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Donna's Ho-Bag Volume 6 – 09/02/00 – 11/11/00



Volume 6

Started September 2, 2000 – November 11, 2000

Welcome to my 6th Ho-Bag!  

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while and I finally did it.  I created Donna’s Ho-Board,  I put it up because I get a lot of questions about various rock stars, and sometimes I just don’t know anything on them.  So instead of me posting the question in the Ho-Bag, and somebody emailing me an answer, then me putting it up, I just figured I’ll let you have the opportunity to do it yourself.  You can still email me, too!  If I’m stumped on something, I’ll just post it on the board.  I’ll still answer my mail here though, so keep them emails coming!  

Now lets go into the Ho-Bag!

November 11, 2000

Check it out, Porn Star Jenteal was nice enough to drop me a line!


My husband has been friends with Brad X from the Kottenmouth Kings since they were kids. He is recently married (about a year ago) and has a baby. He is super sweet and a total hottie, but is totally into his wife and faithful. She is a complete knockout! All of the guys are "South Bay" boys from the surfer towns of Hermosa and Manhattan Beach area of LA. They are a tight group and don’t slut around when they are involved with someone. The same goes for the guys in Pennywise. Just thought I would let you know, as it seems there were quite a few inquiries about them on your board. Hope that helps!

For the record, what are you like in bed? Inquiring minds want to know! :)



Thanks for the email Jenteal!

Are you flirting with me? What am I like in bed? Well I usually wouldn’t answer this question, but it’s not often I get asked that by a famous porn star so I suppose I should be honest.

I’m basically open to everything. Well I’m not into being pissed on or shit like that, but otherwise it’s all good. I’m pretty open minded so I’m generally up for anything. And I don’t have any hangups about being with a girl as well! :)

Speaking of Jenteal, her 20 Questions will go up this Tuesday!

Here’s more info on the KMK.

OK, After spending large amounts of time with KMK this summer (through work), here is the dish:

Pakelika and Munchyz are HUGE. 10" or more. (they are very open about changing clothes in front of people they are comfortable with). They’re in the BDC (Big Dick Club).

Spike is a horny devil, but he is reserved. He says he has a teenage daughter and probably is married.

Brad has a little daughter, hasn’t been messing around from what I’ve seen.

Johnny Richter and D-Loc are all talk. They’ve got great girlfriends, but flirt a LOT! Not much more than that, though.

Lou Dog is a PLAYA. He’s sweet and a big charmer.

DJ Bobby B is a sweetie, also. Mostly, he’ll stare incredulously, wide-eyed, with his mouth open, if he really likes you. All of the guys have VERY high standards. They may be into lots of drugs and alcohol, but they won’t get with you unless you’re REALLY something and they like you. Even then… and to clear something up: KMK did not get kicked off of the ICP tour for getting mad ass or trading backstage passes for weed. KMK does not fuck around, and they grow their own. They got kicked off because they were doing much better (check out the sales and expansion of fanbase) than ICP and ICP couldn’t stand to have the opener outshine the headliner.

Just curious, anything on the Zebrahead guys? I spent some time with them when I was with KMK, and they were sweet guys, didn’t mess around too much, but they were cute and I was wondering… CP&D

Well I am surprised to say the least! Its an honor to be included among such a distinguished list of rock icons. At lease your source was kind in her assessment of my swordsmanship. Just curious, who was your source? Jason Ward,

Flotsam and Jetsam

I deleted that email a while ago, but still I never reveal my sources! But thanks for trying Jason and do 20 Questions.

The info on Disturbed seems to be pooring in as of late. For example,

Hey Donna – You don’t really have any info on the guys in Disturbed, so let me fill you in. I recently spent a lot of time with them on the West Coast leg of their tour & can honestly say, they’re great guys, really super sweet…..but they’re all huge whores, especially David (which I can speak personally for). He is the ultimate ladies man & is with a different girl every night. He will sweep you off your feet with love & affection, but watch his other hand, because it’ll be on some other chicks ass. He’s got a nice size cock, but is a selfish fuck, so bring your vibrator. Also, you may walk funny the next day, because he rams really hard. In addition, he’s the cheapest guy I have ever seen, so if you go out to breakfast with him in the morning, bring your wallet…he NEVER pays for a thing. He should be thankful his band is doing so well, otherwise no girl would give him the time of day, he’s so fucking ugly. Other than those things, he was pretty cool to hang with. Fuzz likes to spank asses a lot & would not mind another guy invloved in the mix. Dan likes models. I’ll have more for you when they come back into town!!!! Hope this helps!


Disturbed & frustrated

Thanks for the info. Word is that David Draiman is quite the slut as well. There are also some Disturbed threads on the Ho-Board.

My first and only band boy experience was with BulletBoys current guitarist Jason Grinstead (AKA) THE HOOK….I could not have asked for a better tour bus adventure than with him…. He was so VERY considerate and very sweet…!!! I was introduced to Jason by this guy who happened to be working at that particular Venue….. My friend and I were standing outside the club avoiding the huge crowd inside while we were waiting for BulletBoys to go on…… when this guy came up to me and said "some one wants to meet you"…So I was escorted to the tour bus expecting to see someone not under the age of forty….but to my surprise a young hottie looked out….He asked me if I wanted to hang out after the show…… I said sure, ….so after the show I met up with him and we chatted with Marq, Lonnie, and Jimmy (who was still with the band at the time), and then headed to Jason’s (room) I will call it……Where he introduced me to the REAL HOOK…his hook…NICE!!!! I was a little nervous since I had never done that kinda thing before..(sharing myself with someone I had just met) ..but he made me feel totally comfortable….and I enjoyed every minute of it…gotta love those digital camera’s…!!!….and let me just say that he was definitely blessed (with a great package)..wanna know why he calls it the hook…?? well cause it is…91/2 inches of HOOKED pleasure….!!!!!…..if I judged the hook on a scale from 1-10, I would definitely have to give the hook a ten..!! and then some…..!!! the only problem I had was the rest of the guys passing through the hall trying to get in on the action, (or at least get a good view of it…..) especially their roadie whos name is also Jason….oh and I cannot leave out Mike their manager who just happens to be Lonnie’s brother…(who had to make sure I knew that HE had a nice package as well…thanks for the view…Mike..LOL.) anyway… We were then being rushed………… by an impatient bus driver who wanted to get on the road……It was then time for the guys to start heading towards their next destination,…..So my friend and I were invited to breakfast with the guys, Jason insisted he ride with us… we headed down the freeway packed in my friends little tracker for forty five minutes following the bus…… her in front and Jason and I playing in the back seat….my friend insisted she MUST get a view of the hook so he whipped it out…..she practically killed us trying to take a picture of it while driving….. almost smashing into a cement wall….. but needless to say……that hook shot is a classic…!!!..and we actually lived to see it…. We then ended up at some out of the way restaurant next to a truck stop….at like four in the morning……Marq paid for our food and when we were done Jason and I headed back to the bus and of course I could not leave without saying good bye to the HOOK…so we once again headed to Jason’s "room" on the bus…..and well you know what happened next……who wouldn’t want to get hooked twice in one evening with a package like that your sure to be craving for more…….. Sincerely………. Hooks Little Hoe

Thanks for the report. Jason’s 20 Questions should be in any day now. He seems like a cool guy.

Let me tell you, I know for a fact that Rachel is not "totally faithfull". He is, however, one of the absolute nicest guys that I have hung out. I have gotten to know him very well, hung out with him several times. I can report that yes, he is married. His current wife is Donna. She used to go by the name Roxxi, which is probably the name she is thanked under on the album liner notes. I have met her twice and she is a very nice lady…..totally opposite of what you would expect Rachel to be with. I mean, she was the picture of sweet & innocent. Anyhow, back to Rachel, not only is he sinerley nice, he is very intellegent and so damn funny that he should be a friggin’ stand up comic! His wit is very dry and he really doesn’t open up to just everyone. I feel lucky that that i got to see his other side. He is so cool……and so sexy.

I heard that unlike their previous singer, all the Skid Row guys are cool and down to earth.

Hello Donna I recently read some dirt on Stet Howland (w.a.s.p.) in your recent Ho-Bag. The scene described by the Ho who wrote in describes a different person than the guy I spent many nights being entertained by, laughing WITH (and at) , and being pleased by! Now dont get me wrong, He Fucked me over, But I still Love him because its the only choice he gives you. I find it a bit hard to believe that he would be poking any of the beasts that Maine produces, nor do I believe he would be running around refering to himself as a "rock star". When he does those club gigs he acts primarily as a host. (and a very good one) He makes sure everyone (including himself) has a good time. And to even mention his mother? SHAME! Anyway, Yes I am a Ho, Yes I fucked him, Yes it was incredible as well as consistent! (two important factors) , Great toungue technique, Nice penis, around 7 1/2" Not huge, but with the perfect upward g-spot curve. (I had my first multiple orgasm riding it) Great kisser, hypnotic eyes, nice body. (6’1 or so). And the good part is, he’ll do you all night if he feels like it! There is always plenty of booze and drugs available. He buys breakfast in the morning, and even makes sure you have safe transport home! All in all a great night for any Ho.

HO-X (married now and trying to stay that way)

Stet didn’t answer our 20 Questions we sent him last year even though he came to us and kept saying, "I’m almost done." Oh well. Thanks for your report.

