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DONNA'S HO-BAG Volume One 9/1/98 – 5/4/99



Volume One

9/1/98 – 5/4/99

Hey everybody, what’s going on? Welcome to my Ho-Bag, which is were I post some of the mail that I get and answer your questions.

"Donna, How about telling us girls which rockers we should defeniatley make wear a condom??"

How about ALL OF THEM!!! That’s a stupid fucking question. You realize how many girls these guys have been with? You don’t know who they’ve fucked before you. Not only might they be fucking the town groupie who fucks every band that comes to town, they could be fucking the town junkie who shoots up with unclean needles. She might not even be a groupie, just a junkie who has HIV, so you can never be too safe. I’m surprised more rock stars haven’t come down with HIV, and God forbid one of them does, cause if that happens a lot of rock stars will be headed to the clinic the very next day to get tested. It could spread like wildfire, cause a lot of girls go from band to band. Some girls go from Blas to Vince to Jani to Bret to Pearcy, and the whole time they don’t use condoms. Well if any of them have HIV or some other STD, it just got transmitted to everyone else that was fucked. For you really stupid chicks out there, I’ll give you an example, and my sample disease will be HIV.

A girl loves Slaughter and she fucks Blas. Blas has HIV, so she ends up getting infected with HIV.
Now Motley comes to town. She likes Motley, so she bones Vince. Now Vince is fucked with HIV. Now every chick he fucks will get HIV. Vince fucks a chick and then that chicks fucks Mick Mars (the chick was blind). Now poor old Mick has HIV. But he never fucks anyone, so basically we don’t have to worry about him spreading it.
Now Warrant comes to town. Little Ms. HIV loves Warrant, so she bangs Jerry Dixon. Now Down Boy Jerry will really be down cause he has HIV and he’ll spread it to the girls he fucks. Then his wife will get it, and she’ll spread it to all the guys she fucks while Jerry is on the road.
Etc, Etc, Etc. You can see how easy it would be to spread HIV or any other STD.

Get it?

Now Blas, Vince or Jerry DON’T have HIV, at least that I know of. I was only using them as an example, so don’t start spreading rumors. And of course Mick Mars doesn’t have HIV, cause who wants to fuck him. But think about how many chicks Vince Neil has fucked. Thousands and thousands. Do you know each girls sexual history that Vince fucked? Fuck, Vince doesn’t even know that. Just because your not gay doesn’t mean you can’t get HIV or some other nasty disease. So far most of the rock community has been lucky, but that could change at anytime. If you plan on hooking up with a rock star and you don’t use condoms, your an idiot and deserve to get whatever you get.

"I know a lot of people have already told stories about Blas (how do i tie my shoes again?) Elias, but here is one more! I was "with" Mr. Potted Plant not too long ago, and Donna’s penis chart is fairly accurate. He is a nice, comfortable size, but i beg to differ with the HUGE statement. He does put in some effort, and does like to slam women with everything he’s got, but he is rather…simple in his technique. Nothing too memorable. He makes decent noises (maybe he is gonna be in one of Dana’s Pornos! HAHA) and he seems to make you feel like he is into it, however, mostly for himself. I don’t quite believe the statement that was made about the pictures because i don’t think he could actually work a camera if he tried! One last note: GIRLS if you are looking for someone who is intelligent and can carry on a conversation above third grade level and make you feel like a woman, trust me, the earth will not move! If you are looking for a hard fuck with some pretty hair attatched and nothing more, Brain boy is your man!"

I’ve heard a lot of stories that sound similar to this. Some say he’s great, others say he doesn’t live up to the hype. Either way, he’s still having a good time, and at least he can get it up!

"Dearest Donna,
I was wondering–since Lars Ulrich is on your "size" chart—does he cheat on his wife? Not that I’d be shocked, of course.

"Jon Bon Jovi: Wow, what a male slut!! Holy shit, this guy really gets around. He was "supposed" to be faithful to Dorothea, wonder what happened to that?! Ego the size of New Jersey and beyond. Rather chauvenistic. Nice and courteous enough–he opened doors for me, etc. Average-size cock. Loved receiving oral favors, not dispersing them…although he did with me, he just wasn’t very good. LOL! 😉 He was better at the intercourse…great rhythm, had a huge stash of multi-colored condoms (and wore 2 at my request), very sensuous. Liked to talk a lot during it. I saw him a couple of times in Toronto.

