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Donna's Ho-Bag Volume 4 – 01/10/00 – 04/05/00



Ho-Bag Volume 4

Started January 10, 2000


Welcome to Ho-Bag Volume 4!   

Before any of you email me, make sure you are emailing me about something I haven’t covered recently.  If you aren’t sure, go read through the past Ho-Bags or use our Search Engine.  It seems like everyweek I keep getting people asking about somebody I just talked about.  From now on those emails will be deleted because every now and then I feel like being a bitch.  

April 5, 2000

Did they do the big break up again?  I saw Bobbi Brown at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday night when Methods of Myhem played, Tommy’s new band.  Doesn’t she ever give up?   I didn’t actually see
them together but, I did see Tommy with a couple of other girls later. Looked like Tommy had a little 3 way action going on.

Pam & Tommy have separated again, yet Tommy won’t confirm nor deny that, which means it’s obviously true.  He’s hoping it all works out, but Pam’s got her own place now in Malibu.  I heard that Tommy’s not exactly that great with kids and he’s been drinking again, so it was only a matter of time before Pam bailed.  I heard Pam has been hanging out with Kelly Slater again, while Tommy has been touring and probably doing typical Tommy things.
And our 20 Questions with Bobbie Brown will be up next week and she says some interesting stuff about Tommy.  Be sure to check it out.  

-Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot likes them YOUNG…barely legal young, and his body is less than average, but pretty good for his age.  He could hardly keep his wanger up, though, and  I wasn’t impressed at all.  He also wears these tight bikini underwear, which probably don’t help!

-Dana Strum also has REALLY hairy balls.  Keep a toothpick handy for pulling out stray hairs!  He likes to recieve oral more than give it.

I don’t think I need to know about Dana’s hairy balls.  Dana probably has more hair on his balls than DuBrow has on his head.  And it’s no shocker than Dana is into receiving than giving, cause he’s an old greedy bastard.

Hey, love the page. A girlfriend of mine just turned me on to it and I can’t stop reading! Anyway, I live in San Francisco and I have a wee bit of local gossip to share–sorry, nothing very sexual from me cuz when I was a
single slut (I’m an old married lady now) I mostly went for guys in punk bands. I guess that’s a whole other animal.
So Kirk from Metallica lives in SF and has been spotted all over the place for many years, no big shocker there. But the funny thing is, nobody talks to him. It’s like he shows up at the latest, hippest rock clubs but no one cares! Most recently I saw him at Sixxteen (a glam/metal dance club) and he looked so out of place. He likes to make eye contact with strangers. My friends and I call him "the short one." I’m 5’3" and I swear I can see the top of his (thinning) head.
But my most favorite rockstar sighting up here was last year at Stinky’s Peepshow (a great punk rock/rock & roll club with bands, go-go dancers and of course a peepshow). It must have been maybe spring or summer. Some
friends and I were there on a not-particularly-happening night to see a friend’s band. I kept noticing these two tall, skinny dudes hanging sort of in the shadows with this blond chick–all I could think was, "Shit, they are so LA!!" (I lived there in the late 80s/early 90s so I’m familiar with the LA hairmetal look). One guy (the taller one) was wearing a baseball hat and long shorts–I could see that he was pretty much covered with ink. The other guy was more classic metal–shaggy hair and leather cowboy hat etc. Finally the chick (who was looking supremely 80s in her pink tutu-like skirt and pink platform stripper boots) must have had to pee cuz she and the cowboy start looking around for the ladies room, which is hard to find in this particular club. They walked right past us since we were playing pinball near the restrooms and he sort of waited at the end of the hall for her as she went in. Then I realize, "Fuck it’s NIKKI AND TOMMY!!" I never saw them out when I lived in LA so I was really stoked, especially since they were at this pretty divey place with no entourage or anything, it was just the 3 of them. I thought it was sweet how Nikki was waiting for Donna (my friend had to tell me who she was, way smaller boobs than I would have expected) to come out. So pretty much everyone at the club by that point had figured out who they were and a few people talked to them, said they were really nice and pretty much trying to just hang out. I thought I saw Nikki and Donna drinking–maybe it was when they were both off the wagon last year. But a friend of mine offered Tommy some pot and he was like, "Oh thanks man, but I’m on probation." Good call Tommy! Don’t fuck up in public, right? So they checked out my friend’s band a bit–Tommy even got up close to the stage and was bobbing his head to the music. The band was Matterhorn by the way–good guys and they were so excited that Sixx & Lee were there. I know this is a long story; sorry, I’ll wind it up. The kicker is that we were walking through the club and I practically stepped on poor little Kirk. He must have had his hipster radar on or something because he didn’t get there until AFTER Nikki and Tommy had been there for a while and AS SOON AS THEY SAW HIM, THEY LEFT!!!!  I also, like six years ago, was backstage at a Danzig show here and my date (who is pretty short) went up to say hi to him and he towered over teeny Glenn. And Glenn has got very, very small feet. He’s wider than he is tall.
Well, that’s it for now. Keep up the witty, funny, totally entertaining work.  
Luv & Rock, DJ Cherri Bomb

Thanks for the cool story!

Did Bret leave Kristie for a while to nail Pamela?  I thought I heard something to that effect.  Also is Kristie stupid? I saw "Love chronicles" and I thought she sounded like a nitwit. ( It’s just my opinoin girls so
don’t have a fit.)

Bret was banging Kristie before Pamela came along.  Or at least before he was "serious" with Kristie.  I didn’t see the "Love Chronicles" show, but I’d like to check it out sooner or later.

Here’s this week’s "idi
ot" email.

Hey Donna!

      I just got this website from a friend of mine and saw your picture! "WOW!" I don’t have a clue if you are someone in the limelite, an actress,a model, a musician ( ..seeing the guitar in the pic and all.) or just an incredably sexy woman that deserves to be in the limelite!???? I guess I should probably mention something about this site as well. I’m a musician ( singer/songwriter) who misses( with a passion!!) the 80’s rock scene,but hey, times change (thanks to Kurt Cobain).It is very refreshing to find others who still cater to the fans of "HAIR" rock!!!! I’ve been online for a short time now, and I’m constantly finding new people and places who are keeping the faith alive and I think that is great! Don’t get me wrong, I love classical, I listen to country, dance/techno when I’m out , industrial and gothic even, but 80’s rock is my passion! Being a hopeless romantic, music moves me and being a musician, I try to stay open minded. This site is really great and there is more than enough info to keep me coming back for more ( not to mention if I had more info on you ). So keep up the good work and keep the faith!

   MIKEL in Dallas.

Thanks for the compliment about my guitar photo.  Some people have been confused and actually think my banner is Donna D’Errico, Pamela Anderson, and Bobbie Brown, but can’t they tell it’s just 3 different photos of me?  

I really hate stupid people.  MIKEL, you sound like you’ve been in the Texas sun a little too long.  Read the past Ho-Bags and see if you can figure it out.

Just wondering if I could catch up with the lovely and talented Donna at my local Motel six, room 210 next time she’s in AZ?

If you wanna pay $175 an hour, I’m yours.

And just in case MIKEL is reading this, that was a joke. I’m really not a hooker.

I’m an "entertainer."

I was wondering if you have any info about P.J farley (trixter) , and johhny (googoodolls) i know hes married to a model but if any one has the dirt let me know, and robbie(ratt) when did he get this girl friend cuz he was a slut my sister had him many times!!!!!!!
and then many more

Johhny from the Goo Goo Dolls is getting a divorce from his wife!  He’s still friends with her and says their marriage developed into a brother/sister sort of thing.  So girls, he’s a free man now!!
As for PJ Farley, he’s a slut, but I don’t know if he has a chick or not.
Robbie’s had a girlfriend for a few years, but don’t think that slows him down any.  He likes to play that he’s a good boy, but we all know better!


     This is in regards to the sudden interest in Evan (Seinfeld).  There suddenly has become a HUGE demand everywhere I look to know a little about Evan, and trust me he is EATING all this attention up!!! Well, Evan and I go back several years, 1995 to be exact. He has ALWAYS been INTO HIMSELF.  Though he is nice to be around and  ONLY a DECENT f*ck he is also something that ALL "road sluts" (as he calls them)needs to know….ask him about "THE BOOK".  It has nothing but PICTURES of girls replying to his requests, now unless you want the world to know who you REALLY are or for any other girls out there that DO NOT want to be made public (and not in a kind way!) then by all means try to get in bed with him, but, if you dont beware of the OTHER eyes that lay in wait to take pictures of you in otherwise COMPROMISING postitions.  Trust me…when he shows people "The Book"  he doesnt talk about the girls in there very nicely at all.  Beware of him when he is with a girl named TARA!!!  By the way, though he has a BIG COCK (one of the first things he wants to tell ALL the girls) a good 10-11 inches, he only wants blow jobs really, but at least he uses condoms for sex.  He is not into too much foreplay and would much rather get to the point.  Talks a bit too much while doing the dirty deed.  But, from my experiences he will hang with you after its all said and done.

He sounds like Gene Simmons!  Evan was hitting on me a while back, but instead we hit him up for 20 Questions, which he still hasn’t sent back.  If anybody sees Evan, tell him to get on the ball!

Hi Donna,

I love the band alice in chains and have been looking for personal info on them but havent found much.  I was wondering if you have heard anything about any of the members?

Since Alice In Chains really has laid low over the past few years, I don’t have much info.  Supposedly Jerry Cantrell signed our Gossip Board last winter, but that’s about it.  If anybody knows, send it in.

Hey Donna,

Your site rocks.  I’ve got a few stories (and pictures) I wanna send you, but for now I just want to respond to the e-mail that said that Drain STH were bitches to female fans.  I met them during their first US tour, and they were great to me and my friends (all female).  We even hung out with them for a while after they played, talking about about hair and stuff.  I don’t know if they got bitchy on later tours or were just having fun that night, but they were wandering around in the audience and talking with all kinds of people.  Just wanted to let you know.

Donna, first visit to your site, but I feel like I’ve come home!  Nice to know so many people out there still lust after the big hair makeup boys – they were always my favorites!  A couple of pieces of info to do with as you please:


Andy Timmons, formerly Danger Danger:  Knew Andy back in Dallas before DD called him up, and at that time had Mark Slaughter syndrome w/girfriend Kim.  Now, however, is married to a FABULOUS chick (used to do my hair), and seems to be completely faithful.&nbs
p; Travels a lot, does a lot of European festivals, but is one of the nicest guys in rock-n-roll.


Steve Vai:  my husband/former local Dallas rocker had a relationship with a formerly serious girlfriend of Steve Vai’s.  She talked about him constantly, how incredibly intense he was in bed, totally focused on her pleasure, and willing to spend all night long at it (preferred his own music as a soundtrack, though).  Her only complaint was that she honestly believed he preferred "making love" to his guitar over her!  (He often simulated "lovemaking" on stage, but evidently got lots of practice at home, too.)


When I have more time, I’d love to share my own stories about the Black’n’Blue guys – remember them?  As well as Don Dokken, the Def Leppard/Tesla tour in ’88, etc.  I’m just so thrilled gals are still interested in that glorious time in groupie-dom!


call me, Behrlover (still hooked on young guys!)

Cool, send me your stories!

Hey Donna,
    I was just wondering if you knew anything about Chino from the Deftones.  I know his wife’s name is Celeste, and that he has two sons.  My first question would be whether or not you’ve heard anything about Chino having an
ex-wife, that is, having been married before his current wife.  Secondly, have you heard anything about Chino being a big ho on the road, any stories about him?  Nobody has been able to confirm any of the information I’ve
asked.  Any help would be really appreciated.  Thanks!

I have absolutely no clue, sorry.  If anybody does…

Hello donna…i had to drop you a line and let you know i think that your section is GREAT!I love it…a place where women can spill the beans on alot of arrogant rock musicians and report if the goods are really there,or if
its not even worth the time of having a fantasy over.I grew up listening to and fantasizing over some of them,and although i never actually got to do the dirty with some of my favorites,all i have to do to know what it was(or
is)like to be with some of them is just read your ho-bag and your penis chart..its great…my fellow females have done the legwork(or should i say,BETWEEN THE LEGWORK)for me.Theres a few though that im still aching to
find out some dirt on….like the boys in JACKYL(not jesse,hes already on your penis chart)DAVY VAIN from VAIN,and most of all,the super sexy MR JOHN CHRIST,ex-danzig…i have my bets on the fact hes probably one of those quiet,smoldering kind of guys that just unbelievably wild and satisfying in the bedroom..the kind that would nibble at you and pull hair and smack you on the ass and make you like it and beg for more…but,id like to find out from one of your 411 ladies what the scoop is for real..if hes what i think he is,or its all pretty black hair and sexy smile..thanks donna..phoenixxx

So far, here are the Requests:
Alice In Chains
Davy Vain
John Christ

If anybody has any 411 on those Most Wanted, let me know.  Maybe I’ll start a request section.

Here’s some emails on Kenny Wayne Shepherd that somebody was asking about in the last Ho-Bag.


         Never thought I’d write to you (being a straight guy I never thought I’d have anything to add), but I wanted to give you what little info I know on Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

         A couple of years ago he did a "fashion layout" for Rolling Stone. In the pics he was with his fiancee at the time, I don’t remember her exact name, but she’s the daughter of Ronnie Van Zandt, the late singer of Lynyrd Skynyrd. I guess if he’s "got a ring on his finger" as the last e-mail said, it’s probably her.