Donna, Hi. I’m not really much of a metal fan but I saw something about your website in Spin this month and thought I’d check it out. It’s hysterical! Very funny, very well done. The penis chart is awesome. Just wanted to let you know. I’ll probably stop by the site from time to time now. Keep up the good work!


The Spin article was huge and brought in a lot of people to the page. I got emails from a lot of people who had never been hear before and I want to thank everybody for writing in. I wasn’t exactly sure what the reaction was going to be when it came out, but it was all good, so I’m happy.

Hey, Donna! Love the site! I just felt compelled to write ya about Jonathan Davis; in case you haven’t heard, BUT PLEASE keep me ANONYMOUS! Jonathan is separated pending divorce. Renee & Jon were together for close to ten years; and it’s definitely messy. She’s suing for over half of his money. Sad, too, because he is a very nice guy. Well, I spoke my piece. Keep it comin’.

Ouch! Looks like he’s going to have more to cry about on Korn’s next CD. Especially when half his money goes bye bye.

Hey Donna, I read your Penis chart and you said Lars Ulrich was a hooded monk, meaning he’s uncircumcised, now personally I don’t see anything wrong with that. My friend told me you can’t get head if Your Circumcised, because there’s no feeling, and besides, only Jewish boys have to get Circumcised. And Circumcised dicks look so Gross. But my question is: What do you think is so wrong with Uncircumcised penises?

I don’t have a problem with uncircumcised penises at all. It’s all of matter of individual preference. But you do have your facts wrong. Many men have been circumcised for cultural or religious reasons. Most American men are circumcised regardless of religion. There are some people now a days that don’t circumcise their babies, but more often then not it’s the norm. And your comment that circumcised guys can’t get head is one of the stupidest things I’ve read. When a man is circumcised, neither his sensation of sex nor his ejaculatory control is affected. Both circumcised and uncircumcised men report the same degree of pleasure from sex. Circumcision has no known effect on sexual pleasure.

hey sweeite it’s D Rose from Erotic Suicide. i LOVE your column and your "penis reporting" stuff! it’s funny to hear all the gossip and dirt! :) i’m a HUGE fan of yours and i think you are the hottest thing ever to walk the earth!! i know you get that all the time but it is true!!

anyways, i would like to send you a copy of our album if there is an address to send it to so you will get it. i just did some pictures with my hair cut so i would like to send those to you as well. i can e mail them to you if ya want. it’s wierd haveing short hair but i love it now. go to our new site will be up soon ok, but check this out for now. do you have a website of your own? I WANT MORE OF YOU!!! let me know how your’e doing, and stay cool!! love and licks, D. Rose

Thanks, I think.

Our address is listed on the front of the page. That’s the place to send it too.


To answer the questions some women have asked about Tom Keifer. Sorry girls I had the pleaser of meeting Tom’s girlfriend Savannah. They both seem to be very much in love and devoted to each other. It is so good to see Tom so happy again. I just hope the new cd cinderella is working on , turns out to be a winner. because Tom and the guys deserve it. They are so good to thier fans and and truely love rock and roll. and are not in the business for the babes. they are one of the hardest working band in rock and roll, And they try hard to please the fans. I hope the future holds a lot sucess and alot of platitium cds for them.

A devoted Cinderella Fan

Everybody I talked to said that Cinderella sounded the best of all the bands on the Poison tour. Hopefully they’ll come out with a good album that’ll do better then what most Portrait bands end up doing.

Here is an email responding to a previous letter about Type O Negative’s Peter Steel.

donna, Hi love your penis chart, I would like to respond to the girl and I mean girl that was with Peter Steele sexually and called him a wierdo, If Peter like to get his nipples burned with cigarettes, where are the scares on his chest? the man has a beautiful body with not one flaw on it. as for handling his 11 inch penis no woman would have a problem handling that manly penis. I met him and found him to be very charming and masculine. I find it refreshing that he loves to satisfy the woman first, before himself. Has for him liking to have oral sex when the woman is on her period, if that makes him wierd. Then there are thousands of weird men in the world. and have you ever heard of a female condom. and if the man you want to have sex with has body order, how about a nice sensual shower together.I always take a shower with the man before sex. I think you are a little girl who doesn’t know how to please a man. You were with one of the most sexy and senual men in the world and you blew it cause you were inexperianced, and tried to make Peter look bad. the man is far from being weird, He is definitely one of a kind.I find him very sexy, manly, an a artistic genius, and very very senual. so do yourself a favor and buy a sex manual before you try to be with a real man again. Deborah

Hey Donna! Love the page. I read that someone wanted to know what Stephen Pearcy’s wife looks like. I have seen her in alot of Playboy magazines, she used to go by Melissa Regal. She is really hot! She has long reddish hair, she’s thin, she has natural tits, I think she’s about 25 years old. and frankly I dont see why the heck she is with him. She’s really pretty. I can probably dig up a photo of her, and scan one over to you since I collect Playboys, and besides, I like to see what those rockers get to bang. Thats all I know, hope I could help you out! Keep up the great work, Scott

Thanks for the info Scott. If you have a photo, send it in!

Here is an email from a European Sludgeaholic.

Arriba Bangers! Big cheers from Europe. Wouldn’t call myself a starfukkah, but if you’re working in the music biz you logically rather date musicians than bankers, right?! Think I’ll have to fill some of the holes (NO pun intended) left. Reader quessies first:

-Dani (Cradle of Filth): Pete Steele’s wiener seems bigger than the entire guy, but he’s been seen with a promo girl two heads bigger than him. Was nice enuff to hang with her after he’d bang with her. Easy to seduce if you look like Mortitia.

-Nuno Bettencourt: Still happily (?) married to Suze. Lives in Boston. Check out his homepage. Never fooled around & would even warn the other guys in the band not to dare touch me. Protective like a brother. Gary & Paul had to be rescued out of a Reeperbahn S/M club back in the days…more than words, haha.

-Zakk Wylde: How can you cheat when your wife is kinda your appendix? He used to ask for a shower together though when he was the new kid on the block.

-Europe: The Swedes enjoyed their big success back then in many ways, but with style. Would rather enjoy the company of pretty chicks both at parties & in bed, but tried to remain faithful in the sense that intercourse was not the norm.

Now over to more delicate infos:

-Steve West (Danger Danger): Really nice, relaxed guy not interested in growing up. Takes you by the hand, says HI to your daddy & then kisses you deep in a corner holding your face. And don’t we all love THAT?! The kiss was fair enuff. Very intense.

-Chris Caffery (Savatage): Can someone please tell Chris that his willy doesn’t get bigger the more girls he has? Compensation. Something so small has got to stand. Loves to please the woman, can get kinky. But this pinky thingy…

-Al Pitrelli (Megadeth/ex-Alice Cooper): Al is unhappily married & fools around as much as he can. Can be very friendly & attentive to ladies that don’t let him touch them but once he has the chick in the sack he might become abusive. Terribly unclean smally.

-John Lowery (M.Manson): Contradictory like a chick. Can be utterly cute & sweet as well as an ass. Wanted to sleep over at my place the first time I met him. Likes cuddling, hanging around, shopping. It’s true- he loves his cum obsessively, adores anything shaved & you for peeping at him coming. His dick looked & felt massive in the hands but didn’t live up to the expectations. Has a psychotic fear to impregnate a woman (he’s a loving father of two, yet divorced- but his sperm seems 2 be of high quality, lol) & is scared to hurt her feelings as well as his own-therefore he might try to get rid of you when you can’t stay with him for longer. Looks for classy women, petite with a nice ass. Used to live with a former fuck of Twiggy & gets smiled at for that by the other members. Oh, and Manson likes to show off with polaroids from his other starlets in the nude.

-Joey Gioeli (ex-Hardline): Now I know you’ve been dying to read from the Gioeli’s. Joey was the biggest slut & would screw anything that did not jump on a tree fast enuff. Average size. Enjoyed driving girls nuts by going to a party with one date & meeting the next there. THAT method caused that MTV chick to set herself on fire. Phew. He’s fat now so there’s the late, yet fair revenge.

-John Gioeli (ex-Hardline): Was called Jesus Christ Superstar due to trying to be faithful to the girl he’s been forever with but nobody’s perfect. Not him. That might say something for me. Typical Sicilian: average tail (Sicily is close to Africa I had hoped :D)- due to the seeming lack in experience he’s okay when banging you hard but not much of a magician. Veeery protective & likes the lady to believe he’s a true romantic. Enjoys telling you how much he loves you pleasing him (and that can last for hours with him watching ) but never expect the favor in return. A lil macho as you see.

-Jackyl/John Kalodner: Heyo, seems these boyz are a lil into orgy plays? The girls want Jackyl, Kalodner is a sucker for the girls & Jackyl need to keep a deal- who are the real sluts here? John loves to be a sugar daddy. Flies girls out to hang with him & Aerosmith, for instance. Oh, talking of them, Brad Whitford does have his lil slutties out there he tries to treat very well (sends presents etc.) but he’s too close to his children to actually leave home.

-Mike DiMeo (Riot): Another Italian with a thick dick. Unfortunately he’s also remained a teenage bopper. No gentleman. His passion quickly turns into a weird aggression. Begs to come in your face- keep on begging, Mike! Tsss.

Oh, and as okee as being politically incorrect is – from an outsider’s perspective the American tendency to be awfully shallow & obsessed with beauty tends to blossom in ugly shades. Take it like a lady Donna & carpe diem!

Thanks for writing!