Richie Sambora: VERY well-hung. Heather did all right by dumping Tommy for this one! 😉 At the time, he was drinking a lot, but he never became abusive or nasty–just funny. Into oral big-time. Will go down on a girl for hours if she so pleases. Very into treating women well. Can go all night and then some. He can last for up to 45 minutes without coming, then he naps for 15 minutes and is right back again. Loves to moan and whisper sensual things into your ear. GREAT with the nitty-gritty. Like his buddy Jon, he had plenty of condoms available. Great rhythm. Liked to play soft music in the background during. A real cuddler and a sweetheart. Bought me many a dinner and cute little sexy trinkets, something no one else was into. When you’re with him, all that matters is YOU–whether or not he’s sacking every girl between here and Jersey! ;)"

I’ve heard all about Richie, he’s really a cool guy. Heather has a way of hooking up with guys who are well hung. She has good radar! Jon seems like he’d be cool, but does seem like he could be full of himself.

Here’s 2 letters on David Lee Roth that I found at Groupie Central that I thought belonged in the Ho-Bag.

"I met Dave when he was hanging around with Gene Simmons in LA in…1980? 81? One of those damn years! Gene introduced us and while I thought he was sort of humorous, I was a little put-off by
his LOUD funnybone. David was so arrogant. He had 3 blonde strippers with him and was hollering something about his devotion to Ben Gazzari (The "Godfather" of Rock-n-Roll, owner of Gazzari’s on the Strip–in case anyone doesn’t remember him). Anyway, he placed a very tempting (NOT!) offer on the table to me to join him and the blondes in his room "later." Twilight Zone time! No, I didn’t go. I heard he was swinging both ways these days–my son saw him in NY awhile ago, smoking "something" in Manhattan. Some things never change–Diamond Dave, according to Taylor, was also seen with a lovely, well-built man who may have been his bodyguard–just a little FYI. LOL!"

"I was never intimate with any of the guys in Van Halen but one groupie friend I know kind of toured with the band in the early ’80s. She slept with David Lee Roth several times and she said he was definitely a stud & a big male slut. I’ve heard stories that Dave swings both ways if you know what I mean. I started hearing more and more of those bisexual stories about Dave in the ’90s, and it sounds like that he started to play more for the "other team" when his career began in a serious decline. But back in the days when Van Halen ruled, Dave was defnitely very heterosexual, from what I heard."

"Donna what do you know about Jesse Camp??"

Jesse Camp is about 18 and as smart as a bag of rocks. But from what I’ve heard he’s a genuinely nice guy. I was him at the Rainbow last Summer and he really acts like he does on TV. I thought, or hoped, that it was an act, but it doesn’t seem to be. He like 10 feet tall and very skinny, but I bet he’s hung. I didn’t find out though.

Here’s some emails on Kid Rock that I got in.

"Just wanted to let you know that Kid Rock’s girlfriend is none other than a porn star who happens to be Jody Watley’s sister. Now, you can’t buy a better story than that. Doubt me? There’s a photo spread of them going around! Check it! signed, Anonymous"

"Kid Rock — To answer Donna Anderson’s question, he apparently has the skills. I saw some Polaroids of a scene he got into with a bunch of porn actresses in Colorado Springs earlier this year — he was, ahem, "hangin’" just fine. Not an unusually massive tool, but a serviceable and user friendly number which appeared to rise to the occasion. Kid’s real name is Bob and he’s pretty cool, but very skinny. The remark I heard him make about his porn star adventure was "What am I supposed to fantasize about now? Goats?"

"Hey, Donna:
I’m dying for dish on the Aerosmith boys–particularly sex god Joe Perry. He’s not a big guy so there’s no telling how he’s hung, but DAMN! He always reminded me of the kinda guy who works at a garage; he rolls out from under some car all sweaty and greasy wearing a white tank with his hair in a ponytail, and looks at you smouldering as he says he’s still working on it… then one thing leads to another and you end up working on HIM in the back of the shop–whoohoo! Anyhoo, enough fantasy. He’s old enough to be my dad, but that’s quite alright. Any old schoolers who might have some scoop on "Mr. Style"??