        Also, a good (female) friend of mine hung out with Kenny and his band after a show a few months ago, and according to her Kenny wasn’t the least bit interested in the "groupie scene". The rest of the guys picked out their respective ladies for the evening…and Kenny just sat around playing his guitar.  Don’t know if that means he’s exactly faithful, but he was on this night.

        Hope that helps a little.




Hi Donna,

I saw Kenny Wayne Shepherd the other night at the Avalon Ballroom in Boston.  Unfortunatly he was sporting what looked like a wedding band.  Anyway he had his girl with him and kept looking over at her while he was playing.  :(


I would just like to comment on the letter about Lexi and Blas, – I had to laugh!
Its obvious that Lexi wrote that about herself, because Ive seen her and let me tell you shes plain jane and thats on a good day. Oh and then she goes on to say Ted Poley is a good lay! Thats because she knows because shes a
groupie. She only met blas by following the bus for years and then moving to vegas to pursue him.  Oh and she also said she was sweet, maybe she needs to walk in on Blas fucking another girl a couple times and
that will psycho her out. Poor girl shes just trying to make herself feel good since her selfesteem must be 0- for trying to date a guy like Blas.

Any chick stupid enough to go out with Blas and actually think that he’ll be faithful deserves the rude awakening she has coming.

For March 18, 2000

Here’s an email from Evan from Biohazard.  We were wondering were his 20 Questions were!



Consider the questions re-sent!  And since you’ve made us wait, your 20 Questions better be good!

Here’s an interesting email from a girl claiming to be Mark Slaughter’s ex girlfriend.

dear Donna,                                                                                                                                                                                    i just wanted to comment on your  sight. its truly hilarious that’s for sure. i know for a fact that Mark Slaughter is one of the sweetest and one of the sexiest men a live. i know because i used to be his lover.Seriously i’m telling the truth. i used to be and that is the absolute truth. we met when he was in Vinnie Vincent  Invasion and, we were together for a long time.  we were together for 6 years till he met the biggest pussy bitch of all Rebecca. Mark is truly a super good guy and a good lover as well.  the nite we were together. we made love all night long. his dick is beautifl about 5.2 in length and very gorgerous as well. he is truly a good lover.if i went on a scale of 1-10 i would give him an 11 in the lovemaking department. he’s  very good in bed and he’s  not a dead fuck like i’ve heard from  sources that tell me about Dana Strum(YUK GROSS)……………………………………………………………………yes i will admit that Dana Strum is a rude fucker especially towards Maark. i know i used to be around him and he’s not the nicest person to be around. Tim Kelly God Bless his soul. he was sa great man i know that.and yes its true that Mark almost fired Tim but that was becasuse Dana wanted him too. and, Mark and Tim were argurging is the only reason the subject came up. i know the facts. i’m telling the real dirt on all of Slaughter. but things on Mark are not true. he’s is one of th e sweetest guys and sensitive guys i’ve ever known and, when  we broke apart becsuse of Rebecca my heart was totally broken and will always be. 

signed Foxylady (FORMER GIRLFRIEND OF Mark Slaughter)

See what hanging out with Slaughter will do?  This poor girl can’t spell!  But thanxs for the email and the scoop.  I do appreciate the specific measurement of Mark’s cock.  

Somebody was asking about Stephen Pearcy’s wife, well here is the info:

Someone asked info on Stephen Pearcy………..yes, he got married to a woman named Melissa.  They have a daughter, Jewel.
Take care!


Hi Donna.  I read in Ho bag that someone wanted the name of Stephen Pearcy’s
wife.  It’s Melissa.  That’s the only thing I know about her. 

Jewel!  I didn’t know Jewel was Pearcy’s daughter.  She can sing a lot better than her dad, that’s for sure!

I know, it’s not the same Jewel, it’s only a joke.

Hey, Donna! I LOVE your site. First of all, I met Blas and Lexi and I have to say, Lexi is really sweet and DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. If Blas cheats on her, he is crazy. She is quite a catch for him. Second of all, whoever said Ted Poley is NOT a good lay is NUTS!!! He definitely knows what he is doing and is sized up just fine!!!

Why would anybody be surprised if Blas would cheat on anybody?  Has he ever been faithful?  No.  He’s a slut, bottom line.  Don’t be so naive, he’s got a Lexi in every town.  

you have got to be a hot number what size panties do you wear,,what color and are they wet alot

Who says I wear panties???  Now go jack off to your stack of Playboy’s.

Hi Donna
Do you have anything on Dave Marshall? If he has a lady? Is he good in the sack?Or just anything on him.

Girls have emailed me asking for info on Dave before, but I never get anything.  I guess nobody cares.

Hey donna
thanks for the very honest information! I was interested in glenn danzig and what kind of girls he likes? I ‘ve heard that he date’s porno star or what ever looks good.  I really jus
t want to meet him ! how do you get backstage passes? ex: groupie, family member, roadie, etc……. I  heard from a news group if you go to a local strip club near the venue he would be their maybe?  I just huge fan from winnipeg, manitoba!    How did you met mr.danzig?
please help me

When did I ever say I met Glenn?  I don’t think I did. Go read the past Ho-bags cause I have info on Glenn in those.  And I have no idea how to get passes for his shows or where he hangs out at.  He’s probably just like any other rocker.  Most of the time the same rules apply for everybody.

Here are 2 emails with updated info on Phil Varone.

Email #1

Not that I’ve seen it myself, since he’s ugly as  fuck, but a few years back I use to chat with Phil Varone through e-mails. He’d told  me that his penis is pierced. At that time, he’d never been deep throated before either,  I’m not sure if things have changed since then, becuase of the width of his cock.

Email #2

I can confirm the info on Phil Varone.  He is approximately 8+" and is very, very, thick.  He does love ass-play to be performed on him orally, but even more with dildo’s, vibrators…or even…CARROTS!!!  (no lie!!!) He doesn’t
even mind ass-play with another guy either because he is bi-sexual.  A couple of important things that this chic left out though which leads me to believe she is going on hear-say and not experience (like me) is that he has a huge ring (not one of those thin ones like most guys get), but a very thick silver ring going in through the opening of his cock and coming out just behind the ridge on the underside.  I think it’s called a Prince Albert piercing.  He always uses a condom which you can’t feel the piercing through.  And his load…OH MY GOD!!!  You’d think he brought a dump truck with him!!!  His load is as huge and as thick as his cock!  It goes everywhere.  The piercings made him like a sprinkler system.  Also, because of being like a sprinkler system, he would prefer to piss in a sink than a

I am totally not into the pierced cock thing.  That’s disgusting.  I’ll pass, thank you.

Hey Donna!!  First I’d like to say that I LOVE your site…I look foward to the updates!!  I was wondering if you have any info on Kenny Wayne Shephard, that hot 22 year old guitarist…I recently saw him in concert and I noticed he had a ring on his finger….Hmmmm?  And the singer to his band, Noah, is a hottie, too!!  Any info would be appreciated….Thanks!!  Jennifer

Sorry, I don’t have anything on Kenny.  If anybody does, send it in!

A while back somebody asked about Rammstein. It’s true, the lead singer is a major slut with a different woman every night. My experience is with the drummer, Schneider, who seems like a perfect gentleman with high moral values until you add alcohol. The study that claims the German cock is too small for the average condom obviously did not examine this guy.  He’s a good size, lasted a good amount of time for all the alcohol he consumed, and he sweet talked me in that horrible German language that produced plenty of laughter.

I’m not sure about the other four members, though from the looks of it the spasmatic keyboardist also appears
to be on the slutty side.

Being sweet talked in German sounds like a contradiction!

Hey Donna!
  You go girl!! I have to say, I am not a groupie (not my thing), but I do enjoy reading the Ho Bag & Dick Chart.  I got just one question… What about Ripper Owens ofJudas Priest? Any word if he’s *JUST* like Rob (ie: gay), or
what?  He is so hot… Anyone got the goods on this man??  By the way, I just wanna say you rule! (forever tha Diva of Sludge)… Keep rockin’!

Peace, Love & Metal Sludge forever
Riff Raff

Ripper is not gay.  I don’t think that’s a requirement to sing for Judas Priest.  I don’t have any info on Ripper, but if anybody does, send it in.

I know no one says anything about Taime Downe on here so let me be the first, I have a big mouth. I hooked
up with him recently and yes hes good in bed, he defenitley knows what hes doing and he loves giving.  i wanted to use a condom and he convinced me not to, he kept bitching and i gave in. He has a good sized belly, it kinda turned me off while i was watching him on top of me  but his oral skills made up for it! . He acts like hes on the rag one minute hes nice and cool and the other minute hes all distant and weird. He also snores while hes sleeping, not that loud though.  His place is ok not what i expected i thought it would be decorated cool. Overall he is nice and mannerly buthe seems like the type who talks behing your back.  okthats all i have to say

Taime’s been mentioned before, so he’s no virgin to the HO-Bag.  You are pretty fucking stupid to let him fuck you without a condom though.  That’s never cool.

Hey Donna-
The gal who wrote in about Jani being a "nice size" is way off!  I’m sure this is old news, but when I was with him way back when, I definitely remember his shlong being on the small side (5 inches or less).  He was a pretty lousy lay at that.  That is just my opinion though.  I was also with Jorge DeSaint a few times, and he too was a bit small in the package area, but, he gave decent oral.  Not the best lay, but not the worst either.  I have to say I love reading your page.  Though I only made the rounds with a few rock dudes, I love reading what other groupies past and present have to say about these egomaniacs!  I have been out of the groupie scene for quite some time, coming to the realization that the sex really wasn’t all that.  But, if other gals out there are getting their rocks off, more power to ’em, just be sure to use those condoms!  Keep up the good work Donna

Thanxs for the email!

Hi Donna,
           I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this site… As a product of the eighties, and a former groupie I am so glad to have found a forum such as this to keep the glory days alive. My days of spandex and Aqua-net(superhold,
of course) are long gone, but with the coming "farewell" tour upon us, I am feeling like taking it to the road one more time. I was not a Kiss fan in the eighties, it was a dark time for the boys back then. With all the pretty,
young, bands they could hardly compete for my affections, I was all about Motley Crue, Poison, etc…have some great stories, I’ll save those for another time. However, I was a HUGE Kiss fan in my formative years, 12 to 15,
in some ways they were the reason I was ever intrested in the groupie thing, it’s just a cryin’ shame I didn’t like them when I had the balls to go for it. So, here is my dilemma, do you think Gene is still into the groupies like
he used to be ? I would not have the first clue how to go about pursuing him, any ideas ? I lost contact with all former music biz friends, I have also heard that security for a Kiss show is akin to that at Fort Knox. I do know
that Doc McGhee is still the manager, I remember him from the Motley days, he had a partner named Tom, who was much nicer than he. Oh well, maybe I just need to keep my "You …God Of Thunder…Me Jane" fantasies exactly where they have been since I was 15. Thanks for the great stuff, I will drop another line with the 411 on some of my "prize" encounters very soon. Peace.

Gene will always be into Groupies.  He’s into money and groupies.  He’ll never change, it’s in his blood.

Hey Donna!

Just wanted to comment on Joe LeSte/Bang Tango.  I have been with Joe multiple times…… within the past year. (I just found out he was married about 3 months ago, so I stopped seeing him) He has the most beautiful penis!!! Absolutely perfect. Very large!!  Best of all he knows how to work it!!! He’s full of compliments, he’s also very easily aroused. He’s very accomodating & VERY sweet. We hang out & cuddle & laugh like crazy after the deed is done. HE’S SUPER SEXY WHILE EJACULATING!!!

It’s just a bummer that he’s so-o cool……but cheats on his wife of only 1 year.

Thanxs for the email!

For March 10, 2000

Well let’s start with Blas Elias of Slaughter
Engaged—–HELL NO! He still does talk to Denise and is currently in LA filming a movie…He is dating some girl named Lexi but not seriously at all. He even asked another one of his ex’s to come out to visit him in Dec. but got
MIKE NASH-is who that girl was talking about his is 25 and from Ohio and is Blando’s tech. Blando and Mike were both out filling in with Saigon but will not go out on the east coast. Mike is also like Blas and is willing to occupy any girls time. Mike unlike Blas is good in bed (from what I hear) I know from experience that yes Blas sucks in bed!!! And Yes Jorge De Saint from Tuff is a horrible lay….no oral…no for play….and not even 5 minutes!!!! But about Blando being a whore???? I really haven’t seen him with many woman at all. Especially compared to Dana or Blas… I’ve seen him with girls here and there but Mike Nash may get more play then Blando…… Phil from Saigon Kick will screw ANYONE!!!! But lasts a LONG time!!!

Why is it of all the roadies in rock the only roadies I ever get stuff on are from the Slaughter camp?  He sounds like Mini Blas or something.  Well for those of you wondering about Blas and Lexi, there’s some more info on that.  

Hey Donna–
One question regarding your answer to my question on "faithful" rock stars.  You say Mark Slaughter’s wife has his "by the balls." What do you mean, exactly? Is it that she’s abusive, or that she simply wants to make sure that
their relationship is totally one on one, so she’s no ignorant chick.

The reason I ask is this: As a music journalist who’s toured with numerous metal bands, I’ve seen cheating at its worst. The wives/girlfriends of these band members probably are so insecure about themselves since they must sense that their guys have "something else cookin’" (my belief is that women KNOW–whether they admit it to themselves or others is a whole other story), so that can very well be why they act bitchy around other females, and don’t f*ck around when it comes to being their man’s woman (maybe that’s what your "by the balls" thing meant?). Yes, I know that it is certainly the choice of the female to stick around, but if that IS their choice, it is understandable that they would get a little freaky every now and again. What are your thoughts?