For October 3, 2000





The Bobbie Brown 20 Questions can be found at  We save everything, so just open your eyes or use our Search Engine.  As for Korn, Jonathan Davis is married.  How’s that?

Hey Donna,

Saw your site mentioned in Spin and immediately went to check it out.  It’s awesome!  Any word on James Hetfield?  Lars is so gross, none of what your list said about him surprised me!  But it did make me laugh.



James is married as well, and I’ve never gotten any reports that he’s much of a bad boy.

It wouldn’t be a Ho-Bag without a Rikki Rockett email!

Hey Donna!

     I know that you probably get tons of e mails about Rikki Rockett but here is one more to add to your collection.  I would have sent this sooner if I had only known about yor site.  My brother was just sludged in your

last Hoe Bag and my cousin sent it to us.  By the way this is some cool shit!!!

    I went to see Poison this summer down south and as I was sitting in my seat waiting for Cinderella to come on some big guy with a deep voice comes up to me and says "Hello.. There is someone who would like to say Hi to you"

     "Really" I said if it is Fred Coury or anyone from Dokken I am not intrested."

     He said "In that case follow me."

     At this point I am thinking am I fucking crazy or what?  What thae hell am I doing?  I am escorted to this room back stage along with a friend. My friend was told to wait in the hall and I was escorted inside.

     Once I was inside I was told to have a seat and make myself comfortable.  I was offered a beverage and left alone.  Not more than 2 minutes went by and the door opened revealing fellow vegan and animal lover Rikki Rockett.  I tell ya no time was wasted the magnitizm in that room was thick.  I walked over pulled him in and shut the door.  He said "My you are not shy are you?"  I did not answere him I just got on my tip toes and kissed him.  I think he was a bit startled at first but in no time at all he was kissing me back and his hands were a wondering as were mine.

     In no time at all we were down to doing it.  Just about every position you could think of.  And I enjoyed every minute of it.  I tell ya we fucked and sucked until he had to go on stage.  durring the show he put me side stage  "so I would not go anywhere" and as soon as he was done he grabbed me and carried me right into the shower with him to continue where we left off.    

    Well we finished our business and dried off and went out so he could do his meet and greet.  Even though I have not talked to him since.  It will be a night that will stand out forever in my mind.     


Thanks for the email Rikki, I mean Tess. 

Rikki’s a good guy.  After reading his Dear Rockett column, it almost sounds like he knows what he’s talking about!

Here is an email for those that were asking about Disturbed.

I was backstage at Ozzfest this summer and I was told the biggest whores on the whole tour were Jerry Montano from the Deadlights and David from Disturbed.  Dave and I made out but nothing else because I’d heard what a

*busy* boy (5-10 girls a day) he was and I wanted no part of that.  He is rather charming and extremely sexy.   Personally, Dan (the guitarist) is the MAN.  I’d like to know some information on that hot piece of ass!  Fuzz (the

bassist) looks good too =)


I doubt he’s with 5 to 10 girls a day!  That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but he is a slut.  But has anybody ever seen that guy smile?  He always looks pissed off.  As for Fuzz and Dan, I haven’t heard anything.  

Here’s one more email on lead singer David.

Yup – he’s a slut… loves the women. Should be a mainstay on your page soon enough. Was a bad boy in Canada recently.



    Hey, I read your list, I must say, pretty awesome.

    No sorry I don’t have any dirt on anyone, but I was wondering, do any of these boy bands do the same as rock stars? If so, I’d like to see *wink wink*

    My favorite rockers are Mark Mcgrath and A.j. Popoff, so if you have anything else on them, I’d love to hear it!

    Keep up the good…um…work?



A. Jay’s on the Penis Chart and he’s got a big dick.  He also banged Christina Aguilera last Spring!  He’s a sweetheart and a really nice, sincere, guy.  He can be shy though.

Mark McGrath is also on the Penis Chart and has fucked Bobbie Brown.  

Donna this email is in regards to Dj Ashba of Beautiful Creatures. My name is Julie, and I recently met Dj at a Beautiful Creatures show in LA.  He was so great, he invited me to hang with him after show, so that is just what i did.  I headed off to some out of the way hotel where his band was staying.  I met up with Dj in the hall way and headed to his room.  We open the door and his room was packed with his friends and family. Not a good place to get to know each other "among family" if you know what I mean.

So anyways we spent the next hour or so, hopping from room to room, from hallway to hallway and even elevators trying to get away from the crowd.  So as a last resort we headed to the Managers room opened the door and there he was Jim (the manager).  He was on the phone, so we just sat on a chair in the corner. 

Then the manager left the room and said he would be right back, So what did we do?? we did what any normal

adult individuals who wanted to umm you know "get to know each other would do",  We locked the manager out

and got down to business literally, and what can I say now, that I didnt scream to him? talk about a package,

damn this boys’ package should be a model for men all over.

Talk about full-size it was sure to be a snug fit, and that it was! about nine inches of full size extra large pleasure, I was sure to come within minutes and that I did, it was the best spontaneous sex I have ever had, on a scale from 1 to 10 I give Dj a 10 plus bonus points for good measure, he is definately four stars and then some if his penis was a movie it would win an oscar.  Lets just say Dj, knows how to get the job done, talk about an orgasm, I think that was the ultimate orgasm to top all orgasms. and we did it all in ten minutes!

ok so that seems quick, well we were forced to hurry, Jim the manager was outside the door yelling "Dj? are you in there? I have to go to bed, you have 5 minutes!" so we took the 5 minutes and met our deadline, Dj was definately prompt in pleasing me he had me satisfied within 4 minutes of our given 5.  So we got up, got dressed and walked out the door, we both look over to see a distressed and tired looking Jim, in the corner of the hallway, so I say by nice meeting you jim, trying so hard not to laugh. 

I hope jim "the manager" had a nice nap in his sopping wet messy sheets all over the place, and blankets on

the floor bed. I know that I had a nice fun time making them that way!

sincerely, Julie

I have some sexual info about Jimmy Chamberlin, the drummer for the Smashing Pumpkins!  He has about a 5 inch dick with a wicked curve to it.  It will definitely hit your g-spot though.  He’ll fuck you like a jackhammer so hold on!  Good at oral sex but brags he is better than he is.  All in all he’s a good lay if you can handle the stench of stale alcohol.

hey, this site is pretty cool. im not one to see how long a dick is, but its interesting. and hey, your pretty hot yourself too! seriously, why are they interviewing all those porno stars, when they should be interviewing you? oh

well. and hey, do you have any pics of yourself? dont worry, im not some old greasy perv. im 20 and im a comic strip artist, just now professional. could you e-mail me some pics of you though? thanks alot,


The good thing about the Spin Magazine story is that I’m getting a lot of new people to the page.

The bad news is that I get a shitload of these emails now.  

Do you think just because I’m a chick I’m suppose to send out photos to any guy that asks?  I don’t hear about girls emailing Ozzy Stillbourne for photos.

Well at least I know if I’m ever looking for a guy, I know where to pick some up.

I really love your penis chart…. I have penis info on Dimebag & Rex Brown (Pantera).I gave Dimebag head in a restroom at a Ft Worth, Tx Bar called "Savvy’s"  in the 80’s. Back when they where still playing bars.He is about 5-6 inches.He’s had the same girlfriend since those days, which is probably way he has to be discrete & quick.——— I screwed Rex twice in the 80’s.He is also self-absorbed, his penis is also about 5-6" & not much "girth".

I loved what has been reported on Tommy Skeoch (Tesla). I have met him twice since Dec. 99′ him & Jeff Keiths have a new band called "Bar7"The first time I met him his new wife was by his side, so he was pleasant, but when they played  in Dallas, with L.A. Guns. After the show, when he stubbled out of the bus, ’cause he was so wasted. When I approached him for a pic., he was very straight up with what he was looking for. A blow job & He doesn’t like to hear no. He seems a bit unstable.

Would love to know the meat on Jeff Keith……

Tommy is a bit unstable.  Drugs will do that to you.

Dear Donna, 

I noticed in your last "Ho Bag" someone asked about David Lee Roth well I didn’t see this first hand but I did get this from a very reliable source, a friend of mine used work in the music biz (back in those days) anyway one night after a Van Halen show he was backstage and walked in on "Diamond Dave" and a line of about 20 girls wearing short skirts bent over while Dave went down the line sticking it to every girl as some guy lifted their skirts for easy access! I asked how many he actually saw Dave "stick it to" but he claims he was so shocked he left but, he did say he was at the beginning of the line. Now I have a question myself and if you can’t help me with this Donna, then nobody can! I heard a few years back that Stephen Pearcy from Ratt got married and I’m dying to see what Mrs. Pearcy looks like! Someone posted something about her being a model so you would think there would be picures of her somewhere, can you help me out? I know he’s a has been but it’s always interesting to see who all the guys from the 80’s ended up with!                                                                 



I think she was a Playboy newstand model before.  If anybody knows what she looks like, let me know.


  Hey, I sent you in the ICP/KMK info and all this wrestler stuff going on is really really funny! I was raised inside of the wrestling buisness, and used to be on the road with WCW until about a year ago. Wrestlers are fucking sluts, some not as bad as others but they still are, there will be one rat in the bar and 50 wrestlers chasin after her ass to run a train on her. Yeah there are some guys that are faithful to thier wives, but they are few and far between. Anyways, just cause your a fan of somebody doesn’t mean that thier perfect.

