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Donna's Ho-Bag Volume 5 – 04/24/00 – 07/23/00



Ho-Bag Volume 5

April 24, 2000 – July 23, 2000

Welcome to Volume 5 of the Ho-Bag!!!  

July 23, 2000

More stupid emails…

Hi Donna,

I was just wondering if there are any good sites with pictures of you, preferably nudies. Are there pictures
of you with some of the rockstars on the penis chart?

Lots of succes updating your great site!

Yes there are plenty of good sites with nude pictures of myself.  What you are going to have to do is read all my mailbags because I listed the URL several times.  Happy hunting.

Just a quick note to say you have a lovoley pair of breast’s….
hope to see you someday

Which pair do you like?  Pam’s?  Donna’s?  Bobbie’s?  Considering that there are 3 different women in my banner with 3 different pair of breasts, I just want to know which one of them to tell.  I’m sure they will be happy to know they have "lovoley" breasts.  

i was just wondering where you get those outlaw t-shirts that you a sporting in the pictures of you    

thanks for your time Donna


Let me make this clear for those of you with an IQ of a shoelace.
IT’S DONNA D’ERRICO, PAMELA ANDERSON, AND BOBBIE BROWN.  It’s not even the same chick!!  It’s 3 different people you stupid, semen filled, illiterate, inbred, blind, STD infected, can’t tell the difference between 3 chicks, dumb fucking morons!  FUCK, HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY THAT?  CAN’T ANY OF YOU FIGURE THAT OUT?  NOBODY AT METAL SLUDGE POSTS REAL PHOTOS OF THEMSELVES!!  WHY WOULD I?  PLUS THE ONLY THING PAM, DONNA, AND BOBBIE HAVE IN COMMON IS BLOND HAIR!  Otherwise they don’t even look the same!  If you guys would stop whacking off long enough maybe you would figure it out.  

I’m sorry for my rant.  I just had to get that out of my system.  Let’s move on.

Hi Donna, what have you heard about Slash and Steven Adler. I can’t find Steven in the Long and Short Of It and Slash has only a sentence.  I know the Dizzy Reed is into 3-way with black lesbians. 

i would just like to say i love your site and  i think it is so cool that you got to be with pantera’s lead!!! is it true he swings both ways? anyway i love kiss so much and  i was wondering if you knew of any groupies that have
been with peter criss and how  i could get more info on his we… sex life you know the way he acts…hehe. your site is bad ass and  it is very decent …well maybe not the content but you get my drift.

Angel & Cat

Hey Donna!
Your site is awesome, very funny. You have a permanent new visitor! I need some advice on a someone I’m trying to hook up with. Here is my story… I am pretty young (22), a cute, attractive brunette with a nice body (big tits!) and a fun personality. I have just graduated from a four year national university in the east and I am pretty intellectual, but not too much to spoil my fun :). I guess I can come across as kind of conservative, but I do enjoy being sexy and having men come on to me. However, for some reason, it seems that long haired guys aren’t crazy about me, and they are the ones I want most! Is there some special ingredient I’m missing here? I don’t mean the nasty, skank roadie types, I mean the full forced hotties. The guy I’ve been after for forever is in a band. The band I look forward to coming into town the most is, sit for this one, yes, Slaughter. I have been in love with Mark Slaughter since I was a 13 year old with teeny, blooming boobs and barely any pubes. Now that I’m older, I’ve got a chance with him, that is without his pussy-whipping woman. Now that he has his balls in ownership of this chick, I don’t have a chance. What do you think? Could I have a chance?  
Probably not.  Mark’s balls are in a jar buried deep in his chicks’ purse.  He hasn’t seen them in years and it would probably be a waste of time to pursue him.  
So if maybe I can’t have him, fuck him. I’m off to the next. I am really into this new guitar player, Jeff Blando. The penis review on him made me want him even more. Mmmm, I can taste him now. So what’s his story? Is he married? Does he hook up? How can I get with him ladies? I met him only once. He gave me "the look" but I suddenly turned shy. (Maybe that’s because my boyfriend was waiting outside!) He told me I "have a beautiful smile." Was he trying to pull something here or do these guys come on with a more direct approach? I hope he was, because next time, if he does this I’m off for the game. Do you get many stories on his encounters?
You had your chance with him but you bailed.  He came up to you and complimented you, but you didn’t act on it.  Next time, be prepared for it.  And yes, even though he has a girlfriend, he’s no saint.  Lastly, if he wants to hook up, what would he say? "Do you want to go to the bus?" I’m not going on any fucking bus where there are time constraints! I’m talking a hotel room so there is room for him to strip for me and a large bed where we can have all the room in the world for me to rock his world. I’m pretty new at this and I need advice from people who know what they’re talking about.  I’m not Blando so I have no idea what he would say.  But don’t think about things so much.  Just go with the flow.  If he says, "Wanna go to the bus?" then go to the bus and see what happens.  If he tries to get in your pants on the bus and you don’t want to do it there, tell him.  It all depends if the band is staying in town or not.  Sometimes they leave that night, and other times they get a room.  It all depends how far the drive is the next day and how cheap Dana feels that day.
Here’s my last question. I used to be into all the guys, Dana and Blas as well. When I was 16 and saw them for the first time Dana said to me, "What are you?" I could tell he was attracted to me but this question completly bewildered me. Was he asking if I was a groupie? 
 Again, I’m not Dana, so I don’t know.  Who the hell knows what goes on in Dana’s mind.  He was probably being a dick thou
I didn’t exactly look llike one in my jeans and slightly tight V-neck shirt. He seems pretty skank, but I used to want him pretty bad. Lastly, the second time I met Blas my memorable encounter with him was when the man looked at my tits the whole time he talked to me. (As if they were hanging out.) I wasn’t insulted, I just felt like asking if he knew my eyes weren’t where my nipples are. I never realized what a slut he is until I read your reviews on him, he doesn’t look like he’d be good in bed. I never let my panties get moist over him anyway.
So what do you think I should do? Do these guys just go for chicks in tight mini skirts with bras or could they go for someone in cute cut jeans and a classy halter top with sex appeal? 
 Most guys are just into good looking chicks.  You could be wearing a garbage bag, but if you looked good most guys would hook up with you.  But remember, if you look like you’ve been with every band that comes through town, you’ll probably be treated worse.  If you look like a total whore, you’ll be treated like a whore.  So dress sexy, but don’t walk around with your nipples hanging out and wearing knee pads.  By the way, what is it with the hate on Slaughter? Even if you don’t like their music, what did they ever do wrong? Read our FAQ or type Slaughter in our search engine.  Atleast they all have decent dicks! It seems you guys can tolerate any other losers, except them. Just curious.

Can you post this in the Ho Bag for other people to read and possibly respond to? Thanks! Keep up the good work, Donna! I look forward to reading more on your page!
Love and hugs…

Let me know how it goes.

Speaking of Blando…

I was at the Poison show in Ohio and talking to BLANDO from Slaughter’s girlfriend! Surprisingly enough she was very nice and extremely beautiful. I’m not really bi but she was very stricking and I stuck by her side as much
as possible. She was very affectionate with him and they seemed very happy. She went everywhere with him. She stood out with her black silk and rhinestones. She is always wearing black. She was very tan and has long blonde hair. I have gone to several shows recently and she has been at them all. Is she touring with him? I saw her again at the Indianapolis show and she didnt even say hello to me. I think she said she was from Indianapolis. I beleive she said she used to be a dancer. I want to say her name is Heather.

I had the opportunity to finally sleep with Blas during this 2000 tour.  Let’s just say it wasn’t as good as the metal sludge penis chart makes it out to be.  He’s very affectionate but very boring.  I’ve heard he has a girlfriend, do they have an open relationship since he sleeps around all time?

I’m going to have to change my report on him.  Most reports on Blas are sort of blah.  He’s a nice guy, but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

He doesn’t have an open relationship, he just has a chick who believes he doesn’t cheat.  Sad, huh?  And I did hear that they are engaged now!

Saw the Poison Power To The People show. Great line up and show. Me and my buddy Dave got backstage. We drank alot of beer and saw alot of hot chicks. Most were stuck up and didn’t talk to us.The Slaughter guys were cool. The drummer didn’t talk to us. The rest of them were drunk. They had some hot blondes though! Dana was cool as hell. They signed all of our stuff and Blando’s chick talked to us. She was wasted like them and stuck up. Besides the drummer the rest seemed cool. We also meet Jeff and Don from Dokken. Jeff was awesome but Don was a dick. The Ciderella guys were wasted and the coolest. Poison didn’t hang. They must have been banging Slaughter’s drunk, stuck up blondes!

Hi Donna I just want to say that i  had the pleasure of first seeing The Long and The Short Of It in a hotel room a while back after spending and incredible night with Rikki Rockett and I was disappointed with the rating he
has it just does not give him enough credit where credit is due,  Yes he is about 9 1/2 inches of rockett full of fule  and he does give you his real phone number but there is so much more to this man that is untold,  He is
very passionate and very conciderate while doing the deed and he is a great kisser…. and for those of us who are lucky enough he is very good at using that mouth on our other lips.

Rikki’s always gotten high ratings and we only have gentlemen write for us here at Metal Sludge, so that’s why Rikki fits in well!