What I meant was that Mark is extremely pussy whipped.  That’s all.  

I think a lot of these girls are naive and live in denial. But if they are going to date a musician, it comes with the territory.  Next month Metal Sludge might have an interview with an ex-wife of a "rock star" so we’ll see what she has to say about this.  

I’d just like to thank you for all your work!  No one should take this shit too seriously, but I don’t joke when I say you’re providing a genuine public service.  And as for people complaining that you’re "screwing with people’s lives," well, if these Rock Stars weren’t screwing around on their wives with women whose names they don’t know, they wouldn’t have anything to be embarrassed about.  Fuck the archaic tradition of the "other woman (women)" keeping her mouth shut.  SILENCE SUCKS!



Thanxs Jennifer, it’s good to be appreciated!  Since my site has popped up, a few other sites have popped up like Groupie Central and now these groupie activities are a lot more out in the open.  If a "rockstar" is going to cheat on his wife/girlfriend, he should realize that it could appear on the internet within hours.  Donna’s Domain has struck fear into some of these guys!!  My girls are everywhere, so beware
guys!  Hell the next girl you have on your bus could be me!

Dear Donna,

I can’t stand it anymore, I have to join in the fun!  I’ve been reading and LOVING the Ho-Bag for a long time, but I’ve been holding out on my fellow ho’s.  I, too, was a very busy girl back in the day!  I feel it’s my duty to report my findings. 

First of all, I don’t remember Bret Michaels being as big as some of the reports, but this was 1988, so maybe my memory is a little fuzzy or he had it augmented?!  I DO remember that he insisted on keeping his red cowboy hat on!  
Jani Lane, though, is much bigger than the reports.  He was a very nice size and was rougher than I’d expected, since he was so sweet!  He called the back of their bus the "Elvis Lounge," and I gotta say, he made my trip worthwhile.  He’s the type that kisses your forehead after.  (aaaw!)  
Billy Idol, he was pretty cool– he actually growls during sex!  He’s no Leviathan, but he definitely knows what to do with the 6" he has.  He likes you to put on a show for him, and make sure you leave your stilettos on! He’s the type that will feed you strawberries from the nightstand. (This was right after his motorcycle accident– don’t look at his knee!  Eeeew!)  
Sebastian Bach was one of the sexiest lovers ever.  (back in 91) It took me a long time to get over! him!  He was just what I expected; fast, slow, upside down, right side up, sideways, etc. And he sure gets serious for such a silly guy!  He’s a lot of fun before and after, too, very funny and crazy.  He’ll give you a piggy-back ride all through the hotel singing opera down the halls if you’re not careful!  (He wasn’t a whopper, though, I found him to be slightly above average in size.)  Loved him though!  I know this sounds bad, but I had the chance to be with Rachel, too, (different year though) and he was most definitely not a "bad lay" as one ho said!  He was a fun one, too, not nearly as serious as he always seems.  Rachel was around average but he fucks like he’s 10"!  Almost broke both my arms!  
The best of all, though, has to be Joe LeSte’.  Have you guys seen him in the past few years?!  I never thought he was all that back in the day, but now– with his short spikey hair, damn he’s finer than a motherfucker!  He ooooozes sex appeal.  I just wanted to abduct him.  He is very generous with sexy compliments and will treat you like an angel.   He was the perfect size, too.  Joe’s very intense and sensual, and definitely has some SKILLS.  Very very sexy.  You’ll dream about him forever!  
And girls, I have to defend Keri Kelli.  I don’t want to get him in any trouble, but don’t believe the hype! 

Thanxs for the email!  That’s some good stuff.  You must have hooked up with Sebitchian after he showered, cause everything I’ve ever heard is that soap and water are not his friend.  And I can believe Bret keeping his hat on.  He probably showers with a hat or bandana on!

hey donna,
just read your mailbag and came across that letter responding to the story about Paul Geary.  Obviously the second person who wrote in is a friend or aquintance of he or his girl.  Because everyone who knows him or his ex-wife can verify that the first letter that was sent you was right on the money, well maybe except for Laurie’s name.  If Paul and Laurie are such "good friends" then why did she move to another state to get away from him?  Maybe the person who wrote the second letter to you should get their fuckin facts straight before they shoot of their mouth.

I know nothing about this situation, so I can’t say.  I’ll take your word though.

Hey minky,
   When do I get to see more of you?

When you send a $10,000 money order payable to cash to our PO Box.  Please address your envelope to Donna Anderson cause I don’t want the guys to take my money.  Thanxs.

Does Stephen Pearcy have a wife or girlfriend?  Do have any info on her
(name, etc)?


Stephen does have a wife, but I forgot her name.  Anybody help me out?

Hi Donna

Can you give me any information on Chuck Garraic?  I can’t find anything on your site but other sites have suggested he’s no longer with L.A. Guns.


Chuck hasn’t been in LA Guns since they ended the Poison tour.  LA Guns reformed and Chuck and Jizzy got the boot.  I think Chuck is playing with….Dio?  I’m not sure.  Try posting on the Gossip Board or go to L.A. Guns official site and post on their board.

Since Metal Sludge is an anti-Gerri Miller site (or at least at one time), how about getting some dirt on her? If you know about Bobbie Brown’s history, then maybe you or somebody else has got some stuff on Gerri!

Also, got anything on the elusive Vanilla Ice? Besides Madonna and Jani’s wife?

D.D. T Deville

That’s the most disgusting request I’ve ever gotten.  I have to go throw up now.  Fuck you for asking such a horrible thing.

Hey girl,


I was just reading your penis chart and laughing my ass off.




I have to set the record straight on Zim Zum/ex-Marilyn Manson. It is my pleasure to tell you that boy’s penis is small and like alot of others mentioned – the dick was limp, limp, limp due to excessive drug use. In his defense, he was very nice and acted like we were good friends. Then the sex part came up or didn’t come up I guess is more like it. We ended up watching a movie and going to sleep. He didn’t kick me out and had me walk him down to the bus in the morning after letting
me take a shower. Even kissed me before getting on the bus – – but there was no lovin’ to be had.

Thanks for the email on Zim Zum’s limp bizkit.

For March 3, 2000

Hey Donna my name is Matt Mariani, I work for Universal Music in Mpls, I do Artist Development for MCA Records. I told a friend of mine, Nick Davis, who hosts 93X’s (Mpls radio station) Metal Shop about how killer the Metal Sludge site is and that they need to post a link on their web site and sure enough….. Any way keep up the killer articles and interveiws and you guys need to quit dissing my boy Tommy Lee. He is happier right now than he’s been in a long time and God forbid if he’s trying do something diffrent from what he’s been doing for the past 15 years. Stay sexy and Respect The Rock. If you ever get to Mpls give me a call.


Matt Mariani

Thanks for the email!  Since you work for MCA, send us some free CDs!  I’m glad everyone digs the page, thanks for the support!

Hi I use to love reading the groupie stories but have not had the time for a while.  Someone directed me to your website and said I could find the Groupie Stories web page or link.  Has it changed because I could not see the same thing as before?  Thanks.

Groupie Stories no longer exists, but Groupie Central is still alive, and the link to that site is  Be sure to check out the message board for some great stories!

Hey Donna!!!
My name is Bill and i’ve been involved with the wrestling scene for many years now and can tell you many juicy stories involving wrestlers & groupies!!! Well for one, i’ve been romantically involved with a few of these RATS as they are called in the wrestling scene, and let me tell you something……..these chicks have absolutely NO MORALS OR CLASS whatsoever!!!!!  White trash personified I guess you could say. And some of them
think their shit don’t stink!!!!! I can tell you the sleaziest, ugliest rats belong to ECW.  Total heffers and slobs!!!!! The rats used to look so much better years ago!!!! If only they would take a page outta yer book girl!!!!! If you could see what goes on at the hotel after one of these events, you would be in absolute TEARS!!!! These bimbos (and I use that term very loosely) actually think that these guys care about them and want to spend the rest of their lives with them!!! IT IS TRULY PATHETIC!!!! It honestly makes me sick to my fucking stomach!!!! I had entertained the thought of becoming a wrestler on several occasions and am kind of glad I didn’t make the jump into that world or else I may have contracted some type of STD, which by the way I thought I may have on more than one occasion, but thankfully it was nothing!!!
On one occasion it was out of sheer paranoia because the rat I started banging had really been around. And I mean AROUND!!!!!  I couldn’t help it at the time because I was young, dumb, and full of CUM!!!!! Plus the fact this rat looked pretty good at the time and had big tits. Hey, she made the first move on me what can I say!!!!! She
was a wee 15 I believe at the time I started with her and I was like 21 so no biggie there, never mind the fact she was banging guys who were 30 & 40 back then also. Now let’s get down to the cold, hard facts!!!!! Any ladies out there who are thinking of fucking any of these guys…….take it from me…….DON’T!!!!!! I can’t understand any of these chicks who go around fucking rock stars either, but hey that’s just me. You wanna fuck some dude just because he’s famous or has a name because you think you’re gonna get some-thing out of it!?!?!?!? GET A LIFE!!!!! Go take up a hobby or something, or find something more constructive to do with your lives. I have no sympathy for any of these groupies that get mistreated by these guys!!! They’re asking for it!!! As far as penis size goes, i’ve heard that The Ultimate Warrior is hung like a mule. I have a picture with this dude, and I am
certainly not gay or anything, but the bulge in this dude’s jeans is pretty obvious. I heard the fuckin’ thing
hangs down to the guys knees for chrissakes, and I have that on VERY good authority!  Too Cold Scorpio is another hanger, The late, great Brian Pillman was unfortuately hung like a baby from what I gather. Ric
Flair is HUGE. Some guys who you wouldn’t think of, are actually good in the sack, whereas the ones you would think of being real studs in the sack are in actuality DUDS!!!!! A good female friend of mine told me that Jim Cornette was actually great in the sack and could go all night, whereas somebody like Lex Luger couldn’t even get it up wth this chick I knew a long time ago. I think Lex even apologized to the young rat. WHAT A
GENTLEMAN!!!!! There’s also a surprising amount of gay activity going on in the world of pro wrestling. I guess
they don’t consider it cheating on their wives. STRANGE WORLD!??!?! I’ve heard lots of rumors of some of he guys being bi-sexual, but don’t want to mention any names unless I see it for myself, which I doubt I will. I can tell you that several of these guys have contracted STD’S over the years. Some of the biggest names.
Herpes mainly, but i’ve heard of one case of gonnorhea involving a deceased wrestler. He wrestled in the WWF at
one time, and used a strongman type gimmick.  Some of these guys get so wasted and ripped, I wonder how they even get it up at all??? As far as great stories, well where do I start??? I can tell you two quick ones right now. One involved a former 4 Horsemen member, who used to like doing coke, and was fucking this rat in the ass one night, and supposedly as the story goes the rat let loose and took a CRA…….. well you get the ugly picture on this guy’s prick. The guy has since become involved in religion. Gee, I wonder why??? The other story is a classic. It involves a former WWF IC champ who’s prime was around ’88-’91.  This guy had these two chicks in his room,
one of whom I got to know pretty well over the years, but she never really appealed to me all that much. Anyway,
the two rats start going down on each other putting on a FREE lesbo show for him to see. Well, after it was all said and done, this guy then proceeded to toss these two rats out of his room, and said something to the effect of: I got my show now GET OUT!!!!!  HAHAHAHA LMAO!!! That is a very well known story around the wrestling community here on the East Coast. Another story involved the same guy with another wrestler and a rat with a coke bottle. You get the picture!!! The other wrestler also used to work for the WWF and was part of a once great tag team.  I have more, but I don’t wanna take up your whole day Donna!!!! I’ll email you back with more info some other time.

Take Care,
Long Time Wrestling Fan

Holy shit, that was long!  I use to watch wrestling back in the 80s and early 90
s, but moved on after a while.  I started checking in on it again though.  The guys here enjoyed your email though!  They knew all the names of the people you dropped hints about.  People have asked me to start up a penis chart for wrestlers.  Who knows, maybe??

Hi Donna!  I love your site.  Much MAD LUV to you. Thanks for having the "super balls" to tell things the way the really are! 

Alot of people have been asking about the guys in Aerosmith, and now that the tour is over, I thought I might as well spill the beans.

I don’t really know a whole lot about Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford. I have never seen them with women other than their wives.  I have read in several places that Brad cheated on his first wife with his current wife.  So who knows?
Brad has always been nice to me, and Joey has always acted indifferent.

As for Tom Hamilton…. well, much to the chagrin of naive fans, he definetly participates in groupie activities!!!  He tends to like brunettes (his wife is one!) and is VERY flirty and articulate.  His is very discreet about his encounters.  His cock is about 8 inches (using the Donna approved hand measuring technique) and is average in thickness.  He is very good orally as well.  He likes foreplay and insists on using a condom (safety first!).  He is also very nice to you the next morning.  If you are attractive and intellegent, he will hang out with you and possibly look you up the next time he is in the area.  Vey nice and gentlemanly.

As for Steven, well he is just Steven!  Lots of fun to be around and likes giving oral!  Still into the groupies, but tends to like blonde, stripper types and ocassionally buxom red-heads.  Always great fun, and once he gets to know you or recignize you, he will make sure he waves or speaks at the shows. 