Joe looks great for his age! I’m sure some people have the scoop of Joe, so send it in!

have you heard any gossip on Kid Rock? I recently saw him live and boy is he a hottie! Now I know he is not a "metal" star per se, but I’m sure someone out there has some dirt on his abilities (or inablilities) in the sack. If the rumors I’ve heard are true, he is quite the get around boy so there has to be some dirt out there. Thanks. Love your column btw – I have a couple stories of my own to add, but will have to send them when I have more time!"

Actually, I know a little bit about Kid Rock. He toured with Ice Cube back around 1990, so he’s been around for a while, yet he’s only 28 or so. He’ll also be on Tommy Lee’s solo album, whenever that gets released. Rock has a little boy and raps on stage with a midget named Joe C. He is known for being quite a slut. I don’t have any measurements to add, yet! If anybody knows anything about this pimp, let me know.

"Well, I had the "pleasure" of Mr. Elias–I say that only because he tried to cajole me into a threesome with another lady. I didn’t take him up on the one. He is fairly good in bed, he wasn’t quite creative enough for me. I like a little S & M–maybe some scarves, something like handcuffs–I love taking the upper hand. He was a little too vanilla for me. He was into snapping Polaroids of me sprawled on the hotel bed. That was as kinky as Blas became. Only slept with him once.
I did have Mark Slaughter in 1991. He was cute. Very much a little boy in bed–liked to HOLD ME afterwards, imagine the chivalry!! 😉 He got into the scarf idea. I tied him (loosely) to his bedposts. It was a darling little four-poster bed, very adequate for my needs that night. I was a little disappointed in his abilities with the nitty-gritty–and he wasn’t into giving oral, merely receiving. You’d think a lead singer would have a little rhythm!! He lacked in that department.
My friend did Dana Strum–yuck. Supposedly, he smells and is a real jerk. She was not impressed. She did have three-way sex with Mark at one time, however–and her story of Mark’s abilities was different than mine."

Mark in a three way! I think those are Days Gone By, pardon the lame Slaughter pun. Go figure Dana being a jerk! What a surprise. Any girl that fucks Dana deserves to get a year long yeast infection. I wonder how many threesomes Blas has been involved with? He bangs more chicks in one day that a lot of guys bang all year. I’ve never heard of him being into Polaroids, but I don’t doubt it.

Speaking of someone into Polaroids, here’s a funny story on Gene Simmons.

"Hi Again Donna,
Speaking of your section (hey, beautiful new banner!), I’d like to let you know how I was LMAO when I read the comment of this girl who had Gene Simmons of KISS. To understand that you must know that a good friend of mine who is a huge KISS fan just returned from the European KISS tour, she had followed the band all over Germany plus some shows in the Netherlands and in London.
After the first show in Berlin she met the band at their hotel, and she spent a nice evening with
them at the hotel lobby. She’s not into the groupie thing. Nor am I btw, but I really enjoy those stories and being a free lance part time concert photographer I see quite alot what happens to other people when I join a band on tour.
Anyways, my friend chatted for about two hours with her hero, Paul, and he also advised his tour manager to make sure she’d get free tickets for all the following German shows. It worked really well, whereever she went (9 shows or so) she had her guest tickets waiting for her. So that was cool of Paul!
One afternoon, I can’t remember in which town, she was waiting for her new friends of the support band "Buck Cherry" in a snack bar near the hotel, ’cause they had no bar in the lobby of that hotel. Then one of the two personal managers for the KISS band saw her there. He recognized her and asked her if she wanted to meet the band. Well, sure she wanted to and followed him to the hotel, through the lobby and straight into the elevator. There he said to her "Gene wants to see you". She answered "Well, as long as he only wants to talk…". You must know, she’s pretty naive…heh…
They arrived in the cellar where they had some VIP lounges and stuff. The manager opened a door and she entered the room. First thing she saw was a huge bed in the middle of the room. Gene was sitting on the bed, wearing a bath robe. My friend said her blood immediately vanished into her toes. She only managed to say "I’m afraid you picked the wrong girl", turned round and rushed out of the room. Gene didn’t even have the chance to answer.
The manager guy followed her and reached her again in the elevator, where he said "Hey, I’m sure he only wanted to talk". Well, as I said, my friend *is* naive, but not *that* naive! I bet that hasn’t happened to Mr. Simmons that often before, whaddayathink?! Since I told her that at Metal Sludge another girl had almost exactly the same story to tell about her experience with Gene, of course she’s very curious now about your site.
I gotta go now, but I’ll think about some more stories that I can tell you. Oh, BTW, in case it might interest you, Gary Cherone is not gay. But I admit that his VH stage antics are feeding that rumor. If you need a source for this I could quote some email comments of his twin brother Greg. Greg Cherone once even freaked out on the Cherone discussion group at when some DLR fans couldn’t stop calling Gary a fag, and he just replied "You know what, my brother probably had more pussy in his life than you guys had sleep." That made them shut up for a while…;-)
I’d appreciate any info or gossip about the Black Crowes guys, looks like I’ll be joining their tour with Aerosmith in June over here. I have read that bit about Steve Gorman, sounds nice, but what about the other guys? I really love their new CD and cant wait to see them live.
Anyways, Happy Easter to you and the rest of the bunch, keep up the good thing! You made me a Sludgeaholic!"