Hi Donna. I have written in regaurds of Rikki Rockett, Jason Hook and Stu Simone well here it is on Bobby Dall.  My friend Angie let him bang her in Milwaukee last night. she says he has a nice penis with a big head on it and
he was decent when it comes to preformance.  Concidering he had already "been to the well" earlier that night I think ten minutes wasn’t bad.  She also said he is a screamer and likes his balls sucked.  oh as for Rikki I must
once again say that he is a great lover.mmm mmm mmm

Most guys like their balls licked.  If you feel daring and the guy is clean, lick around his ass and they’ll love you long time!  But only if they return the favor!

Donna, my friend and I have some information on Poisons new keyboard player " STU SIMONE"

Stu is a joke my friend and I went backstage and were waiting for one of the guys and were introduced Stu,  we thought cool lets just see what hes got while were waiting so……he invited my friend and I into the dressing room of Lit,   Lit?  Last I checked Poison wasn’t out on tour with Lit.  Lit did get up on stage with Poison a few weeks back, but they certainly didn’t have a dressing room.  Your story already sounds full of shit.  where he continued to undress himself and attempt to undress us, We took our tops off and sat on a couch. We then got to see his package ummm all three floppy inches of it, He then started talking about himself how long he can go and how big it is (umm sorry honey we can see for ourselves) but anyways to continue the story, our whole backstage experience Stu Simone was an hour of watching him Jerk himself off, and listen to him moan and groan.

It was so funny my friend and I were giggling the whole time, im surprised he used a whole hand LOL

So all we have to say about this guy is


My friend and I have befriended two hotties from poison since and every show that we have been to since, While backstage, we have observed Stu and this is our advice to you———-

Girly’s watch out for this one, he is a major waste of your preciouse time.  Stu is a a slimy troll who feasts off of the girls backstage who get rejected by the top dogs.

Thanxs, I’ll be sure not to go into Lit’s dressing room with Stu.

Hi Donna,
I absolutely find your site incredibly excellent. Thank God for the Internet! I’m sure you are the one who can answer my questions about Leif Garrett, who was hot in the late 70s. I want to know what he was (and is) like between the sheets, what he really likes, his size and which girls he has dated. Maybe someone has some juicy stories about that boy with the blond manes who has turned into a pratically bald heroin addict. Word is he used to be some party animal.

Christel from Belgium

Your best bet is to go to  They might have some info for you.

Just found your site – fun!  I’m an ex-road girl and just had to give you the lowdown on a Queensryche member – pun intended! 

Michael is a sweet man and horny.  He’s partial to blondes and redheads with nice bodies – he doesn’t seem to care if your tits are big or not. He’ll hang out with you and talk and feel you up whenever he gets the chance.  He’s very generous in bed and a little above average in length. He’s willing to play and doesn’t mind women who are a little aggressive and know what they like him to do.  Little slut has kids and a wife, but hey, who wants him forever?

Not me.

I read in the las Ho Bag that someone was looking for the dope on Dope. I don’t know about the singer, but the guitar player (formerly known as Rex Eisen) is from the Philly area and was signed in the late 80’s with a glam
band called Roughouse.

And tell the girl going backstage at the Megadeth /Crue  show that Dave Mustaine is a Christian and sober.  He still is cocky and not much of a singer though.

Miss B.

This is some WWF penis info.  Sooner or later I’ll put up the wrestler penis chart.

Here is some info on the WWF. I’d like to add that wrestlers party harder than any band I’ve ever hung out with. 8 balls, X-tasy, liquid G, Cocaine, pot, steroids, and even mix things to get a high. Add a bunch of alcohol to the mix and you have a night with the WWF. They love their groupies and are just like rock guys as they tell the girls to "please be quite it’s my wife" when the cell phone rings.
I have had an experience with Jeff from the Hardy boys. He is very prickly because he shave his ENTIRE body. His cock is average size probably 7 inches or so maybe 6 inches. He isn’t into giving or recieving oral sex but is young and did it 3 times that night. I will let you know more as I sleep with more wrestlers. Love the site Donna!

‘Just wanted to let you know that I read your website at work while eating my lunch…  I sit here and LAUGH MY ASS OFF!!  Fellow employees give me strange looks, but who cares, you know?!  I’m 38 and a one-time glam-
rockin’ bassist for local trash here on Long Island.  I still appreciate most of the bands you cover, and frankly, don’t understand much of today’s rappin’ shit (yah, I know, I’m getting old!).  I still listen to tapes and CD’s from Dokken, Z’Nuff, KISS, and Poison, while accepting a select few "newer" rockers into my stable– Union, Collective Soul…  Take care, and how about a 20 questions w/ Richie Scarlet or Tod Howarth (both ex- Frehley’s Comet axemen).
-Chip Sixxsimmons

Hey Donna,

 Great site! I was just wondering if you had any dish on Zakk Wylde. Thanks!


Yeah, he likes to drink beer, fuck his wife, and drink more beer.  Pretty exciting.

Hi Donna!
I’m new to your site and need to know why does everyone hate Sebastian so much? I recently met him at the Vanderbilt on Long Island and he seemed cool to me. Maybe I caught him on an off night where he was actually being nice but we chatted for awhile and he seemed genuinely nice! Please fill me in on the dirt. Is he really that much of a horror?By the way LOVE the penis chart, YOU’RE THE BEST!

Read our FU Awards written by Ozzy Stillbourne to find out why.

Michael Lardie  will say anything to  get a girl , but once he get what he wants he very rude. At least Jack Russells does not bullshit around. he just wants blow jobs! every night and dose not care who give it to him. A few of my friends have worked for them and have told me that Jack sends one of the crew out befor every show to find a girl who will blow him , he dose not care what they look like just as long as he gets his blow job. well i thought you could use that , but please dont use my name or e-mail address

Hi Donna…I check out Metal Sludge occasionally…I read somewhere , that someone was asking about Sharise ex-Neil. I was working for L.A. Guns on their first tour in 1988 and was living with Kelly Nickels at the Franklin
Plaza Suites toward the end of 10 months on the road. Sharise would come over every night for about  2 weeks to see Kelly. Everything was super hush hush.
She was very,very sweet.
Anyway, the Guns were ready to get the Motley tour, I think it was the Girls Girls Girls tour. Needless to say, Mr. Neil was pretty pissed about Kelly and Sharise, so there went the tour plans for the Guns and Motley.
Just thought I’d send some info on this subject.

It does seem like their is a little hostility between L.A. Guns and Motley.  I think they should get over all that old stuff.  It was almost 12 years ago!  Quit living in the past and let it go.


Give me a break…..Sounds like you have a huge vagina and only a circus Donkey could satisfy you and your slutty friends. 

Take Care,
Father Vincent


You need to be disciplined!!!!

And your point is…


Great website! Thank you for providing  some very useful information to women like me who love rockstars.  I have had encounters with quite a few and rarely if ever will kiss and tell.  But I felt that i must  add my comments to your penis chart. One of your posts was very misleading and I felt it my duty to my fellow females to let them know the truth. This is about Ralph Reickerman from the Scorpions. First i read about him in the Long and Short section of my favorite website Metal-Sludge, then he gets mentioned in Jasmine St Clair’s 20 questions. Both times the only thing about him that was mentioned&n
bsp; was his size. Yes, size is important but if the quality is less than zero than at that point size means nothing!!! The man is packed, that I can not argure about but I can definitely comment on his skills………..LOUSY!!!!!  He thinks just because he has alot in his pants that all he has to do is get it hard and shove it in. He does not know the meaning of foreplay and is extremely selfish. He makes sure his needs are met and thats all that matters to him. His ego is even bigger than his schlong. He thinks he’s the biggest rock star to walk this earth. He needs to wake up. We’re not in the 80’s anymore. The Scorpions day has come and gone. So ladies, if all you care about is a big dick then go for it. If you want even a bit of satisfaction…..STAY AWAY!!!  Donna, keep up the good work. Luv you!

Thanks for clearing that up.  Some guys think that just because they have a big cock then they don’t have to put any work in.  Sorry!  I’d rather a guy with a small cock who puts in work than a big cock who doesn’t do anything.

Hi Donna!
   I saw someone was asking about Robert Mason. Well he does live here in Phx.  But pretty much keeps to himself. He plays in a cover band, & has an original band also. He does have a long time girlfriend & doesn’t cheat. He is not in Ratt as you know by now; WOW! you guys & gals must not like him from what I have been
reading. He is very into him self & does like to brag about himself & certain career accomplishments but if he wants something or needs your help in any time his is your best buddy. There might be day ( blue moon that night )
he is genuine to you or down to earth.  Phoenix is an ok town but seems to be the hide-away for these metal / 80’s bands to kick back.

Donna great site keep up the great news!

Signed anonymous & the truth from PHX.

He was never really into Ratt.  He just knew they had a deal, and when that fell through, he bailed.  

Dear Donna,
           Hello from London! Love the page and all the salacious scandal! Even if it does stop me actually getting my work done! Just wondering, oh wise one, if you’ve got anything on the lush Godsmack drummer Tommy Stewart? If you have spill!

Keep up the good work!


Well Tommy use to be in Lillian Axe and he’s listed on the Penis Chart, so how much more info can I give you?