Sorry to disappoint everyone, but Joe "Mr. Style" Perry is not available.  He is usually pretty shy at first, but nice and funny after he has been around you for awhile.  Billie has him on a pretty short leash. He truly is a family man and talks about his kids alot.  Cool to be around, but don’t expect anything to happen.  I have heard stories that this is the way things were with his 1st wife Elyssa.

Hope this information is of use.

Great info, thanks!  It’s good when I get emails with plenty of in-depth info.  I’ve never heard much of Joe at all, so he does seem to behave.

Hi Donna—
As a music journalist, I’ve come to realize that just when you thought you’ve figured out who the ONE rock star who DOESN’T cheat is, you’re dead wrong. Do you know, as fact, any rock stars who never cheat? I’ve been in the rock biz for about 10 years, and can’t seem to be able to name ANY. It’s really no wonder that women who make the choice to be with a rock star sometimes turn psycho; they just live a lie, or live in denial. 

Rock stars who never cheat?? That’s an oxymoron. One rock star who has never cheated EVER is Jani Lane.  He was always faithful to Bobbie or Rowanne.

HA HA HA, lol, just kidding guys!

Seriously, I’ve heard the Lit guys are totally faithful to their wives/girlfriends.  Mark Slaughter might have cheated on his chick in the past, but he’s pretty faithful now because she currently has his balls on her dresser in a little jar.  Nikki Sixx is faithful to Donna D’Errico, but he might have messed around on Brandi.  As far as finding a rock star who has NEVER EVER cheated, there might be a few, but they are liking finding a needle in a haystack.  If anybody has any names of people they think might have been 100% faithful, let me know and I’ll let you all know what names I get.    

Dear Donna,

After reading the recent interview with Mr. Donna D’Errico, which nearly put me in a coma, I can’t help but think that maybe the rewind should have been with Mrs. Nikki Sixx instead! She’s got more balls than her old man, that’s for damn sure! Now it was no suprise to me. I had heard that about her. Donna is no shrinking violet! Word from the Baywatch set was that Donna was always throwing fits when the other babes got more press. And it’s
a known fact, Nikki’s got a thing for the bitches!

Which brings me to my question. What is Donna’s beef with Pam Anderson? Could Donna be a little jealous of Pam’s fame? I have never been a fan of Pam but marring Tommy Lee only helped her career. Yet, the same cannot be said for Donna. I’m not saying Donna didn’t marry for love, though it seemed she was following in Pam’s direction. And just maybe she was. But then I can’t help but wonder if Pam would have even looked at Tommy twice if he hadn’t been married to Heather Locklear! As stupid as it may be, it just makes alot of sense! LOL to Heather Locklear for making the men of Motley Crue so desirable!

Since we just interviewed Donna in December, I don’t think it’s quite time for her Rewind yet.  Come back next December for that.  Is Donna jealous of Pam?  I don’t know, but I’d say Donna has a better family life than Pamela.  Maybe Donna realizes how fake Pam is.  I saw Pamela on Jay Leno a few night ago and she totally has implants, yet she insists she’s all natural.  Those are as fake as her extensions.  Pamela also told Howard Stern that her pussy was really blond, even though anybody who has seen her first Playboy layout knows otherwise.  She also said she never ever smoked pot yet on their porno tape she’s rolling a joint, and doing it rather well.  She’ll say whatever she thinks she should say, regardless of if it’s true or not.  And how did marrying Tommy help Pam’s career?  It’s not like Tommy is Tom Cruise or some other famous movie star that could get her movie rolls.  Pam had a good career before Tommy.  She’s no Courtney Love.  If Pamela wanted to marrying somebody who could help her career, she would have married Bret Michaels and been in "A Letter From Death Row!"  Just kidding.  But some would even say marrying Tommy hurt her career.  Pammy might not be that honest, but she isn’t going to marry Tommy Lee because he was with Heather Locklear.   He’s Tommy fucking Lee and he has a huge cock.  That’s why she married him.  

Don’t get me wrong, I think Pamela is a great looking girl (though I think she’ll age as good as Farrah Fawcett did) and she wears some killer clothes, it’s just that she’s too full of shit most of the time.

Donna- Just had to write you to set the record straight on Paul Geary (ex-Extreme, current manager of Godsmack). The person that gave you the latest info on him is intellectually challenged! His ex-wife’s name for starters was Lauri
e, not Lauren. He was never cheating- it was an old girl-friend that was drunk that called. The misunderstanding was later resolved and they remain friends to this day. He would still do anything for her.As for the current girlfriend I’ve met her a few times and compliments him, in his words " better than anyone". Also she’s very tiny by nature not anorexia, and is 28 not 18. (Though I’m sure she appreciates it) I just recently found your site Donna and it’s great. Keep up the good work. I’m sure it can be difficult sifting through the fiction to get to the real facts sometimes. 

Right!  I get a lot of stuff, so if any of you see stuff that is totally out of line, let me know.  Sometimes I won’t post stuff that looks totally malicious, like somebody who says, "So and so has HIV and here’s their address and phone number."  If it appears somebody is really out to get somebody, sometimes I won’t use it, but it depends on what I know about who they are talking about.  But sometimes shit happens and stuff gets through.  Thanks for the email and clearing that up.

I recently saw the 20 questions with Jesse Harte and thought I’d share some dirt.  I was with him back in the day.  His penis is on the small side.  He’s very selfish and wants it his way.  When he’s done, he’s done.  He’s does agree to do oral skills but is just average.  He always thinks with his cock and he was the slut of the band.

He was constantly drunk and would sleep with anything.  He had no morals nor was he selective.

Hope you enjoy the dirt.

Sounds like you just described Warrant!

Hey Donna! 
I was wondering if you, or any of your readers, can tell me where Brett Bradshaw from Faster Pussycat is these days?  He was sooo hot!  Any info. would be greatly appreciated – I’d like to hunt that boy down!!!
P.S.  You guys rock!!

I think the last time I heard he was doing shit with Marq Torien, but that was years ago.  I’m not sure, anybody wanna fill me in?

Here’s two more that I need info on.

Hi Donna,
I was wondering if you had anything on Dave Marshall? If has a girl friend or anything you can tell me.


                                                                   THANKS ALOT

Anybody got the 411 on these boys?

Hello Donna,


Just got a mail from a friend with a link to your site a couple of days ago…and I must say IT ROCKS TOTALY!!!. I had lots of fun reading the things about Seb Bach. It is really really great how you try to get this dude back on earth. Some years ago I saw him in Germany open up for G’nR and must say..he kicked ass to the max but the Skids will survive wihout him


Enough about him. Aint it time for a 20 questions with DLR. We (the rock fans in Europe and no that is not a country but a continent) are really in for a good one!


I will visit this site frequently and hope you will respond to this mail.




Cool, thanks for the email!

Here is a follow up about an email asking for Rich Robinson info.  The original email is on the left and the answer is on the right.

Hi Donna!  GREAT SITE!!!  I have a question for you:  I have always been a fan of Roch Robinson of The Black Crowes.  However, he is THE HARDEST person to dig up dirt on.  I know, I’VE TRIED!  He plays the part of the "quiet brother" oh so well!  Therefore, I was wondering if you or ANYONE out there knows anything about "Young" Rich Robinson!   All I know is that he married Emma Snowball a few years back.  I don’t even know if they are still wed or what!  Any info would brighten my day tremendously!  

Keep on talkin’ that trash,



Hey Donna,
  This is in response to the girl who inquired about Rich from The Black Crowes…he’s still married to Emma ~ they were wed on October 30, 1993 & they have one son together named Taylor ~ I think he’s about 4 or 5…They used to call Rich "The Snake" as he was always hangin out with "groupies" after the shows apparently ~ before he met Emma ~ this according to Chris…I never thought of TBC as a "groupie band" or Rich of all people…but I’ve heard he’s a 3-minute-man…if that helps any :)

Now you know!

Here’s another followup email.  This time on the question about Tori Amos.

Hey Donna,

    I was wondering if there are also a lot of good stories of female rockers and their male/female groupies?? I enjoy reading your articles, they are pretty funny!! Keep up the good work!!
    I also wanted to know if there’s anything on Tori Amos being a groupie turned star? She semi-admitted it in an interview when she moved to LA and did
the "Y Kant Tori Read" thing in the late 80’s. Thanks!!




Hi Donna!

       Here’s some info on Tori Amos. She was a "rock chick" back in the 80s, during the time she was in Y Kant Tori Read (other members included ex-Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum). I don’t know about Tori being a groupie, even though Robert Plant asked her to marry him. She dated her long time producer Eric Rosse before they split. Tori was rumored to of been with Trent Reznor (she admits that she cooked him a chicken dinner in the Tate Mansion). She is married now to her producer Mark Hawley and they live in
England. Tori is being comparied with Axl Rose…you can see that website at:

For February 26, 2000

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails about stuff I’ve already covered.  If you are new to the page, go through the old Ho-Bags or check out the Penis Chart before you email me about someone.  Also try using our Search Engine.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, then email me.  That way I don’t have to keep answering the same questions over and over again.  If you are too lazy to look through the old stuff, I’m too lazy to answer the question.  Thanks.

Hi Donna,

I know there are a few people who would like some new info on Nikki Sixx, but unfortunately he’s been such a good boy lately, I doubt there is any. But I remember back in 87′ I was at a Motley Crue concert and I was
lucky enough to see Vanity up close! And she was absolutely gorgeous!  (Heather Locklear was there as well) Vanity was so sweet and was signing autographs for everyone. And I thought how lucky Nikki was to be engaged to her. But the next thing I know, Nikki was marrying somebody else! So, I was just wondering if you know what the hell happened with them.

Also, if you guys get another chance to interview Nikki again, please remember to ask him about his lip print tattoo. It’s a tattoo only a few lucky girls got to see! Of course, not as lucky as the girl who put it

I remember reading somewhere that Nikki said she turned into a psycho or something.  

I read this old interview where Nikki Sixx himself admitted that he had been bangin? Brandi?s MOM before he met Brandi. YEEEEEW! Now I?m wondering if anyone knows who this woman is. Name, AGE (yuk!) and looks. She?s some ex-musician herself apparently.
I wonder what his kids?ll say when they find out daddy boned grandma.

Brandi’s mom is Brie Howard, who was a drummer on the L.A rock scene.  Brie recorded with a variety of people including Ringo Star, ELO, Bruce Willis, The Pointer Sisters, and even Stuart Smith on a project!  Stuart has a picture of Brie on his site which can be found at  From the looks of that picture, she doesn’t look like no typical Grandma. Brandi has said that some of her earliest memories are going to see Alice Cooper when she was two. Brie also appeared in some movies as well. It’s not like Nikki was banging some old lady.  Brandy is 31 now, so I don’t know how Brie is, but I’d guess in her 50s, so when Nikki was banging her she was probably in her mid to late 30s.

Queen Donna,

I’ve recently been reading the gossip going on between the ladies at Groupie Central, concerning the Women of Motley Crue.  And I came across a rumer I never heard before. That Nikki’s ex-wife Brandi was unfaithful to
him, and that she was banging Tracii Guns, of all people! And in the recent interview you guys had with him he says "Sixx doesn’t even like me".

So, could there be any truth to this?  I’m asking you, because I’ll believe no other! I just find it hard to believe that even a dumb ho like Brandi Brandt would be stupid enough to cheat on Nikki Sixx!

NIKKI IS A GOD! And she’s just a fool!

That is probably true.  Brandi also banged Taime Downe, so it appears she has a thing for dark haired guys.  

Hi Donna ! I found out about you from Groupie Central ( I’ve made a few posts there ). I recenly ran into a girlfriend of mine from high school and it turned out we had both been invoved with some pretty well-known
rockers. I’m an old hippie ( a clip of me can be seen in the opening credits of "The Hppie Temptation.". I’m the blonde with the flowers painted on her face. During the late 60s until 71 I had an  on and off affair with Jimmy Page ( back when he was drop dead gorcrous and didn’t look like the after portrait of Dorian Gray. I have LOTS of stories about him. Was friends with Jim Morrison ( had him once, he was drunk and it was over in less than a minute ). Was friends with Jimi Hendrix but I wasn’t attracted to him and when I said no he was a gentleman. He
wrote the song "Angel" for me and that is what I was known as by both Hendrix and Page. Pagey was excellent in bed, very emotional,very oral,great kisser ( well-endowed, about 9 or so ).  But he would stalk me and forced me when I broke up with him ( twice ). Once he ripped the wing sleeve of the "angel" blouse I was wearing, the true meaning of the term " angel with a broken wing." Although I’ve heard he has been violent and kinky with others when we were in solid he was very gentle and never tried to get what I didn’t want to give. I was a "straight
lay" but I was known as the best  back then. I didn’t go after stars. I went after the most gorcrous long-haired men I could find. But a few turned out to be stars. My friend "L" from high school  had an affair with Alice Cooper. She had a 3-way with John Lennon. She said he liked to watch and mastubate when she did it with the other guy. She says Joan Baez was interested and had scuzzy teeth ( and didn’t score though Angela Bowie did ). My friend Angie, whom I met at the Rainbow in 80 has been with Blackie Lawless ( she joked about his dungeon )She’s also been with Bruce and Steve in Maiden ( she said they were good lovers ), Ronnie Dio and Peter Steele ( whom she saysis 13 inches and "hurts" because he’s so big She also said he IS a vampire ). I know you can’t post some of what I wrote about Jimmy Page but it’d be interesting to hear any stories other ladies ( or gentlemen, there have been more than a few rumours over the years ) have about him ( Yes, I’ve read a few of the tidbits at GC ). Oh, Jimmy has been real cozy withthe Black Crowes.  Anyone hav any road tales there? Jimmy’s got a young mistress ( that we know about ) whom he’s fathered a cople of kids on but no one know if they’re married or not. Jimmy evidently is still going after the young ones..  H
ippie Cid  PS Love your Domain! It rocks girlfriend!!!!PS again
Bebe Buell was also with Jimmy Page ( but then we ALL were back then and he was considered to be the best back then )

Now that’s some old school stuff!  Thanks for the info.