  On a side note though, if you like pain killers, wrestlers are the best guys to be around. They take them in bulk as soon as thier done with thier match/s, and they all sit around and share, trade, and snort them.

For September 21, 2000


I love your site!  I was wondering if you had any info on the guys in Disturbed?  Are they single, do they hook up girls, etc.  Every time I turn around I seem to see something on them and I really dig their new album.  I’m starting to get "stupified!"  Keep up the good work and stay down with the sickness!


I know that we are suppose to be doing 20 Questions with them, and I threw in some questions about their sex habits, so we’ll see if they answer them.  I don’t know off hand if any of them have girlfriends or not, but the word is the singer Dave is a slut.  If anybody has any info on the Disturbed guys, let me know.

Hey girlie!

Wanted to let you know how thoroughly entertaining your domain is, and add my slutty 2-cents…

1. Reb Beach (Winger/Dokken) – will tell you he’s married, but still pursue you.  Play with his hole, he’ll worship you.  Average all-around; shows respect, and doesn’t seem to be TOO much the player. Likes ’em young.

2. Chris Worley (Jackyl) Tall, lanky drummer = well-hung lover.  However, he’s very vanilla in his positions/skills.  Stranger yet, NEVER saw him without AT LEAST a tank top on – what’s he hiding?  Very polite, southern gentleman with an accent to die for.  Last I heard, though (’94), he still lived with his mother.

3. Erik Turner – will say ANYTHING to bed you.  About 6", focused mostly on himself.  Big into talking dirty.  Not real discreet, either – he’d introduce me to EVERYONE as his "Date", and did give out his real home

number.  Very smooth back in the day.  Haven’t seen him since he got married, so this is a bit of history.

4. Robbie Crane – First off, the nipple fetish is an UNDERSTATEMENT.  I wouldn’t say he has great girth, and it’s the color of the rest of his body, but he’s a pretty good lay.  He’ll go on and on about how much he loves to

go down, but really wasn’t all that.  I think he took lessons from the "Erik Turner School of Seduction", though.

5. Scott Mercado (Candlebox) – This was when I realized I’d taken the groupie thing WAY too far!  He’s a "little man" of about 5’4", and no whopper in the hopper.  He’s very affectionate, though, and flew me to many locales, including Seattle to shop for his house.  If asked, I still deny this one, though.

6. Bardi Martin (Candlebox) – An absolute doll!  Very polite, a little quiet.  Pretty good at pumping; average unit.  Really needed someone to take care of him – he loved to be held.  Super-intelligent and doesn’t forget a name or face. He’s now married and a History Teacher.

7. Steve Malone (Every Mother’s Nightmare) – Well-endowed (8" or so and good girth) and since he was 22 at the time, quite the animal. I know Turner and Crane are already on the "Long and Short of it", but I figured second/third/eighty-fifth opinions were always welcomed.    I’m retired from musicianizing, and have moved up to humping hockey players – ladies, THIS is the way to go!

Thanks for letting me delve into my quite-checkered sexual past –


I have a few girlfriends that are really into hockey players as well.  There are lots of hockey groupies out there.  Thanks for writing!

Here’s more emails on the Hardy Boyz saga.

Hey, Donna.

Yeah, I’m a guy.  No, I’m not chasing wrestlers around trying to fuck them. I just hang out at the hotel whenever they’re in town or whenever I go to one of the shows.

I will share with you what I know and break all those unwritten laws men have and whatnot…

After the Summerslam pay-per-view, not many people hung out in the lobby. Test, Edge, Christian, The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker (maybe because he was with his wife), the Hardys, and Lita all went up to their rooms almost immediately.  Matt and Lita were together and Jeff got there with a guy they used to work indy with.

Buh Buh Dudley, Saturn, Eddy Guererro, Brian Christopher, and the announce crew avoided the rats.  D-Von Dudley was the only one I saw pimping in the lobby and I’m pretty sure he hooked up with at least one woman that night. Most of the guys weren’t hanging around downstairs to look for something to fuck, but instead going straight up to their rooms.  I think the scene with the rats has really died down, at least in the WWF.  Everyone works so close together, everyone knows everyone, and it isn’t like a band where four or five guys are traveling with each other and playing every night and depending on each other to keep making money.  Some of these guys have heat with each other, some of them might even have morals.  Basically, a married wrestler messing with rats would probably get in trouble just like Bob Holly caught heat earlier this year for fucking Kathy Dingman while still married. The guys, especially the young single ones, are by no means innocent.  They aren’t saving themselves for anyone and they probably do mess around, but I would have to say it isn’t to the extent of Poison or Motley Crue in the 80’s.

Hi!!! First of all, I read how u said u were hesitant about putting the wrestler penis chart up… advice: I think you should go on and put it up. Also, about those girls who think they know Matt and Jeff’s sex life: How can they say that? They don’t have cameras that show where they are 24/7. Also, that is seriously screwed up how they can call those girls whores when they know damn well if Jeff was tryin to do them, they’d on their back with legs in the air with quickness. But why does it matter? I don’t  care who they do, as long as they still wrestle good, I’ll be an XTreme Hardy fan…………


i read something about Jeff Hardy.  I happen to know for FACT that he isn’t into the groupie scene. He’s very faithful to his girlfriend, and he’s very busy on the road, so he probably wouldn’t have time for it.  I’ve read so many stories, but you can tell that they’re untrue because of how they talk about it. It’s all basically just a fantasy.  That’s all for now!



Donna, my friend pointed me towards the metal sludge site, and I would just like to say that your site rocks!  With that out of the way, I am a hardcore wrestling fan, in fact Jeff and Matt Hardy are my favorites!  I read what you said about people taking it personally, and I agree.  However, they need to get over it!  I would love to see a wrestling penis chart!  This may sound stupid, but I live through these stories somehow.  I mean I am never gonna get to meet these guys, and I put myself in their places.  I know somebody has to relate.  It’s like I want to be a groupie, but just don’t have the guts.  I might be the only one, but I have no problem hearing about people’s wrestling experiences, even they’re fake, the make for good entertainment!    So for all you uptight, narrow minded, no need to be over-protective because you don’t really know them, clueless wrestling fans, don’t ruin it for the people who want to read this stuff.  Don’t be offended by that, but geez, maybe these chicks are talking about when the wrestlers first came out.  Did ya ever think of that?

Ok, I’ll work on the Wrestler Penis Chart, but lets get off the Matt & Jeff Hardy gossip for now.  

Hey Donna, I love your Ho Bag section.. However, do you have any information at all on the guys from Dope?  Like would it be possible to put them on your "Long and Short of it all" list??  I searched through your previous Ho Bags and I didn’t see anything on the guys from Dope so I was wondering if you had any info on them, and some info. On Uranium 235 and Godhead as well.  Any info. will be appreciated.  thanks :)


I haven’t gotten any word on the Dope guys, but we do have 20 Questions coming up with Edsel Dope.  I don’t remember if I contributed any questions to that interview or not, so I’m not sure if we asked any sex questions.  Usually all the sex questions in 20 Questions are from me!

Hey Donna!

First off your site kicks major ass, but I’ve got some knowledge that someone asked for about the Kottonmouth

Kings and Shaggy2Dope from the Insane Clown Posse.

First off KMK

 My boyfriends on tour with KMK so I’ve chilled with them a whole rack of times. KMK smoke herb like crazy,

they don’t smoke any bullshit weed either, they grow thier own hydro-cronic amazing one hit your gone shit, They will do almost any drug you can put on the table. They’ve done a whole rack of Ecstasy and in turn it’s made them really moody and half ass depressed, it does that to all people but it’s hit them hard as fuck. When thier in a good mood though thier really fun to chill with and smoke with. When it comes to fucking them, if you want D-Loc you basically have no chance in hell, his girl Aimee goes on tour with him. All the other guys are open but really really picky and are REALLY into girl/girl shit. I’ve had numerous friends that have fucked with the KMK guys and none of them had anything bad to say about thier preformances.

Now onto ICP

 According to the Kottonmouth guys ICP hardly ever get any ass, thier willing to hit some but can’t never get any. From my experiances chillen with them I can understand why, thier straight up stupid, thier always screaming (it’s like thier way of talking), they’ll just bust out into a wrestling match anywhere for any reason, they are ALWAYS making fun of someone usually someone thier with, they won’t take showers right after the show, they do it the next morning so thier covered in Faygo all night, J moons EVERYONE, they call EVERYONE bitch, they get really paranoid about people seeing them with out thier makeup on, when someone does that they don’t know very well they get all pissed off and run off and whine like bitches. One of my friends fucked Shaggy one of the nights I’ve chilled with him and she said he wasn’t all that great, average size, and he’s a major "minute man". I don’t know anyone that has fucked J but he’s probally just as bad as Shaggy. O yeah ICP don’t do drugs and only drink on occasion (well like once a week), thier into drinking cough syrip, taking pain killers, Tylenol PM’s, straight up over-the-counter crack-heads ICP are a whole lot of fun to chill with you just have a high tolerance for thier utter stupidity, thier really funny guys, thier somewhat embarassing to go out in public with (for the reasons I mentioned


Hope somebody can use this info…

Now that’s good info.  Plenty of interesting details and such.  Thanks for the email!

Hi Donna,

I found your web site called the "Long & Short of It".  I’m interested in knowing more about Rachel Bolan #8 on your list of Skid Row who’s currently touring with KISS.  Do you know anything more about him and the women in his life?  Does he have anyone with him on the road or anything?  I heard that he was married.  Is he?  Please let me know if you have any recent news on him and the woman (or women) he’s involved with.  I’m dying to know more about his love life.