Thanks for letter! That’s a good story! I’d imagine Gene doesn’t get refused that often, yet I do know of some girls who have turned him down. Everybody strikes out sooner or later.

"Dear Donna,
I think I’m going to die…your long & short of it, plus the Ho-Bag & gossip, have me fuckin rolling! As far as I can tell, you’ve got the goods right:
I’ve been tracking from the other side of the fence (I’m a bi guy… shhh, don’t tell anybody heh heh) for a few years… which brings me to some good gossip:

Taime Downe? Heard that he used to run both sides of the fence until he became well known ~ pretty good source for that; by the way, there’s some good rumors as to how he came up with cash for Faster Pussycat’s initial base tracks.

Bobby Dall? Believe it or not, I’ve only heard that he’s straight… would’ve put cash money against that bet.

Warrant? I think you’ve said it all ~ jives with everything I’ve heard, too…

Sebastian Bach? He’s the Straightest Man Alive, let me point that out FIRST, so he doesn’t chase me down and shoot me… BUT an ex-gf had him many moons ago, and claims him to be huge; it took me awhile and a fair amount of, um, trade (which I didn’t mind heh heh), but I have the pic to prove it…

Steven Tyler? Heard that in days gone by he was a SERIOUS freak, but that’s from sources that’ve been stewing in vodka since that time… and it was before I was around to verify, so who knows? I’m working on getting a copy of a pic of him, circa 1978 (judging by Joey Kramer, whos in the background, still having his hair): I’ve seen the pic, and although it’s respectable, Stevie ain’t sporting no "Big Ten Inch"…

Btw, just out of curiosity, do any of your readers have stories on a bass player named Dave "Tal" Tallarico (probably not his given name, SURPRISE) that played with Jezebelle on the strip in the late ’80’s/early ’90’s?

Anyway, keep slayin’ and layin’ ’em, babe. I’ll be here for the long haul for sure. A killer site!


Thanxs Groovedog, I’ve always wanted a gay friend! Well, your bi, that’s close enough! Anyways, please send the nude photo of Bach to me ASAP! I’ve also heard some stories about how Taime use to make money back in the day. Thanks for the info, maybe you could be our bi correspondent. Keep us informed.

"Hey Miss Donna,
You posted someone’s questions about Bobby Dall and Rikki Rocket–I can maybe add a little more here. I was with Bobby a few times in ’87/’88. Fairly smart guy, knows when to be serious and when to play. Very picky about his groupies–the younger and more exotic looking, the better, but he would make slight exceptions. Excellent kisser. LOVED to have his hair brushed and played with. He has a "Telescope dick"–doesn’t get in the way when he doesn’t need it but when he does, it’s a little bigger than average. Pretty good staying power. Wanted me to play with his back entrance, but I was too young and repressed at the time to oblige him. Had also heard that he was bi, but never saw any concrete evidence. Had a really fucked personality for a while from doing too much coke but heard he’s been clean for a while. Once he got engaged he started acting really whipped–he wouldn’t even let a female friend of mine kiss his cheek for fear of Missy seeing lipstick on him. Another friend of mine claims to have slept with him after he was married, but again, no real proof.
As for Rikki Rocket, I heard from a very reliable source that he has herpes."

