in the parking lot. I hope I didn’t bore you with all this. Keep the gossip and penis Chart going; they rock!

I’m going to have to change my previous stance of thinking that nothing happened between Pam & Vince to saying that they probably did fuck.  I heard from a source saying they didn’t, yet again, that email above said that Bobbie didn’t fuck those guys, so maybe my source didn’t have the right info.  Besides, why would Pam want to admit she fucked Vince?  That’s not something to be proud of.  The bottom line is if you are a hot blond chick with big boobs hanging out at Vince Neil’s place, you’re fucking him.  

Donna Ya really pretty. I am a chick 2 so don’t let this fool ya. I saw ya and went wow. I mean I am not a lez yet but after seeing ya I might turn into one.
Allot of men tell me I am pretty. I mean musicians do. I think it is cool. I will say that ya do out do me. I mean if I had those breast wow I would play with em all night but my tits deflated some-how and that is really sad. I need implants. Then I would have some cleavage then. I guess I should just be lucky I am beautiful but I want big balloons. Then I could take off my shirt but as it stands now I can’t I would be to embarrassed to do so.
I’LL just stick to taking my mini skirt off that works better if ya know what I mean. Also I love you cock page on how big and how small and their performance. Now I will know witch rock stars I will choose when I get to LA. I just want the big huge meet with good quality high fast performance. Thanks ya way 2 cool!!  I will leave my self unknown for now sides I am very known on the net and that is why I will give no name!!

How can somebody be so "well known" on the net and not recognize the pictures above?  Stevie Wonder knows that’s Donna D’Errico, Pamela Anderson and Bobbie Brown!  I’ve only said this a million other times.  None of us at Metal Sludge post real information or pictures of ourselves, so why the fuck would I post my picture?  Is it that hard a concept to grasp?  They are 3 different chicks!  It’s not even the same person!  And you know what?  I’ll be emailed again with somebody else saying the same thing.  And if you are headed to LA, I’ll alert the nuthouses that you are on your way. 

Hi Donna,

Hilarious site, everyone in the music biz reads it and laughs their asses off.

Saw aging groupie Bebe Buells band last Wednesday night at Don Hill in NYC.  Her daughter actress/new groupie Liv Tyler was there with her boyfriend Royston Langdon from Spacehog and Kate Moss (ew!). Liv looked VERY preggers.


Thanks for the info!

Hi, I was reading through your Ho Bag and someone had asked about Tool and you said you thought Maynard James Keenen, singer, had AIDS/HIV. From what I understand, that’s just a stupid rumor gone big. He doesn’t have HIV or AIDS or any other STD and neither does any other member of the bands. Just clearing that up.

Also, a friend of mine told me that Jay Gordon is a big time druggie/alcoholic. He’s doing lots of speed and shit like that. Word is, he looks like shit too. Looks like he won’t be around much longer if he keeps that shit up.

Anyway, keep up the great page. Later.

I also heard that Jay enjoys getting blow jobs from guys every now and then.  Orgy is a one hit wonder who will only be remembered when Blue Monday ends up on some 1999 song compilation.

December 16

Jani Bon Neil was told about this and showed it to me.  I guess I must suffer from blackouts because I don’t remember signing this guestbook.  I don’t know what site it’s from, but it’s some local band.  

Name: Donna Anderson
Website: Metal-Sludge
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Sludgeville Usa
Time: 1999-12-16 02:02:37
Comments: Hi boys my name is Donna Anderson and I have the world famous Penis chart. And a little birdie told me to look up you boys. She told me I should get a look at that Nasty one. So please stop by my site and give me a look. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Besides you boys are from the Show Me State right? Lust- DONNA

This obviously isn’t me.  The email address is wrong and besides, I DON’T SIGN GUESTBOOKS.  If you see my name in a guestbook or a message board, it’s not me.  I think I’ve signed a few guestbooks a long time ago, but that was about it.  That goes for message boards too.  I don’t post on message boards either.  Somebody used my name recently on a message board run by an old, washed up, delusional groupie, but that wasn’t me either.  But thanks for the plug.  I guess it could have been worse.

Hi!  I check this site daily,   I love the whole thing!   I want to know everything you can find out on Wrestlers,  and the girls that enjoy them. There has to be some out there.  If  you dont get mail from them personally, then do you know where I might read where people have written about them?  Maybe one of you can start a new sludge column on the wrestlers escapades.  Yes! I have a favorite, but I think gossip on any of them  would be interesting. Wrestling is SO HUGE right now.Theres got to be a way to "break the walls down". Thanks! Ranae

I do know that groupies in the wrestling word are called Rats.  I haven’t heard too much about girls hooking up with wrestlers though.  I’d be interested in getting some info if anybody has any.  I do know Chris Jericho has a girlfriend, but that’s about it.

First off, let me say that I love the page.  Do you happen to have anything on Rammstein?  All I’ve heard
is that the lead singer is a major slut, which comes as no surprise.

I think there was some stuff of Rammstein in either Ho-Bag 1 or 2, but I don’t remember what.  But I do think I heard that the singer is a slut though.

Here’s another email on Jimi Lord.  Geez, what’s up with this guy?

I’m writing to clear up the confusion about Jimi Lord (Tuff). I’ve been with that sweet- talker multiple times. He DOES have a good size cock and is wonderful at oral sex. He won’t stop munching until you’re satisfied, but I think that’s because he can’t last too long during sex. I’ve never known Jimi to smell bad. In fact, he always smelled great. I do have to agree about the high voice though. I’m convinced the guy will be coming out of the closet any day now (if he hasn’t already). Happy Holidays!

So we’ve confirmed he has a good size cock and he talks like he has helium in his mouth.  Ok, fair enough.  At least he doesn’t smell

Alright, I promised to not write again, but I’m a perfectly predictable bastard: I need to respond to every damn thing. Anyways, i’d like to respond to the newly identified Straight Male Pearl Jam fan.

1. So I need a title for people, and seeing as you didn’t offer any name, real or fake (see my gay Yngwie moniker), I had to pick a name. Isn’t "non-metal chick" better than "gay wannabe Vedder groupie"? Of course, I could just write "it" if I’m not sure of someone’s gender, but: 1. That can imply an assumption that one is a hermaphrodite (that’s known as a joke) 2. it sucks to type and doesn’t have the same effect. Granted, it was a half-assed assumption on my part, but an educated one, as the Ho Bag is mostly written into by women and your letter, frankly, sounded like some wannabe Pearl Jam groupie, except one that could spell.

2. I don’t own the site? Thanks for explaining the obvious.
3. I’ve heard too many PJ songs from various albums (dating a diehard fan of any band will let you hear a lot of them)
4. Everyone does indeed have opinions and that’s why pissing contests go nowhere.
5. Pearl Jam may not be dead with Seattle, but Eddie still constantly whines.  At least in my opinion. (See point 4)
6. E-mail sucks ass, for the simple reason that you can’t really tell how someone is saying something (for an almost assured drop-out like me, that’s important). However, I just don’t see the point in writing to a site and
bitching about how someone there slagged a band you like.
7. Direct Quote: "Lastly, I love the Metal-Sludge web site because it is hilarious and informative, and I like to read about the bands that I liked 10 years ago."
    My Response: Maybe my reading comprehension is less than your god-like level, but this would seem to indicate that you only liked those bands when they were on radio and MTV. That by itself seems to say a nice amount of your loyalty towards bands.

      5 years from now, when Pearl Jam is completely forgotten (that process is starting, they get less and less attention each year), will you be writing to Donna again to complain about her slagging a new favorite band of yours, one that’s currently in popular memory?

Only meant to be slightly offensive and slightly stupid,
-Yngwie Van Mustaine

Ok kids, you each had 2 emails posted, so now take it to the Gossip Board if you want to continue your ramblings.  Don’t make me turn this car around!

December 15

I love your site, it’s funny as hell.  I have a question, did Pam anderson have sex with Vince Neil?  Could that be the reason Tommy hates Vince so much?  We all know that Vince is loud, rude,and stupid but then agian he always was.  Tommy seemed to like him just fine before.   Thanks your the best 

Originally I heard from somebody who knew Pam and she said that they didn’t fuck.  Vince did pursue her, but Pam blew him off.  She appeared in his video and that was it.  But…now looking back at it, I can’t say I wouldn’t doubt it if they did indeed get it on.  Pam is full of shit most of the time and of course she’d deny it if they did fuck.  Vince did deny it on the Stern show though, but that’s when he was back when he rejoined Motley.  Of course he wouldn’t admit banging Pam with Tommy in the room.  I can’t remember if Vince bragged about it before he got back into Motley.  The story originally appeared in some European magazine, and I think Gerri Miller even said they were dating at one time, yet she’s usually wrong about a lot of thing.  I don’t know if that’s the reason why Tommy hates Vince.  Vince sometimes has difficulties in playing with others, so there problem could be any number of things.  Our interview with Donna D’Errico might shed a little light on Pamela’s character, so be sure to read that and draw your own conclusions.  

Hi Donna,

I wrote you about a week ago and very thoroughly explained the Pearl Jam situation and I am writing again to answer the questions you have since received about myself and my "novel."

1.  (and I noticed that "non-metal" chick)  Three words for you:  Hooked on Phonics.  I never said I was "non-metal," I said that I was not a "huge" metal fan.  Secondarily, who said I was a "chick?"  Not that it matters, but I am a heterosexual male.  You cannot tell someone’s sex or their sexual preference from an e-mail that they write.  Here’s some advice:  if you want to be an ass, at least get your facts straight.

2.  (I don’t think anybody gives a shit about thirty page long letters of why Pearl Jam is faithful.)

Look man, nobody asked you to read the shit, ok?  I saw a question and I explained the situation.  It was a little long, but if it answered someone’s question, then who gives a shit?  You don’t own the metal-sludge site, you just read it.

3.  (Pearl Jam is a shitty band, from everything I’ve heard from them.)

And what have you heard?  "Jeremy?"  Like I said in my first letter, most people that don’t like them have not even heard their best stuff.  It just so happens that Donna has, so her opinion is justified.

4.  (Eddie’s voice annoys the fuck out of me, I happen to like "machine gun guitars" (being a half-assed guitarist myself))

Ok, this is your prerogative.  Good for you.  Machine gun guitars have their time and place, they are just not my favorite.  It’s an opinion, and I am sure you have one like the rest of us.

5.  (and I’ll tell ya something: "meaningless metal lyrics" are a whole lot more entertaining and meaningful than any of that self absorbed tortured Seattle bullshit.)

Here is another tip:  when you quote someone, get the quote correct.  However, that is basically what I meant, it just bothers me when someone criticizes something and misquotes the person.  Also, the "tortured Seattle bullshit"  (see, that is how you quote someone) is over now and Pearl Jam has evolved into a totally different band.  The Seattle scene is dead, but Pearl Jam is not.

6.  (If you can’t hang with some shit being thrown at your favorite band, leave Sludge now.)

Who said that I can’t handle shit being thrown at my favorite band?  I simply wrote Donna to answer another question I saw about Pearl Jam’s sexuality.  I did address the fact that she said they "sucked," but not in an angry, disrespectful manner.  I simply pointed out the fact that she may not have heard their best stuff (in my opinion), but I was wrong.  I think everyone should have their own opinions and Donna clearly does, and I respect that.  You, on the other hand, are assumptive, rude, and could use some work on your reading comprehension.

7.  (People like that chick are fucking lamers who only like sites that bash things they hate, but as soon as the site throws shit at something they dig, they’re antichrists.)

Actually, your last assumption was almost as full of shit as your first few were.  Number one, I am not a chick and number two, I have no problem with people having their own opinions (even if I do not agree with them).  Donna stated her opinion and I am completely fine with that.  Lastly, I love the Metal-Sludge web site
because it is hilarious and informative, and I like to read about the bands that I liked 10 years ago.  Therefore, I do not think it is the antichrist.

8.  (There, now I’ll get off my soapbox and never e-mail the Ho Bag again),

It remains to be seen if you will hold to this or not.

This letter may seem nitpicking and trite, but I hate when someone assumes shit that is not true and then writes shit defending his position that I never had any problem with in the first place.  If he would read the damn letter, he would know that.

I am sorry to bother everyone with these long e-mails.

THANKS DONNA, Love the site and your domain!

Alrighty then!  I’m staying out of it.  

In reference to the nude Fred Durst picture, I’m pretty sure it was taken during a concert back when Limp Bizkit was struggling financially.  Korn dared Durst to perform naked, with $500 in return.  He obliged!  I imagine he wouldn’t be too happy to find out there was a picture going around the internet, but he’s the one who took his pants off.