Hey Donna..I have been reading on and on  and I thought this is the perfect place to post this one on Steven Tyler … My friend and I went to see Aerosmith and G&R one year…in NY…and we got to go back stage…We couldn’t wait to meet G&R!!! well we hung out with Aerosmith first and boy was that a mistake!!!Steven tried putting moves on my friend and when she showed no interest he WENT NUTS!!! He kicked us out of the room and was screaming and yelling!! Finally after getting in our face and kicking us out and treating us like shit with tears in our eyes…We literally ran in to Slash and Axl and Duff…And when we told them what had happened…they went nuts and got into it with Aerosmith…it was a great moment….and I can verify that Axl IS HUGE!!! and My friend says that slash isn’t small either but isn’t huge…   I thought that I would post this …

Hey Donna!
Just found out about your page and it’s hilarious!  I used to work in the music industry back in the days of hair.  I have seen it all and then some.  It’s great to know the Groupies are alive and well!  Thanks for providing an outlet and a laugh.  Keep up the good work!


P.S.  I ran into Joe LeSte and Mark (Chlorine) at the Hard Rock Casino a while back.  They were there for Mark’s wedding (Joe was his Best Man.)  Joe and his wife are expecting a child soon.  He was so excited!  It gave him a glow that made him look a lil’ more appealing.  (He could use a visit to the orthodontist!!!)  As for Mark, he was as crazy as ever!   

i was just curious, what other musicians have you fucked besides hard metal rockers, and could you send em a picture of yourself please??


Could I send a picture of myself to them?  Sure I could.  What type of question is that?  As for who I’ve fucked, I can say that you aren’t on my list Kev.  Thanxs.

Hi Donna:

I absolutely love your site, so I figured I’d ask you this question.

Do you know anything about Tom Keifer?  He’s in Cinderella. Is he engaged? married? a good guy or what?  I have seen him on this tour and he is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

So thanks in advance for the info.

I don’t believe Tom is married, but I heard he has a girlfriend.  If he’s engaged or not I don’t know, but I’ve never heard anything bad about him.

Dear Donna,


Great sight. Is it possible for you to send me a couple of pictures of yourself, preferably with as little clothes on as possible.


Cheers and keep up the good work.




Yes it is possible for me to send you a couple of pictures of myself.

However I’m not going to do it.

Thanxs for writing. 


           I recently saw the Crue play, being that it’s a new tour and all, I loved it but the only thing missing is their last two dancers! Those new chicks they have are totally weak! I didn’t even know they were there until "girls,girls,girls". And when I finally did, I wished that I didn’t notice them cause the previous "Crue Girls" smoked them in every way! They were Crue material attitude and all, I hope those guys aren’t losing their awesome taste in chicks. From the
looks of it, I guess they have.
Hey Donna, I could have sworn that I recently saw that one Motley Crue dancer chick( the one from the last tour) on T.V. the other day. If it was her,I spotted her on this E! Entertainment "Swimsuit Special 2000" thing. Do you know if it is her? She’s some Playboy chick too, I think her name is Amanda or something with an A. Where can I see more on this HOTTIE? When can we Crue fans check out a "20 Questions with her(Amanda?)
The male Crue fans of the world will thank you for it!
Donna, you kick ass….I await some good news!
Later, Johnny

Go to Motley’s site and post that question on their Shout board.  Somebody over there probably knows.


I just found this website on Dokkens website.  It’s Fuckin Awesome!  I had to call my friend in PA and tell her about it!  She has quite a few groupie stories of her own to give you!  She has been with quite a few Rock Stars herself.  Myself I never slept with a Rock Star even though I am blonde hair blue eyes and a nice body!  I never lowered myself to that but, I have always gotten back stage.  The only one that I would even consider would be Bret Michael’s!!!!!!!!  He is Fuckin Sexy!!!!!!!!!  Keep it up!   Lisa

I always keep it up! :)

You had someone write in recently about Prince. 

I knew a girl in college who dated him briefly (this was in the 80’s) and she said he was just WEIRD.  Real quiet, would sometimes just sit and stare at her from across the room, and then abruptly get up and leave.  Or announce he was going to take a bubble bath ALONE but that he expected her to wait outside until he was done.  She said he was pretty good at the actual business, but I got the impression it didn’t happen that often because he was pretty into being alone.  Even if she was with him. 

She told me afterwards that she didn’t even know why she bothered.

Keep up the good work –


Yea, Prince seems a little "off."

June 27, 2000

Hi Donna-
I’m sure you probably wouldn’t remember me, but I am the so-called "Jenny McCarthy look-alike" that sent you the story and photo of me being kissed by Stefan Adika.
Yeah, I know, gross. I am still crying myself to sleep that I didn’t get a "Super Balls" award for coughing up the actual PHOTO of the occurance, but I’ll survive.

I am writing you because I have a suggestion for merchandise. (And I knew YOU could understand the woman’s perspective..If you haven’t "pitched" this idea yourself already) The T-shirts are great, but you guys really should print a few up on a "babydoll" style Tshirt. What girl with a good body is going to go to a show in a big-ass t-shirt? Not any I know. Wouldn’t it be more fun if some of the so called "hotties" were sportin sludge merchandise, too? Now THAT would be fun! A neat way to make a statement to the bands that says "I know all about you " Without saying a word. Fucking brilliant. Please pass this idea on to whoever is in charge or gives a shit.

My fiance` was just added to the dick chart and I’m still laughing my ass off!
Keep up the great work, guys!

Have no fear, Babydoll T’s should arrive this week!  We are first going to have a Babydoll that says "Metal Sludge", and then we will have one that says "Metal Slut."  That way you have 2 options:  a family style shirt or a slutty shirt you can wear to concerts!  Or both!

Hi Donna,

As I was going through one of my old Motley Crue scrap books, I realized how many pictures I have of the former Mrs. Vince Neil. I know many people including me want to know what ever happened to Sharise. And I noticed she isn’t included in your groupie chart, even though I know that aside from being married to Vince she did date Taime Downe and Kelly Nickels too. I remember Kelly saying it in some interview that when he was seeing
her she and Vince were having problems in their marriage. I was just curious to know if she remarried and had other children. I hope so, I can’t imagine what it was like to lose your marriage and your child.

And as for Heidi Mark, like you, I wish her the best of luck. She’ll need it. Love is blind!

Sharise hasn’t remarried and has had no other children.  For a while she was dating actor Judd Nelson, and she was also rumored to have been one of the chicks that fly out to hang with the Prince Of Brunei.  Bobbie Brown was also a girl that had none that before.  

I read that someone was asking questions about Stephen Pearcy’s wife Melissa, that they wanted to know about her, and if Stephen stole her away from Mark from the BulletBoys.
I happen to know all of this information: Melissa is a model for Playboy’s Book of Lingere, and she is about  25years old, long red hair, very  nice, and gorgeous. I know, because I  know someone that was her friend way back when. The story I got about her and Mark is that they were living together for a couple of years, and she didn’t want to be with him anymore, and tried to kick him out of her place, and he wouldn’t ever leave, so finally she was able to get him out, and shortly after she met Stephen, so I don’t think that he stole her from Mark, because she dumped him before she got together with Stephen. Melissa and Stephen have a daughter named Jewel that must be about 4 years old by now, and they have been together for over 5 years.


Thanxs for the info!

Well, you have a very interesting board on Metal Sludge.  But, now that you have posted all the goods on all the boys, i’m curious to see the source behind the news.
If you could please, send me a pic of you (Donna).
It would be most apprieciated.


Anonymous Rock Dude

Oh, no problem.  I’ll not only send you a photo, but I’ll be completely nude with my legs spread on top of a horse.   I’ll be emailing you it soon! XOXO.

Guys are such idiots.

i was wondering if there are any pics of you around, and whats your favorite band?email me  back ok

See above.

Jade said that eminem was packed……what does that mean?  Do you know how big eminem’s dick is?  I am
really curious

After seeing some recent news reports on Eminem, saying he was packed might mean he was carrying a gun!  But actually, she means he
had a big dick.

I know this is old news, but I recently got the film, "Demystifying the Devil- "an unautorized biography on Marilyn Manson" and i must say it’s pretty sick. The video shows really old home video footage of Marilyn feeding his pet snake a live bunny, him and his loser friends at these two girls house going through their underwear looking for "crispy spots"  while the girls are in the kitchen making them lunch. When they got bored with that they go into the girl’s bathroom and one of the guys stick’s a toothbrush up his dirty, hairy ass. And probably the sickest part of the film is Mr. Manson sucking on one of his bandmates very erect penis. I don’t know wither or not Marilyn is gay but he seemed to be enjoying himself.
  Also on the tape is interviews with his ex, Missi, and that deaf girl that was on Howard Stern and Twiggy exposing himself at Disney World.   Just thought i’d let you know incase you or your readers might wanna check it out.   Love your site, keep up the great work!

I’ve never seen that video and knew nothing about it.  It sounds interesting, in a morbid kind of way.  The guys here would probably be into it!

Hey Donna just thought you’d like to know, on 6/23/00 my friend and I went to The Village Pub in Port Jeff, Long Island to see Bar 7 (Jeff Keith & Tommy Skeoch’s new band) and LA Guns and what a dissapointment! Not only did the place go on fire and we were all evacuated after only 5 songs into the show but Phil Lewis the singer for LA Guns was prancing around like the biggest f***ing homo, in his high heeled boots and white leather pea coat. What the hell happened to the hard rockin’, harley ridin’ image that LA Guns used to have? It was so sad! Jeff Keith looked hotter than ever and as usual Tommy didn’t show up do to his drug problems. Well, that’s all for now!