Last I heard Rachel was married to a girl named Donna!  Cool name.  I’ve never heard much about him getting around, so he’s probably pretty faithful.

Hey Donna,

I love your web page! My buddy Kelly and I laughed our asses off when we read it, Especially about Vince Neil (you’d think some of Tommy’s Skills would rub off on the guy!) Well neither one of us can give you any information on any rock guys, we’ve basically only hooked up with guys from local bands but if any of them make it big you’ll definitely get a email from us. We also have a request for some information. If you have any dirty

tales on Jason Newstead and/or Kirk Hammett of Metallica we would be so grateful for putting them up on your web site. Thanks again for the best web page we’ve ever come across.


Thanks!  I never have heard anything on Jason, and not much on Kirk other than he’s a little fruity and looks like Carlos Santana.

Hi Donna,

My experience was with Peter Steele of Type O Negative.  I noticed that you already HAD him up there, but the girl didn’t get into details.


The man is hung like rhino, no getting around that (literally). It’s HUGE, I’d say it’s about 11 inches long and thick. He’s very proud of it. But, since he doesn’t like rubbers, he’d rather beat off with a groupie than fuck

her. He tried to talk me into riding bareback, which shocked the shit out of me. He kept saying that he was clean, he was safe (yeah, right!) but I said, "NO WAY!" so he backed down. There was no real sex, but lots of other things. He’s really weird, too. He’s an absolute bottom, total sub. He loves getting yelled at and being told what a "bad boy" he is. I could barely keep a straight face. He likes to grovel, and gets way off on having cigarettes put

out on his his nipples and chest. He doesn’t like getting head (who could swallow that thing, anyway?) but he adores going down on a girl, ESPECIALLY if she’s having her period. Just telling him that you have your period is a guaranteed visit to the bus, or his hotel room. I had my period…..imagine sitting on a belt sander. It was something like 2 hours before I could get him to stop. And those fangs fucking HURT!  He also gets off on burning things, like a girl’s clothing. I lost one of my favorite sets of panties and bra to the pyro. He loves talking dirty, but it’s almost like a little kid’s version of talking dirty, so it sounds really funny. He says things like "hiney" and "tittie" and he has this obsession with bathroom fuctions. I didn’t want to find out how far that went (GROSS!).

He told me that he hates his groupies, has no respect for them, thinks they’re all filthy whores and he loves using them. This was before he asked me to go back to his hotel room of course. I did notice that I got the bum’s rush after he’d jerked off twice, snorted a lot of coke, and drank almost 4 bottles of cheap wine. He was really bummed out when I told him that I don’t do coke.

He seemed like a nice enough guy at first, but WOW, what a weirdo!!!!



NOTE TO SELF:  Avoid Peter Steele!

This email is on Joe Leste’s new band Beautiful Creatures.

o.k. Heres the deal I was lucky enough to get front row seats and backstage passes for the Kiss show at Pine Knob last night and I just want to say that the show kicked ass!!  Ive never seen anything cooler than Gene Simmons standing above you drooling.  My gawd when he licked my fingers I thought I was going to die but what did I do I liked my finger and then sucked it clean!  When I looked up I noticed Gene nodding and smiling in approval. WOW!!!! O.k. so the kiss show was great and afterwards I went back stage with my nifty little VIP pass and hung out with Skid Row and Beautiful Creatures  they both were really cool.  I tell ya the rhythm guitar of Beautiful Creatures had my eye all night long and we flirted on and off.  Well at the end of the night he and one of the other guys invited us back to the hotel to hang out.  So we figured what the hell.  This was my chance to get to

know Anthony (at this point I was intent on being a good little girl)  but as the night went on we started kissing and soon we were alone in his room I belive our lucky number was 339. Anyway one thing starts leading to another and the next thing I know he’s pulling his willie out of his leather pants!  My eyes must have been bugging because he said "What?"  I told him I did not think it would fit.  Well we finally got it to fit and let me just say 1) Anthony is great at oral!  2) he did not expect it in return  3) he was concerned about my comfort both emotional and physical  3) He shags like a rabit in heat  about 2 hours and 10 orgasms later he finally came!  When it was all

over we cuddled and watched T.V. and talked about everything under the sun until we fell asleep.  Anthony Fox  You can shag me anytime you want…   Hey can I like be your beck on call girl??????  oh for the long and short of it  here ya go——   Anthony is about 81/2 -9 inches and thick. I could not put my pointer finger and thumb completely around it!!  He is cut and comletely shaved!  

Beautiful Creatures doesn’t even have a CD out yet and they are already getting good reviews, both on stage and off!

I knew sooner or later somebody would send me this horrible info!

Hey Donna!

I just stumbled across your colomn today, and I’ve got to tell you —

you fucking *rock*.

I damn near laughed my ass off reading about all the so-called rock studs.  Gotta tell ya, though, a friend of mine did Mick Mars… apparently, he wasn’t bad.  About average length and width, and passable.  Surprising for such an old guy, really — and I don’t mind telling you I still wanna barf when she brings it up.

Thanx for the new bookmark.  =)

Why would somebody admit that?  That would be like me admitting I put peanut butter on my clit and let my dog lick it off.  Not that I do that!  I was just using that as an example.  I don’t put peanut butter on my clit and have the dog lick it off.  That was just a joke.

I use Kibble N Bits, of course!

Seriously, fucking Mick Mars must be a curiosity thing.  Whoever your friend is has is more of a woman than I am!

Gotta say you must have some pile of helpers to have the pages you do.. I’m an old school (wayyyyy old, not quite Monkees tho’) rock chick and I still think David Lee Roth is my dream guy, so the more sludge I can see on him the happier I’ll be…just wish I could meet the man. (hey, if what you have posted is true i’d  give him enemas or share him with another guy… hell, I’d use a strap -on for him 😉 ) Anybody know how to contact him? Fuck it, just give him my e-mail address! Also wanted to say… the pics… Come on people! Do you think Donna Anderson is this person’s real name too? I guess they just look at a blond with long hair and big tits and that’s as far as it goes. That’s why I am a redhead…

Love the page, and just a measuring tip… the most reliable way to get consistent measurements is when they are hard, lay your hand along the top and press your fingertips right to the pubic bone. You can do this while stroking a guy and they love the way it feels, so they don’t notice you are "sizing them up." If you happen to carry flavoured body paints as a toy you can dot on a bit where head meets arm (or palm in some cases) and use a ruler later 😉

Thanks for a great site :)


Hi Donna! Love your Domain! My question is, how big is Tommy Lee’s cock?? People say he’s HUGE!, but to be frank I don’t think he’s big! Slightly above average maybe? And average size is 5-6 inches.  Maybe it’s just the camera makes his ding-dong look smaller? I’m TRIPPIN’ about this, cause I’m honestly 9 3/8 inches and I don’t enjoy porn enless its with BIG GUYS! like 9+. Can you help me?


What?  You are trippin on something if you don’t think Tommy’s got a big cock.  I don’t have Tommy’s exact measurements on hand, but he’s big.  Go find yourself a guy with a big cock and don’t worry about what Tommy has in his pants.  

For September 9, 2000

In the last Ho-Bag I mentioned that I didn’t know what Matt Cameron was up to and I got about 100 emails letting me know.

Hi Donna,

I read in your new Ho-Bag that someone wanted to know what Matt Cameron is up to. He is in a band called Wellwater Conspiracy with Ben Shepherd (ex-Soundgarden) and John Paul McBain (ex-Monster Magnet). They have two albums out now, but only places like CDnow generally carry them. They sound NOTHING like Soundgarden or Magnet, but more like a ’60s acid-rock band. Good stuff though.

Just came across your Matt Cameron section of your Ho-Bag–

he was on Pearl Jam’s last album, _Binaural_ and I believe he’s touring w/them this summer.  He’s also playing on tracks from Geddy Lee’s upcoming solo album, _My Favorite Headache_.

Take care,


You guys better be joking!

Matt Cameron is with Pearl Jam for more than 2 years now, and is married to a woman called April who played viola on some track in PJ’s latest album.

They also have a band together and do have at least one kid. And it is totally not gross to think he is hot, HE IS HOT, ok, if you have a problem with that, he is at least the coolest guy around and is not a slut,

never was. A great guy

As I’ve said before on the page I’m not really up on my Pearl Jam.  Sorry.  So for those who wanted to know, now you do.

Hey Donna,love the site! Time to spill some beans on Jerry Dixon. To begin with,the thing between his leggs is just pitiful. I met him a few months ago and he did seem really nice and he is good looking,but after reading all the

shit on Sludge I wasn’t really sure I wanted to be with him. He does kiss ok and wasn’t fat at all in fact his body was smokin,but the sausage was burnt. I couldn’t believe it was that small,oh well. I’m not just saying this

because he blew me off or anything like that,because he didn’t,I just think it’s funny.

I have to disagree with what someone said about Mike Tramp. He was totally sweet and not rude at all.He does have a hairy back though and shaves only one arm,I guess he likes his ink to show.

What dirt can you tell us on CJ Snare or Michael Foster from Firehouse,there is never anything on these guys?

I also had the pleasure of meeting Brett Michaels not to long ago. He had tons of women all around him back at the hotel. He would be in the bathroom with some chick and leave and go in the hallway to be with another. The hat never came off either.