Thanks for the info on the origin of the picture!  Speaking of performing naked, did anybody get any shots of AJ from Lit pulling his pants down in North Carolina last month?  If so, send a photo my way!


I had the (unfortunate) chance to sleep with Jimi Lord. (Ex-TUFF). Who ever said he had a big cock(probably himself who wrote, since he has nothing better to do!) was lying! Not only was it pathetically small, he smelt so bad
I thought I was going to puke! He was nice but his voice was higher than mine! Not a bad guy to fuck if you like banging one of the Chipmunks!  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Well that’s quite the contradiction of the other email I got the other day.  One email says Jimi is well hung, and you say it’s pathetically small.  Well I have heard that Jimi does have a good size cock, so I would tend to think you might be a little upset at Jimi for one reason or another.  But again, I’ve never seen his cock and hardly remember what he looks like, so what do I know?  

hi i was wondering if you had ur own web site with pic’s

ryan donhue

You are at my website, and in the Ho-Bag for December 10 I gave a site that has plenty of photos of myself.  Enjoy.

Hey Donna….Shame on me. Yes I should have given you more info on Mr. McNabb’s measurments & style.

He works out regularly and has great abs and chest covered by thick but soft hair. He’s into fantasy and is very seductive, with fabulous oral skills.  His cock is above average, around 8" and he moves it in and out
deliciously–comes, then doesn’t stop until he comes again.  He makes sure his partner has been fully satisfied before the finale.

So do you have any more info on this sexy man?

I don’t have any info compared to what you just said!

hey Donna your one hot babe are those pictures really you. cause if they are you have to come and visit me some time.

HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION??  Read our Donna D’Errico interview next week and see if you can figure it out.

None of us at Metal Sludge post anything about our personal lives, so why would I post a picture of myself on this site??  You think I’d want to admit that I write here??  

Hey Donna
I was just wondering if you had any good info on John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls!!!!

I believe I was asked about John in a previous Ho-Bag.  I still don’t know anything more than I did then.  He’s a cutie and I get asked about his every so often, but not much word is out on him.

December 10

I ran accross the Metal Sludge site through a link and I have to tell you, I found most of your comments extremely funny! Great read.
I did want to make one note though.
As Jani says, this is just personal opinion for what it is worth.
Amongst all the Warrant writings, it is true that they are now working with the guitarist from Kidd Wicked. Although I don’t know any of Warrant’s present members,  I do know the new guitarist. There may not be many positive comments on the Warrant clan, but undoubtedly, in the future you’ll be glad to find no basis for those kind of comments about him. He is one of the most intelligent, professional musicians I have ever met. You’ll find no excessive drinking or violent behavior there. Just straight forward professional rock. He’s a great addition to any project and I am proud to have him as my friend.
Again, just personal opinion.
Take care…. 

So he’s intelligent and professional?  Then what is he doing in Warrant then?  Yeah, I heard about Billy Morris doing something with Warrant, but for some reason everything is being kept hush hush.  It’s only Warrant, so I don’t see what the big mystery is about.  I guess they figure if people find out that Billy Morris is in Warrant now mass pandemonium will sweep across the country.  Rick Steier should be happy though, because Warrant found somebody who’s even less known than he is, I think.  It might be close.  But here is some info on Billy that Jani Bon Neil found out.  He just finished a Japanese and Korean tour as the lead guitar player for Paul Gilbert.  They recorded a live album that is out on Mercury Records called "Beehive Live".  Plus Kid Wicked has a CD out called "Thick".  That’s all good info and stuff, but what about his dick?  He won’t be a success until he makes the dick chart.

Hey Donna doll!

Just read your update for the 7th where someone asked about the Backyard Babies.  They are actually from Sweden, and are really cool, down-to-earth guys.  I saw Nicke Borg (the singer) hanging around with some mohawked girl this past August, but dunno if she was his girlfriend or not.  They all seem to go for yer basic rock-n-roll/punk type chicks, so if you have funny colored hair and a beat-up pair of Converse Chucks, then go for it! They’re really easy to find hanging around Stockholm, just try the Star Bar or Medborgarplatsen! ’nuff said.

Over and out (well, that’s what he said, heh heh heh)

P.S. I just remembered someone else aske
d about Ginger from the Wildhearts a while back. I know even less about him but I think he may be partial to dark hair and laid back attitudes. I also recall reading an interview w/ him where he said he can last for ages while fucking. Amazingly enough, the way he put it was not in a bragging way. Ginger–ya gotta love him…

Sweden, England, same thing, isn’t it?  Thanks for the correction and the update.

Hi there!

First off – love the site!! I’ve spent all night reading your section. It’s awesome!!

I am not a groupie but always thought I’d like to be.  After reading the posts about Jerry Dixon, I’m kind of glad I didn’t go with him in the van when I finally got my chance after years of wanting him. :) Although I’d like to see for myself if the stories are true (how disappointing if they are).  I would LOVE to get with Blas though, even if it’s not sex.  I’ve met him several times, but never know what to do/say to get his attention for after the show.

OK, onto the nitty gritty.  The only experience I’ve had that is worthy of your site (I think it is anyway) is Jimi Lord who used to be the drummer in Tuff.  Not in the MTV days, but after that.  We hooked up a few times and let me tell you, he is VERY well endowed, AWESOME in bed, and EXTREMELY gifted in the tongue department.  He makes you feel like a real lady and definitely makes sure you get off too.  His kisses are amazing as is falling asleep in his arms.  However, I fell for the "I don’t usually do this" line and fell hard for him.  I eventually woke up and realized I was just one of a number and I’m wondering if anyone else out there has any stories on him…On a scale of 1-10, I would definitely give him a 9.9 (no one’s a 10) : )

Keep up the good work and any advice you can give me would be appreciated!!

Jimi who?  Jimi Lord makes Rick Steier look like Kid Rock in popularity, but I do know who you are talking about.  I think most tall, skinny drummers are well hung.  If anybody else has anymore info or the 411 on this guy, you know where to send it. 


I’m really Jerry Dixon!  Thanks for the email.

I was perusing the Ho Bag ( I read anything posted on Sludge, though the Ho Bag is probably my least favorite part-it just ain’t that useful to me, seeing as I have a Y chromosome), and I noticed that "non-metal" chick who was defending Pearl Jam. I’d like to say a few words in response to that, if you don’t mind the Ho Bag getting a little sidetracked:
1. If you aren’t a metal fan, why the fuck are you reading Metal Sludge?
2. I don’t think anybody gives a shit about thirty page long letters of why Pearl Jam is faithful. The fact that they aren’t on the dick chart seems to say either : they’re faithful or else they’ve just been lucky enough to avoid groupies sending in mail about them (unlikely)
3. Pearl Jam is a shitty band, from everything I’ve heard from them. Eddie’s voice annoys the fuck out of me, I happen to like "machine gun guitars" (being a half-assed guitarist myself) and I’ll tell ya something: "meaningless metal lyrics" are a whole lot more entertaining and meaningful than any of that self absorbed tortured Seattle bullshit. If you can’t hang with some shit being thrown at your favorite band, leave Sludge now.

People like that chick are fucking lamers who only like sites that bash things they hate, but as soon as the site throws shit at something they dig, they’re antichrists.

There, now I’ll get off my soapbox and never e-mail the Ho Bag again,
-Yngwie Van Mustaine

I’m not a fan of Pearl Jam either.  I basically think they suck, like I said before.  I don’t see what the big deal is all about.

First of all, love the site…reaffirmed some of what I already knew (Blas is a slut) and shed some light on some boys…my comment is only about the nude Fred Durst pic….there was a comment that he got naked in the new Methods of Mayhem video and that was what Mtv would blur out…nope, can’t be…Fred was the only one that WOULDN’T get naked during the shoot  (most of the crew was even naked while shooting), and is the only fully clothed person in the video (not counting Lil’ Kim’s pasties)…so if that’s where the pic is supposed to be from, I’d have to wonder about it’s integrity…

keep that dirt rolling in…us industry chicks love it!

Right, Fred didn’t get naked in the "Get Naked" video.  I don’t know where that picture came from, but if it is legit it didn’t come from that shoot.  Maybe it’s from an old gig or something?  I don’t know, but if anybody has any idea on where it came from, let me know.

I just wondered if you guys realized that the "Take me home" link at the end of the voting takes you to ""?  If it was meant to be a joke then that’s cool, but why give them extra hits on their site if they are so detested here?
Just wondering…

That’s a joke.  The Take Me Home link changes every couple of days.  I don’t know what they have the link as right now.  It’s constantly changing to keep people on their toes.

December 7

Hey there… i spend a lot of time with these newer ‘cock-rockers’, like Kid Rock and some of the older ‘cock-rockers’, and i have to admit – i never see the kind of shit your reporting!  i wish to God i did, i mean, that’s what i tag along for!!!  just in the wrong place at the wrong time i guess.

anyway, my question is: where the hell can we see you naked?

please reply so i know you got this e-mail and don’t have to waste our time by sending it again!!!

You wanna see me naked?  Well I can’t post the pictures on this site because if I did, the boys would get jealous of all the hits I’d be pulling in.  But I do have my own site where you can see tons of naked photos of me.  It’s my modeling portfolio site.  So grab some Kleenex and enjoy!  Check it out here:  Me Naked!

  First off, I’d like to say that I dig your section of the site. It rules!
Next up, I agree with most of those comments about getting backstage and passes, from an earlier letter. It seems like recently I can’t go to a concert without being given a pass while just standing there minding my own business. Maybe the best advice to give is– don’t do a DAMN thing!
  However there is one issue that has not been brought up, but, I think is important: a groupie’s plight. How many of us has had to deal with the snide and jealous comments from other girls while we’re being taken backstage or getting on/off the bus, etc? On one occasion I actually had some skank-bitch try to start a fight with me! It really is a pain in the ass… Anyway
it was just an idea.
  Here is a little sludge for you on the singer, Rob, from MachineHead. He’s of average size 5 or 6 inches, but it’s rather skinny. He was a cute (and nice) guy but he obviously had not showered after his performance that night, i.e. not smellin’ too fresh, so I had to try and tactfully remove myself from the situation ( if you get my drift).
  Anyway, keep up the great work groupie-goddess!

P.S. Do you have any dirt on L.A. Guns’ Kelly Nickels? God, that man just makes me weak!
   Little midwest groupie girl

I don’t have any Kelly Nickels info off hand, so I’d try posting on the Gossip Board.  God knows there’s plenty of Phil Lewis info around, so maybe people can start talking about Kelly instead of Phil.

Your site is very entertaining.  You’re certainly ahead of all the other groupie sites I’ve seen.  My questions: What is your opinion of Courtney Love?  Who has been your favorite famous lay?

Keep up the excellent work!

I think Courtney Love is trash.  She tries to be something she’s not.  The only reason anybody knows who she is is because of Kurt Cobain.  She’s living off his fame and his cash.  When he blew his head off, her career took off.  She’s scum.

My most favorite famous lay has been with Courtney Love.  Ha, just kidding.  I’m really a virgin, so I’m sorry to be a party pooper.

Donna, you fucking rock, a straight metal head friend turned me on to your page.  I’ll be back for more info.  Yeah, I’m gay, but my love of Debbie Harry and Anna Nicole Smith counts for something, right?  I know
you could give a shit.  You’re fucking hilarious, love everything you spilled on the metal whore boys, fucking ass wipes.

Cool!  This is my second email from a gay guy!  I think I have a gay following.  That’s cool, gay guys like shopping, so I that’s always a plus.  Just as long as you don’t look better than me!

Hey Donna!
            I have a question about the Nelson twins. Not that I give a flying fuck about them… but I heard a rumour that they cut their hair off.  Is this true? Hell thats the only thing they had going for them.


Yes it is true.  They look like they should be in the Backstreet Boys now.  If you wanna laugh, go to their website at www.theneslonbrothers.comThey have some pictures there.

Do you think anyone besides Lita Ford would be dirty enough to fuck Chris Holmes from WASP?  Do I need visual enhancements or is that man a beast?

Chris Holmes drinks so much he makes Jerry Dixon look like a teetotaler.  Lita must have been hitting the bottle herself when she was with Chris.

Hi Donna,

Just wondering if you had any dirt/ gossip on Nicke Borg from the Backyard Babies. And also Dez Fafara from Coal Chamber, a freind of mine recently had a encounter with him, and he seemed really sweet and  genuine and turned out to be a pathalogical liar! Has anyone else experienced this asshole?

I’ve never heard anything from the Backyard Babies, so I know nothing about them other than they are from Sweden.  I thought they were from England, but I was wrong.