Phil can come off a little fruity, but that’s probably because he’s English.

Hi Donna,
Your site is always an endless array of entertainment!!!!!!! I can’t tell you how many people I have turned on to your page. It fucking rocks!
I have a question for you.. By some of your responses, I know you are not too ‘into’ the ‘goth’ boys but I was wondering, with the news of the UK interest in the site, could you possibly put out the question for some information regarding Dani Filth of Cradle of Filth?  I would really be interested in hearing the dirt on that one :-)   And any info you have on the band "Dope", the drummer in particular, but anything will be great?? Your page is getting too big !!!! Might need to start categorizing the musicians in separate links ..  "80’s rockers", "goth", "grunge", etc… so we can just ‘zip’ right to the "cock-info-du jour"  LOL. You Rock !!

I’m sorry, I can’t help you out because I don’t know anything about either one of them.  If anybody does…

finally, i have dicovered what i’ve been looking for!! here are some of my tips;
 first of all, somebody’s gotta tell me what’s going on with the cutest- ever drummer (fuck Blas), Brett Bradshaw (ex FPC) already! is he with Bulletboys?
geez, he was so gorgeous, sweet, and a good kisser. glad to see Kari Kane (PBF) in the penis chart, definetely not the best lover but the biggest sweetheart. last seen part-time working at a phone sex company on ventura:)
 the biggest ass hole i’ve ever encountered would be Johnny Colt (Black Crowes). too bad i had such a big crash on him. -Rich was actually being very sweet instead, but i guess he’s too lazy and selfinvolved. the biggest cunt is definetely Bobby Brown!! the meanest-super-jealous bitch!! Jani was actually one of the nicest person when it comes to his fans, but Bobby the cunt wouldn’t even let them take pictures of him from 10 feet away! I used to think Heather Locklair (am i spelling that right?) was NOT a pleasure but this whole Bobby experience made her a sweetheart. Jerry Dixon IS an ass needless to say. the big surprise in Bang Tango is the least impressive guitarist Kyle Stevens. HE IS SEXY!!!  once you get to know him, you cannot see Kyle Kyle. but he’s a faithful guy and normally happy as long as there’s a lot of cigaretts and macdonald’s. i can’t remember the story about some old singer like Don Dokken or Ron Dio used a beer bottle with this 16 year-old virgin girl and her parents tried to sue him because she couldn’t stop bleeding for more that a week! well i have to go home and go through my old journal, will get back to ya!

Hey Donna ,
I’ll be attending a Motley Crue/Megadeth concert in like a month and
this friend of mine has backstage passses. She desperately wants me to meet Vince Neil but I personally don’t have anything going for Vince. I don’t hate him but I don’t like him either. If I completely refuse she’ll hate me forever but if I say yes oh god I’ll probably gonna have to stand in line with million of groupies and act excited like I’ve never seen a human being before. But when I mentioned Dave Mustaine to her because he’s such a intelligent and cool guy she blew me off by referring that he’s into witchcraft and basically scares chicks and that his singing sucks. Help, this is turning into a nightmare!!!!!!!!!    

Neither Vince nor Mustaine have the best vocal abilities.  But let her meet Vince.  What does it matter?  Let her get it out of her system.  

Hi Donna,

I am extremely interested in the info. you have on pro wrestlers?  I know you say that you are working on putting it up on site, but I need info. right away!  Could you do me a HUGE favor and possiblly e-mail me personally and share your info.?  I’m dying here and time is ticking… 

I will be heading off to a few WWF shows within the next week and NEED to know what trouble I’m going to be able to get into, if you know what I mean <g> 

Thanks for your help!

I have about 15 to 20 names on the Wrestler dick chart, but I never finished it.  I’ll try to do that ASAP.

Hi Donna!!! First of all congratulations for your site!!! It’s so fun to read about all this (also I’m sure that a lot is bullshit). I want to ask you about if you know something about the sexual tastes of joey Tempest and company (Europe). I’ve never listened some
hting about them.
Thank you!!!

I haven’t heard anything about Joey Tempest.  Sorry.

This is an email on Jack Russell.

I’ve met Jack on a number of occasions.  He’s a decent guy with alot going on upstairs as well as downstairs..  Don’t know who had the odasity to dog him the way she did but it is completely inaccurate..  Maybe that person or
persons are just jealous because he didn’t give them the time of day and they know that he is completely out of their league.   I won’t go into much detail as far as his sexual skills are concerned but lets say I have no complaints nor am I easy to please.. I like my men strong, sexy and to know their way around a woman’s body which Jack can provide all of these traits.

thankyou for your time

Ok, thanxs.

I was told about metal sludge from a friend of mine.  Your site is the coolest I’ve seen in a long time.  I’m a huge Kiss fan and I’m seeing them this Friday at the E-Center In Camden, for their Farwell Tour.  If you have any dirt on these guys past or present members please let me Know.  My favorite member was Eric Carr (RIP).  I also wanted to say that you are one of the hottest little numbers I’ve seen in a long time. That’s all I wanted to say so bye, and I’ll see you in my dreams.


You’re a guy, and you are asking ME for info on Kiss?  Well, Paul Stanley is the one you want to talk to, if you know what I mean.

Hello Donna,
First off , this is my first time on your site .. and love it!! It is funny.. plus I love hearing the inside track..

Now to my question: The Artist Formerly Known As Prince…Do you have the dirt on him?? Have you heard about what he is like to do in bed? Prince is a guy who has allot of mystery.. Is he good in bed? Is he gay?..Is he
Bi??..Who has he fucked??…Does he eat pussy? Does he have a big dick? Did he cheat on Mayte ..

I don’t have any dirt on Prince, but I would think he would be pretty good in bed because he seems like a very sexual guy.  Plus I think I did hear that he has a big dick, despite being a small guy.  And I’ve never heard anything about him being gay or bi-sexual.

Do you have any personal info on Spider, or any of the other members from Powerman 5000? I know that they are
Boston-based (like those shmucks from Godsmack) and that Spider is Rob Zombies bro, but thats it. They’re
hot live and i’m curious to hear how they measure up in the sack.  Sigh, I wonder how that gorgeous florescent head would look between my thighs….     
                      love ya, Sable

Sable?  Weren’t you in the WWF?  

I don’t know much on Spider.  If some of you are curious about various "rock stars" I know info on, check out the Penis Chart.  If it’s not on the chart, then chances are I have no info.

Next up is an email on Donnie Vie.

Well Mr. V may be off the drugs,but it has turned games w/Little Donnie into Try and FIND Little Donnie!
And once you can find it,he has trouble keeping it up for very long….maybe he should jam a needle back
into his arm!

Hi, Donna!  I’ve enjoyed reading your ho bags and penis chart.  I have a few questions for you.  Do you have any info on Kid Rock?  I think he’s still seeing that James King, but I’m not sure how serious it is.  Any info on how he is in the sack?  Plus, what’s the best way to hook up with a rock star?  Thanks!

Everything I’ve heard recently is that Kid Rock is faithful to James King.  Who knows how long that will last though.
As far as the question about the best way to hook up with a rock star, I’ve answered that question many times before.  Maybe I should do an FAQ for Donna’s Domain where I answer my most frequently answered questions because there is always somebody asking a question that I just answered.  Look for that soon.

Hey D,
Any info on ONI LOGAN (1st singer for lynch mob)? George Lynch’s interview didn’t say much about him. I hear his new band "Headset" is playing around the LA. area but they don’t have a web sight and I haven’t heard of anyone who has seen or heard them. Have you? Also, any Ho’s who had him back in the day  GIVE US THE MUD ON HIS HOG 😉  I also heard that Oni is a heroin addict. NOT COOL ZEUS :-(

I know nothing about Oni Logan, other than he did have some substance problems.

This website is HILARIOUS!!!! I have to comment about Steve Summers though. My sister Ericka lives with
Steve. He has been her serious boyfriend for like 2 years now. They  met when my band opened up for them 2
years ago in phx. I know Steve pretty well and I can tell you, he is very faithful to Ericka and a good guy. I did have my doubts about him at first, so I had spies out there who told me any little thing he did!  The girl who claims to have slept with him on the east coast during thier reunion tour is so full of it, because Ericka was with him the whole time and SHE stayed in his room not not "that girl". As far as steve being "small" . The few times he has dropped his pants onstage he was not erect. Most guys including myself, have a real small wankie in it’s natural
state, but once we’re fired up, it’s grows quicker than a garden by Martha Stewart! Guys who have a bigger elmo in thier natural state, grow less when erect. So that him showing off his non erect drunken cock doesn’t tell you anything! But from what ericka says, it’s all good, and that’s who it matters to, because none of these other bimbos have a chance!Also Steve never was a big slut even "back in the day" , he is very health conscious, and was too worried about getting AIDS which keeped him in check. Seriously, he’s a FREAK about it. The last name "PODWALL" you gave of him was close, but not close enough. Steve has been know to wear extensions in the early days, though he never wore a wig. His current hair is all his own.  People are so Jealous of him, it’s sickening. It makes for great reading though! Off the subject , know anything about Paul Stanley? Is he Bi? I am and want to know all the other know gay or bi guys in rock Maybe that should be a new list? call it WHO’S GAY/
WHO’S BI You’d piss a lot of closeted "rock stars" off!!!