Bret could stand on a beach in the middle of a hurricane and his hat wouldn’t come off.  I think that thing is glued to his head!  

CJ Snare is married and will be doing 20 Questions with us soon.

2 questions from the same chick.

Any gossip on Eminem?

PS Your column Kicks Ass!

PPS You are so Beautiful!

Thanks so much


Yeah, he’s white, he’s getting a divorce, he wants to be underground but he’s on TRL every 2 minutes, and he has had sex with Kendra Jade.  He also has a big cock!

This may be a stupid question but what are ROAST BEEF LIPS?

Thanks From


I don’t recall ever using that term on my page, but I believe that would be another word for pussy.

Dear Lovely and Most Awesome Donna,

I read that email from the chick who supposedly banged Mick Mars. She said he’s as hung as Tommy, etc.  Well, I used to be friends with a rock slut who really did fuck him, way back on the Girls Girls Girls tour. From what she

said, his dick is more like a cocktail weenie than Tommy’s horn! She said he moved like an old fuck and just sort of pumped away at her like his joints and back were all stiff and shit.

He told her he would have "gone downtown", he didn’t wanna deal with the hassle of taking out his dentures and then soaking them again.

He offered to buy her dinner, though, since he was able to get a senior citizens discount at a nearby restaurant.

There ya have it, the truth from one of the only women slutty enough to admit to banging Mick Mars!

You Rule, Donna!

That email is more believable than the one saying Mick is hung like Tommy Lee!

First off I want to start by telling that girl who wrote in about Rikki that Rikki is a great fuck so be careful or you may have to stop and catch your breath.  Also as for the big question on Bret.  I have seen him hanging around with some little blonde chick at a few shows.  To respond to the circumsizing issue.  I know that the following are    Rikki Rockett, Bret Michaels, Bobby Dall, Stu Simone, Jason "Hook" Grinstead (Bullet boys), Lonnie Vencent, Vince Neil, Sebastian Bach, and Blas Elias are all cut.  Hope this was enlightning for you.   Oh by the way love sight.  And if you want to see pics of the infamous Rikkis Little Girl I found them on an AOL homepage.

I would say more often than not any rockers you hook up with will be circumcised.

Hi, saw yr domain on metalsludge, what a great site! I did a bit of groupie-ing myself back in Phoenix AZ in the early 1970s, I see things haven’t changed much. (My big scores were with guys from the Kinks & Bad Company, among others. Well, it WAS Phoenix!)
  You seem to have good info on your groupie chart, but I am wondering whatever happened to the third leg of the LA triumvirate of Sable Starr and Lori Lightning. I mean their one-named buddie, Queenie, whom no one seemed to write about. (Can’t remember if Pamela d-B mentioned her in Book 1.) Any chance you folks could do some research and come up with her whereabouts? Just curious! – Lisa

I’m not up on my old school groupies, so I suggest you go over to where you can get more info there.

Here’s some Slipknot info for those of you who were wondering.

Hey, I was just reading over your "Ho-Bag" and one girl asked about the members of Slipknot.  I persoanlly have never slept with any member, but two of my friends were with Joey (the drummer) and Corey (the vocalist).  Suposedly Joey is one cheezy little man, try’s to be cunning but in fact is just a little sleaze.  Anyways he’s small, likes getting oral sex but wasn’t into giving and yes he does cheat on his 17- 18 year old girl friend from Kittie though when he’s around her its ALL about her.  As for Corey I know hes engaged now but I dont know if he was with my friend before or after this happened, anyways she said he was about 8 inches, likes getting and giving oral sex and know what to do while he’s down on a girl. And he can go forever.   

Hey, I was really bored surfing ALL through the net and ending up browsing through some of your site.

I saw the post from someone asking about Wayne Static and would like to inform you that he ISN’T a slut, doesn’t take in groupies, and…how else could I say it…the girl asking about him should give it up, because he’s not into that stuff…He’s been with his girlfriend for a long time and goes to see her quite often…either that or she’ll come with them for a few shows…

After a show and signing autographs he goes to the tour bus and usually goes to sleep, if he doesn’t do that, he’ll watch a movie or eat something…

Just letting you know because he’s a friend of mine and I don’t want any false shit to get started about him.


Singer from DIE SECTION

Cool, thanks for the email!

Dear Donna,

I am writing this in regards to BULLETBOYS Marq Torien.  Marq is an asshole, he at first started out pretty cool, I met him before a particular show and he invited me to hang with him after the show. Cool I thought i get to hang out with a famous rockstar. So i thought to my self well he is sorta cute in a wierd off appealing sorta way…. so i thought what the hell, i have nothing better to do, and i was sorta in the mood for an interesting fuck. So the show went on , and when it was over I met marq at the bus,  as wewere getting ready to board a gentlemen most likely in his mid to late twenties shouted to marq very nicely, Marq Torien, I am a huge fan may i please have

your autograph?  And to his dissapointment Marq replied in these exact harsh words " Whoa! Back off buddy " how hypocritical i thought, seeing that Marq had just got done saying during his show how important his fans are to him ummm obviously not seeing that he has none left, maybe if he would be a little nicer, what a prick!! but the slut in me took over and i still boarded the tour bus, in which i saw lonnie with two nasty bitches all over him. I guess he is getting pretty desperate at his old age, but now back to Marq, Marq is an overisized, concieted, fruity,small dicked man.  His penis is very small indeed, i thought i was sucking a chiclet, and he is so much a

fag, its no wonder i was not surprised when he asked me if he could enter me through my back door (if you get my drift), he was the worst fuck i have ever had,  smooth up in ya thats a joke, maybe if i had hair on my chest and

was manly he would have lasted longer, oh well what did i expect from a bulletboy?

Sounds like a typical encounter with Marq.  I can’t say I’ve ever heard good things about him.  I thought he was cool back in 1989, but something happened along the way and now he just acts too bizarre for me on stage.

Here’s more email on Matt & Jeff Hardy. 

Hello Donna,

     Your site is awesome! I have been wanting to write in for so long, only i really didn’t have a subject to talk about. Well, it seems now i have one.  Wow !  What a bunch of stories these people are telling about the Hardy Boys! I read the letters about these girls, and a guy??  I believe it was signed Andrew??? Claiming to have slept with Matt and Jeff?? I just had to laugh at these letters! Just so you know and sorry to bust EVERYONE’S  fantasy’s on this but, since i do have connections into the WWF and other close personal sources with the Hardys, I must tell you that  the letters your receiving about the Hardyz are complete and utter lies.  And also, Jeff Hardy has been dating a girl back in his home state of North Carolina who he cares about very much. As for Matt, no he’s not dating Lita, Lita happens to be dating someone else who is a good friend of the Hardys. Matt as far as i know to this day is still the ONLY single Hardy. Believe me when i tell you Donna, these letters are not true at ALL. I mean the people who write this garbage can go ahead and write back, which i’m sure they will , and call me every name in the book. Call me a liar,  but come on you KNOW that what your claiming DID NOT happen, you

WISH it did. Matt and Jeff are great guys and don’t need to be talked about like this. Thanks for letting me rant Donna and take care of yourself! I can’t wait to see your article in Spin.

Oh! Before i go let me clear up one thing that may get asked – No i am NOT claiming to be Jeff Hardy’s girlfriend. The fact is, i’m not his girlfriend, I WISH i was. You can all read for yourselves in the October issue of  WWF magazine that Jeff does indeed have someone special in his life. And no it’s not YOU either.  

Take Care!

– V

i have something to say about this hardy boys nonsense.  why did some guy named andrew say that shit about jeff?  and i have to agree with the first chick, the boyz have way to much class than to sleep with these whores.  and besides i happen to hear that jeff is in a relationship now, so i doubt it if these girls are really telling the truth !!  anyway, i love ur site!!!!!

This is exactly why I hesitant to put up a Wrestler Penis Chart because I’m going to get tons of emails from hardcore wrestling fans saying, "so and so never has sex, blah blah blah."  If you say something about a wrestler a lot of fans take that shit personal and I really don’t want to be bothered with all the hatemail.  As you can tell with this thing about the Hardy Boyz.  Girls, I’m sure the Hardy Boyz aren’t virgins and nobody said they were sluts and hooking up with whores.  Somebody just said they once had sex with them and now everybody is getting all stressed about it.  The bottom line is guys are guys.  I don’t know if that email was legit or even when that encountered happened, but Matt and Jeff aren’t monks so get over it already.

For September 2, 2000

Here’s an email from one of the girls that was apart of the Motley show.





Thanks for the email Amanda!  Anytime you have some info you wanna pass along, send it in!

In the 2 years I’ve been doing Donna’s Domain, I have never gotten an email from somebody saying they fucked Mick Mars…until now!!!

I DID IT!!!! AND I HAVE THE BALLS TO ADMIT IT!!!!  MICK MARS IS THE GREATEST FUCK I’VE EVER HAD!!!!   I do not see why everyone is wiggin about his hair and about him looking old..  I  just got back from the show in Detroit.  I made my way backstage and asked right off for Mick.  I’ve always kinda had a

thing for him  so I figured this is my one and only chance to get the goods.  so here you go Micks cock is huge.  about as big as Tommy mabey a little bigger.  And does he know how to use that tool. I’ve almost lost my voice

from screaming.   He is also great at oral and respected me when I told him that giving head was not my bag.  We exchanged phone numbers and e mail addys. and yes it was the real phone number too. I tried it when I got in the

car!!  Well there it is I FUCKED MICK MARS AND HAD THE BALLS TO ADMIT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO FUCK YOU!  