A telescope dick! I never heard that one before, I’ll have to remember that. And I’m sure Rikki Rockett isn
‘t alone in the herpes department. Probably more than half of the Metal Edge poster boys either have or have had some sort of VD along the way. Isn’t that reassuring?

I read your advice about a approaching a rocker. I have some questions maybe you can give me advice on!
1)If you like the rocker how long do you wait to screw them?
2) Do you call them or wait for them to pursue you?
3) If you do sleep with them, should you leave first thing the next day?
4) How do you know if they like you or are interested?"

Is this a joke? Ok, I’ll answer your questions.
1. You should wait exactly 32 1/2 hours before you decide to screw a rocker. It has to be specifically at that time or it just won’t work out!! How can I answer that question? It depends on who you are. If you want to fuck them right away, go ahead. They’ll appreciate you not making them have to wait.
2. Again, this depends. Everybody is different and there is no right answer. Treat them like you’d treat any other dude.
3. Yes, leave the first thing the next day and make sure you take their wallet as well! I have no idea. Depends on the dude. Why don’t you just ask?
4. Well, if you fuck them, that might be a clue they are interested in you. If they talk to you and say they want to spend time with you, then that’s probably a good indication. If they blow you off, they aren’t into you.

Okay, I know you already have Rikki Rockett listed in your "Long & Short" – but there have to be more stories out there about him! Come on! Fill me in…I’ve been curious about him – and Bobby Dall – for years! (However, since Bobby’s been married for YEARS now – no one seems to have much to say about him!)"

The only thing I’ve heard about Bobby Dall is that plays for both teams, if you know what I mean. I heard that he’s been with guys before, but that was along time ago. I don’t know any stories other than that.

"Hey Diva!=)
I have two questions for you. First question: I’m going to be starting at UCLA in the fall, and I was wondering if you could give me the lowdown on all the cool clubs I should hit. Second question: You seem to have had your share of ‘rock stars’, and I was wondering if you could give me a couple pointers as to how to get their attention? Where I live, there haven’t really been any rock shows (worth seeing) to come around, so I’ve never had the chance to talk with any of the guys that I’ve been lusting after. There are a couple particular guys I’ve always wanted to ‘get to know better’, and I just KNOW that I’ll finally get to meet them in CA!;) It’s not that I’m looking to be the next Mrs. of either one of these guys, it’s just that I’m a little on the shy side when initially approaching anyone as gorgeous as these two are, and was wondering if you could give me some advice. Thanx!!"

As far as what clubs to go to in L.A., the first thing that comes to mind is The Rainbow Bar & Grill. The weekends are always a good time to go there. Be careful though, you might see Lemmy! It also depends on what your looking to do. If you want to stalk celebrities, try the SkyBar, which is atop the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset. Guns N Roses, Hole, and Poison use to stay at the Mondrian Hotel. But not everybody gets into the Sky Bar. Same thing with The Viper Room, which is also on Sunset. You might also try the Dragonfly on Santa Monica Boulevard.
To answer your second question, try taking off your top and walking around the club topless. That should probably get their attention. If you don’t want to do that, then I simply suggest just walking up to whoever it is your into and telling them you’ll suck their cock for a free beer. No, just kidding, just walk up to them and say that you like their band and that you just moved into town. Ask them what cool rock clubs to go to, or if there are any big shows coming to town, etc. Tell them you’ve always wanted to meet them but you lived in a small town, you know, anything along those lines. Guys that are in bands aren’t shy, so if you just introduce yourself, they’ll generally take it from there, providing your not a cyclops with only one eye. But then most rock guys will still probably try and pick you up. Be friendly and dress to impress, and you shouldn’t have any problem. From my experience, rock guys like shy girls cause they don’t constantly open their mouth and bug them.