Oh yea, everybody is jealous of Steve "Sex" Summers!  You wouldn’t be?  Please!
And if you want me to put up a list of bi-sexual rockers, from what I heard, Steve Summers might be o
n that list!

May 24, 2000

Hi Guys,
Just incase nobodies mentioned it yet, Metal-Sludge got an almighty plug on UK terrestrial tv tonight which everybody gets as opposed to the cable crap we get now.
If you already know, then I’ll shut up, if you don’t email me for more details to print on your site.
One of the graphics featured was yours, so your getting this email :).


That’s great!  It seems we have a big UK following.  I was emailed recently from a TV show in the UK that wanted me as a guest, but unfortunately, I had to decline because I had my period that week.  It was very bloody, so there was just no way I could take a plane to London because everything would have turned our pear shaped.  Oh well, thanxs for the email!

I just wanna say a little something in Blas’s defense, I am not a girlfriend or a fiance’ but I am a friend of his. Blas is very academicly intelligent but his lacking is in common sense, that I will admit… He is NOT engaged to
anyone named Lori, he is seeing a lexi but not very seriously and actually trying to wiggle his way out of it, he does have a big dong but doesn’t have the biggest balls in the world.  Blas is only the slut you claim him to be
because of all the women (girls) that throw themselves at him, it does take two ya know!!  In all, Blas is really a genuine nice guy and he would never hurt anyone intentionally.

I don’t think anybody has really said Blas was a dick, he’s just a slut.  I never said that was wrong, it’s just a fact.  Some people want to believe otherwise.  Why, I don’t know.  

HI Donna,
As a music journalist, I’ve only come to know ONE musician who is actually faithful to his wife (and has no interest in groupies whatsoever). It’s Rod Morgenstein, ex-Dixie Dreggs/ex-Winger. Do you have anyone to add to that—someone who you’re SURE doesn’t cheat?

I believe you asked me this question before and I answered it in a previous mailbag.  Whatever I said then is what I say now.

This is an email for whoever was asking about Whitfield Crane.

re: Q in last column, whit is in relationship with Ray Ann, woman who works at guns & roses management who is very cool

Look for more Whitfield Crane to pop up next week in our Rewind With Kendra Jade!

Anyone know any shit on Fred Durst?  I heard he loves to ass fuck but I want to know how much lumber he’s hauling around.  Maybe it’s me, but that picture of him makes him look dinky.


I know nothing about Fred or his red hat.  If anybody does, send it in.

Hello Donna – This is the U.K. calling. Like your web pages. My only advice is that you ladies simply must set your sights higher! I mean, who in the name of catflap is Kid Rock? I’m afraid I can’t supply you with any filth on the famous, apart from the fact that I once saw Guns N’ Roses at Wembley and they were godawful. I was fifteen and didn’t get close to anyone except the paramedics. C’est la vie, I suppose. I was wondering if anyone could supply any reports of groupie activity featuring the lovely Izzy Stradlin – my best friend is desperate to know.   Cheers

I heard at one time he was a good lay, but I don’t have any info other than that.  Sorry.  

Hi Donna

cool site!  Over here in England, I’d forgotten about most of these bands as they mean pretty much jack and none of them have deals over here.

Anyway, from what I remember Sandi Saraya married Brian Wheat from Tesla, not Troy.  As to what happened to her, who knows!  Also, any idea if Nuno from Extreme is still married to Suzi from Austrailian group, Baby Animals? 
One question, what the hell is this obsession with frogs on this site?!  They keep coming up and although I’ve trawled through loads of stuff, I can’t seem to find the difinitive answer.  Puurleaze help!

Keep up the good work

Francis Storr, England

I don’t know what Nuno is up to, and the references to Frogs on this site probably has to do with Jani Lane.  Jani is 53.5% frog, so we are just saluting his heritage.

Hi Donna! Reading your latest installment of the updated "ho bag" brought back so many memories I couldn’t help but comment! # 1 Jeff from Slaughter is a complete jerk, cling- on loser! Give him some pussy and he is hard as hell to get rid of! The word "stalker" comes to mind whenever I hear that name! #2 Robin & Lori got divorced less than a year after they were married if I remember right #3 Heidi & Vince well, I met her several times and every time I did she was wasted out of her mind and could hardly stand up and if that girl wasn’t a stripper at one time then I don’t know! Vince I know for a fact screwed around on her with a girl at a club I used to frequent in Vegas (I’m not going to say which one) and she was a total coke head and not pretty at all! Vince and Robbie Crane made the "pussy rounds" in Vegas a way of life. #4 Stephen’s daughter is named Jewel and the girl he married Melissa did indeed date Mark but I don’t know about the stealing her away part what I have always been curious about is his X Britta from way back ,and who was the girl with the curly dark hair a few years ago? I have another question if anybody knows was Donna D’errico ever a stripper? I heard that she was at one time at a club in Vegas or Hollywood and what is up with the stripper thing?! Is that all these rock cocks want to date or what? Even Bobbie Brown was a stripper!  I know, what a huge shock that must be! And I can’t believe nobody mentioned Rowanne dating Donald Trump before Jani!

Thanx for reading!            

Heidi Mark worked at Hooters before she did Playboy.  She was in Hooter’s calendar and believe it or not, Bastard Boy Floyd found 3 Hooters cards she was on!  He said he has the entire 1994 Hooters Card set, 1 through 100.  So when Floyd isn’t doing the mailbag, he’s out collection Hooter cards.  Only Floyd.  Well he’s very proud of them, so he scanned them in for me.

Heidi Mark, Hooters 1994 Heidi Mark, Hooters 1994 Heidi Mark, Hooters 1994

There you have it.  She worked at the West Palm Beach, Florida, Hooters.  I don’t believe she was a stripper though.
Donna D’Errico was a stripper for about 6 weeks in Las Vegas, but then she quit because she hated it.  

I love your column/page of Metal Sludge.  I especially love the Penis Chart to see how everyone measures up.  I was wondering, as a gay metal fan, if you had any information on Miss Rob Halford???  From what I have heard he is red hanky right (for the str8 people out there it mean fisting receiving).  Have you heard any truth to this???  It is quite interesting how some of these guys have looked better over the years just by cutting their hair (case in
point Bobby Dall WOOF!!!!!!!!!!).  Finally they look like men.  If I wanted to be with a chick I would be with a chick not some guy who looks like one (too many drag queens in the world as there is.

I heard a story about him at some party in Phoenix and he had a guy in a bathtub full of baked beans!!  Don’t ask me why, because I really have no clue.  Obviously Rob is a kinky guy, so he’s probably done a lot of crazy shit.  Maybe he was using the bean for lubrication, I have no idea!

Donna and friends,

i really, really love the penis chart!  although i’m not really a metal fan (hey, i’m a gay male — cut me some slack), it makes me wanna go to the magazine rack and check out the "stuff."

any chance of including more mainstream dicks on your chart?  i did see sugar ray on there…..

Keep up the good work,


I’m such a fag hag!  I have a lot of gay fans. That’s cool, we could all get manicures together!
Yes, Mark McGrath is on the penis chart and did ask Bobbie Brown to pee on him.  I guess it all depends on what info I get.  I do have about 10 or so names for my Wrestler Penis Chart, but I haven’t had time to put that up.  I’ll basically take any rock related names I can get, I’m not that picky!

hi donna, i’ve just discovered this site and i think it’s great.  i loved reading about the various rock stars and their pant contents.  inspired. one question: what about jerry cantrell of alice in chains? i read in a interview with him that he picked up a chick who chewed tobacco, and when she went down on him, it produced a burning sensation that he liked.  that sounds different.  i’ve tried to get girls on various bulleting boards to tell me what he’s like in bed, but to no avail.  he likes the ladies though.  somebody must know. hope you can help.

Supposedly Jerry posted on our Gossip Board last Christmas.  I’ve heard absolutely nothing on any of the Alice In Chains guys.  You might wanna drop by Groupie Central Message Board at and see if anybody has any info there.

Donna, I’m glad you mention condoms and I read your piece about HIV which was very responsible. However,
there are 4 or 5 places on your Long/Short list which mention wearing TWO condoms. You indicate that if a
guy is especially slutty, it’s a good idea to wear a second condom – this is NOT true!!! Have you ever read
anything about safe sex? If you had, you’d know that the risks of condoms breaking are increased if you
wear more than one. The friction of 2 layers of rubber against each other causes them to split. Please
educate yourself and correct your page accordingly – I’m sure there are lots of girls who look up to you
and I would hate to think that they’re getting bad advice from you.

Actually, I said that for Danny Wagner but I wasn’t serious.  I also mentioned 2 rubbers under Kip Winger and Jon Bon Jovi, but that wasn’t my suggestion, Jon & Kip had told girls they would wear 2 rubbers.  Of course I don’t recommend that because it isn’t safe, and if a girl thinks she should wear 2 rubbers with a guy, then she probably shouldn’t be fucking him in the first place.  

I don’t know if that is really you in the picture but god damn you are fuckin hot

So if it’s not me, am I still hot?

Fucking moron.

Hey Donna,
Just a note to tell you that your site kicks ass!!!!!
Anyway I was wondering if you could give me any more info on the guys in Great White? I know, I know but I have been a fan for a long time.  I do find your comment about Michael being Jack’s mini-me :)
Thanks for a good laugh!!!!