Somehow I think I would have heard about Mick having a bigger dick than Tommy!  You are either

A:  Lying

B:  Blind

C:  All of the above

He’s probably a nice guy, but he’s not packing more than Tommy!  And get some glasses!

dear metal sludge

last night i went to the power to the people tour in george, washington… i drove 5 hours from portland just to go and see my favorite rock n roll drummer, Rikki Rockett…. upon arrival, i picked up my Club Rockett passes

and watched the show… it was amazing. Cinderella kicked MAJOR ass and Poison had more energy than i have EVER seen at any rock show… i was blown away!

then i finally got to meet Rikki… ive had a crush on this guy for about 13 years… no joke and i almost couldnt go through with meeting him, i was so nervous… but he quickly made me feel at ease and i started to feel quite

comfortable around him…..i even told him about my long time crush… we talked about the Sludge diary and I even met John, the security guy and actually started going off on him for bringing Rikki such psycho women… 

Rikki just laiughed..

we then posed for a couple photos and Rikki gave me the surprise of my life, not to mention the best thing he could have give me at that moment… i looked up at him to say thanks for the photo, can we take another… when

looked right at me and bam, kissed me….

i was so stunned and so so so so so happy, i barely noticed that my friend mary had taken a photo of the moment (but im so glad she did….)  anyhow, it seemed like an eternity but probably didnt last longer than a minute… and

all i can say without going too much into detail is that, i can definately vouch for the fact that Rikki is a DAMN good kisser…
he even gave me a second kiss before we left… i think i melted into a puddle of myself that night… anyhow, i thought i would share my pictures with the Sludge…. and if you could get them to Rikki, that’d be sweet too.



Michelle aka Rikki Sixx

I’m sorry but I never got any pictures along with your email.  Send em again and I’ll put them up with your email.

Here are the 876th and 877th emails on Blas & Lexi.

If Blas really is engaged to Lexi I’ll be shocked!  But on the other hand, maybe it is true.  She is such a stupid ass, she’ll fall for anything.

I screwed Blas about four times last year and twice this year, and I think she was his "girlfriend" the entire time!!

She thinks he’s faithful.  But he thinks she is a sweet, innocent angel, which is also ridiculously false.  She’s conniving and bitchy, which results in her having very few female friends.  She’s nice to your face then turns

around and bad mouths you.  I have this from a reliable source!!!

Just wanted to put an end to the never-ending, PLEASE STOP writing on the subject of asinine Slaughter…Can’t these people drop this subject already?? Can I say the LAST word?  As for the FINAL account of the Lexi

"saga"…she is from Atlanta, moved to Vegas with another friend with whom she shares an apartment & she cocktails at Treasure Island (so when all of her fans go to Vegas- you can go see her there and say hello- okay???)  She has SWORN her move to Vegas was NOT to chase Blas.  When I met her a few months ago, she said that everyone thinks her whole reason for moving was to follow Blas, but they no longer date.  She does share mutual friends, so who knows- furthermore who even Cares?!?!?! Who knows if that is even the truth?

I am just reporting what she said to me since I have grown so entirely sick of this Lexi/Blas scenario.   As for her appearance, she is a pretty girl with long, brownish-blonde hair, average but not knock-out.  I don’t understand everyone’s "obsession" with Lexi, Blas & the entire Slaughter subject.  Blas is NOT engaged to ANYONE…I can’t figure out where this story comes from either.  He’s got a helluva lot of fiancees out there he doesn’t even know about- he probably has to read this page to see who they are.  Oh wait, Blas can’t read, that’s right. Blas is dumb- that is true, but he isn’t sadistic and evil like Dana.  Strum is the King of Scum and I’ve never met a single person who has a good word to say about him.  Blando actually is a nice guy,  fun to hang out with, but he’s got a serious girlfriend he lives with in FL.  He enjoys his "rock-star" image and what it can get him, likes hanging out with pretty girls and always acts totally cool to them.                  

This band totally sucks- always has- and it’s time they gave it up once and for all- just like all the emails about them. Okay- so THAT is the Blas & Lexi story-at least from her side of it –  will everyone please shut up now? Won’t Slaughter EVER go away???? Anyway…just had to speak my mind…thanks.  Love your page… hope someday people realize you AREN’T pictured on your banner.  It’s truly amazing the number of morons in this world…must be the same ones writing about Slaughter.

I’ll agree and say I’m sick of Lexi & Blas as well.  The fact is Blas is banging just as many chicks as always and nothing has changed.  He’s a slut.  He has many chicks and that’s just the way it is.

Donna, call me stupid but how in the hell do you measure someone’s dick?  If your with someone, do you say stop, let me get the dicker scale out and size you up before hand.  

Ok, you’re stupid.  How’s that?

Actually, you just take your hand and place your hand along side it.  Then later on you can measure you hand to get a general idea how big his cock is.  You shouldn’t be obvious about it, but there are plenty of slick little way to do that without the guy really knowing.

Hey Donna, Love your penis chart.  What is the info on Paul Stanley?  I’ve read a couple items saying he is gay, is this true?

I’ve never seen Paul suck a cock, but there have been reports of Paul being with guys for over a decade now.  He is married and does have a kid, but that might not mean he doesn’t like a little cock on the side.  Who knows?  I will say that I don’t know any straight men that would dance around on stage and grab their own ass and suck their finger.

I adore your section!I have a bit of a request..I’m wondering if you know any information on any of the members of Kottonmouth Kings and/or Shaggy2Dope from ICP.

Stay Sassy,


The Kottonmouth Kings smoke mad, mad, mad amounts of crazy pot.  That’s all I really know about them.  Being that they are constantly stoned, I’m thinking they are probably mellow guys off stage.  As for Shaggy, I heard he has two sons, but he’s not married and definitely is down for hitting mad crazy skins. (Ebonics mode turned off)

just curious…

i LOVE your site, but have you heard anything about pakelika or brad from kottonmouth kings???  

See above.  I do know that Brad use to be in a band called the Humble God and that Pakelika just wonders around on stage smoking pot, but that’s about it.

Hey Donna…how’s it going? Congrads on your little plug at CDNow! I was just wondering, and you’ll probably think I’m completely insane and gross for wondering (as all my friends have told me), but what’s up with the

Soundgarden drummer, Matt Cameron? Is he married, single, a slut or what? I was never really into Soundgarden but I always thought Matt was totally hot in a weird sort of way. I have no idea why. So if you or anybody has any info on him whatsoever, please tell me. Like I said, he may be married and everyone could know it but me, but I never followed Soundgarden. Thanks!


I was never really into Soundgarden myself so I don’t exactly know.  In fact I have no idea what he is even doing.  If anybody knows, send it in!

I noticed you were missing info on one Bulletboys member, Lonnie Vencent. I have to tell all the ladies out there to not waste their time. He kisses like shit and last about 2 okay maybe 3 seconds, one word for him……..BORING!!!!

Everytime I’ve seen in him public he looks stoned and has no idea where he is.  I think he’s one to stay away from.

I hope that a ‘long and short of wrestling’ chart shows up soon. There are some WCW guys that I’ve been wondering about for a while. Great idea for a site, keep it goin’!

I promise I’ll get to it this month!  I swear!

hey u know anything about chris jericho?he has a band called fozzy osbourn.and he’s in the wwf.if u dont,what about other wwf wrestlers?

I know that Jericho is doing a Rewind with us this month.  I also know he was married in July and is now off the market.  Sorry ladies!

Hey Donna

First i wanna say i love your site Donna,  it really rocks and your mail always cracks me up…until now. I just had to write to you, i really want to rip this chick who "supposedly" slept with Jeff Hardy a new asshole. Sorry sweetheart being a hardcore follower of the Hardy Boyz i can tell you both Matt and Jeff have alot of respect and wouldn’t even give your sleazy ass a second look. I have alot of respect for the Hardy Boys, when people like you come along and write about Jeff and say that kinda bullshit about him that really pisses me off. Yeah man, wrestlers party hard but there are also those who aren’t like the rest of the dogs out there. Unless you have some hardcore proof like a sperm sample then i suggest you shut your hole before you piss alot of Jeff fans off like myself. And no sorry i’m not jealous i’ve met Jeff enough times to know he’s a sweetheart and wouldn’t want to sleep with dirty scumbags like yourself. Well, i’ feel better now, and sorry about that Donna.  Take care and keep up the good work on the site! 

Settle down.  Who said the chick was sleazy?  She just said she hooked up with Jeff Hardy.  They might be nice guys, but they are still guys!!  Never underestimate the sleaziness of a guy!  In fact, here’s another email on a chick being with the Hardy Boyz.

Hi Donna,

First off,I have to say..Metal Sludge rules,and so do you,Donna!My sister has a computer,and she introduced me to the joys of your site(I am using her PC now…she’s gonna kill me,this is her email!!…lol)

Anyway I was just reading through Donnas Ho-Bag Volume 5,and came across a little tidbit about Jeff Hardy of the WWF.I had to laugh,because from what I went through,Jeff certainly does enjoy oral sex.Especially when he is on the recieving end.My sister and I met the Hardyz and other wrestlers on a recent holiday,when we were lucky enough to be at a taping of Smackdown.