Evan emailed me a month ago and we sent him out 20 Questions but haven’t heard back from him.  I don’t know much about him, but I do know he hasn’t sent back his questions yet.

Donna, LOVE this page!!! First time I read it, I was pissing my pants from laughing so hard. Metal needs more of this type of down and dirty attitude and less of "Oh, this band is so great" bullshit that you always see elsewhere.

A correction: I don’t know where you heard that Don Dokken is married, because he never has been. And if you know him at all personally, you’ll understand why! :-)
George, on the other hand, has been married at least twice.

Rock on!!

I know of somebody who met Don recently and he introduced a chick he was with as his wife.  That’s all I know about that though.

Hi Donna.  I heard that Mike Tramp slept with a lot of women back in the day.  If this is true how come there are no stories of him?   Do you have any info on him?  Is he married?  Any kids?  I’ve heard that he’s an asshole to
everyone, but no examples of this has been given.  I’m going crazy trying to find out anything. Please help!  If you don’t know nobody will!  Thanks.  I love your page girlfriend!

I heard he was a dick and he loses his voice rather easily when he sings.  I’m sure he probably bang lots of chicks back in the day but I don’t know any stories.  He’s slightly above average in size.


Erik Turner:  Married, sends email viruses, supposedly faithful but might wanna watch if you hook up with another member of Warrant.
Mike Tramp:  No clue.  Rumored to be a dick.
Rikki Rockett:  Emails Metal Sludge often, says he’s not gay, is a drummer, has about an 8 inch cock and is a gentlemen.  Read the Penis Chart or past Ho-Bags for info on Rikki.

WHY wasnt Keri Kelli added to the dick chart after those rousing letters about his performance back in Ho Bag 2?

Cmon Donna, fair is fair. Keris getting roasted on the message board so might as well add him to the dick chart too!

I forgot about him.  Consider him added!

I am gay and proud of it

Someone in a gay chat room I go to said that David Lee Roth is gay? Do you know if this is true? And that someone in the band Union and Alice In Chains is too, but that they are heroin users, yuck! My little sister wants to know if this is true.
And so do I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Especially about Mr. Roth. He is such a hottie.
Love Ram Rod

There have be "Dave is gay" rumors for years.  I’ve answered this question in previous Ho-Bags so you didn’t do your homework and I shouldn’t even answer you.  I don’t know if he’s gay or not.  I’ve never seen him suck a dick, if that’s what you are asking.  And I’ve never heard of anybody in Union being gay.  

Do you have any info on James Hetfield from Metallica?  Found a few things about Kurt and Lars but nothing about James!


Never heard much about James.  I think he’s faithful to his wife and isn’t into the groupie shit, but what do I know?  I have no stories to share, for now.

My Sex Goddess Donna-

Since Keri Kelli and Mike Fasano are now working with Warrant, I need to know what they’ll be bringing to the band.  Any girls got the goods on these two?

Well Mike Fasano will be bringing a 20 pound nut sack to the band, or at least that’s the rumor I heard.  Supposedly he has a huge ball bag that can even hold things, so ask him about his nuts.  As for Keri Kelli, read Ho-Bag 2 or the Penis Chart.

For February 2, 2000

Here’s a recent email I received from Poison’s Rikki Rockett!

Hi Donna,
When Poison tours this year will you come out to a show, wear somethin’  really roaring 20’s-ish and slow dance with me to a cheesy Hawaiian song on a getto blaster? We can sip coconut milk ’till the sun comes up and watch MASH re-runs on basic cable!
All I ask is this one night to romance you. Who knows, heck, maybe we can catch a quick Bingo game before the show locally and high five when we win the flatware! I’m confident we can win together. Together… Ahh, it sounds
so right. I’ll even pul out the ‘ol bottle of "High Karate" cologne if all that doesn’t get ‘cha.

See ya Pussycat,
    Rikki Rockett (Your man of the future)

I’m sorry Rikki…basic cable?  No satellite dish?  Most tour buses now a days have full satellite feeds.  They even have those little TV’s in the bunks.  Not that I’ve ever been on a tour bus, but uh, that’s what I heard…

I’ll have to admit the invitation sounds tempting, but I’m allergic to coconut milk, so I’m going to have to pass.  Even
though the "High Karate" almost wooed my heart, I just can’t.  Sorry, I’m a prude.  But I will keep you in mind if I decide to play Bingo!
  But a little creativity and romance like Rikki expressed will go a long way!  Maybe we should have Rikki come up with some interview questions to ask people because he came up with some whacky stuff in that email.  That’s cool though, at least he can hang, and from what I’ve heard, Rikki has quite a bit hanging, but that’s another story.

In the last Ho-Bag, somebody asked, "In the liner notes of Poison’s Greatest Hits, Bret mentions that one of the songs was about a girlfriend of his who he discovered was having an affair with a "then-famous" rock star. Who was this star? I asked around and got the name Jon Bon Jovi. Can you confirm or deny this?"  Well I got a few emails on this subject and here they are.


Hi Donna (You Rock!),
I just saw the entry on where the song "Every Rose Has It’s Thorn" was inspired and have read an article that Bret Michaels  said that the song "Every Rose Has It’s Thorn" was inspired when Bret & Poison was on tour with Quiet Riot at one point he walked into a hotel room and the drummer from QR was banging his girlfriend because he elaborated and said that he had a "knack" for sending his girlfriends into the arms of drummers of other bands (Susie Hatton left him for her drummer on her album & this gf banging the Quiet Riot drummer..ect) So that’s where it came from. 


I just wanted to answer the question somebody wrote in regarding who was the subjuct of Poison’s song "Every Rose Has It’s Thorn".  I have read a couple of interviews of Bret Michaels where he never states who the girl was, but the rock star he caught her with was Carlos Cavazo of Quiet Riot when they toured together in WI.
Thanks… Dark Angel

Well we got 2 different names but at least we know the band now.  Carlos Cavazo is the guitarist for Quiet Riot, and the drummer for Quiet Riot is Frankie Banali.  So we now it’s about Quiet Riot, but which guy is it?

Do you happen to have any info on Dexter Holland of Offspring? He’s just the most delicious looking treat I’ve seen in a very long time! Thanks!!


I believe Dexter is married and has some kids as well.  He also is a pilot and can fly his own plane.  That’s all I know.

My Dearest Den Mother of Sexual Sludge~
    I know the subject is "limp" now, but a while back there was some hoopla about the picture of Fred Durst in all his *ahem* glory.  Someone had asked you if it was supposed to be from the MOM "Naked" video, because he was obviously not naked in it.  You replied that it wasn’t, and you didn’t know where it came from.  Well, I wanted to say that my friend and I were the ones who sent it to you.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember specifically what site I found it at.  But in my search, I found another copy of it, so here’s the link if you need it again for some strange reason.  Ok, it’s just to justify myself. Apparently it’s making its rounds, since I found it at a different page.
   So anyway, that was the first part of why I wrote.  The second reason was because your site got a plug on the radio station I listen to.   WXWX 107.5 "The Foxx" in NE Wisconsin (reciprocal plug, so there).  I was only half listening, but the DJ mentioned something about the guys from Godsmack being listed on this website that had a Penis Chart, so of course my ears perked up.  (What do you know, they’re playing Godsmack as I write this!)  So, he went on to extol the virtues of [your lovely section] of the site, and even went so far as to say the address twice!  I was very impressed that my humble neck of the woods was giving Ye Olde Sludge an on-air plug, so I called the DJ up, AJ I think it was, and asked him if he’d ever seen the rest of the site.  He hadn’t really, but promised to try and check it out sometime. Unfortunately, I don’t believe they have a website, or else I would have advised you and yours to hit them up, because there is an upcoming Sebastian Bach concert, and I believe they are promoting it.  Maybe they would have been willing to sling some Sludge his way, but who knows.
    Anyway, keep up the good work, you silly little whore!  I look forward to the Ho-Bag with quivering anticipation. 

If anybody else hears Donna’s Domain or Metal Sludge get mentioned, be sure to let us know.  Thanks for the email!

For January 27, 2000

In the last mailbag, I received the email below that wasn’t very kind to Ted Poley.  

i noticed that you dont have ted poley on your list…please add him and warn other groupie girls not to waste their time. well…then again, im sure everyone has a few seconds to spare…so i guess if you are really bored, then you might as well give it a shot. and as for size….umm…i guess everyone should take out a microscope and measure if themselves. they say that size doesnt matter…but…that only counts if you know what to do with it….and he doesnt. you can add that steve west is worth the time and effort….he has a nice size dick but not big enough to choke you when youre going down on him…wont come in your mouth if you dont want him too, and is kind enough to make sure when he gets off…you get off.

So just the other day Ted Poley emailed me and her is his response.

Hi Donna!
   Thanks for the mention! I love the publicity and since I am a fan of your stuff, I guess I am honored to be a part (although according to your "source", a small part) of your scene!
   I would just like to add that I dont think that the person who wrote in about me has first hand (or mouth) experience with me,as I am quite sure that although I have aspired to some worthy goals in this life, one of my priorities has been to avoid being with anyone who has been with any of my band mates (sexually that is) so I dont think that there would be any basis for your comparison.
  I do enjoy the attention and thanks again for the
mention, in my own defence I would just like to say that I have a very huge penis. like the hugest penis anyone ever saw, zeppelin-like in fact (like the size of Lars Ulrichs ego, well not that big , but nothing could ever be) and I am extremely great in bed.  Wait a sec…did you mean in bed with OTHER people?…….stay cool
       your fan

Ted Poley (huge penis, great in bed, pretty good in bed with other people, feel free to print this and HI to my fans!!)

Well at least Ted has a good sense of humor about the situation.  I give him props for that.  He’s a good sport!

Here’s one more email on Ted that defends him and his penis.

Hi Donna.
I just read the email you recently received about Ted Poley and I wanted to write in and find out if that girl was with Ted Poley, the ex-lead singer from Danger Danger/Bone Machine, or maybe some other Ted Poley…

Because I’ve been with him and I can tell you a slightly different story. The other girl said that Ted was lacking… okay, so he’s not going to poke your eye out, but you don’t exactly want your eye poked out, do you??  I’ll try
not to be too graphic and just say THE MAN STILL HAS HANDS AND A TONGUE. And yes, he knows what to do with them!  I had a great time and if he ever wanted to go out again, I would in a HEARTBEAT.
As far as Steve West goes…well, I was with him too and lets just say Steve is great if you’re into speed bumps. Uh, you know…the same kind you get from touching frogs! After seeing that, well, I wouldn’t touch him with YOUR hand.

Ouch!  So Ted won’t poke your email and Steve has warts.  Why do I have a feeling I’ll be getting an email from Steve next?

Well here is one girl who didn’t get any warts from Steve.

I look forward to reading the updates of your penis chart.  Who ever gave you the info on Steve West failed to mention his skills of going down on a woman.   The man kicks!!!  He’s better than a few unmentionables, takes his time, totally unselfish…. I think his motto may be "do unto others…."  Thought you’d want to know!!!

Thanks for the 411.

Hi Donna!  On the subject of Steve West, I happen to know he was with several what I would call "children".  He was with a 17 year old and a 15 year old back in ’91.  I know cause I was the 17 year old.  I’m sure alot of rock guys did this, but 15 is a bit young, don’t ya think?  I’m sure this comes as no suprise, but when he braggs about all the "women" he’s been with, it makes me wonder what long haired rok and roll guy couldn’t have been with a 15 year old starry eyed child?  I still like D2 and always will, but looking back I’m kind of disgusted.  I still love my rock and roll guys and I love your site. 
Keep it up!!!

I’m not saying 15 year olds should be banging these guys, but a lot of 15 year olds look 20 though!  I’m sure Steve didn’t knowingly hook up with a 15 year old, but it happens.  Some of these girls even have fake IDs saying they are older than they are.  It’s rock-n-roll, so it’s all part of the game.  Traci Lords was in porn when she was 15 and nobody knew.  When guys in bands hook up with a chick, they are taking the chance that the chick could be underage and they could get fucked in more ways than one.  Also the age of consent changes from state to state.  Some states it’s legal to have sex with a 15 year old. 