You want info on Great White?  Ok, Jack Russell is the singer and his mom use to write an advice column in Rip Magazine back in the day.  How’s that? 



Lisa, you didn’t read my Penis Chart, did you.  Well since you are too lazy to look, here it is for you:

Back in the day Jon was a huge slut, but he’s chilled out a little. Jon has an average size cock and like a lot of guys, prefers to receive oral than give it. He has good rhythm though and will even wear 2 condoms if you ask him to.

Rumor has it that he still fools around a bit, but is pretty discrete about it. 

Here is info on Robbie from the Goo Goo Dolls.  Somebody was recently asking about him.

Robbie Takac IS married. His wife is the subject of "Black Balloon".  Highly depressed female.  From what I hear, she always was and he can’t save her from herself.
This thing you do is AWESOME!  Absolutely hysterical.   Keep kicking out the info and fine commentary.

Just wanted to say that there ARE occasions when girls can be with bandmembers in their hotel-room without having sex in ANY way. I think it’s a myth that rockers can’t see a girl without jumping all over her. It depends on the girl and her attitude. I’ve been in Sebastian Bach’s hotel-room and just talked and watched "The Bold and the Beautiful", believe it or not! But we had met before, and he’s kinda a friend. Also been in Marty Friedman’s room, nothing ever happened there either, we just talked, laughed and had a good t
ime. I mean, those are only two examples, but this has happened to me several times. Sure, the guys want to fuck sometimes, but sometimes they enjoy just socializing too, you know..?  I guess you’ll find it hard to believe, but I don’t have a reason to lie about
it. Just wanted to set the record straight…

– Danni

No offense, but do you think the reason they don’t hit on you is because you weigh 250?
Just kidding, but that was too easy a rip.  I know if I didn’t say it, somebody else would have sent it to me.  
There are exceptions to every rule, but more often than not when I girl goes back to a guy’s hotel room, they aren’t going to watch TV.

Finally, some info on Dave Marshall.

Hi Donna,
Dave has a son by this lady named Vickey Seger. His name is Kris. But Dave left her for Bekka Bramlett.

stumbled across your site and it was hilarious!  As a super high powered music executive who is tired of the ass kissing bullshit – I say thank you!!

No problem!

Jeff Colon is a huge road slut. He does have a girlfriend named Sarah from the midwest but isn’t faithful at all. He is always flirting and sleeping with girls. Not to mention what a loser prick he is. Lexi is from the midwest and did follow Blas for a while and did relocate to be near him. I’m not certain you’d call her his girlfriend. She had to follow him forever and then move near him. She didn’t move in with him! We all know Blas is smarter than that. She probably sees him now as much as she did while following him from the midwest. What was the point of the move? I also heard she isn’t as good looking as his woman from the past. And YES he does still have girls all over
the country.

I’ll say this for the last time for any girls who still don’t get it, Blas Has Chicks In Every City.  He has banged 3 chicks in one day.  If any chick is running around saying, "I’m Blas’ girlfriend", then she is kidding herself.  As for Jeff Colen, he’s a pig just like the rest of them.   

Hey Donna, Actually that WAS a pix of Blas and Lexi. I think Lexi probably sent the picture to you in the first place, then changed her mind and had one of her friends write you to say it wasn’t her. Because believe me she is
loving all the attention!

I don’t remember who sent it to me, but to be honest I don’t really care about Lexi & Blas.  She’s just another chick he’s banging, big deal.  I’m sure she’s attractive, but she not really worth all this attention.

Hey Donna…

I’ve been to the Penis Chart…and there’s nothing on the guys from Union, well, except for John…any idea if Bruce, Jamie or Brent are worth pursuing?

I know John has Layla…so I won’t go after him…but hell, why not try for any of the others?

Thanks for your help.

If you are wondering about Jamie, go read his 20 Questions!  That should change your mind about that.  But he is dating a porn star, I know that.
As for Brent, he has a girlfriend and seems pretty faithful.  No reports on him cheating or anything like that.  Bruce is single.

Hi Donna!

I have to say your Ho Bag and Penis Chart have provided hours of entertainment for me and my girlie friends!  Keep up the great work!

However, I’m not writing just to kiss your ass.  I have to come to my buddy Dave Wyndorf’s defense.  I have met Dave several times and interviewed him once, and he is a very sweet, polite gentleman to me.  After the interview I did for my college paper, he insisted on paying for my lunch.  He’s always sweet and hugs me when he sees me – he knows I’m MM’s biggest fan!  He gives me water during the shows and is an overall great guy.  I can’t say how he is in bed, because I’ve never been down that road.  However, he did kiss me once but I pulled away because I was in a serious relationship (i’ve since married) and everyone was staring at us and I’m pretty shy.    He was still very sweet and huggy, though, and has always treated me with the utmost respect.

Just thought I’d let everyone know what Dave isn’t always an asshole!  I’m sure he is great in bed, and I’ve never seen him be rude to anyone.  So if you get the chance (and you’re single), I say go for it!

Take it sleazy,


Thanxs for the email!

Hey donna i just checked out your site and it’s awsome but it upset me to hear u say phillip anselmo could be gay.I have loved him for years and i hope this isn’t true.Please tell me he isn’t.

I do know he’s been with chicks before, but there are also rumors that he’s been with guys before, at least orally.  I don’t know for sure, but he’s not 100% gay.  He might be bi or something, or maybe it was a phase he was going through.  


I recently mailed you the two required copies of my newly-released CD to be reviewed.  And no, I’m not a masochist.  I just think you guys are hillarious!  I liken sending Metal Sludge a CD to William Shatner booking
himself on Conan O’Brien.  The package should get there by the beginning of next week.  Thanks.


I don’t know why you sent those to me, but I’m figuring it’s because you think I might go easier on you!  Well I won’t!  The boys currently have your CD and your review will go up in June or so.  Good luck!

Hey Donna,

I am a huge Dream Theater fan. I was wondering if you and the crew at Metal Sludge ever sent 20 questions to the guys in the band. I would love to find out what they really think about Derek in their own words.

Keep Kicking Ass,

Anthony S.

Well Tony, we just sent out 20 Questions to their drummer, Mike Portnoy.  They will be up in late June or early July.

Hi Donna,   
I love your website. I have a curious question: are you related to Pamela Anderson? Also, is Pam going to marry surfer Kelly Slater any time soon? what is the latest scoop on her? 

Yes Abby, you figured it out!  I’m surprised it took so long!  Yes, I am related to Pamela Anderson, I’m her mother.  When I’m not babysitting Dylan and Brandon, I’m writing for Metal Sludge and putting together a list of penises for The Long & Short Of It, just like any good mother would do. 
If you would like to find out if Pam is going to marry Kelly, then call her voice mail and ask her!  Her number, and this is only for you Abby, is 1-323-969-1760.  Please don’t abuse this number since it is Pam’s voice mail service.  Thanks for understanding!  

April 26, 2000

In my last Ho-Bag, I was sent a photo of Blas Elias and some girl who was supposedly a chick named Lexi.  Well the picture wasn’t of Blas & Lexi, so I deleted it.  I do appreciate people sending me photos and whatnot, but at least send the right fucking photos!  

Now onto some mail that’s a little more correct.

I saw someone asking about Susie Hatton, she is a model on Gordon Rael Talent, Same as bobby brown….Speaking of bobby brown, the reason warrant broke up is—-While Jani and the "down boys" were on tour, during the dog eat dog tour, his wife bobby was fucking her coke dealer, Tristan, and he was living in janis house at the time with jani and bobbys child. They were fucking, spending janis money and driving his cars, and somebody from LA called jani on the road and told him what was up. He basically told the rest of the guys in his band that trying to keep his marriage together was more important then touring and he cancelled the entire tour which basically costs the band hundreds of thousands of dollars, thats why joey allen and the drummer quit. Jani went home to go into counselling for his marriage and ended up getting divorced anyways. Bobby Brown also spent some time with the sultan of brunei on a "paid vacation", and took jay
gordon from orgy for a lot of money.
Love your page Donna, keep up the good work!

Now that’s a good email!  We had heard about Bobbie hanging out with the Prince of Brunei before, and that’s why we mentioned his name when we asked her if she had fucked that list of people.  She said no, but it’s not like she’s going to admit taking money for fucking an old ass Prince.  I few other Hollywood chicks have also been flown out to hang with the Prince.   Bobbie also denied cheating on Jani, but we had heard from numerous people that Jani left the Warrant tour cause Bobbie was seen around town with some guy and letting him drive Jani’s car.  

Also, that talent agency also has Donna D’Errico and a few other known models.

What was said about john sepetys cant be true.  He would never try to "sneak in" without a girls permission, wouldnt have unsafe sex and in general isnt interested in fucking groupies. He is a very nice guy and i cant see him being anything less then a complete gentleman. He doesnt sleep around. He is really into fitness and working out and cares too much about his health to risk it with some little fling.

That’s what I thought, but I threw it up anyways.  We’ll have 20 Questions with John in May.  I think I already plugged that, but I’ll plug it again.

Hey Donna, Metal Sludge is so trashy I can’t get enough!  Great coverage (Penis Chart/Ho Bag) on the hairbands.   Any smut on Whitfield Crane, ex-Ugly Kid Joe and Life of Agony reject? I know he is now the frontman for Logan Mader’s band, Mystress, but I’d love to hear some dirt on him.  In his early days he was a hottie minus the attitude.  Any information would be appreciated.