I’ve kept quiet awhile, mainly ’cause I figured there wasn’t much interest  in George Lynch. Back in mid ’95 I had the pleasure of meeting him & we ended up spending a few hrs. together. We started off by talking some & when I was about to leave he invited me back to the hotel w/ him to hang out & chat some. Earlier that night though, I’d heard the roadie ask george who he wanted to bring back to the hotel w/him &  he said he didn’t know.
   Anyhow, back at the hotel we walked around & talked & eventually he decided to go back to his room to lay down to rest & I asked if I could lay next to him. He agreed & then when I lay down, he got abit tempted & things happend. From that point on, I’ve seen him at 3 other shows so far, he always greets me w/ a big smile &  gives me a big hug. So regardless of what you’ve all heard, he’s a very nice & decent guy.

Penis chart info:  George Lynch is a bit above average in both length & width. He’s fun in the sack, but loves to have anal sex the most. He respects women but isn’t the type to make the 1st move, unless provoked.

George is into anal sex?  Interesting.  I wonder if Dana Strum is into anal sex, because everybody knows he’s fucked enough people in the ass.

Hi Donna!

Just wondering why none of the Def Leppard guys are on your Long & Short of It List.  Come on, somebody has to know the real deal with them!

I don’t get much info on Def Leppard.  I don’t know why that it.  

Donna, you are too cool…. I don’t really have any gossip today, but I wanted to tell you how fucking hilarious the Jerry Dixon comments are… God, Warrant is so LAME!  Even in the spandex-wearing, AquaNet-spraying, guitar-pick-catching, stiletto-heels days, Warrant was lamer than a one-legged Slaughter fan!  Keep up the Dixon disses and all the good work, too!

Everybody loves a little Jerry Dixon humor!  I heard his dicks so small he wears a contact lens for a condom!  How’s that for humor?

While reading your groupie chart, I just remembered something that may intrigue your readers… a few years ago, I was working as an exotic dancer in this showbar called the Cheetah III in Huntington, WV when who walks in but (EEK!)Vanilla Ice!  I guess he was in town for a speedboat race or something (he apparently fancies himself as an athlete/daredevil type).  Yes, scary, I know, and unsurprisingly, he was such an ass to all the dancers!  He strutted around, copping feels, expecting everyone to mob him for his
autograph even though by then he was way past Yesterday Street, careening down the Nowhere Turnpike. Then he had the nerve to get pissed off when everyone ignored him! 
Here’s the best part: he even tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to get the DJ to play "Ice, Ice Baby"!  That is the near-pinnacle of comedy!   He stormed out in a huff  – much like his career!  Just thought I’d share that tidbit… no penis information, but there again, who’d want to know anyway?  Love your page
….keep up the good work!

That sounds like a story we’ll hear about Tommy Lee in about 2 years.  

Hey Donna,

I recently stumbled across your domain and I think it is hilarious.  Even though I am not a huge metal fan, I still enjoy reading some of the stories about the different artists.  I saw in your recent Ho-Bag where
someone asked about Pearl Jam and I think I can answer their question for them.  They are not gay.

First of all, Pearl Jam has 3 guitarists that also have side project bands.  Jeff Ament (bass player) is in a band named Three Fish, Stone Gossard (rhythm guitarist) is in a band named Brad, and Mike McCready
(lead guitarist) is in a band named Disinformation (formerly Mad Season).  I saw where there was some speculation about their sexual preference in someone’s e-mail and I can tell you that Jeff and Mike
have VERY steady girlfriends (been dating for years) and are very faithful.  I am not sure if Stone has a girlfriend but I also know that he hates infidelity among his band mates.  In fact, it was rumored that the reason they kicked Dave Abbruzzese (former drummer) out of the band was that he cheated on his girlfriend and liked groupies, so they kicked him out.

I know that you like to say "guys are as faithful as their options" and for the most part, I agree with you, assuming you mean rock stars (and not necessarily everyone else), but I can also tell you that Pearl Jam
really is different.  I know tons os people think that about their favorite band, but I am neither naive nor misinformed on this matter.  I have been to TONS of concerts and seen the "whore-groupie" thing go on many times…so much so that now I just assume it is going to happen at every concert…but I have seen Pearl Jam 11 times live and it has NEVER happened at any of the shows that I have been to.  So, to answer that person’s question….NO, they are not GAY (not that is matters).

Eddie Vedder is their lead singer and he has been with the same girl (Beth) for about 14 years (they are now married but they dated for like 10 years before getting married), and I happen to know him personally,
so I can tell you that he absolutely HATES the whole groupie/infidelity thing.  He has been known to deny famous women tickets and backstage passes because he knew what they wanted.  The list is long and includes
movie stars (Shannon Doherty, if you consider her a star), as well as porn stars (too many to list), and one thing remains constant:  he doesn’t care who you are, he is married.  So that means that of the four members (their drummer is always changing), one is married, two are in very serious, monogamous relationships and the other is at least opposed to infidelity, if not involved with a woman also.  That should pretty much answer any questions anyone has about their sexuality.

Also, I saw where you wrote "I do know Pearl Jam is gay, but whether they suck….. " and, of course, I disagree.  I guess if you are into machine gun guitars and vocals that scream lyrics that mean nothing, you may not like Pearl Jam.  BUT, if you have never heard them (beyond what the radio plays), I would not be so quick to judge them.  They are the best live band I have ever seen (which is saying a lot), and their lyrics are so personal and unique.   Ed’s voice is amazing.  If you have heard their music (beyond "Alive," "Jeremy," and "Betterman") and you
don’t care for it, then I respect your opinion, but chances are that you haven’t, so comments like that are shallow.

THANKS for your time and keep up the good work with the site.  Also, to all you groupies out there, Please only go to a Pearl Jam show if you want to hear their music, because that is all you are gonna get.

I’ve heard Pearl Jam, it’s just I’m not into the whole Seattle thing.  I think those guys take themselves too seriously and I don’t really see what the fuss is about.  Their first record was average, but the rest of their stuff does nothing for me, not that the first record really does much for me either.  I’m not trapped in the 80s at all, it’s just they don’t do it for me.  Plus Eddie Vedder crying about how he doesn’t want to be a rock star is pretty fucking lame.  Shut the fuck up and be happy people wanna buy your shit.  Play the game like everyone else.  If you don’t want fame and success, stay in your garage.  I agree with Zakk Wylde when he talks about Pearl Jam.  

Thanks for the letter.  

November 25

Hi Donna!! Three things: one, you rock, sister!! Two, do you know anything about my FAVORITE guy in the whole wide world, Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes? And third,do you know anything about Ginger (ex-Wildhearts)? Would LOVE to get my hands on him,too. (I can count, so you knew i wasn’t gonna ask about Slaughter!!) Thanks so much and again, you rule!!!

Since you wanted to know about Ginger, I just thought I’d ask him what was up.  I told him that a girl was asking about him and his status, so here is Ginger’s reply.

Hey Donna, 

Tell the girl to post/e-mail and picture and send it to me. Is this like a trans-atlantic sort of dating service? I’ll be in L.A. early /mid December. 


So there you have it.  Send your pic to Ginger.  His email address can be found at his website, which is listed in our links section,  As for Chris Robinson, I know he’s so skinny he once won the Mr. Somalia pageant.

Okay Donna, I gotta a project for you.  I remember from my Sebastian Bitch worshipping days reading that his sister was a model.  My friend brought over an issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine and low and behold it was Bas the Bitch himself (haha) in drag I guess.  Kidding, it had to be his sister.  If not, he has a twin and it’s a beautiful GIRL!  The  issue is Nov. page 161.  Please let me know, the curiosity is killing me.  Maybe it’s Bas himself.  He has to be hard up for $$ by now!!

Sebastian has a sister named Heather, but I don’t know if she is a model or not.  I’ve never seen a picture of her or anything.  Try posting the question on his message board at his site.

Heya Donna,

Great site!  Now I know I’m reaching waaaaaayyyyy back and they’re not really metal (though they influenced a lot of bands) but do you or your friends have any dirt on the members of Queen (not Freddie Mercury), especially Roger Taylor?  Shit, I heard so much about their parties and I cannot believe these guys are saints.  Any good scoop?  Thanks in advance.

That is waaaaaayyyyyyyy before me time.  The only dirt I have on Queen is that Freddie Mercury is dead.  If anybody knows anything, let me know, or maybe snoop around some Queen websites.  Also, one of the Groupie sites might
know something.  Check out our links.

I’m curious if you have any info on Sean McNabb (quiet riot, house of lords, currently playing bass for Great White). I typically don’t behave like a groupie, but I’ve got to tell ya, I met this guy at a recent show, and we spent quite an erotic evening together. I hear he is married. My sources tell me he would NEVER fool around on his wife. (Sure he doesn’t!) I’m not one to kiss and tell, but good lord this man is sexy! I’m dying to hear any other info on him. And by the way, he came TWO times without the need to stop. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life!

How could you send me an email like that?  You send me an email like that without saying how big his cock is?  What’s wrong with you?  I’m not answering your email until you give me the 411 so I can add it to the penis chart.  And considering you already fucked him, it sounds like you have all the info you need!

      First of all just wanted to say I look forward to your updates and like your straight forward,to-the-point facts and opinions.
     Just recently met George Lynch (ex-Dokken, now Lynch Mob guitarist) and he was so polite! He also proudly displayed his wedding ring as well as having his son as one of his stage techs.  Wondered if you had any dirt on him? He didn’t seem to be a pig (as we know some of these rockers are)! 
Thanks and rock on!

Everything I’ve heard is that he is sort of a dick.  I don’t really have any stories to back that up, but that’s the general consensus.  

November 13

This email is another one dealing with backstage passes and how to deal with the backstage personnel.  

Dear Donna,
Enjoyed your site.
I toured with a country/southern rock band as a production manager for 1 1/2 years so I can relate with some of the tings talked about in your backstage pass article.
Here is something I made up after being asked the same question day after day.
"NO" is the answer to the following questions.
1. Can I go backstage? (Unless you have a meet and greet pass or have filled out a backstage pass application and have been accepted, (See crew members for application)).
2. Can I come on the bus? (Only if you let the crew stay at your house with your cute female friends and we are hungry too.) 
3. Can you get me an autograph? (Only if you have cash).
4. Can I have a set list? (Only if you have lots of cash).
5. Can I have a drumstick/ guitar pic? (See questions 3 and 4, music stores also carry them).
6.  Can I have a laminate? (Don’t even ask)!
7. Can you tell me what hotel the band is at? (You’ll have a better chance of getting the winning lottery numbers from us and you can’t have those either).
8. Can I get onstage with the band? (Unless your paying for this entire show and then you still can’t).
9. Can I have your hat/ t-shirt/jacket, etc? (These are available at the merchandise booth, we had to pay for ours, you can too).
10.Can you move so I can see? (If your telling me this you are not where you are supposed to be, I do have a temper and this is my job).
Here are some other helpful hints.
1. Be curtious to the crews, tour managers etc. We work long hours for not a lot of pay but we enjoy what we do. (Also don’t ask us for our laminate, it is our most important thing that we carry and I have heard of people being fined from $50- $500 for losing their laminate).  The last thing we want to deal with is a obnoxious, drunk asshole, we have the band/ mangement for that. It will get you kicked out of anywhere faster than you will ever know. Being patient and curtious has gotten me into a lot of areas that I couldn’t have gotten into otherwise.
2. It may look cool to get onstage but it can be very dangerous to you and the preformers. They don’t know you there and you don’t know what is going on onstage and there are expensive pieces of equipment on the stage, plus it can also end a show and you could be held financially responsible for any damage incurred.
3.If you are lucky enough to get backstage on go where you are allowed to go,. that pass can get taken away as fast as you got it. If you are lucky enough to meet the band and have a camera, please have it ready, you don’t want to be trying to load film when they tell you it is your turn.   Also be careful because there is a lot of work going on backstage. This show has to be taken down, loaded, moved 400 miles, and set up for a show the next night.
4. If you follow the bus to the hotel or to
the next show, please don’t tailgate, or drive recklessly around the bus. These are expensive($500,000 to $1,000,000) and hard to manuver vehicles, plus, there may be up to 12 people on a bus and their lives are in the hands of the driver. (Our bus was almost hit by an over anxious fan trying to get an autograph).
5. Most importantly, have a good time at the show. The bands appreciate you coming out and spending your money to see them. If it wasn’t for the fans there wouldn’t be a show.

That’s a great email!  Combine that email with the pass email from the last mailbag, and you should have answers to all your questions.  