My sister got along famously with Matt Hardy(apparently he really IS the big brother),and well,let me say that Jeff really knows how to use his tongue.From the moment we met,he couldn’t keep his eyes off me.I was out in the the carpark of the arena,leaning on my motorbike,talking to my sister,when Matt and Jeff came by.They stopped to talk to her,and Jeff kept giving me this look.

Well,to cut a long story short,I’ll let you know that Jeff is definetely NOT lacking in the size department.His cock is a good eight inches,and thick as hell.

And he tastes soooo sweet.



See, these are young guys who are single and enjoying their fame.  After putting their bodies on the line like they do, I think they deserve a little TLC.  Speaking of the Hardy Bozy, here’s another one!

Hey, First off I love your site! It’s so funny. I was reading awhile down though and a chick posted some really really inaccurate stuff about Jeff Hardy. I’ve been with Jeff on several occasions, She was right about the average size. The not liking oral sex thing, YEAH FUCKING RIGHT! He loves giving and recieving. The shaving his whole body thing… What the fuck is she talking about? You can just look at him and tell he doesn’t.  Anyways though, he’s got excellent rhythm, you don’t even have to ask him to wear a condom, he just does, all in all in bed I give him an 8.  If you want to get to him or his brother though, you have to make sure Lita *Amy Dumas* isn’t around, they clame nothings going on there but she gets pissed. Jeff’s a great guy though, even if you don’t want to fuck him, you should chill with him, he’s really fun to chill and get fucked up with.

   Now onto ECW stars, Kid Kash and Justin Credible, nothing to special, Me and my best friend have had both and we both give them a 5. Average sized, decent rhythm, will wear a condom if asked. The problem with Justin

is his wife likes to call alot and check up on him, so thats really annoying. Thier really cool guys though, fun to kick back with, but not really all that good of a lay.


The reason you get so pissed off when people, either mistake you for the ho’s on your domain or want to see a picture of you, is probably because you are a big, fat skank.  But, I do enjoy the "skinny" on all of these


Hmm, no, that’s not it.  It’s because people are stupid and don’t read.  Anybody who has read my Ho-Bags should know that I’ve answered the question as to who is on my banner a million times.  Plus I would think that people would be able to tell that those are 3 different girls up there, especially considering the Donna D’Errico photo is the same one we used in her 20 Questions.  And since none of us at Sludge reveal much about ourselves, why would I post a photo?  People don’t email Jani Bon Neil or Ozzy Stillbourne and ask for nude photo.  People need to think more before they send in stupid emails.

I was wondering if anybody knew anything of Nikki Sixx or Donna D’Errico cheating on each other.  I have never heard Nikki of cheating nor Donna…they seem like a cool happy couple.  Which is good…either way I hope they are faithful to each other cuz they seem to be one of the few cool celebs out there.

You haven’t heard of them cheating on each other because they don’t.  Quit trying to start trouble!




Okay, thanks.

This is on Sevendust’s Lajon Witherspoon.


I dated Lajon for 2 years waaaay back when he was a leaching, couch hopping jobless musician and he’s so not huge. The myth isn’t true.  Little, skinny dick goes with his tiny body but he at least does now how to use it. He definitely is full of himself. Napolianic complex!

I enjoyed reading "The Long and Short of it" You’re comments crack me up.

I only have 2 guys on this list and I don’t plan on adding anymore.  Actually there is one guy you could add to this from Double Drive who’s awesome in bed.

But are they even a well known enough band to qualify? the drummer Mike Froedge. He’s a slut but he’s a great lay and he likes to snuggle after and in the morning. But he’s persistant as shit… now he calls all the time for

sex… a little too pushy. Haven’t called him back yet. It was a thrill of the chase… chase is over. 😉

Anyway… thanks for the insight.

Take care,



I just read your interview from Kerrang on your site and have to ask you: what makes groupies so much better than musicians in the world of rock?  Not saying that alot of musicians/rock stars aren’t LOSERS but there seem to be some decent ones like Richie Sambora, Frankie Banalli, Nikki Sixx, Joe Perry and Mark Slaughter(which you guys pitch him shit for being pussy whipped but atleast he isn’t slutting around)  Now I realize they are the minority and I was actually shocked to find out Tom Hamilton’s a slut but maybe he and his wife have somekind of agreement because I think he’s been married to the same gal since the 70’s.  Getting back to my point, you said you’d never marry a musician/rock star.  Well what makes you think ALL guys out here would want to marry a groupie or former groupie?  I sure as hell wouldn’t.  Besides, you don’t have to be in a band to be a slut.  I know plenty of people who are just ordinary and complete sluts.

What are you rambling about?  I don’t expect any of these guys to marry me.  I was just asked a question and I gave my answer.   I never said I was better than anyone, so please try to pay attention next time.

how about you make a chart with chicks? that would be cool.  by the way, your current charts are very entertaining.

What type of chart would you like?  A height chart, a weight chart, a tit chart, an ass chart, etc?  A chick chart would probably be the biggest waste of time since Slaughter’s last CD came out.  Considering there aren’t that many female rockers and rating dicks is a little easier than rating a chicks pussy.  Go get a Playboy and entertain yourself that way, junior.

Donna hayloo! i was just curious if you or any other groupies have had a shag with any of the gents in Slipknot? And do they measure up?


I haven’t heard a thing about Slikpknot, but I’d give credit to any chick brave enough to find out!

Hey, Donna.

I have a new edition for the ho bag. I went to see "Stet Howland & Friends" (WASP must be really raking in the dough) at a club in Maine in June.  He hit on me, and I’m a Ho so I went along with it.  I’ve gotta mention that he and his "friends" sounded like shit because Stet was so drunk he was falling all over the place.  Also people were laughing at him because he was walking around the bar referring to himself as a rock star.  He even introduced me to his mother, who should have been hiding in a hotel room somewhere out of shame.

Anyway, Stet doesn’t feel that condoms are a necessary accessory (I disagree, of course), and once he whipped it out he forwarned me that his "cock is huge" and that I shouldn’t be scared, he’d be gentle.  It was all I could do not to laugh in his face.  I’ve seen bigger bazookas on cartoon characters.  It was like fucking a gorilla, all hairy and sweaty.  Lame at best. 

I left the next morning feeling like I’d been playing in a mud puddle.  One word in closing, Ewwwwwwwwwww.


He also emailed us for months saying he was going to send back his 20 Questions but he was too lame to do so.

Hey Donna~

Love your site, it’s excellent! Keep "up" the good work on the penis chart.  Speaking of which, I really need some info. Recently I’ve become obsessed with Wayne Static from Static-X, and I was wondering if ANYONE has ANY info about him. I think he’s fucking sexy, and I just need something, anything, to satiate my curiosity. If you could help, I’d be forever grateful.

HEY, I read someone fucked Jeff Hardy.. lucky broad.. he’s another one I could sink my teeth into. Anyway, thanks again, Donna!


I haven’t heard word one on Wayne Static, but if anybody has any info, you know what to do with it.

Hi Donna,     

I love your website and the Penis Chart is totally side-splitting!  My friends and I have non-stop laughs about it since we have been fans of most of the people on the list for like 11 years (we are now 21 yrs. old).  Needless to say that when the big groupie vibe was going on we were only babies!  Now we are all grown up and are ready to seriously rock!  I have a huge interest in Skid Row’s Rachel Bolan.  He is seriously talented and way too sexy for his own good.  I know that he is married.  Aside from what you have already posted about him(see the Penis Chart), do you have any other info on him? 

Keep up the good work, 


All the info I have on rockers are generally posted.  So what you see is what you get.  I haven’t gotten any emails on Rachel at all while they’ve been out with Kiss, so he’s either being a good boy or he’s very discreet!

Love your sight by the way! I have a question for you , Is Bret Michaels faithful to is girlfriend Kristy? I would love any info on him ~ Thanx!

Well to be honest, I haven’t gotten any reports of Bret being a bad boy all this Summer.  He has been known to get around in the past and did have some chicks on the side, but I don’t know if he’s still hooking up with other women.  Kristy did give birth to his daughter this Spring so maybe he’s being a good dad right now.  

Hi Donna:

I just discovered the Metal Sludge site and I totally LOVE IT!!!! I’m so impressed that you have the balls to give up the goods on these hot rockers.  Your "Long & Short of It" list is the best. I’ve been looking for info like

this for a long time. It’s so cool that you’ve provided this area to us chicks who always wondered whether these guys rocked as hard between the sheets as they do on the stage. I have just one minor request. Could the chicks who give up the goods on these guys include whether or not the guy is circumcized in their descriptions of cocks. I know that there are reports that guys like Lars Ulrich & Art Alexakis are "hooded monks" but I’d like to know the dirt on all of the guys whether they’re cut or uncut. I know that it’s just a minor point to most but there’s just something about knowing that one bit of info that really gets me off. So maybe in the future reports on these guys we could have that bit of info included too. By the way I’m sure that everyone is emailing you about Evan Seinfelds rather impressive display on OZ a couple of weeks back. I guess the reports about this guy having a big (CIRCUMCIZED) cock are absolutely true. That thing looked like a garden hose, WOW!!! Thanks a lot Donna for the page, you rule!!

All my best,


Evan does have a big cock and if you are a chick, he’ll probably show it to you without second thought.  I think for the most part, most of the guys on the penis chart are circumcised unless stated otherwise.  But I try to include that info more often.  Thanx!

Lustfully Yours,

Donna Anderson  



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