Sorry, I haven’t heard anything about Whit in a while.  I know those guys use to tear through the girls back in the day, but I don’t have any good gossip.

Jeff Colen IS NOT a road slut.  He is not like that and has been in a serious relationship for years now with his girlfriend Paula.  So there is no way in hell she could be getting "messed up" with him, because he’s not available!! You need to tell your friend to read this to wake up and smell the coffee.

And Blas Elias is faithful.  Get a clue.

Dear Donna,
Well, everyone keeps asking about Vince and Heidi. It seems that Vince and Heidi have been living a very good "couple life"  There are questions about Heidi. She is not from the "rock n roll" groupie scene at all. She is just an average girl who grew up in a  strong family very similar to Donna D’errico.
Neither of these women "did" any or dated any musicians at all. Donna once dated a dj in the place that she is from, but she did not grow up in the circuit either. Heidi has announced that her and Vince will be getting married soon. I guess before the next tour. Hey can you blame these guys they for a change became involved with women who did not dare any other musicians. Donna wasn’t in CA long before hooking up with Nikki. Her first acting job was with Baywtach and she was unknown, so no socializing and she had a son that she was taking care of by
herself and that was priority.

Well Donna wasn’t exactly an unknown when she started on Baywatch.  She was a Playboy Playmate, so she was somewhat known.  

Hey Donna,

Just giving you an update on Vince and Heidi. Their still together and I just read in the interview Heidi just did for The Women of Motley Crue site that they are getting married before Motley Crue goes on tour! Must

Vince faithful?? Please.  He might be marrying her, but does anybody actually think that Vince Fucking Neil is going to be a good boy on the road?  The guy practically lives in strip clubs and Hooters.  You think if a hot chick comes onto him he’s going to turn her down?  I doubt that.

I just read in your Ho-Bag that someone thinks Heidi & Vince are spliting. You say you haven’t heard
anything. But I thought I’d throw in my helpful hand.
Recently my site (The Women of Motley Crue) interviewd Heidi,and this is what she said about marring Vince.

>>-when are we gonna get married?
6. before vince leaves for this next tour….

So there it is right from Heidi herself.

Well good luck to her!

hi lustful donna
bobbie brown is the dumbest fucking slut ive ever heard of, she says tommy lee is the love of her life even though he kicked her ass (i can see why now) she doesnt give a fuck about battle dome cause it sucks more cock then she
does its just a bad rip off of wrestling like w.c.w and second if theres any love of her life it should be jani lane he may be drunk alot but didnt kick her ass.

call me donna we can have that same night all over again.

Here’s somewhat of an update on Sandi Saraya.

I don’t know what Sandi is up to but I can tell you she was never married to Troy.  She married then divorced Tesla member Brian Wheat.

I posted some dick info on the members of Chlorine and got the following emails back.

Hey Donna,

I was checking out Metal Sludge today, and saw the new penis chart was up.  Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know that your Penis Chart info on Mark Fain from Chlorine is wrong!  Not sure where your info came
from, but I’m his wife, so I should know better then anyone the size of his penis.  Mark is 7 inches soft and pushing 10 inches when not.  Don’t want my man to get a rep for having a little dick!!

Leslie Fain

Hi Donna!

I’m a long time fan of your section of Metal Sludge. I wanted to set the record straight about Mark Fain from
Chlorine. I noticed you added him to the penis chart as well as Eddie and Jared. I don’t know about those 2, but you have Mark all wrong! He’s 9+ inches and a complete exhibitionist! He likes to show off his endowments whenever the chance arises (no pun intended). I just figured I would set the record straight, and keep Mark in his "legendary" status.
Thanks, and keep up the great work!

Did Mark email you ladies about this?  Well ok, I wouldn’t want to short him 2 or 3 inches!  I’ll get right on it.

Hey Donna!  First off I think your section of Metal Sludge is amazing!  I do have one problem though with the updated Penis Chart.  I see that you’ve added the boys from Chlorine to the chart (Mark Fain, Jared Mueller and Eddie Travis).  I know the guys in the band pretty well, and I think you may have confused Mark and Jared.  With all the time I’ve spent with the three of them, Mark is quite the exhibitionist and willing to drop his pants anywhere, anytime, regardless of who is in the room.  He’s rather proud of his cock and rightfully so.  The other two are not as willing to do so.  Especially not with Mark waving his 9 plus inches around!  He definitely has more than 7 inches!  I just wanted to help set the record straight because its pretty widely known that Mark has the biggest cock in the band and I’d hate to see his reputation get tarnished.  Keep up the great work!

Alright already, Mark has a 9 or 10 inch cock, settle down!  It’s not like 7 inches is a joke though.  Fine, so everybody in Chlorine has a huge fucking cock, I’ll change it already!

This is in response to the woman who inquired about Rob Affuso. 

This may or may not be of any interest, but WAY BACK IN THE DAY (1990, when they were opening for Bon Jovi), I was engaged to a Bon Jovi employee and toured with the band sporadically that year.

The main recollection I have of Rob is that he was with a different girl every night.  It sort of became a running joke. 

I also know that he was a notorious tightwad.

I did set him up with a friend one weekend, but she fled after having to listen to him regale her with stories of how talented he was.  Needless to say, it just didn’t work out.

Well, although this was years ago, I doubt it has changed much, and I hope this sheds some light on the enigma that is Rob Affuso.

Love your column, keep up the good work!



Finally, some info on Rob.  There ya go!

April 24, 2000

Hi Donna
This may seem like a strange question, but do you or anyone else know whatever happened to Susie Hatton or Sandi Saraya?
Ever since Bret and Susie broke up she has disappeared. After that album she made I would have too. She had to have hooked up with some other rocker?  Any info?

Someone told me that Sandi Saraya was once married to Troy Lucketta from Tesla . Do you know if this is true? Where the hell did she disappear to? Thanks for your help and keep up the great work!!

Susie is working on a new album and she has some MP3’s that can be found at this link,  The site is  I haven’t heard her new songs, so I have no idea how they are, but there is a new photo of her.
As for Sandi Saraya, I have no idea what she is up to or if she married Troy.

I wanna know who janine banged

Vince Neil, Riki Rachtman, and probably quite a few others.

Great site! I need your help!!! I have a friend who is getting messed up with Jeff Colen Slaughters "tour manager"!! She should be slapped for even thinking about being around the fucking Slaughter idiots, but she doesn’t know shit about the band stuff. Does anyone out there have any stories on the road slut Jeff? Maybe if she read a few of those she’ll wake up and smell the coffee (or the STENCH!). Thanks!!!!!

Might I recommend Slaughter’s Inner Circle 20 Questions.  They talk about Colen and basically say he’s an idiot and that he just goes out on tour to bang chicks.  Dana’s the real tour manager, while Jeff just sets up the merchandise and is Dana’s yes man.

Hey Donna! Your Ho-Bag and Penis Chart rule! It’s about time we ladies started sharing information. Here’s my contribution. John Sepetys from Hair of the Dog has an incredible body! He’s got an average package but I don’t know how well he uses it. He refused to use a condom! He tried every which way he could to slip it in. I actually had to physically move his dick several times. It’s a shame too because all he had to do was cover up and we would have had some fun. I recommend that any girl who cares about her health stay away from this guy. And to those girls who do these guys without condoms anyway, YOU ARE FUCKING CRAZY!!! I sure as hell don’t want any rock star diseases! YUK! Don’t go there ladies!

Thanks for the info!  Look for our 20 Questions with John next month.

Hi Donna-
Blas must have a lot of chicks around the states following his silly ass around.  I also knew a gal who was head over heels for him, would pursue him when the band came around, and eventually moved to Vegas as well.  Rumors have it that her vigorous pursuit of Blas was the reason for her relocation.  So, I am wondering if this is the same gal, however, the name is different.  The name Lexi sounds made up, like a dancer’s stage name or something, so maybe it is her.  My Krystle ball says she is from the Midwest; great lakes region to be exact.  Now I am not for sure that Lexi and the gal I know are the s
ame person, but sounds pretty coincidental huh?  If they are the same person, then last year Lexi was hanging pretty tight with Vince Neil’s guitarist from his solo thing.

Well I don’t know anything about Lexi, but I’m sure she’s not the only chick Blas is boning.

Hey there sweet thang!

I just wanted to comment about the Lexi thing…. WHATEVER!!!!! That is my whole thought process about the whole Slaughter thing. Who cares anymore!GAWD people get a life there are OTHER bands around that we can all talk

Ok, I am off of my soap box.  What I really came to ask was remember Cry of Love? Well, they had a singer for a brief time named Robert Mason and he also did an appearance in Lynch Mob…… I know he is somewhere in AZ and was last rumored to be doing an audition for Ratt (via the Sludge); does anyone have the 411 on him and his former road habits or what he is up 2 these days?

Also, Donna don’t waste your time with any of the "common" folk in AZ; they are all mostly freaks and weirdo’s Unless you want to catch something from the "common" folk I wouldn’t bother!!!!!! If you have ever been there you will know what I am talking about!

Keep trampin!


I have no info on Robert Mason, but if anybody else does, you know where to send it.  He is in Ratt now, so I guess it’s time to add his unknown ass to the Penis Chart.