Dear Donna,

Just a short story about Ryan Roxie. Back in the day hen he was still with the Electric Angels, my mom was hanging out with him at The Cat Club in NYC and he got her and her friends to drive him home afterwards. My mom was in the backseat with him and he tried to get her to blow him. That’s all. oh he was probably 20 and my mom was in her mid thirties.

Also joe leste of bang tango felt me up when i was 13.  Then Jizzy Pearl kissed me after a show they played at limelight. I was probably 14 or 15. Sluts……all of them!!

They weren’t the only sluts.

What about Reb Beach  (ex-Winger, ex-Alice Cooper) of Dokken?  Any news on how big or small he is???? Is he good in bed? Or is he a lame ass who’s faithful to his wife??????

I have no idea about Reb.  I remember reading on the Gossip Board a long time back that he was hanging around a 17 year old, but that might have been a joke.   I don’t know.

Damn, Donna!

I know you get a lot of emails (and I’ve sent my share), I just have to send you this little fan mail.

I have read and reread your domain about three times since I first came across Metal Sludge last week.

You are so fucking cool. I swear. You’re sarcastic and intelligent, and nonjudgmental, and honest. I love the entire site, but I have to admit, I always go to see if you’ve updated your shit first.

I don’t want to sound like a snob, but i don’t know how you can deal with some of the emails you get. Jesus, what is the government spending the education programs funds on (Oh yeah, the space and defense programs)?

Actually, I’m far from perfect myself (grammatically speaking), and I’d rather read crazy emails full of words that don’t actually exist than to read emails with smiley faces and the torturous abbreviation lingo. Every time I see "LOL" or "ROTFLMAO" I want to BTSOFS (beat the shit out of someone).

Anyway, I know enough people where I can dig up some more scoop, so I’ll get some more out to you soon. I just wanted to let you know that I think your domain is hilarious, and I LOVE reading it.

Keep the drama alive

This email was brought to you without the benefits of spell check.

Thanks!  It’s good to be appreciated.


I was just wondering if you could confirm or dismiss a rumor for me.  I heard that Matthew Nelson and Ellen Degenerous are actually the same person. Do you think this is true?

Matthew and Ellen both don’t care careers right now, so I can see your confusion.  But since Matthew and Gunnar are twins, wouldn’t that mean that Matthew, Ellen and Gunnar are all the same person?  Either way, it’s a stupid question because I don’t care about either one of them.  

Hi Donna,

I just spent 1 and a half searching your site for Dokken "dirt".  Yes, I do feel blind.  Can you help direct me on where to locate any info. 

Thanks!!!!  (as I get my blurry vision to go away)

The easiest way to find info is to use our search engine.  Type in Dokken and it will bring everything up, at least most of it.  I haven’t heard much Dokken info, other than Jeff Pilson’s ex wife was a nympho who fucked other guys while he was on the road.  Don’s is married.  Mick Brown hit on a friend of mine a few years back and seemed like a nice guy, despite the fact that’s he was twice her age, and Mick isn’t the best looking guy in the world.  Otherwise I’ve never heard too much on Dokken.  

November 7

Donna you are absolutly right when it comes to the Lit guys.  They are truley the nices guys on the planet.  Super sweet.  Always are great to the fans, very down to earth and will sign stuff for hours.  As far as groupies go Jeremy and Kevin are completely faithful.  Jeremy’s wife is the best.  Smart, pretty and very cool. Allen is really sweet, just hasn’t found the right girl yet, but when he does, he’ll be just as faithfull as the others.  A Jay, sweetie that he is.  He is very shy and will flirt a bit if he has been drinking, but is very discreet and pickie about his groupie activities.  They are few and far between. 
 I’ve known them a long time now and when I first found this sight about 7 months ago, I was hoping that they didn’t pop up here.  Its kind of like reading about your little brother’s sex life, you know it goes on, but if you have to read it in print it kind of gives you the willies.  I was really please to see they are still the good guys. 
Great site!  Keep up the great work.

Thanks for the email.  Yup, nothing much to report on the Lit guys.  They are very accessible and easy to meet.  

Hi Donna,

Just looked at the Ho-Bag update and saw your observation that "not all passes are the same."  This is very true and could be a very important point for a lot of your readers, so I thought it might be helpful to know the most common types of passes for arena type shows.  This isn’t carved in stone, most bands do it however works for them, but there
are usually maybe four to eight types of passes depending on the tour.  Some are laminates (the hard kind that hang on strings) but most are soft passes (the fabric sticky ones).  Here are the most common and what they mean:

All Access Laminate — Anywhere, Anytime.  You’ll never get this unless you
rip it off somebody’s neck.  Worn by band members, managers, and heavies.

VIP Laminate — Almost Anywhere, Almost Anytime.  Usually worn by record label people and guests who are close, but not THAT close, to the band.   Basically means no catering for you, missy, and they can kick you out if they want.

Working Soft Pass — Anywhere, Anytime.  This is the one given to promoters, stagehands, and other people who are actually working the show or pretending to.  This is the best soft pass to have because it’s totally unrestricted, but if you’re a ho with a working pass stuck to her inner thigh you’re going to get some questions from security because most hos have . . .

The Guest Soft Pass — Wherever the Band Says.  Could mean stuck in the loading dock, could mean dressing room.  This is the one that most of the skanks get.  In fact the Ozzfest ’99 Guest Pass had a caricature on it of a big titted big haired chick with her mouth hanging open blowjob style. 

Pre-Show/After-Show — Lame Radio Winners and People The Band Has To Make
Nice With.  This is the most worthless of all passes, and also the most common.  It usually means that you get to go in the "meet n greet," which could be a chance to hang with your artist of choice or a chance to stand around an empty room for two hours with a bunch of other losers and watch a bowl of onion dip congeal.  Meet n greets can be cool and they can be really bad.  Van Halen used to meet 200 people in 20 minutes — they’d break them up into groups and each group would get like six seconds.  Some groupies do get picked up out of meet and greets, though. 

Pass Etiquette: 

Don’t do the "Wayne’s World" and stick your pass in the nose of every person you run into, especially if you scammed it.  This reveals your plot very quickly and is likely to get you kicked out.

Think twice before blowing any crew member, especially on a big tour like Aerosmith or something.  They probably can’t get you a pass anyway.   If you must get into this, ask them to show you the pass, with the back still on it, before you do anything. 

Do not stand by the truck entrance of a venue and ask any and all people, male or female, if they can get you backstage.  This is extremely uncool, and if the band sees it, they are not likely to help you out.  Better to be subtle and pick one security guard or road guy to negotiate with. 

If you’re standing in a high traffic area looking slutty and giggling a lot, do not be surprised if you get many dirty looks from grizzled old stagehands and other people who are trying to work for a living.  Stay the hell out of the way, be considerate and don’t give people shit.

Good luck to the groupies of the universe.

I was going to write something just like this, but now I don’t have to!  Thanks, that pretty much sums everything up.  A lot of chicks run up to roadies asking to get hooked up with passes, but a lot of roadies have no power and can’t do anything for you but give you the run around.   Sometimes it’s just luck, or being at the right place at the right time.  I was at a Kiss show once and a tour manager came up to me and handed me a backstage pass, and I wasn’t even trying to get backstage.  Most of the time Kiss has a guy walking around the arena giving out passes to chicks, so I put no effort into getting a pass and had one handed to me.  So it all depends.  If you really want to meet a band, it just takes some effort.  You don’t necessarily need a pass to meet the band.

Just a little info for the sludge site!
Just wanted to add my two cents on Mr. Phil Lewis’ bedroom performance. I’ve been wanting to keep this info to myself, but since I’m in the spirit of sharing……
Sex with Philip has got to be some of the best sex I’ve ever had.  He is the single most erotic man I’ve ever been with.  He is insatiable with his mouth, imaginative in all kinds of ways, and has a nice big cock that keeps me coming back for more.
The best sex I’ve ever had was at the opera in LA with Philip.  (We have never been able to make it through a movie, a video, concert or any other event without some kind of naughty interlude.)  He knows when to be gentle, and he knows when to be rough.  AND it all comes with a little guitar lamenting as well!! Yum, I miss my lover!
I remember when his hair was long…he scented it with Jasmine, and whispily ran it up and down my naked body…geeezz…ladies, a total foreplay master artist.
Chasing the dragon indeed…….

This pretty much matches everything I’ve heard about Phil.  They are currently on tour now, so maybe more road reports will be sent in.

I know that Pearl Jam isn’t really metal- but I was wondering if you could give me your take on this:
My friend and I went to a concert (PJ guitarist’s side project), and got to meet them afterwards.  Anyway, the Pearl Jam guy had all these really beautiful women hovered and drooling over him. I mean REALLY beautiful.  He didn’t even seem to notice them, so I figured he was married or had a serious relationship going, so I didn’t think much of it.  Then he got tired of all the chicks, and said he had to go.  I asked one of the other guys in
the band if he(PJ guy) had a girlfriend or he was in a bad mood or what, and he said that he was just fine.  So we left, and went to a bar. Around 1:30, we were walking by a pub type place and saw the PJ guy in there in a very lively conversation with this guy- who was a fan because they took pics and signed autographs a little while later.  My friend, who happens to be a gay guy, thought that he was possibly gay.  And after that, I’m not too sure.  I mean he paid no attention to all the beautiful women who were all over him,
and went out with this other dude (they were by themselves).  What do you think? Is he gay?

I have no idea if he is gay.  I don’t even know what the guitarist for Pearl Jam looks like, or what his name is.  Maybe he had a girlfriend, had a headache, I don’t know.  I can’t answer questions like this.  I do know Pearl Jam is gay, but if they suck cock or not I don’t know.

        I was wondering if you had any information about Robbin Crosby from Ratt.  All the info about him has been taken off the Ratt message board because of speculation about him having AIDS.  I would love to find any information about my favorite hunk of 80’s man meat.

That’s what I heard.  Supposedly he has HIV.  We have an upcoming interview with Bobby Blotzer and we do ask him about Robbin.  Blotz’s 20 Questions goes up on November 23rd, so check back and see what Bobby has to say about it.

Some gossip about Derek Sherinian former Dream Theater keyboardist and Alice Cooper. Derek has a pretty averag
e penis and likes to keep his balls shaved.  I agree with the other gal who said he is too into himself. He does perform oral sex on girls, but really sucks at it and has no idea what he is doing down there. He comes quick and seems to love himself so much that he would rather masturbate than have really wild sex. He smells like fetta cheese and has a fat ass in the nude. On a good note he is not cheep and does open his wallet for the ladies. But he will say just about anything when he wants a
new girl and wants you out of his life and can even cry on cue. He changes girls like dirty underwear just to make himself feel like a rock star.  I also observed that he blames his mistakes on anyone else in the room, sexually and musically, probably why he was kicked out of Dream Theater!!!  Ladies beware…cheap sluts looking for a free meal…he WILL pay for your cab ride home…

We’ve gotten asked a few times to do 20 Questions with Derek, so I imagine we’ll get to him eventually.  We’ll have to ask him about this.

I saw your website for the first time last night. I absolutely love it! But i must defend Jesse Dupree from Jackyl. In the Long and Short section, you really gave him a bad rap. The only evidence you have is from the Playgirl magazine. I too did see that issue and I understand how you might have gotten the wrong perception about his size. But let me tell you from experience, those pictures just don’t tell the whole story. He is amazing!!!
In fact too good to be true. What a man!!! He knows exactly what to do with what he has. He has the right length, and the thickness is just enough to give great pleasure. And to top things off he is a gentleman and a sweetheart. And as for the other band members they all have beautiful dicks and they are not embarrased to show them!! They too are all very nice guys. Please post this so all the girls out there get the right impression from
facts not assumptions.

The members of Jackyl all have beautiful dicks??  Okey dokey.  I don’t really hear too much about Jackyl, but after seeing Jesse in Playgirl, maybe he scared off a lot of girls.  


I love this page. Us women need something like this to go by and if all these rock guys screw so many of us then they deserve to have their lives put on display.  My experience was with a lead singer named James Christian who was in Greg Guifria’s old band House Of Lords. He may be listed in the "where are they now" file, but anyway. James has a small Italian sausage but thick which will do just fine, and very hairy back!!! Yuck, Yuck!! He talks a big show during the foreplay, and acts very sexy, but has trouble satisfying his
partner. After he shoots and you still haven’t come, he creams up his sausage with any available lotions that are around, but still can’t do the trick again. He looks OK out of the bedroom, but reveals his true looks (which were pretty old even back in the HOL’s days) when you see his flabby butt put on his jeans. I heard he was into plastic surgery and liposuction, now I know why. Was curious to know what ever happened to this fledgling rock frontman.  I thought I saw him working the counter at Del Taco!!! Check for hair in your borrito the next time you order.