I’ve been looking for a website like yours since I got on the web a lyear ago and just heard about you yesterday from a rock radio station KSJO 92.9! They were raving about ‘Donna’s Domain’ so much that I’ll bet if you emailed "Lamont and Tonelli" at the website, they would love to have you on their morning show! Don’t know if you’d want to have your voice on the air or not, just thought I’d let you know. ANYWAYS, I couldn’t wait to get to work and check out your site which I LOVE!  I too am a rock gossip JUNKIE and have been since I was about twelve so thats going on about 18 years now. I can really dish out the dirt, especially the junk on my
specialty, the GRUNGE GANG from back in the day, the LATE 80’s!!!! For instance, the only guy in Pearl Jam thats definitely Bi is Stoney. I’ll bet thats the guitar player mentioned in Ho Bag Vol. 3. He USED to be a bigtime
male slut with girls back in the late 80’s when he was in Mother Love Bone.  His line was "I’m in love with you" per two of my female friends after they slept with him. Well of course he never called either of them after and only
screwed one of em again cos she licked his bunghole! hahahaha She was his weekend screw a few times. We’d see him at The Vogue, a popular Seattle dance club back then you may have heard of, once we gave them a ride home.
Well, years later he ‘came out’, so thats that. I know that Eddie is definitely not gay, Mike McCready, maybe bi-curious I dunno–but he does like pretty girls for sure, same for baldy bass guy! Their very first drummer was (not Dave A., before him), and thats what I know from the Seattle Grapevine. I know you don’t really care about them, just thought I’d clear that up. SO, I’ve got WAY more to share, even have two experiences of my own–one a true rock fantasy come true (harps, chirping birds). Most true stories come from my friend who was probably the biggest groupie in Seattle (I can think of nine famous ones off hand, the most popular being Trent
Reznor), so I’ll write again very soon. 
p.s. I went to and found it surprisingly sterile! I posted a few yesterday but they may have been too defamatory to print! I’ve got some tips to meeting guys in bands that I haven’t heard mentioned that may be of interest to others. Contrary to what was they said on Groupiecentral, the idea that its easier to meet band guys in big cities than in smaller towns is B.S! You have a BETTER chance in the lesser known towns especially the small clubs BECAUSE they’re smaller, the guys are bored out of their minds, and there’s LESS QUALITY COMPETiTION!! =0] Keep up the refreshingly honest killer website and I’ll keep coming back for more! LATER, SISTER!

Thanks for letting me know Lamont and Tonelli mentioned me on their morning show. I emailed them and thanked them for the mentioned, and they wrote back and initiated me on the show and asked if I’d review them for the Penis Chart.  But they did ask if that is my picture at the top of the page!!  I should have told them yes it was.  Anyways, since I’m just a very shy and innocent girl, unfortunately I won’t be making any appearances on any radio shows, but I do appreciate the offer!  Donna’s Domain was also in Kerrang recently, so maybe one day I’ll reveal myself in a huge spread for Playboy!

Remember the email from the last mailbag about "Lori" who was engaged to Blas? Well I got quite a few emails on her.

Donna dear,

That Lori chick must be one insecure bitch.  I can’t believe she went off on you like that.  Hey Lori:  Donna’s just the messenger, so don’t bitch to her.  If you truly believe that Blas is faithful to you, then why do you even *care* about what other women say?  If you believe them to be a bunch of lies, then why dignify them with a response?  your incredible defensiveness leads me to believe you aren’t as secure in Blas’ faithfulness as you say.

On a similar vein, if you *do* have any doubts, shouldn’t you be talking to Blas instead of writing someone you don’t know who happens to own a gossip site?  Shouldn’t you be screaming your fool head off to the one who might be unfaithful?

it ain’t fucking rocket science, sweetheart.  fact of the matter is, there have been a lot of women who have written in about Blas.  They can’t *all* be liars.  It’s not a conspiracy to make Blas look like *more* of an idiot than he already is, and it’s not to make your life miserable either.  Naive as you are, you obviously care about the man.  You’re engaged to a rock star, honey, get used to it.  There’s gonna be talk.  There’s gonna be shit said you don’t want to hear.  And if you think it’s driving you nuts now, wait until you’re married.  It’s only going to get worse for you.

My point?  You obviously have some issues you need to work out, but do us all a favor and don’t use this forum to do it.  Don’t write in and tell us how your fiancee makes you scream when you cum – one woman’s bane is another’s bounty, you know.  Don’t sit there and defend him – that’s not your job.  Let him do it himself, he’s a big boy.  Finally, take *care* of yourself, sister!  Stop expending your energy on people who can’t help you with your problems or situation.

donna, as always, you’re a rockin chick!  keep up the good work!

love and kisses

Well put!

Donna…I can’t help but to comment on the letter from "Lori".

There are women a dime a dozen who want to be seen with and/or sleep with musicians of any caliber. But there are few women who can actually remain in the REAL lifestyle with men like Blas. 

 I have been married to a successful, busy musician for five years and I can tell you that Lisa has her work cut out for her..

As with Blas, my husband also had quite a sexually reckless past. Lisa needs to realize, that although Blas may be on his best behavior now, I can guarentee those type of men rarely change. They are ticking time bombs that no "engagement" ring will settle. Nor will marriage, nor having a baby. You will either learn to take a back seat to his infidelities, or leave.

She is obviously young and inexperienced, shown by the way she felt the need to defend her version of Blas’s fidelity, (or lack thereof) which is probably why she is currently still with him. A confident, intelligent woman would have cast any rumors aside, as it is all part of choosing to be with a musician. Come the day that Blas returns to his normal behavior, she and Denise can go chat over coffee and compare notes…….Grow up Lori.  Thanks….

Even better put!  


i’ve just visited the site recently and YOU GO GIRL! as for this "lori" who claims to be blas’ girlfriend…NOT! he’s still with denise, and their realtionship is weird at best. i have a question for you…what do you know about def leppard, esp. their bassist rick savage.

I haven’t heard anything about Rick Savage, but I know he’s not related to Randy "Macho Man" Savage.

Dear Donna-
Just wanted to point out that some good friends of mine live in Vegas and see Blah around town now and then.  I visit Vegas quite often and I too have seen Blah at various functions (concerts and such).  Not once have I, nor my
friends ever seen him with anyone who could pass for his fiance, girlfriend or whatever.  Now I will give the psycho hose beast the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe he left her at home the 3 different times I saw him and
not to mention the times my friends have run into him.  You would think that if he were that serious about someone he would be seen with her eh?  Someone also needs to teach that bitch a thing or two about run-on sentences and

Who does this Lori person think she is???? Blas engaged??? Yeah and I am the Virgin Mary! Please, Lori is one of the many psycho Slaughter fans that thinks she’s engaged/ married/ having his kid or whatever they can think of to Blas, or Mark! She should contact cause Lori and this girl could "share" their stories about Mark and Blas. Denise was smart and got tired of Blas’ shit and bailed. He has been seeing someone else and her name ain’t Lori! I think that Lori and lollipop2 should get along great!  I thought I would lend my two cents to this one, it was just too much!


Well this email said Blas and Denise and history, and the one above says they are still together.  I heard that they still talk, so who knows what they are up to, but I’m sure it’s dysfunctional.  

Donna Donna Donna-

Ahhhh!  My sides hurt from laughing so hard at the e-mail from Blas’ fiancee!  If she thinks Blas is a nice guy, and doesn’t cheat, then she’s about as smart as a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest!!  Can you imagine how dim-witted their offspring would be if they decide to have any????  Who would teach the kids how to tie their shoes? (Thank God for velcro)

Dish out the sludge Donna, and serve it piping hot!!!


Just think, Blas could be playing with Shania Twain right now.  Instead he turned her down and stayed with Slaughter.  What a genius.  I hope for the sake of the world Blas doesn’t reproduce.

I know this probably wont be the most interesting email you get but I’d like to tell you about it. In the fall of 1993 when I was 14, I was lucky enough to meet Blas Elias at a local music store in Madison, W
I. He was doing an
endorsement for his drums. There werent many people in the back room where he did his show & I was thrilled to be so close to him, he was so cute! I’ve always been into the dark-eyed blondes. Then after he was done talking he
invited the group up to get free pictures & autographs. Did I mention the whole program was free? So I lined up with everyone (I think I was probably the youngest person there) & by the time I got up to the table I was shaking, I was so nervous. I really wanted to impress him & didnt know what to say, I’d just turned 14 about a month ago & had never even held hands with a guy before so this was new to me, & besides he was a rock star! So anyway when it was my turn Blas made me feel comfortable right away. He asked me what my name was & signed a poster for me, I still have it hanging up in my room (framed) & then he signed a t-shirt for me that I brought, & I gave him this friendship bracelet I’d made for him & he even let me tie it on his wrist!
Then he let my dad take some pictures of us. After that he gave me a big hug & said "thank you." It was so exciting, I’d never been hugged like that before! I thought it was the best night of my life at that time. I think Blas
was very nice & I would’ve loved more time with him but there were other people in line after me. I wonder if he realized how young I was (I looked older) & if he’d remember me 6 years later. But I still remember him, I think
he’s 1 of the few rockers that never cut his hair & sold out!  I  wont forget how his attention made this lonely 14-year-old girl happy!

Thanks for your email.  Nobody ever said Blas was a dick, he’s just not the brightest lamp in the room.  

Hi Donna, I’m not a groupie but I just wanted to respond to the chick that wrote: "no woman that is attracted to Mick Mars is of this world!". Last time I checked, I lived on earth and I *am* attracted to him. Go figure…



I suggest you go to one of those one hour glasses place at your local mall and pick up some contacts.  It’s apparent that your eyesight is pretty bad if you are attracted to Mick Mars.

Hey Donna,
    George DeSaint from Tuff is a horrible lay. He’s small, boring, no foreplay and has no respect. He could care less if you get off and then he expects you to buy him food afterwards. Not impressed!!! I feel sorry for all the others. I’d give him a 3 and thats being nice!!!!!!!!

I heard George was a dick and has a small cock as well.  I think he’s even more unknown than Rick Steier!

Hi Donna, just found your website for the first time today. I was laughing quite hard about several entries in the penis chart. Although I personally am no longer naughty (married, a mom, etc.) I still have these cravings for James Hetfield of Metallica. Do you have any juicy info on him at all? I have wanted the guy for 15 years!! Thanks for the laughs and the fun reading!


You know, I’ve never heard anything about James.  I think he’s rather private and hid most of his groupie activity in the past.  If anybody can bring me up to speed on him, you know where to send it.

Well since you confirmed "I saw Red" being written about an affair an old girlfriend of Jani Lane’s had with Richie Sambora, I’d like an answer to the following!

Also got any stuff on the guys from Krokus or Kevin DuBrow.

Plus is there truth to the rumor that Richie Kotzen did marry the fiancee he stole away from Rikki Rocket back in Poison?

Yes, Richie did marry Rikki Rocket’s former girlfriend.  I have nothing on Krokus or Kevin DuBrow, other than Kevin wear a wig, but that’s almost like saying the grass is green because everyone knows that.  

Hello, I e-mailed you not too long ago with some measurements that I requested some feedback on.  I stated that the man in question had a penis that was 7 1/2 long, but (and this is key) you never commented on the girth. 
I think the 2.25" in circumfrence is very important here.  Perhaps we could line up the members of Slaughter and measure their girth sizes (cummulatively), multiply it by 8, and I think I still hit a gold mine!

If his circumference is 2.25 inches, then he pretty much has a pencil dick.  Circumference would be the measurement around the penis.  The average circumference of the penis is somewhere around four or five inches ? but it varies widely, just like penis length.   It sounds like you just measured the thickness.  Try measuring around the penis and see what you come up with.  But it does sound like he has a some good girth there!

hey i wanna know about kid rock!!! can you please find something out? he really turns me on….im not sure hes metal but hey if anyone can find out you can!   

I discussed Kid Rock in an old Ho-Bag.  Type his name in our Search Engine and you’ll be able to read the old stuff.  I haven’t learned anything new since my last report on him.  

For January 18, 2000

I have a feeling this next email is going to bring in a bunch of emails.  I’m ready for ’em, bring it on!

Actually you dumb slut, I have the actual facts…On Mr. Blas Elias himself, he does not sleep around and you stupid ass whore-ho wannabe’s have not slept with him, I should know, I happen to be his girlfriend and I know for a fact he is faithful….I am with him enough to know and for being great in bed, he is the best there is  and no he is not selfish, he is caring, kind, caressing, great at foreplay and can make you scream for more…..He doesn’t do three chicks in one day, we have done it three times in one day, so get the facts straight before all you bitches claiming to have been with him make up your stupid, awful lies, besides I am the one who got the diamond engagement ring not you sluts.
….So take that and congratulate us on our engagement…..

Blas’s fiancee’ 


Oh really?  I have no idea if this Lori chick is legit or not, but if she is, she’s more of an idiot than Blas is.  I think her enchiladas have lost their chili, if you know what I mean.  You might have gotten a diamond engagement ring, but plenty of girls around the country are getting the bone from Blas.    Honey, if you actually believe that Blas is faithful to you, then you two deserve each other.  Saying Blas is faithful is as stupid as saying Nikki Sixx was never in Motley Crue.  It just makes no sense.  But what happened to Denise?  Did Blas get tired of getting his ass kicked by her or what?  Those two were the poster children for dysfunction.  I’m sure I’ll be getting emails on this, so I’m interested to see what everyone has to say about this naive chick.


I found out about your page from Kerrang Mag in the UK. I work for London Weekend Television which is channel three here. We are producing a documentary about Rock Chicks and need to find a group of girls who are the ultimate rock groupies for the show. Are you in the US? if so do you have any mates in the UK that may be up for a bit of filming.
If you can help in anyway please E-Mail me on or on the E-mail address I sent this on.