Here are 2 emails on Bobbie Brown.

I just had to write to say that I feel so sorry for Bobbie Brown. She is so delusional! She says that Tommy was the love of her life—after she went on TV to talk about how he used to beat her (this was on TV at the time the Tommy/Pam abuse incident arose). Any woman who calls an abusive ex "the love of her life" really needs to reevaluate what love is. But I guess it seems like Bobbie doesn’t have a clue as to what love is, considering her lovely history with men. As a matter of fact, she probably wouldn’t know what love was even if it hit her in the face——-oops, I guess it already did once or twice, didn’t it?

And another one.

Hey Donna,

Bobbie Brown. What’s her fucking problem? Why can’t this dumb bitch get over Tommy Lee once and for all? Could Tommy really be all that? Heather and Pamela have managed to get on with life, but then they have their
careers. And it seems Bobbie doesn’t have much left. No career and no rockstar husband. I can’t help but pity the poor girl! And she seems so bitter too. And what was most disappointing to me was that she didn’t have the nerve to name all she has been with. She just about admitted to being a star fucker. So, what does she have to lose?

And Donna, I was wondering if your heard anything about Vince Neil and Heidi Mark going there separate ways. I hope so. I keep hearing what a sweet girl Heidi is. Too good for Vince. And yet Vince keeps cheating on her! I hate to see Heidi marry Vince. She would be wasting her life. Like she is now, if she’s still with him.

I haven’t heard anything about Vince & Heidi going their separate ways, but I did hear rumors about Jani & Rowane going their separate ways, but I haven’t confirmed that.  I don’t know if that’s true or not.  

As for Bobbie, it is pretty fucked up to say the love of your life is the same guy who slapped you around and then when you gave him the boot, he married another chick a few weeks later.  That doesn’t exactly sound like love to me.  She probably loves him cock though!

One of your readers wrote in and asked why it is that Dream Theater fired Derek Sherinian. Truth is, the guys from Dream Theater are all married and pretty good guys, while Derek is just a pussy-hound. While Derek is out on the road, he visits the local strip-joints with a handful of backstage passes and attempts to play the "rockstar" handing them out to the strippers. The wives of the guys from Dream Theater got pretty sick of his "Shenanigans" (which by the way is his nickname) and they pretty much said he’s out or we’re out. Derek calls the wives of the guys from Dream Theater, Yoko ono, two-oh, three-oh…..(Ask him about that one on your 20-questions!) In bed, Derek has a Huge ego, and likes to talk dirty….that’s pretty much it. All talk and the only big head sits on top of his shoulders! What a selfish prick. He has absolutely no respect or admiration for anyone (especially women) but himself. I often wonder if he saw his mama naked a lot? He was definitely a load his mother should have swallowed!   P.S. Love the site!

We’ve asked Derek to do 20 Questions, but he never responded.  That’s ok, because Stefan Adika is more known than Derek.  Anybody who calls himself the "Gene Simmons of the progressive genre" needs to be hit with a slapjack.

Hey, I was just reading some of the stuff on your Ho-bag and whats up with a bunch of the girls saying "Oh we cuddled and I went to his hotelroom/bedroom. But eventhough my friends won’t believe me we didn’t have sex"??  Theyre going in there with all these rockers famous for having sex with thousands of groupies, and then once in awhile they just feel like cuddling??  Just curious, thanks!!

"We cuddled" basically means "I sucked his cock and then he got rid of me once he blew his load."  Either that or the girls didn’t put out and got the boot.  Guys don’t invite chicks back to their room to play Scrabble.  They invite them to their room to get laid.  Some girls like to think otherwise, but that’s the cold hard truth.  Sorry girls!

Hey Donna…

Still looking for some dirt on Rob Affuso, formerly of Skid Row.  Any help?   I know he’s managing a bar in Jersey, but haven’t read any groupie stories regarding his days on the road?

I haven’t gotten anything in on Rob, but he is talked about in this month’s Metal Edge.

just gotta tell you i thought of you all last night…..i painted the ceiling thinking of you

Dave, forget about me and try either singing in key or getting back in Van Halen without getting kicked out within the month.

Hey Donna!

Do you have ANY gossip about Perry Richardson of Firehouse?  I think he’s the slut of the band.


I haven’t ever heard anything on Perry, but we’ll probably have a Rewind with him sometime this Summer.

Hey Donna…..Love your ho-bags! You are way cool, and I’m a girl, so this isn’t some lusty guy thinking you are one of the "above" pictured females. Your op
inions and comebacks are killer. I know this has been asked before, and you have no info, but mabye some of these groupies extrordinarre could share some tales of their experiences with C.C. DeVille. I mean, come on, he was in a hair band in the thick of it all…….someone has to have done him at least once! Keep up the great work hon! Kelly

The only thing I’ve heard about CC is what I wrote in the Penis Chart.  Otherwise…

Hi Donna,
        I was wondering if you could tell me when Brian johnson of AC/DC got married to his wife Brenda,I just now found out he divorced Carol in ’89. Also I would like to know if Robbin Crosby is still married to Laurie Carr?  Does she have hiv as well? And did they have any kids together?

just curious

Brian married Brenda after 1989, how’s that?  I have no idea though.  I also don’t know if Robbin is married to Laurie Carr, who was a Playboy Playmate, but she doesn’t have HIV.

Hi Donna…

Where do you get all of your information and how reliable is it?

Lady Abigor

I get all my penis info from Rob Halford and it’s 100% accurate.

some one asked about stephens wife, her name is melisa and they have a lil girl not sure of her name , but i do know that stephen stoled melisa  from marq (bulletboys) and there is major bad blood between marq and stephen, just a lil juicey pieace of info
from my groupie sister she gets lots of good gosip…….

I don’t know why those 2 wouldn’t like each other since they both can’t sing in key.

Hi Donna!  Any info. on GooGoo Dolls bassist, Robby Takac?  Married, single, etc…?

Well, he’s fat, he can’t sing anymore, and he plays barefoot.  How’s that?


This is in response to an e-mail you got about Evan Seinfeld.  This person is on point. 

Yeah, Evan IS in huge demand, but that will end soon enough because he constantly trolls for women, even on the set of OZ, which he’s been filming for a few months now.  This comes from a friend of mine who works on the set who took a wager on who Seinfeld would hit on first!  He trolls EVERYWHERE for new poonany! 

Evan IS completely into himself.  He has no respect for anyone unless they can get him somewhere, and hell, if that person happens to be a woman, he’ll try to nail her too (nice way to screw your career huh?).  He never has anything good to say about anyone who’s doing better than him unless he’s thinks they can do something for him.  How pathetic is that? 

Thank my house-mate Akiko for this one: 
"There’s a "book" and thank God I’m not in it because he shows it to anyone who will look.  He’s a decent f**k only because he’s hung.  Foreplay?  Forget it.  He just jumps in and pounds away.  He’s into facial shots, choking & anal."
(Thanks A!) 

The Tara girl, I’m pretty sure she’s out of the picture.  I haven’t seen her at any shows with him lately.  He probably helped burned her out.  He would even send her trolling for other women when they were out together (she tried to hit on my house-mate at several shows way back)!  I’ve met Tara over and over again, she doesn’t seem like a bad person (doesn’t seem too bright, but doesn’t seem like a bad person). 

Oh and as for Seinfeld using a condom for sex.  Nope (thanks again Akiko and her lovely friend Lisa).

I had to have dinner (a little over a year ago) with guy one night with people I work with.  He eats like a goat!  If he could have eaten the plate he probably would have!  Do I smell a food addiction problem?  I’m not the only one who’s had the displeasure of being at the same table with this guy either!  The stories I’ve heard over and over and over again from people who don’t know each other or a professionally linked to each other all say the same thing.   He has definitely lost a lot of weight, but from what I hear, he still eats like a goat.

He’s a big woos that wants the world to think he’s "Brooklyn hard".  He is NOT!  He’s a huge flosser (gives himself the appearance of being "someone" when he’s nothing but a broke bitch) , a liar and scammer, has zero integrity (unless a lot of money is involved) and about as much talent as my pet Oscar fish.

Here are a few for your 20 questions:
Part I:  How many people have you screwed over Evan?
A.  1
B.  100
C.  1000
D.  Can’t count that high.
Part II:  Now, since talking shit about people and screwing over people is your favorite pass time (other than sex) do you think this has anything to do with labels being afraid to take a chance on someone who’s album sales world wide have constantly dropped since State of The World Address?

Are you really in Biohazard for the music or because you’re squeezing it for what little it’s worth at this point?

Didn’t’ you shave your head because you’re going bald?

We all know you like jail bait.  How many little girls have you nailed in the past 5 years:
A. 1
B. 50
C. 500
D.  Still can’t count that high.

I’m not someone who’s bitter because he did or didn’t do something to me or for me, he didn’t. I just hate to see someone who is a complete dickhead getting positive attention (oh and the few times he’s not being a dickhead it’s because he’s putting up a front or talking to someone who could potentially "do something" for him).

There ya have it.
Tony (@home with Fito & Akiko)

I’ll have to email Evan and find out what the fuck is going on with our questions.  He’s had them since January or so.  If he doesn’t get them back within the month, he’ll have some major explaining to do!

Lustfully Yours,

Donna Anderson



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