Thanks for the email.

November 4


I was just wondering why people always ASSUME that you have to do the road crews to get to the bands at a show. I mean, it has been my experience that only the ugly skanks have to fuck the roadies to get backstage passes. And my GOD if those girls only knew what the bands say about them. They may not realize it, but some backstage passes look a little bit different if they come from the road crew. That way the band knows who has already been "had" that evening and will stay the hell away.

That’s true, not all passes look the same.  Some passes are only good for a certain amount of time, like an hour or so.  You might get a pass, but it might not even give you access to the band.  It all depends on the band and where you are seeing them.  For example, there is no reason to bang the road crew in Slaughter because it’s easy to meet Slaughter.  They are accessible.  But if you want to meet, say Aerosmith or Kiss, that might be a different story because they are playing big arenas.  I’ve never had to fuck a roadie to meet a band, and most band members aren’t going to touch you after the crew has had you.

This is an email on Brent Muscat. 

I am not sure if Brent’s sexuality is in question or not, but I think I saw someone here mention something.

I don’t know much, but I do know that he hit on an exboyfriend of mine in a bar sometime last year.

Nothing too exciting (my ex turned him down, so I have no other scoop on it), but maybe you can use it.

I never heard anything about Brent, but he was in a band with Taime Downe, so…..
Just to give Brent the benefit of the doubt, maybe he was just being nice!
I heard a similar story about David Lee Roth.  He supposedly hit on a girlfriend of mine boyfriend.  DLR told the guy he nice hair, and wanted to hang out.  That was back in 94.  Maybe Dave was just being nice, but I don’t know too many guys who compliment other guys hairstyles.  Yet Dave doesn’t have much hair left, so maybe he was hoping the guy would lend him some.

Metal Sludge is great, and your domain is awesome.

I have a couple of things I can say for a fact about Phil Anselmo.

Everyone thinks he’s not bi, but the rumor is true. Well, I know personally a couple of things.

I know of one guy that Phil has had oral sex with (Phil was on the recieiving end). To make it a little more interesting, this guy is now in one of the "heavier" (hint) bands from the New Orleans sludge scene. This is the only instance that I know for a fact is true, but growing up in New Orleans, I’d heard things about Phil’s bisexuality from as far back as
his Razor White days.

However, don’t take this to mean that Phil is not into chicks because he IS.  I cannot count even using both hands the number of girls that I personally know that have been with Phil. In fact, most of his female friends, at one point or another have had sex with him repeatedly over the years.

Phil’s huge (a bit over 10 inches), and a great lay I haven’t slept with him, but know many many that have, and consensus says he’s worth it all. I’ve seen many girls even leaving their boyfriends or risking losing them just to be one of the casual sex friends.

Also, he loves pitching (anal sex), but I have never heard of anyone making him the catcher (not even so much as a finger).

Phil is engaged now to a girl who used to be in a pop/dance all girlgroup. I don’t know if he’s cheating on this one, but I have never known him to be faithful to any of his previous girlfriends.  Phil’s fiancee has been quite the groupie herself, though I don’t know much about if she’s still that way.

An extra tidbit most people may not know is that he is good friends wit
h Sean Yseult (ex White Zombie bassist), and he used to date her too.

Thanks for the email!  That’s a lot of good stuff.  I heard that Phil was bi as well.  I know of a chick that was with Phil, but I also heard about him being into guys.  Some musicians just want their dick sucked, and they don’t care who does it.  Guy, girl, they don’t really care.  

Hi Donna

Just wanted to say I love your part of the site.  It would be great  if
you, or anyone else, can find any sludge on Davy Vain??  Someone, somewhere
must have some gossip!!

Davy has a new CD out called "In From Out Of Nowhere".  You can find out about it at  He’s also around 40 years old.

As for any sexual sludge, I haven’t heard anything.


Thanks for the email, but try unlocking your cap key next time.

Hi Donna,
Just have to say that i LOVE your site! Can you tell me if you’ve heard anything on the boys in Lit or Goldfinger?

From all I’ve heard, the LIT guys are really nice guys.  While Jani Lane and Warrant might be big fans of Lit, Lit certainly doesn’t behave like Warrant.  Believe it or not, they don’t go through many groupies, if at all.  The guitarist Jeremy is recently married and is completely faithful.  The bass player Kevin has a girlfriend and is also faithful.  As for AJ, the singer, he’s shy, so he doesn’t go through many chicks, even though I’m sure he could if he wanted to because he’s a cutie.  If you want to go after AJ, I’d suggest you be a little aggressive.  Don’t be obnoxious, but just don’t wait for him to make the first move.  I don’t know about the drummer, but none of those guys are banging many chicks.  As for Goldfinger, I haven’t heard much about them other than they have a good sense of humor.

Sorry, I’m new to the site, and I hate to bother you, but I was wondering how
often you update the domain.

If you can’t reply back, it’s no big deal, I check it everyday as is!

It all depends on how much mail I get and what I’m doing.  Generally I try to update the page at least once a week, sometimes more.  Since I just updated the page today, chances are I won’t update it again for another couple of days. During October, I updated the page on October 3rd, 8th, 12th, 28th, November 1st, and 4th, so you can see it varies.  But you never know, so check back often!  

November 1

would love to hear anything about frank bello and charlie benate if anyone has anything thanks

Other than they are both in Anthrax, I know nothing else.  Send info it ya got it.

Here’s 2 emails asking about AC/DC.  

Hi Donna.  Thanks for all the info. people need and want to know but are to embarrassed to ask!  Any info. on the lengendary AC/DC?  Thanks.
AC/DC, Are they gay?

I don’t think AC/DC is gay.  Brian Johnson has a wife I believe.  As for Angus and the rest of the guys, I haven’t heard much about them.  You know as much as I do. 

Hey Donna,

Metal Sludge rocks hard enough to crack a skull and I love reading your Ho Bag. But I was looking at the Groupie Chart and noticed one GLARING ommission: Bebe Buell! She may be "Old School" but, man, she was with EVERYONE: Steven Tyler, Todd Rundgren, Rod Stewart, Stiv Bators, Elvis Costello, Richard Butler, Coyote Shivers etc ad infinitum. She *deserves* a place on the chart for sure!

That’s right, thanks for pointing that out.  I’ll add her to the list.  Another Playboy Playmate who’s name has popped up recently has been Susie Owens.  She banged Bret Michaels, Stevie Rachelle, and Jason McMaster, so that earns her a spot as a groupie.  

October 28

Hello Donna! 
I love your sight it’s great.Question on Nikki Sixx I heard he went back to drinking on tour this summer and I know he’d been sober for a few years .I’m curios to know why he started drinking again after so long and if you know how his wife Donna reacted to it.And if she’s really as supportive as I’ve heard.Also anymore dirt on Bret Michaels?I thought he was a god a few years ago now I think he’s just looking to fuck as many girls as possible with out getting caught.  Come on Bret your fucking 36 years old haven’t you had enough. Thanks Donna!

Nikki was drinking on the last Motley tour, but has since gotten back on the wagon.  Nikki posted this recently about him drinking again.

"I started drinking again out here on
the road.I’m back on the wagon, but that disease creeps around in the back of my head at all times.6 years sober an boom?.it knocked me to my feet.Its not a new movie for me.I drink,my life falls apart.I guess the stress of a year on the road an some of the heart ache ive encountered pushed me to believe it would lighten the didn?t..It made things worse.(but its all good again now))? thank god for Donna? AND HER STRENGTH"

So it looks like Donna helped him get sober again.  Hope that answers your question.

Just found your site and wanted to send my compliments.   Also, you mentioned on one of your installments that you had some dirt on why Mark Slaughter wouldn’t marry Rebecca.  Once of my closest friends is crazy about him, so I’d love to hear any information you have.



Mark didn’t marry Rebecca because supposedly she was still legally married.  For more on this, read our 20 Questions with Slaughter’s Inner Circle.

hi donna!

i just happened upon your site and i absolutely love it!  girlfriend, you rule!  well, i’m new to the groupie scene, especially since i was so young when many of my favorite bands were "big"…now that i’m all grown up, at the ripe-for-the-pickin’ age of 23, i, too, can share a few experiences.  my most memorable are about buckcherry.  my best friend and i were both with yogi, and i was also with jb.  the first time we were with yogi, i don’t know how both of us could’ve been oblivious to the other’s situation but we were.  must’ve been the ghb that dude fed us and we unwittingly accepted.  as others have reported to you, yogi definately wins the "dick of death" award!!  he is huge.  too bad i don’t know what tommy looks like because i’m sure yogi rivals him!  i didn’t know what to do — i was in such shock — all i could do was let the tears roll down!  my best friend, who can usually handle big dicks better than i can, was in a similar plight.  beyond the ghb, yogi was
totally cool and seemed to enjoy hanging out with us, even afterwards.  the next time around, my friend was with yogi again (she must’ve been mad!  once was enough for me!) and i was with jb.  i’d say that jb was average, dick-wise.  however, he was very much into dirty talk — loved it!  and he was such a sweet guy!  both were very vocal and a lot of fun to be with!  so there it is, my small contribution!  hopefully, i’ll have more to tell in the future.  you keep up the good work — you site is fuckin’ hilarious!


The dick of death award, I like that! That’s something Jerry Dixon will never get.

hello donna!  
just wanted to say that your site / section is great!  the things you say are so funny, i laugh so hard i almost pee!  i wanted to know if you have any info on joe perry from aerosmith.  i always hear so much about steven tyler, and he’s okay, but joe is the cream-de-la-cream (however you spell that!)  i’ve had a crush on him since i entered puberty (1978).
i’ve heard that he’s good in bed, but lately is p-whipped by his wife.  please give me details.

Joe does look great for being about 50!  He looks better than most 30 year old rockers!  He still has a hip look and is in great shape.  I haven’t heard too much about Joe, but I wouldn’t doubt it if he’s loyal to his wife. 

Dear Donna:

     I just love the whole Metal Sludge web site, and people who trash it just can’t take a joke and realize that the site HELPS this kind of music to stay in evidence. Humor is also a way of tribute.

     I just read your latest Ho Bag (#3) and somebody is sking for info on Glenn Giufria. Well, I dunno if we are talking about different people, but GREG Giufria, from House of Lords, Giufria, etc, the man Sebastian BAch once referred to as "the reason he let his hair grow" quit the music biz back in 1993, cut his hair short, stopped dying it (they’re real dark) and became a record label executive. I think for CMC (Cheesy Metal Cemetery-where else?).

     He is also a good friend with Alice Cooper, they’re gold buds.

     Hope that helped.

     Best wishes,

     Cristiano Goncalves (your brazilian fan)

Thanks for the info!  CMC = Cheesy Metal Cemetery.  I’ll have to pass that one on to the guys.  Look for it in a Sludge Wire soon.

Hey Donna, what ever happened to Susie Hatton after she and Bret broke up?  Do you know what broke them up? All I know is that they we’re together and they we’re not.

Funny you should ask, this next email might answer that question.

Original Email from last Ho-Bag.

Hi Donna,
I noticed in your groupie list that Bret Micheals wasn’t included in on Bobbi Brown’s list.  I am almost 100% sure that they dated or where "screw buddies" for a time before he dated Pamela Anderson Lee.  Maybe others can tell ya better but I could swear I saw pictures of them together during my days of Metal Edge reading. Take care..and I love your corner of the Metal Sludge web site…kept me rolling for hours.

Answer to both questions.

Hi Donna-
I thought you might like to know that VH1 is going to be featuring Bobbie Brown in an episode of "Where Are They Now?"  Bobbie never dated Bret. The picture someone mentioned was probably of Suzie Owens who was with Bret before Susie Hatton. (He must be done with his girls named Susie phase.)  Also, I have a friend that knew Susie Hatton and she said that Susie and Bret broke up because she got lonely in that big expensive house and started cheating on him. When she last saw Susie she was living with some surfer guy and had dyed her hair jet black. It’s not like she had a future as a recording artist after that awful album she made. Anyway, just thought I’d add my 2 cents.

I’m almost positive that Bobbie never fucked Bret, so it might have been Susie Owens or Susie Hatton.  Bobbie banged Stevie Rachelle who has been mistaken for Bret, and Susie Owens banged Stevie and Bret, but Bobbie never banged Bret.  Got that?  Good.  Bret also has a lot more money than Stevie, but that’s another story.

Here’s another email on Bobbie and Bret.