If you are in the UK and are a groupie, drop Heather a line.  I didn’t know anything about being in Kerrang, but that’s great!  We’ll have to try and get our hands on that.  We’ve taken over New Zealand, and now England!

i noticed that you dont have ted poley on your list…please add him and warn other groupie girls not to waste their time. well…then again, im sure everyone has a few seconds to spare…so i guess if you are really bored, then you might as well give it a shot. and as for size….umm…i guess everyone should take out a microscope and measure if themselves. they say that size doesnt matter…but…that only counts if you know what to do with it….and he doesnt. you can add that steve west is worth the time and effort….he has a nice size dick but not big enough to choke you when youre going down on him…wont come in your mouth if you dont want him too, and is kind enough to make sure when he gets off…you get off. and my friend fucked phil lewis and she says that thing about the tounge is right…and she also fucked blas…and says that he wasnt worth the time and effort she put into chasing him around when she thought he was good looking…. thanks for letting me share….supergroupie…..

Well according to Lori from up above, your friend didn’t fuck Blas because he’s 100% faithful!

Let’s take this time out to all laugh at that last sentence.


Ok, so Ted is lame, Steve’s the man, Phil’s the tongue, and Blas is lame.  Gotcha!  Thanks!

well donna,  your site has goten SO boring the past few months i took you out of my sure there is no loss on your part since you have plenty of teenie boppers that read your crap regularly,,, and believe this shit too!! good luck to you , you need it. gerri miller is a real  gossip queen compared to this lame boring crapola!!!!!!!! the only reason i will check back in this sweet 16  site is to read your response ,, which im sure will be something sarcasticp.s. do you ever discuss real men on this bitch board?

You’re right, we are boring.  When we started out, we were the originators, but now every website has a Penis Chart.

What the fuck are you talking about and what substances are you currently using?  What "real men" would you like me to discuss?  Or should I say, what "real man" did I rip on that pissed you off?  On the highway of life, you’re a stalled vehicle, so get the fuck out of my way and get off my page if you don’t like what you find.

Donna- Listen, I know you get the lowdown on a lot of celebrity pricks (in one form or another), but the fact is – and this is important – size DOES matter.  Whomever originated that saying ("size doesn’t matter") was either
some Leroy with a small dick, or the chick married to Leroy. 

This is what I’ve got:  (FYI – Yeah, yeah, done the rock star thing and that gets dull –  ie. Blas "I’m gonna drill ya until Mark tells me it’s time to come").

Got good clean measurements on this one, and though he is not a rock star, we’re talking one gorgeous, God’s Green Earth American Man….  7 1/2" long, and (most importantly, for sure) a circumfrence of 2.25".  Biggest penis I’ve ever seen. 

I’d like to hear some feedback on whether this man could be a freak of nature or maybe I’m not sleeping around enough.  I’d also like to hear what the other ladies have to say regarding hard-core, inch-to-inch penis size.

Thanks for the space, Donna.

You’re not sleeping around enough.  He’s definitely not a freak of nature.  7 and a half is nice and a good size, but he’s no John Holmes.  I’d be happy with it, but there are plenty of guys on the Penis Chart that are bigger than 7 and a half inches.  If you can get length and girth, then you have a good thing.  

Hi Donna,

Your site is brilliant! I check it quite often, way to go! I?m in search of some dirty info on the Air Raid Siren, Bruce
Dickinson of Iron Maiden! I know he has been pretty "calm" the last few years, but to quote Bruce himself "I was such a slut in the 80`s".  Soo, someone out there must have some dirt on this man!
Please tell all!? That man is sex on legs...

Take care!

If anybody has any info on Bruce let us know.  We are interviewing Iron Maiden drummer Nikco McBrain soon and we did ask him a groupie question.  His interview will be up sometime in March I believe.

Hi Donna!!!!!  Yesterday was the first time I visited "the sludge", and I must say that you had me rolling with laughter, I love your "wit"! Anyhow, I wanted to respond to you regarding the e-mail on the Motley Crue Dancer. I saw it and I thought I would at least tell you  what I know. My fiance’ and I live in North Carolina, we had the chance to catch the Motley/Scorpions show.  It was one of the best we’ve seen. We also had the greatest time backstage.  It was really short lived and we had the chance to meet some of the guys but you know who was soooooo cool??? Well, I think it is the same dancer that the e-mail was mentioning. Of course my fiance’ was in love with her because of her looks, and I thought she was beautiful on stage also,but, she definately had a personality to match. We ran into her backstage where it was pretty busy, and the band and the dancers were leaving. She was in sweats and a tank-top and she seemed to be busy putting stuff in a wardrobe case with the other dancer. I guess they were fixin’ to leave so they were getting their shit togerther, anyway, we walked up to her to meet her, ( the other dancer seemed like she was in a pissy mood. we didd’nt care to talk to her anyway!)
Even though she was probrably tired, cleaning up and packing stuff, she was soooooo nice to us. We just wanted to tell her that she was awesome and we enjoyed the show. We took a picture with her and asked her to autograph something to give to my son. I gave her a napkin, ( cause thats all I had. )  she wrote this really nice thing to my son, and sealed it with a kiss! My husband recognized her from a Playboy chick web site-he says it’s: When he realized this he freaked and now he tries to e-mail/contact her through the web site. Her name is Amanda, and she says she lives in L.A but she seemed too down to earth to be an L.A. native….thats for sure! My fiance’ says that he’s seen her in those Playboy Newstand Editrions. Hey, Donna, maybe you can ask Nikki if they will be using her as a dancer during their next tour? That would be killer! I at least, off the top of my head, know 10 or so Crue fans that would love to see Crue with that hot chick dancing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If she’s online at all, reading this, we want to say thanks for being so cool! It was refreshing to meet someone who looks the way she does ( centerfold mama! ) but had a personality and kindness to her that most gorgeous girls don’t! O.K , enough babbling from me! Sorry this was longer than I intended. But, there’s some more info for
you. Thanks Donna! You seem like your a cool chick too!  Now you got me hung up on the sludge, love it!!!!!  DOWN TO EARTH "ANGELS" are the best!!!!!!!

I figured the girls might be one of the Newstand Models.  Thanks for your email!

Hello Donna!!!!! Your Page is the best out there!You are truly the queen of rock star gossip!Oh Ya!Question for you?I read that Bret Michaels got his bimbo girlfriend knocked up And I’m curious if he really thinks it’s his.I
mean he fucked around on her this summer maybe she’s been doing a little fucking around on him!And if it is his do ya think he’ll be faithfull now that there going to have a baby together?I read that poison was going to tour and then in june come back so bret could be there when the baby is born and then there going to go back out for like6 months so basically she’s going to be taking care of the baby while he’s probably fucking around .Ya nice guy .I’d want to be her! Loves her lots right.Love to know what ya think.  Stay Sweet

Bret’s not stupid, so I’m sure he made sure the kid was his before he announced it to the world.  I don’t think Kristy would be fucking other guys behind Bret’s back because I’m sure she doesn’t want to blow a good thing.  He’s put her in his movies and he still has a decent bank account, and if Bret found out she was cheating on him he’d probably give her the pink slip.  I have no idea if Bret is going to be faithful or not, but I wouldn’t want to bet money on it.

i loved all of the penis chart ratings, the vince neil comments were pretty funny, and i am a big fan of godsmack so that was interesting. I don’t think i laughed harder until i read the Mick Mars thing. In case it isn’t obvious
to see the man is from another planet and has come to earth to spread rock and his intergalactic herpes. You asked for girls to fess up to fucking him well your not gonna find any cuz all he fucks is aliens, i mean just look at
Robby Mantooth, no woman that is attracted to Mick Mars is of this world!


I think you are right.  I’ve never heard of anybody admitting to fucking Mick Mars.  I don’t even know if Robbie Mantooth or Emi Canyon would be willing to admit that!  

I was wondering about the legendary groupie, Sweet Connie. Who was she? What was her full name? Is she alive and well? Where can I find out more about her?



Sweet Connie’s real name is Connie Hamzy, and you can get more info on her at  It’s a whole site dedicated to groupies.  They have some info up on Sweet Connie at  You’ll be able to get most of your questions answered there.


A friend just told me about METAL SLUDGE.  I’m loving it.  I’m an 80s chic myself (missing it big time), love the men, the hair, the getups, etc.  The man I really love is RICHIE SAMBORA.  I know there’s probably not much new stuff (since he’s a good boy now), but I would love to read about some old stuff on him.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

We all know Richie has a big cock, but you might also be able to get some info on him from Groupie Central.  They might have some older stories about Richie.

Here’s an email from my last Ho-Bag and a reply to it.


Someone posted in your last Ho-Bag that Liv Tyler and Bebe Buell (along with Kate Moss and some other dude) were spotted at Don Hills in NYC….this is untrue. Don Hills is a gay club geared towards gay men. It sucks royally and there is nothing but ugly, dorky, loser gay guys there….not even any pretty queens. Trust me in my saying that this club does not, nor has it ever had a celebrity grace it. Whoever wrote this (and I have a funny feeling I know who) is speaking total bullshit. They could of at least made up some more interesting celebs to li
e about.

Love your site anyway!



Susan is right, if I was going to lie, I would lie about more interesting celebs. Don Hill is a club that has gay nights, but every Wednesday is Rock Candy – big hair night, with DJ Steve Blush spinning ’80s metal. Also, Bebe’s band was playing, which would seem to be the reason Liv and her friend Kate were there – to cheer on Liv’s MOM, along with the Unband. It may not have a
"celebrity grace" but I have seen plenty of rockers getting down and dirty at that club.

Susan needs to check herself before she shoots her mouth off without knowing the facts.

I got several other emails basically saying the same thing.  I did some checking out and Bebe Buell has played there before, so Susan seems to be mistaken.  There you go!

For January 10, 2000

We will start of the new Ho-Bag with an email from Evan from Biohazard!

Yo Donna baby,..

Evan from Biohazard here,…. love your site,.. I guess the world  knows now what you and I already did,.. that it’s all about dick size,… y’know if there were no women on the earth,.. no men would care about how big,,… (or
small)_ their dicks were,… so ultimately the ball is in your court,.. I’M fascinated with yer site and would love to hear more about your sources and contributors,…
oh yeah,.. if that picture is really you we need to get 2gether!!!


p.s.l oh,. by the way it’s not me who is into the choke ’em and poke’em thing,.. it’s them,.. the road sluts of the earth,…i am just happy to oblige,… jeez,.. who would i be to say no!!!!(3 out of 4 actually request this) hahaha

Good deal, another rock star is a fan of Donna’s Domain!  The last celebrity email I got was from Chris Jericho.  He originally emailed me, then the guys emailed him back and hooked up the interview we did with now.  Now Evan from Biohazard has checked out the Penis Chart, so we’ll be hitting him up for 20 Questions as well.  

Evan also sent me this picture of him as a baby!  I figured Metal Edge use to print baby photos, so why not me?  This is the photo Evan sent me of him as a baby.  It’s well known Evan is well hung, and by looking at this photo, it’s no surprise.  His mom really must have had a painful delivery!






By the way, for you Slaughter fans, that’s a doctored photo.  It’s not real.  I just thought I should say that before some stupid ass accuses me of posting child porn!

Hi Donna,

I have some Paul Geary gossip for you.  When he was in the band Extreme he was seeing this awesome girl Lauren.  She used to travel with him once in a while and did just about anything he asked to accommodate him.  Anyway, they were married for a short period of time.  One day when he was out on the road she came home and found a message on the answering machine from a girl who Paul was fucking around with.  Lauren became outraged, took all of her things and left.  Paul came home and the house was empty.  She then filed for divorce.

Now he is dating an 18 anorexic whore.  He shows her off at all his Godsmack and Revellie gigs.

Ok, thanks for the email.

Hi Donna!

First of all, LOVE your site! You’re the greatest! I’ve never e-mailed you before but after reading the "sludge" on Danny Wagner, I couldn’t resist! Whoever the "source" was who said Danny was a bad lay has got to be on drugs! He’s one of the BEST! In fact, he was so good in bed, I drove 3 1/2 hours the following night just to do it again! He’s a very sweet guy and we still "talk" after the fact, unlike some other "rock" guys who shall remain nameless! Anyway, just thought I’d put my 2 cents worth in! Keep up the good work! You rock!!

So what your saying is that Danny is no Jerry Dixon!  Maybe Danny had an off night or wasn’t into the chick.  I heard that Danny was also good in the sack.  Last I heard he’s currently engaged.

Hi Donna,

Unless i’m blind or just accidentally missed it,i noticed that there’s no dirt on Mike Ness of Social Distortion.The size of his (not inconsiderable) cock or his sexual exploits. How can this be? You could catch herpes just looking at that guy. He’s shagged everyone! Well,apart from my grandparents……Anyway,i’d like to say that not only was he a very nice guy,he could really shake some action in the ‘fuck’ department. You know how some guys have ugly,funny looking penises? Well,Mikes’ wang was really quite beautiful to (be)hold. And by god,it was huge!  The perfect length and girth. He likes getting his dick sucked for a long time,which i found incredibly boring and he’s not the brightest person i’ve ever met,but what he lacks in intelligence,he more than makes up for in  other areas. When we actually started fucking,it was worth it. He fucks so hard  that it makes you want to scream,but in a good way,you know what i mean?

     Also,have you got any groupie tales on Chuck Biscuits? I’d love to know……

  Oh,and this website rules!

What guy doesn’t like to have his cock sucked for long periods of time?  I don’t think any guy is going to say, "Could you stop sucking on my cock?  You’ve been sucking on it for over an hour."  But thanks for your info though.  I don’t have any info on Chuck Biscuits because I have no idea who he is!  Sorry.  I can’t know everything!