Hey Donna,
        Damn!!! Talk about protective!!! Poison fans, which I am, are way too defensive. T
hat letter I wrote sure stirred up some controversy but thats what we all live for, right? I was reading in one of the ho-bags & there was an e-mail about Bret Michaels & Bobbi Brown. So I thought I`d put my 02.cents in: Me & my friend both heard that Bobbi & Bret had something going before him & Pam hooked up & thats why Jani doesn`t like him. Besides the obvious…When Warrant & Poison went on tour together, Warrant got pissed
because they thought they should be headlining & get more stage time…PITIFUL!!!!
        On to other things though.. I`m thinking about going to the Slaughter concert Dec 31 in Vegas, I`m not a Slaughter fan but Blas does look damn good. I`ve read what you have so far on him in the ho-bags & Penis chart but have you heard anything new lately? Just curious. Mark is divorced right?


Mark was never married, so thus he isn’t divorced.  But he is pussy whipped.  Your best bet in Slaughter is Blas or Blando.  Dana just likes to humiliate girls and pretend he has power over people, and Mark is pussy whipped.  

Any chance you have a website?

If so, can you give me the address?


Uh, yeah, it’s at

I thought Taime got all the stupid emails?

Hey Donna!
    Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you about the girls from Drain STH. These women can put on an excellant show. But after the show their very cold. Now I’m speaking from the womans point of you. But I can’t say that I saw them talking to alot of men either. They seem to be into their relationships and think that people are beyond their reproach. Except for the bass player. She opened her mouth and was nice to people. Maybe the other girls in her band will take the hint.
                                                            Take it easy D..

The Drain guys also turned down our request to do 20 Questions.  Well they didn’t turn it down, but they said to contact their management about that, which means "no thanks."  You’d think girls from Sweden wouldn’t be so uptight, yet again, it’s about 20 degrees over there, so maybe that’s why they’re frigid.  

Hey Donna,
Just wanted to know if you have , or could get anything on Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P.?  Size, shape, good, bad it doesn’t matter.  I’m a big fan of his and have alway’s wondered about him.  :)


Now here’s another email on Blackie.



Blackie Lawless?  Who’s want to find out?  I asked Ozzy Stillbourne if he knew anything, and he just said that Blackie has Dirty Balls.  So take that for what’s it worth.  If somebody has an info on Blackie and they want to admit it, let me know.

October 21

I just wanted to say great job on the page!  And do you have any info on the guys from COC-like Reed Mullen and Pepper Keenan?

Sorry, I don’t have any info on those guys other than they got dropped recently from their label.

Here’s something funny, Warrant got a mention in Glamour Magazine.  Here’s the report.

Glamour Magazine thinks Warrant is a don’t!

Warrant rated a mention in the November issue of Glamour. In "The Dos and Don’ts of Recent History", the pop-rock band Warrant is listed as a DON’T in the music section. They are pictured in their 80s glam-big hair wannabe era. The caption reads "They should be creamed for their 1990 ‘Cherry Pie’ video, which featured a woman being sprayed with a firehose".

Ahhh, poor Jani and company.  

Hi Donna,
I have been reading your chart and ho-bag and getting a good laugh. I was never a groupie, sadly to say (I was too shy, and grew up in a small rural town). I did see my share of bands in the 80’s but never met any of them or got to go  backstage. Anyhow, I thing it is too late for me now (I’m married, 33 years old). I got a really stupid question for you: what does LOL stand for? I have tried to figure it out, but am stuck. Thanks for the site and thanks (I hope) for answering my stupid question!

No problem.  LOL stands for Laughing Out Loud.  It’s rather gay, and we try to avoid using those web terms whenever possible.  People on AOL seem to use those terms such as LOL or ROTFLMAO (Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off) more frequently than people with a real internet provider.

hi donna
not that i have had such an experience yet…but i was wondering what the measuring technique mentioned in the LongShort of Ryan Roxie is thanks

Thank you for your letter.  The technique used for the Ryan Roxie case was a special one.  It was the technique known as "calf measuring."  That’s where you take a guy’s dick and measure it using your calf.  You measure your calf and then when you are with a guy, you grab his dick and put it next to your calf, and then….
Actually, I’m just joking around.  I have no clue what the technique used to find out about Ryan.  Beats me.  But I had you going for a second!

Hi Donna,
I love your page. I was reading Metal Sludge today and saw the interview with Stuart Smith. I wondered what happened to him.
About 5 years ago I used to be a bass player in an all girl band and we had a gig in Las Vegas. That night Joe Lyn Turner came in with Stuart Smith and they got up and jammed with us. They’d been doing an interview on a local radio station earlier that night. Anyway, they had a party at their suite at the Riviera hotel and I ended up with Stuart Smith. I’ve got to tell you that he’s not too bad in the package department but God can this guy use his tongue well. I had a boyfriend at the time s
o we never kept in touch. Wish I had.

Thanks for the email!

October 12

Here’s a few emails about the last couple of hatemails I received.

I just wanted to say that I think your Ho-bag is great.  What continues to amaze me is the dumb-ass people that get on the site and complain about the stuff they read.  If you don’t like a site then why visit it?  You did a great job tearing that girl a new ass whining about Bret Michaels.  Don’t get me wrong, I thought Bret was a god, but if people actually believe he isn’t banging and/or getting blowjobs from chicks stuck in ’89 then they are insane!  I imagine his girlfriend isn’t stupid or blind just enjoying the house, gifts, cars, motorcycles, etc…and doesn’t give a flying fuck!  Keep up the good work!

Hi Donna,
Some of the emails that you receive baffle me!  The ones that are trying to rip on you, that is.  They are so ridiculous that they have to be fabricated.  Such as the "good-looking intelligent woman" who wrote with all commas instead of apostrophes.  That one was hilarious (I loved your comments, by the way; classic!).  Are these people joking???  If your page makes them so angry, why do they read it?  These are the people who have no lives, and it is obvious because they seem to take the internet a little too seriously.  If
they get so angry about something as trivial as an intentionally humorous gossip webpage on the internet, meant for ENTERTAINMENT, what do they do in real life?  I believe these are the people who turn out to be knife-wielding psychopaths.  They should be put out of their misery.
Just had to rant…you rule, keep it up girl!

The person who sent you that hate mail re: Bret Michaels privacy is an illiterate f*ck.  She went to another site's message board complaining about you, etc.  She was pretty much put in her place, cause any intelligent person knows that Metal Sludge is no place to start a right to privacy campaign.  Come on, if you feel that strongly about it, write to your
congressman or something constructive!  She is obviously an anal retentive Bret fan who thinks he's a God, cause you rag on Warrant more than him and she showed no concern for their privacy.

Anyway, you are too funny!  And I am interested in any info you get on C.C. DeVille (*as long as you don't invade his privacy*) lol!  I mean if they don't want this stuff spread around, they shouldn't be cheating on their women or sleeping with groupies!  And if people don't like what they read here, leave.  Lighten Up Folks!


The only info I have on C.C. is what I have listed on the Penis Chart, which is that he use to whack off 12 times a day when he was on drugs.  Otherwise, that's it.

You gotta hook me up with info on Yngwie. I know he use to be married, but I heard that they where no longer together...Any info? And cuz he's a Swed,is he a Hooded Monk(if you know)?
Thanks doll,and I love the site!!

I would assume that Yngwie has a hooked monk, but I don't know for sure.  

Your site is hilarious!  Just wanted to let you know that Trent Reznor is definitely bisexual.  My friend had a three-way with him and another guy a few years ago, and Trent was "extremely attentive" to the guy, if you know what I mean.  Apparently Trent was the pitcher and not the catcher in this particular situation.  I don’t know if this is a regular thing with him. Just thought you’d like to be informed.

Your site is a riot…wish you were around when I was young enough to use this information!


or for that matter whats the low-down on the following??

diamond david lee
don dokken
robin crosby ( formerly of ratt)
sammy hagar
glenn guiffria ( house of lords, guiffria)

help us out there donna babe??

Diamond Dave was the man back in the day, but he seems kind of fruity now.  So how’s that?  As for Don Dokken, he’s married, there are plenty of rumors on Robbin Crosby about him having HIV, Sammy Hagar is married, and I have no idea about Glenn Guiffria.  There you go.

October 8th.

Well start off this Ho-Bag with more hatemail!  This is only the 3rd piece of hatemail I’ve ever gotten, but the 2nd within the last few weeks.  I must be on a roll!

Well Donna, I finally figured out what real trailer trash is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that would be you!!!!!!!!!!I cannot believe the garbage that you write, do you have a job or a career??probably not! 

Nope, I don’t have a job.  I just sit here all day waiting shitting out babies and waiting for people to send me email.  Thanks for asking! 

doesn’t sound like you have a life either!!do you really think that it, s cool to gossip about people??you must and that, s really pathetic!!!I actually feel sorry for you!!If you think that it, s cool to be a groupie your wrong!!!when i here the word groupie I automatically think SLUT or BIMBO!!!!!! sounds to me like your probably both. Maybe one day you, ll grow up and realize what a joke you really are!!!!!
get a fucking life, you ignorant cunt!!!!!!!!!
P. S.
IM not A groupie!!!!nor am I an ugly fatchick!!IM just a good-looking intelligent woman that knows what the word morals means!!Donna?can you say morals??I didn,t think that you could.

Morals.  There, I said it.  I have morals, but you don’t have an education.  This young lady has delusions of adequacy.  She sets low personal standards and then consistently fails to achieve them.
I’m sure it’s obvious to all my fans that you are a delusional Slaughter fan.  Can you use punctuation?  You need to know the difference between a comma and a apostrophe.  It looks like this ‘ .  Let me use it in a sentence for you, "You’re a stupid piece of shit."  See, I used the apostrophe between the "u" and the "re".  I didn’t use a comma.  Also, after a sentence, it’s proper to take 2 spaces after a period.  No, not your period you get once every 28 days!  I’m assuming I must have burst your bubble about your favorite rock star, so now you are all pissed about it.   Don’t be mad, I do it all for you!  Just because you get discounts at abortion clinics is no reason to be bitter at me.  If you don’t like what I have to say, you can do 2 things:  Don’t read it, or fuck off.

Hi Donna! 
Just wanted to let you know I love your site.  I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard.  Also way to put the bitch in her place when she ragged on you about Bret Michaels.  Ya right he didn’t get sucked on a few times this summer.  And your right she probably is some 275 pound  zit faced ho who has nothing better to do than come down on you.  I do have a question I know Motley Crue was on tour this summer and really the only guy I think is decent is Nikki Sixx I know he’s married to Donna D’errico and I can’t imagine why he’d cheat on her she’s beautiful! Have you heard anything about him cheating this summer I heard he’s faithful but I thought you would know.

Thanks!  Everything I’ve heard about Nikki is that he is faithful to Donna.  He flies her out to quite a few shows when they tour, and she just went out to visit him in Japan, and of course that story can be found on our front page.  Also, when he posts updates on the road, he frequently talks about her, so he seems totally in love and not willing to fuck that up.  Nikki seems well behaved and a good boy.

I love yer page girl!!!!! Do have the low down on what’s down low on Vikki?

I haven’t heard too much on Vikki since he’s kept a low profile lately.  Last I heard he’s back in Chicago, and I think I remember hearing that he’s got a decent size dick.  It seems most skinny drummers are well hung, so I’d believe it.

I only just started to read your coloum, and I never got to do all the groupie things, guess I was too shy, but I do wonder about people, I have neard about a lof of the guys from the past that I used to lust.  Now I am wondering aobut some of these new people out there?? How about Johnny Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls?? any news on him, and does anyone know if Trent Reznor is gay or bi at least? I heard that rumor but hate to have to believe it???  I also wonder about that Scott Stapp guy from Creed….hmm, that is a mighty fine looking body there! :)~   Well I am just curious if anyone  has answers I would love to hear them!!

I know Johnny Rzeznki has a tattoo on his arm of the Mona Lisa masturbating.  He also use to be an alcoholic.  I heard he was married and had gotten a divorce, but I don’t know if that is true.  Otherwise, news is sparse on him.  I never heard that Trent was gay or bi, but he did fuck Courtney Love, so maybe that turned him gay.  Who knows?  As for Scott Stapp, he looks ok, but like the rest of us at Sludge, I’m not into Creed.  

Here’s a request for Eric Stacy info.

Hey Donna,   Just wondering if you or anyone else has any scoop on Ex-FPC bassist, Eric Stacy…I’m sure someone out there has some stories…thank you!

Hi Donna,    
Do you have any info on CC DeVille? Thanks

The info I do have on CC is what I already mentioned in the penis chart.  If I find out anything else, I’ll post it.

i see you have carlos cavazo of quiet riot on your penis chart. got anything on kevin dubrow? watching vh1 behind the music and following his career for years, he played himself as a ladies man, hell the guy is pushing 45 and has never been married, you must have something on him. thanks. 
Will The Thrill

Your a dude and you are asking about Kevin DuBrow’s cock?  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  Ok, you do make an interesting point about him being 45 and never being married.  And come to think of it, in all my backstage years I’ve never seen DuBrow hanging on any chicks.  Hmmm??  I don’t know.  Maybe he’s afraid of banging some chick and his wig falling off.

The following is an email on Rick Steier.

Hello Donna! 
Just wanted to say that I love your site!!  I find it very interesting and humerous and I can add…a little something. Rick was a complete gentleman!  I spent a couple of days with him a couple of years ago.  He was OK, but just really sweet!!  After the show we were going to go out in the city for a while, but decided to go back to the hotel BAR.  We did, then we hung out a bit longer.  Rick was very sweet.  While driving to the hotel we talked a little bit and he told me "I can’t lie, I am seeing someone and actually showed me a picture of her a little bit later in the night standing by the pool (I guess at their house).  But, of course, he did not mention they were married. Then, they came around the 4th of July this yearand Rick called me the day before the show and told me about how they were coming into town the next day and could he get me passes/tickets.  I said of course!  He actually reminessed about the last time we saw one another and sat at the bar and talked and even remembered the guy sitting next to us at the bar. Then he called the next am and said that his "girlfriend" decided to surprise him and "he was surprised" and she would be in within the next 2 hours and that he was so bummed!! I still went to the show and met up with them after the show and Jani, not remembering that Rick was getting married in the next 3 weeks!  I was shocked. Just don’t understand these guys point of getting married????? Have a great day :-) 

The thing I’ve always wondered is that the Warrant guys were never secretive about them cheating on their wives/girlfriends.  I’ve seen Jerry make out in public with various groupies
, and that was when he was married to Susan. How did he know there wasn’t someone around who knew Susan?  The same can be said for the rest of them.  They’ve never tried to hide anything, so that either means they don’t care, or are very stupid.  You’d have to think that it would get back to their significant others.  Maybe they are so good at lying they just figure their wives would never believe those stories about them.  Or maybe their chicks are just stupid!  Or maybe all of the above!

may i just say that you fucking rule this page is the funniest thing on the web. a few questions…first what do you really look like, secondly what stars have you been with? is there one star that you haven’t had that you wish you could get? if you ever come to canada i will show you a good time.

What do I look like?  Well ok, if you promise not to tell anyone!  I’m 4 foot 2 and I look like Joe C. from Kid Rock, only with long, following purple hair.  As for the stars, I’ve never been into astronomy so I can’t answer your question.  Sorry.

How did you miss the brandy brant / rikki rachman / taime love triange ?
  Pre nikki, when taime and rikki lived together.

I don’t know, my contacts weren’t in!  What can I tell you?

I noticed that some of the more ‘famous’ dudes got a higher rating with the babes. Coincedence?

Yes it is.  It’s just that the more "famous" a person is, the more chicks he’s probably fucked, so the more info there is on him.  But not always.  Look at Vince Neil.  He’s a rock star, but he’s a lazy piece of shit in the bedroom.  And look at Danny Wagnar and Rick Steier from Warrant.  Nobody knows them, but I have a ton of info on them.  It all depends.  

October 3rd. 

Hi Donna,    
I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth around here about Taime….he gets a lot of negative things said about him and no positive.  At the time of my writing this to you, I am very angry at the guy, but I don’t feel as mean about it as others have shown.  I know that some of the stuff said may be well deserved, but in his defense, nobody’s perfect.  So he may not have the biggest penis that anyone’s ever been with, but I had fun with him and I think he’s a hell of a guy.  He’s like anyone else just doing what he’s got to do, ya know?  I just wanted to give old T-Dog a little support…..

Ok, thanks.

Here are some more emails I got on Kit Ashley.  I never realized he was so popular!  

My question is do you have any ho-bag or information on anyone from Big Bang Babies.  I used to have a thing for their singer Kit Ashley. 

Here’s what I know on Kit Ashley.  He was in and out of jail for a while along with a Rock City News reporter Gerry Gitterson for some scam they were doing.  I don’t any more than that.  Currently he works for Kristy Krash Majors booking agency.  There’s a career!  Now here are 2 other emails on got on Kit.

Email #1

I have some information on Kit Ashley.  He is a band called "Custom Made Scare".  And I think he goes by another name, but I’m not quite sure what it is.   So that’s what I guess he’s up to while working for the cool ass Kristy Majors.

Email #2

here are some things i’ve heard from someone who used to date him. i’ll tell it to you short and sweet (no puns intended): 
1. he’s a BIG jerk! 
2. he likes to get BANGED in the ass with a dildo. he does swing both ways. 
3. he’s hung like a BABY. whether this is true or not, i obviously don’t know for sure. 
this is what i’ve heard. i have nothing against him (other than the fact that he’s short and ugly).

I couldn’t help noticing Duff (sexgod) McKagan, on your penis chart, any more info? Love your site!

Nope, I haven’t heard too much on Duff.

Hi, Donna! 
I’m getting a kick out of reading the groupie stories…you rock, girl! Ok, you most likely won’t know who the fuck I’m talking about, but do you possibly have any gossip on Eric Dover? He used to be the singer in Slash’s Snakepit, Imperial Drag, and played guitar in Jellyfish. I always thought he was such a hottie and was wondering if there’s any good gossip on him around. Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon!

I know who Eric Dover is, but I’m sorry I don’t have any info on him.  If anybody does, send it in.

In the last Ho-Bag there was an email I received about Bret Michaels, and my comments ruffled a few feathers.  Before I get to that, here is one normal email about it.

Hi Donna,    
I love reading the ho-bag, unfortunately I don’t have any gossip to contribute.  I would like to clear up something.  In the most recent ho-bag, there was a post about Bret Michaels.  I think I know what picture , with a fan, this person was referring to.  I don’t know if Bret is faithful or not, but I do know that this was a staged kiss.  It was not actually real.

Ok, thanks.  

Now the next email is one of the more stupider emails I have ever gotten.

I know your not all dumb people and neither am I but I just read a thing about Bret Michaels not being faithful to Kristi. It’s personally not any of my business, I met him and Rikki recently and they were both sweet guys. Is there any way to contact him and see if he really fucked around on Kristi during this tour?? Also do you know if there is any plans of them marrying in the future?? Just wondering…

Are you kidding me?  Is this a joke?  Let me get this straight, you want to contact Bret to see if he really fucked around on Kristi??  Yeah, let me get you his phone number so you can call him up.  I’m sure he’ll be honest with you!  Why do you think if you ask Bret about it he’ll tell YOU??&
nbsp; Does that make any sense?  I never said Bret was a dick, I just said Bret banged some chicks this Summer.  Is that news to anybody?  I thought that was a given.  

Speaking of that Bret email, that seemed to really piss off the following bitch.  She sent me this wonderful email.

This is to that slut on ho-bag.   How the hell do you know what Bret MIchaels does when he’s on tour or out at his house.   

Because I’m Donna Anderson!  

Perhaps you should get a brain and mind your damn business with it.   He might just be completely faithful to his girlfriend.  

And Gene Simmons might just have Kiss give out their next CD for free, but I don’t see that happening either.

She probably will catch on if he was by now.  So think about it.  

Yeah, well I know plenty of girls that live in their own little world of denial when it comes to this sort of thing.  And those chicks that aren’t naive just don’t care.  Maybe Kristy knows but doesn’t give a shit.  Maybe she lets him, who knows.  I certainly wouldn’t expect Bret Michaels to remain faithful on tour. 

You might hurt a good relationship if she decided to ever read this shit.   

If somebody reads something on my page and it breaks up their relationship, then they didn’t have that great a relationship to begin with.  

You have no business going into other people’s lives and saying things that may or may not be true.  

You act as if I’m the first person to ever say this?   I know a girl who was with Bret this Summer, and I also heard from some other quality sources he was with a variety of girls this tour.  When I mentioned that, I didn’t even think anybody would even question it.  It’s a given.  You think Bret Michaels went this whole Summer without at least one blowjob from a groupie?   This is Metal Sludge, this is what we do.  Out of the thousands of emails I’ve gotten since my section has started, this is only the second piece of hatemail I’ve gotten! Everyday I get about 10 emails asking questions and saying they love this section of the page.  That tells me people enjoy what I do.  What I said was no secret.  It was said before and it’ll be said in the future.  

Were you there with these girls?  Do you know for a fact that he has these "girls" you speak of?  No, you don’t.  

I love people who make up assumptions like this.  They have nothing to really say, so they just make up shit.  How do you know I wasn’t one of the chicks fucking Bret this Summer?  You don’t.  You know absolutely nothing about me.   I’m wasting my time even responding to this.

Cuz you don’t know him.  Neither do I.   

So what you just said is that you don’t know Bret at all, which means you have no idea what you are talking about.  And like I said before, you don’t know who I know.

That’s why I like many other people mind there business.  

That sentence made no sense.  Go back to school and get your G.E.D.

Especially with that video.  

What video?  Ride The Wind?  Talk Dirty To Me?  The Pam / Bret porn?  Be specific.  

So take your blonde hair and get a life.    

Another assumption.  Who said I have blonde hair?  Maybe I’m bald!  You got a problem with bald chicks???  Again, you don’t know nothing about me, so the insults serve no purpose.

And the other thing is,  you don’t look like either Donna D’Errico or Pamela Lee.   

If you don’t know me, how the fuck do you know what I look like?  You don’t.  But I bet I can guess what you look like, approximately 175-250, 5 foot 3, on welfare and living in a double wide.

So try going back to your given name. And    Mind your own damn business!!! Catch my drift whore bag.

Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me!  If you don’t like reading this type of stuff, what the fuck are you doing here?  What did you expect to read in Donna’s Ho-Bag???  Bret’s favorite color?  This is Metal Sludge, and this is the HO-Bag.  The complaint department is closed and there’s the door bitch.  Don’t let it hit ya in your big fat, Twinkie eating ass.

September 30

So I’m told that Jani Lane and Warrant are fans of Donna’s Domain!  How cool!  Hi Jani, Jerry, and Erik!!  If it wasn’t for you guys, my penis chart & Ho-Bags wouldn’t be nearly as exciting as it is!  The truth hurts, doesn’t it??  Please keep touring so I can continue to get quality stories about how you cheat on your chicks and have limp dicks! 

Lustfully Yours,


Now let’s get to the Ho-Bag.

Hi Donna,

I know this is probably a much repeated question, however, I cannot seem to locate the site for Groupies Anonymous. Please list the website address in your Ho-Bag section ASAP! I am dying to read all the juicy gossip!

Thanks Donna!

Groupies Anonymous is no more.  If you read farther down the Ho-Bag, there is an email all about it.  Also, check out our Gossip Board because there are some posts on it.  To make a long story short, somebody fucked somebody else over and the page got yanked by their webhost.

    Great job. I`be been checkin this site out for awhile now. It`s great.  On the internet, I saw a photo of Bret Michaels kissing, what I guess to be a fan, backstage on their most recent tour. I thought he was faithful to Kristi. I`m not trying to imply anything, I`m just curious to know if he was the least bit faithful & I`m sure there are plenty of groupies
out there that have the truth. I`d love to believe he is but rockstars you can never fully trust. Any news on the rest of the guys from Poison & Jizzy (girlfriends, diseases,etc...). I always thought he was so damn cute. Keep up the good work. If you want the photos let me know.

Bret, faithful??  Please, Bret got laid more than anybody on this Summer's tour.  Bret has a variety of girls in different ports, both on the road and at home.  Just because a guy isn't on tour doesn't mean he's faithful.  He just has to be more sneaky about it.  Bret definitely isn't only banging Kristi.  As for Jizzy, he has a girlfriend and no diseases that I know of!  

I just got done reading all three volumes of the Ho bag and WOW! But a question for you: Did you ever get together with Paul Stanley or Peter Criss? Do they live up to their reputations or are they legends in their own minds? Just curious if I’m wasting my fantasies on the wrong members of KISS. Thanks!

Peter Criss??  How old do you think I am, 50?  Fuck that, no thanks.  I don’t usually talk about who I’ve been with, but I will admit I haven’t been with Peter Criss!  As for Paul, I’m not really into a guy who looks at his own ass more than mine.  