    Oh man, I am HYSTERICAL reading this!!!  This whole thing is great- I’ll never look at some of these guys the same way again.
I love the Don Dokken one (
obviously by my name LOL)… and I’d LOVE to find out if its all true for ya if only I wasnt driving 4 of my friends whenever the fuck they are in town!!!  I dont care HOW old that guy is, he will always be in MY dreams (sorry for that joke, I just couldnt help it.)  Well, besides Vinnie Appice & Jamie Hunting (Union) I was never actually propositioned for the deed- JTLYK, Vinnie was a GENTLEMAN about it & wasnt even offended or anything when I turned him down… and I bet Jamie would have been fun but I was everybody’s ride (grrr…)

    I wish there was some info on Jeff Pilson (Dokken) and prectically ALL the guys in Savatage- they are all so HOT…. Zak Stevens (mmm) Jeff Plate, Chris Caffery (mmmm…), Al Pitrelli (mmmmmm…), Johnny Lee Middleton, but please- no matter how much I love the guy musically, I would NOT want to hear about Jon Oliva in bed LOL!!!!!!!!  I guess he would be in the same category as Mick Mars!!!

Anyway, this site is great!  I work at WCWP radio here in LI NY as a metal DJ- if there is anything I can do for you guys, just let me know!!! :-)  And I’ll let YOU know if anything happens when Union or Dokken come back to LI


Thanks for the email.  We’ll be interviewing Jeff Pilson pretty soon, and we have some interesting gossip to ask him about!

Hi Donna,

Love your page! I just found out about Metal Sludge and it’s great!  I read that someone mentioned Bekka Bramlett. And I don’t know where she is now, but I remember her back from the days I read Metal Edge.

And just a fact, she used to date Richie Sambora, who is now married to Heather Locklear, who used to be married to Tommy Lee, who was once engaged to Bobbie Brown, who was married to Jani Lane, who was engaged to Bekka Bramlett!

And I still have pictures of all these couples together. There’s no point to any of this of course, I just think it’s funny!

Everybody knows that Bekka banged Richie.  That’s what "I Saw Red" is about.  Jani walked in on Richie and Bekka screwing.  Oops!  That’s what door locks are for!  And the funny thing is, pretty much half the rock community is all connected to each other sexually.  

Hey Donna, love your column! Quick question:
  All my respects to Donna D’Errico, but whatever happened to Nikki Sixx and Lita Ford? What’s she doing now? Give me any info., I’ve heard different things but nothing accurate.

Thanks, Belinda

Lita is now married to former Nitro singer Jim Gillette and she recently had a baby.  Last I heard they lived in Panama City Beach, Florida, or somewhere around there.  As for what happened to her and Nikki, I have no idea, but that was a long time ago, back around 84 or so.  They probably fucked a bunch and then moved on to other conquests.

Hi Donna,
I visit this site often and am wondering what dirt you have on ex-KISS/ UNION guitarist Bruce Kulick because I have met him and am a huge fan of his, I have never slept with him and do not plan to, but I would enjoy knowing what he is about so if he ever were to ask me on a date or something, I would know whether to run or agree to go.

I haven’t heard anything about Mr. Kulick.  He seems like he’d be a boring guy, but maybe that’s just because he’s in Union.

Hey Donna,
First and foremost I love your part of the Sludge page!  I find it quite entertaining :)     
Keep it up babe!
I just got back from the New Years  celebration in Vegas, I’ll admit I am a Slaughter fan. I saw the new years show, it was pretty good. But being the ho that I am I have noticed a new face in the Slaughter bunch (No not the new guitarist Blando…….his tech). I was in Florida before Christmas and saw Saigon Kick and noticed that this Blando guy was playing with them and saw his tech. I must say that for a tech he is quite the cutie! Do you or any of the other ho’s know ANYTHING about this guy? I saw him kissing 2 girls New Year’s Eve and I want to know his story! Is he a slut like Blas and Blando, or is he a bit more on the mellow side? I like to know a little something
about my targets before I go in for the kill. ūüėõ  If you or your girls could help me out I’d appreciate it.  I have already been there done that with Blas….. no big deal he was OK, so now I am onto the next project. I’ll be going to New Jersey to Saigon Kick again and would like to go in for the kill if I can sneak him away long enough. I think I have heard his name as Nash or Mike one of the two (I usually don’t pay attention but he caught my eye).


I think I’ve gotten an email or two on that dude before and his name was Mike Nash.  I assume that’s who you are talking about.  I have no idea about him at all, because, well, he’s a roadie.  He works for Slaughter so he probably kisses Dana’s ass and I would assume he’s a pig just like Blas and company.  Anybody with any info can send it to me.

Hi, Donna
I saw on your page where you mentioned a few of the guys shaved their dicks or balls.  I like to shave my nuts and between my legs (down to my ass).  I would like to be totally shaved, but my wife doesn’t like it, so that’s a good compromise.  In you opinion, have you met many guys who get off on being shaved, and do most women like it or not?
You seem like a good one to ask.  (Feel free to tell me to F*** Off if you want to!)

Fuck Off!  You gave me permission to say that, so I did.  
Personally, I like things well groomed.  I don’t want a guys balls to be like 2 tennis balls, you know what I mean?  I groom myself, so I appreciate a well groomed man.  I don’t know why any girls wouldn’t like it, but whatever floats your boat.  Maybe some girls like a guy to be manly and hairy, or if you’re completely shaved they feel like they are with a little boy or something along those lines.  Some girls don’t like to shave their pussies because they think the hair is there for a reason and if a guy wants them to shave it all, he wants to be with underage girls.  I’ve never bought into that though.  If you want to shave it all off, go ahead.  Whatever makes you happy.  I’m not really into a lot of body hair, but everybody likes different shit.  I don’t think it’s a really big issue though.  If you shave your dick, it also makes your dick look bigger.  You might be able to get another inch or so out of it by shaving, so it might be worth it!

Hey Donna,

I’m new to the site and can I just say….YOU RULE!!!  I’ve enjoyed reading all the stories in the Ho-Bags and all the other aspects of your portion of the page.  However, in my opinion, we need more stories about Nikki Sixx!! 
The man is beautiful and just gets better and better and better and better **hehehe… you get the point** with age!!  That lucky wife of his! I’m so jealous!!  Any info on him would be much appreciated!!  Thanks and keep up
the great work!!!!

I’ve haven’t really received too many Nikki stories.  I heard he’s a great kisser and I have a feeling he’s a kinky guy, but other than that, that’s it.  He’s loyal to Donna so there are really no new stories to share.  We’ll be interviewing him in a few weeks, so maybe I’ll ask him some sex questions.

I must say, your little area of Metal Sludge has certainly provided me with some giggles!  I noticed that a few people mentioned Drain S.T.H  I was working for a radio station when they were on tour with their first album.  I can attest to the fact that they are quite unfriendly to women in general, and were downright hostile to myself and the other female employees at the station, but were sweet as pie to the male d.j., promotions director and even the interns.  The interesting fact is that the band was touring with Type O Negative at the time, and from what the girls said both on the air and in conversation, the two bands were doing each other the entire time, although this was later vehemently denied by Peter Steele when the d.j. was prepping him for an interview a few months later (that could also have been because his girlfriend was with him).  This is interesting in light of the fact that one of the Drain girls is now dating Tony Iommi, who they also toured with.


I’ve heard that the Drain chicks are bitches and that they suck live, though I haven’t seen them live, so I don’t know.  

Hey Donna,
I just saw one of Motley’s dancers in a Playboy mag. I saw her w/ Motley when they played West Palm Beach,FL and I just saw her on Motley’s VH-1 Hard Rock Live special.  Question is… you know what other Playboy work she’s done (TV,Pics,ect..) My friend says that he’s seen her in some Hawaiian Tropics thing so, obviously she is a model in addition to dancing for Motley, she is so hottttttt!!!!!!  Do you know anything about this Vixen and how could I see more of her? Don’t hate me for giving in to my male side……I think that male Crue fans all over, could relate to what I’m saying. Long Live The Crue!!!

I don’t know what Playboy work she’s done because you didn’t give me a name.  Was she a Playmate?  I haven’t heard anything about any Motley dancer being in Playboy, but if somebody can enlighten me, let me know.  I asked Jani Bon Neil, who rumor has it has a few Playboys, and he didn’t know anything about it.  If he didn’t know, then I sure as hell don’t know!  Jani knows all that stuff, but he was stumped, so if anybody knows, send it in.

Hi Domma I’m Lilly from Italy
I’m a very big fan of Kiss; Paul is my favourite.  I’d like to have some info about him, like his penis size, or if is
faithful or cheat on his wife.
Thank you and very compliments.
p.s. apologize for some grammatical mistake!!

I think I heard Paul has an average cock, nothing too exciting.  Of course we’ve all heard that Paul is more into guys than chicks.  I heard he’s into guys younger than him, yet at his age, how many guys are older?  I don’t know why he’s married then, or if it’s just a beard, but it’s safe to say Paul’s played both sides of the fence.  

This past November me and my friend Trish attended the Sammy Hagar show at the Sun Theatre in Anaheim. He is one lazy fuck. Right before the encore, during "I Can’t Drive 55" a roadie came out in the audience and asked us "how old are you girls" we replied and said "16" he then said "perfect for Sam" he asked us if we wanted to "come backstage and meet Sam along with more". We knew exactly what he meant and were thrilled. We were worried about getting Sam into some trouble, but figured "hell they know our ages". We got stuck waiting over an hour backstage for him. Finally that same roadie came to get us and said "okay it’s time". We followed him back to his dressing room, he then introduced us to Sam. Fuck foreplay or getting to know us he just pulled down his pants and started to jerk off.
We figured "what the hell it is a once in a lifetime chance". We both started sucking and taking turns and such
you know how it is. His cock is barely above average. Then he started to pour his Cabo Wabo Tequila on his cock and said "here is something to add a little flava". Of course this makes it taste worse so we said "how about you doing us". He said "I guess if I have to", what an ignorant egotistical asshole. He threw us not laid us on our backs and started to take turns fucking us with no effort or any thrust at all. After less than two minutes he said "how about riding my cock girls"? Trish started first and went wild and he just laid there without any expression. She gave me a disgusted look and mumbled "please take over". So I finished him, in less than a minute he screamed out of nowhere "I’m gonna cum, suck it and take it on your faces". Neither of us go for that shit, no cum is going in these  mouths or on these faces!! We told him "no, we’ll jack you off". He then started to jack himself off and tried to shoot it on Trish’s face on the floor, but she moved in just enough time. He then said "get the fuck out, do you know who are dealing with, get the fuck out and no I am not signing anything". His old ass looked outside the door and told a roadie to "get this trash out of my room". This guy is the biggest asshole in rock & roll, now I see why Eddie kicked his poodle ass out of VH. I hope he feels proud of himself and how his solo career crashed. Thank you for publishing this story on this asshole, that is why this site is great – the truth gets let out.

I think this belongs in Believe It Or Not.  I’m not saying it’s not true, but it’s always impossible to verify emails like this.  You never know.  But since when have I ever carried about verifying things??  Thanks for the story!

We are appalled with your web site. Not only do you misspell every other word, your ignorance is immeasurable. You should consider that the people your talking about have lives, unlike yourself. Hopefully, at some point,
you will seize in your self-indulgent childish behavior!

You must have contracted herpes from one of these guys, to inspire you to waste your time like this!

Why don’t you post this e-mail.

Sleepless in Los Angeles

I misspell every other word?  Excuse me?  Are you reading my stuff or Ozzy’s stuff?  I guess since you are appalled with my websit
e and my ignorance is immeasurable, I’ll just close everything down.  I wouldn’t want to offend you!!  
And yes, not only do I have herpes, I have HIV, chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, a yeast infection, a urinary tract infection, zits on my ass, PMS, pasty skin, split ends, an earache, facial hair, diarrhea, irregular bowel movements, blurry vision, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, bad gas, Attention Deficit Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsion, manic depression, inverted nipples, a broken finger nail, and Tourette Syndrome…..Fuck, shit, cock, cunt, bitch!  You figured me out! 
So whose girlfriend or wife are you?  Did your man end up in one of my Ho-Bags?  Look, I’m only the messenger.  I just report the stuff.  Just because you’re a poor lay and can’t satisfy your guy, don’t take it out on me.    Did you read the emails above?  Evan from Biohazard likes my page, so fuck you.  Evan’s a big dude so don’t make me stick him on you!  And I don’t really give a shit what you think.   I don’t have to defend myself to a prude like yourself.  
And who is "We?"  Why don’t you both go take a bath together and then drop a plugged in toaster into the water. 

i work for an internet rock radio station and i host a show called hells juke box where i play all these bands that you make fun of here and would like to see if you or someone from metal sludge would like to
come in as a guest on the station … promote your site talk about whatever…play some of your favorite tunes.. we have streaming video so listeners can watch us as well as hear us.. we are located off the 405 in manhattan beach ca….. i think it would be cool to have someone from there come in as a guest even guest dj if they want…. let me know what you think…. email a reply if you would be interested.
bryan shaw
program director   

Thanks for the offer Bryan, but I’m a shy girl and I’m not really into making public appearances.  But it was cool you asked.  I do believe I’m the first member of the Metal Sludge staff to be asked to be a Guest DJ, so that’s pretty cool!  So take that guys!

Lustfully Yours,

Donna Anderson



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