Ho-Bag for September 26

Hey Donna, 
I just found your page, I love it! I have some stories and opinions to add. I had the pleasure of meeting Jesse Camp and he’s not as dumb as they make him out to be. He is a really sweet guy (like you said) and he is a wonderful kisser. I didn’t get to see his package either. Jay Gordon and (Bob) Kid Rock do both share amazing oral skills. Although Bob is a much cooler guy to hang with. I met both before they had reached MTV status and Jay already had an ego from hell. Here’s my 411 on The Manson guys: I’ve seen just about all of them (including past members). Manson is about average and not to exciting but he is a good kisser. Twiggy (I know you think he’s repulsing) is really sweet in bed and also about average. Zimmy (ex guitarist) is the best kisser out of the whole bunch. Ginger is by far the most exciting in bed, he likes it rough. John 5 is really sweet but tends to be selfish, what a surprise, when it comes to returning favors. I’m sure you’ve already heard this but he has a thing about cuming on a girl’s chest and licking it off. He has one of the prettiest cocks I’ve ever seen though. I’ve never been with Pogo but my friend says he is a lot of fun in the bedroom. Oh I was reading your thoughts on the whole condom/HIV thing and was wondering. Is it true that the HIV virus is so small that it is very likely it will go through a condom? I mean I know you’re not a doctor but I just thought I’d ask.

There are plenty of sites on the internet that discuss HIV, so you might want to check with them.  Go to Altavista and do a search.  You’ll find more info than you know what to do with.  But condoms are about 98% effective for preventing the spread of HIV.  

any scoop on Josh from Buckcherry on the long and short of it?????????

Do you see Josh’s name on the Penis chart?  Then I have no info on him.  You might wanna post on the Gossip Board or hope that somebody sends me some 411 on him.

I have to say that you’re the best. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that Glenn Danzig have the smallest penis I have ever seen in my whole life, and I’ve seen many sizes. He was…..boring, acting like  he was a demon from some kind of bizarr nightmare, it seemed to be important to him to look good all the way through, but it didn’t last for a long
time. After his ‘big’ orgasm when he tryed to look like a beast from hell, I had to fake it. I don’t know if it was because I was nervous or the fact that he was pretty bad in bed, but I didn’t enjoy it. And from what I can tell….he’s not a bigshot anymore…..was he ever?
And before I leave I have a question, and please  help me, or else I wont be able to sleep anymore.
Recently I got invited to Gene Simmons hotelroom here in Stockholm (number 415) but I chicked out.  I went to the show with my friend Bruce who used to play with them, and Gene actually left the stage during the show for a few minutes just to talk to me. I don’t know if it was because I’m a friend of Bruce, or that he does that every night to all the girls, but he asked me if I wanted to have dinner with him,and would I like to join him in his hotelroom later? I gave him a yes on all the questions, but  when the show was over I got scared. I mean,  I would love to spend a night with him because I think that he’s good looking and his charisma………but I couldn’t do it. So……what did I miss? Does he have a big penis, is he good in bed, does he like to have sex in different parts of a room,
does he talk during the sex……please tell me or I will go crazy , cause if you help me I might have  what it takes the next time  I get a chance to go all the way with my ‘master’……

The little girl from sweden

Gene is listed in the Penis Chart, and after banging thousands and thousands of girls over the last 27+ years, I have a feeling he knows his way around a bedroom.  There have also been some letters in the past Ho-Bags about Gene, so go check those out.  

Here’s an interesting email you might wanna take note of.

Hello Donna, 
I am a frequent reader of your page and have to say I love it. Cracks me up. Especially due to the fact, I was quite the groupie back in the day, and have either been with or at least know very well more than half of these men you written or asked about in metal sludge. I wish to remain anonymous. I quess you might say I’m not to proud of it these days.   any how to those of you whom have been writing in regards to who is bisexual or not heres a  way to find out on your own. if you have the opportunity to be with them that is .. put your finger and feel around the butt area. if the hole feels tight and firm, most likely they are into women.  On the other hand if it feels big and loose. Not so firm, well you might have an AC/DC on your hands. Figuratively speaking. or at least someone who likes to take something up his butt.  And these days god knows what.

That’s very interesting and disgusting at the same time.  I’ve never thought of that, but I know a lot of you girls are going to read this and be running your fingers down your guys ass sometime this week, and don’t tell me you won’t!  Let me know how it goes.  I wonder if that is true…

Hey Donna!    
I just wanted to sat that the photo you put up of Fred Durst is odd looking to me. It appears that the guy has NO body hair. His legs and his "Limp Bizkit" seem totally bare of hair??? Does this seem weird to anyone else?

Yeah, I noticed that.  I consider that a good thing though, cause I’m not big on a lot of body hair.  Some is ok, but I don’t want to deal with guys who look like they are wearing a sweater.  

Hey Donna, 
I was reading the "Groupie Chart" & saw Brandi Brandt.  I do believe she was screwin’ Riki Rachtman before Nikki Sixx.  I was one of the Hollywood "groupies" back in ’87-’93.  There’s a tatoo of a brown haired lovely on Riki’s arm, I was told it was Brandi & he was pretty devestated when she dumped his ass.  My ex & I were invited to Nikki’s house to hear the newly finished Dr. Feelgood & I met Brandi then. She’s kind of a wing-nut, not very bright at all, she seemed annoyed that we were there.  Nikki was nice as hell, I’ve met him quite a few times now.

Yeah, I heard Brandi isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I do think you are correct about her banging Riki.  I’m not positive though.  I think somebody asked Bastard Boy Floyd this question as well.  I do know Brandi banged Taime, so it’s very likely she banged Riki as well.  She was a Ho back in the day.

Ho-Bag for September 18.

dear donna, 
i love your page, it's so juicy. anyway, this is just to ask you if you could get any info on johnny colt, ex-black crowes bassist. he is just so hot! ohmygod...don't get me started. anyway, here's a pic in case you don't remeber or know what he looks like ... isn't he hot? well, anyway if you could find something it would be much appreciated. also one of my friends has somthing on carson daily, i'm trying to get her to post it, but she's too embarrassed that she acctually slept with that fuckless meat head. who can blame her? anyway thanks again.

I don't have any info on Johnny Colt, but I'm sure if anybody reading this does, they'll let me know!

I find it really odd that there isn’t more talk about the fella’s from Korn. Any tidbits??  I bet their kinky… Thanks.  I love your ho-bags.

Well, there is some info on Korn on the Gossip Board.  It’s a letter Courtney Love wrote and somebody posted it on our board. It’s under the title "Rapestock."  I don’t know if any of it is true, but it was an interesting read.

Here’s something new to the Ho-Bag!  A nude photo!  It’s of Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit.  He doesn’t seem shy, since he also just showed his cock in Tommy Lee’s new video.  Here’s what MTV will blur out:

Fred's Limp Bizkit.


We found this on the Net and since there's been some talk of Fred Durst, we figured everyone might as well see the man buck ass nekkid!  =)

Thanks for the photo!  I guess you could call that a picture of Fred and his limp bizkit!  This is the second nude photo I’ve gotten.  I received a nude photo of Sebastian Bach months ago, but could never tell if it was legit or not, so I didn’t put it up.  Plus we were on Geocities back then and they frown upon nudity.  Don’t bother emailing me asking for it, cause I was told not to give it out.  He’s limp in the photo as well, so it’s not that exciting.  Maybe we should use that as blackmail to get Bach to do 20 Questions!!

Here’s an email on the Drain STH girls.

I saw the email that said Martina was with someone from powerman. I know that during Ozzfest she was going out with Rigs (Zombie) and I hear that they still are.

It wouldn’t be a Ho-Bag without an email on Cinderella.

Hi Donna..

First off, you totally rock.  I love your site.

Secondly, God Help Me, but I have a huge infatuation with Tom Keifer.  So,
just out of curiousity, do you have any information on his new woman?  Do you
know what she looks like?  How long they have been together.  (I admit it, I
am green with envy!)

Anyway, I noticed that Tom is on your penis chart, how do people know this
kind of stuff about Tom…I thought that he was pretty faithful to Emily.
Anyway, thanks in advance for helping me out with my incurable (for now at
least) infatuation!!


As for the penis chart, I have my sources for everything.  As for Tom’s new lady, I have no info on her.  Try emailing Eric Brittingham, cause he seems pretty fan friendly, providing you’re not a Slaughter fan!

hi donna
i think you are the hotttest chick who have you screwed and you have any pics of yourself. thanks

Don’t you just sound like a honry 15 year old!?  If you’d like to see pictures of myself, go look at the banner above.  And as I’ve said before, I don’t discuss who I’ve banged because none of us at Metal Sludge discuss our personal lives, and for obvious reasons.  But if you read between the lines, you might be able to figure it out!

I found your site yesterday and have been on it since then! I love it. Anyway, I thought maybe this might interest some of you. I have a family friend who thinks he’s a "rockstar". He does work for Ozzy and used to work with Whitesnake and Love/Hate. Recently he worked with Sebastian on some new record Baz put out. I used to be a huge Skids fan and kinda got a kick out of it. (SIDENOTE: I live in Jersey and here it is required you worship or personally know Skid Row, Bon Jovi, and the ever-aging Bob Dylan wannabe Bruce Springsteen.) So to make a long story short, I got invited to Sebastian’s house. Yeah, it’s nice from the outside. The town he lives in (not sure if I should say it, but it’s in Monmouth County) is NOTHING to write home about. I live like 30 minutes from him and know the area and all around it very well, and it’s just typical suburbia. Nothing flashy. Anyway, when I walked in the last thing I expected was a ME
SS. This place is soooo filthy. It’s a shame because his house is really nice, just so f***ing dirty. He is utterly disgusting. I’m a germ freak and didn’t want to use his bathromm or sip out of one his glasses. The guy is gross period. I know this probably isn’t a big deal story to you guys, but it’s all I could contribute. Oh, yeah….his wife used to work at Macy*s in Monmouth Mall. I saw her there several times about two years ago. I also have scoop on Rachel Bolan’s wife Donna. It’s crap, but here goes. She opened a doll shop in Pt. Pleasant, which is a beach area, and it sucked. She basically sold Pee Wee dolls, New Kids Dolls, and Beverly Hills 90210 dolls. It was called ‘Donna’s Dolls & Collectables". It tanked after a few months. I used to stop in from time to time, I live near by, and she is a huge bitch. Total porker too. Rachel could have done better than that. She’s a gorilla. They have a nice house, but I’ve only ever seen the outside. Looks can obviously be deceiving. Hope this is funny to someone!!

I’ve heard Sebastian is quite the pig.  I also heard he never washes his hair!

Ho-Bag for September 10.

Hello Donna, 
First off, my compliments to this terrific internet feast that you have!!! ILOVEIT!! I have just surfed and found a fave already!! I would like some help though, I don’t know how you feel about personal responses but please,may I ask you to consider this one…I caught the interesting penis chart and would care for more info on Phil Anselmo…how large…can I get a link to someone who can tell…the whole enchilada…is he married…I would like to be discreet because I simply don’t get these imposters on the net…but your dedication to truth has got my vote!! I appreciate your work, I think Howard Stern oughta take notes from you!! I would appreciate any help you can give…also, in your opinion, does he dig Hispanic chicks?? …just wondering, oh and can you tell me what you meant by,"..he kinda ..the fence.."?..I just didn’t get it..sorry. I thank you and hope to hear from you soon.   

I don’t even think Phil digs chicks!  I heard from several people Phil isn’t into chicks, if you know what I mean, but I do know a chick a many years ago who fucked Phil, so who knows.  The rumor is that Phil is gay, but I have heard of him fucking chicks, so maybe he’s bi, or maybe he just got bored with chicks.  I don’t know, but I do know the rest of the band is into chicks!  They even run a nudie bar somewhere in Texas.  

Of course it wouldn’t be a Ho-Bag without an email about Eric Brittingham.

Hey Donna- I know that Eric’s mentioned in the ho-bag a lot, but I’ll make an exception! :) Ok ladies, listen up!  Eric is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. He’s really sweet, not to mention adorable!  I think it’s pathedic how everyone’s talking about him on the Gossip Board.  The man has every right to tell off something that isn’t true about him and clear it up. I love Cinderella and I am totally with them all the way! :) Eric, if you’re reading this, *and I’m sure you are! ;)* YOU RULE!!  End of story!  Keep it up, baby! 😉 Keep up the good work, Donna! :) Love, 

I just read your thing with that psycho chick who wrote (among other things) that she fucked Mick Mars. Yeah sure she did. But I thought I'd let you know, I wouldn't turn Mick down.(nor would I go out hunting to fuck him.)
You'd think that some one like him gets pussy once every 10 years so he's going to try his damndest to make it good so you'd tell others and thay'd be after him.

Ok that's my thoughts



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