"Hey Donna!
I read a while back that you were suppose to do a 20 questions. Well, here’s mine: have you ever been w/ the "biggest slut in rock"? (meaning Blas) If so, details!!

You are correct. I was suppose to answer the first 20 Questions that the Sludgeaholics sent in. But you know what? You all let me down and didn’t send in one fucking question! We gave it 2 weeks and no questions came in! For the first time in my life I got stood up! So you don’t deserve an answer cause your like my period, late! But I will say this, "who hasn’t kissed Blas?"

"Hey donna I wanna hear some dirt on any of those Ratt boys"

Ok, first and foremost, Robbie Crane is a slut. But we’ve gone over him already. Stephen Pearcy is suppose to have a big cock, but then it was rumored that he put socks in his pants. As for Warren and Bobby, I haven’t heard anything. If anybody knows, send it in!


That’s great! No, not that it’s about Gene Simmons, I mean it’s great that isn’t about Stefan Adika! But that is a good Gene story. I bet he does know how to use his dick, cause rumor has it that Gene has fucked a few groupies in his time. I know that sounds hard to believe, but that’s what I heard. He sounds like a gentlemen, and I do hear he has a thing for cookies. Gene would be a good sugar daddy, and if he likes you, you’ll probably get some gifts out of the deal!

Ok, this Stefan Adika thing has exploded, so here’s how I’m laying this out. The first letter here is the first one we got and has the picture of Stef kissing a "Jenny lookalike." Then after that is each reply or response from various individuals. So all the new stuff will be at the bottom of the first letter. Scroll down to see the new stuff. Got it? Good. Buckle your seatbelts for this one!

1st Letter, Sent 3/5/99

>>"Regarding Donna’s email about me having a small dick and being a bad lay, number one, I ain’t gonna be fuckin’ no inbreds in the midwest with no teeth.<< comments from the *devastatingly brilliant* Stefan Adika.

Dear Donna,
I was having a hard time seeing all of the Sludge on Stefan Adika, and holding my tongue. Everyone else in L.A. Guns is cool as hell, and I didn’t want to run the risk of possibly offending them…BUT….Who the hell does this guy think he IS? I’m sure this is the most press he has ever had and all, but it is apparently going straight to his head. His 20 questions session and his retarted posts on the Gossip board pretty much killed any chance of him being "accepted" by L.A. Guns fans. Regarding his "20 Questions" it is blatantly apparent he had someone "help" him with it, I assure you he is nowhere near as witty as his awnsers suggest. He was definatly coached. ..Are we really to believe that he did this on his own? No fucking way! Just take a look at his responses to the questions, and then compare it to the verbal nonsense emanating from his keyboard on the Gossip Board. The discrepancies in spelling, grammar and punctuation are more than apparent. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deduce that. He is one step below a Slaughter fan in the smarts department. Damn I.P. numbers! Haha!!
I wonder who turns his computer on for him. Anyway..all this talk about him loving his wife is making me want to puke. Funny when meeting girls out of town he not only "forgets" he is married, he lies about it. And since no one has ever HEARD of him…..they are none the wiser. I deserve to be wearing the "dunce cap" for even letting that dork kiss me, let alone giving him my phone number. Whew! When the alcohol wore off, and he was calling me collect from god knows where every day and night for awhile…I was never so glad I owned an answering machine! He SAID he wanted to "stir things up", so I didn’t figure he’d mind another spoon in the pot….All in fun, right Stefan? Here’s a picture of myself and Stefan. Not bad for an "inbred", huh?"

HEY, THAT’S ME!! Just kidding. This is great, an actual picture! I need more of this. Lets get some more pictures on here! If you have a picture of yourself kissing or having sex with a rock dude, send it to me. Maybe I’ll start a photo section.
So it looks like Stefan was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Well, he is married to an ex-porn star, so maybe she doesn’t care if he cheats. Who knows, but the picture is dated 11-6-98. I applaud you for coming forward and submitting a picture. But rumor has it that Stefan is really kissing TRACII GUNS! That’s Tracii in a blond wig! Once again, Tracii Guns has been exposed wearing a wig, and this time, he’s making out with Stefan Adika. I bet he fooled Johnny Crypt into quiting the band so he could get his "boy" Stefan in the band. Now I don’t have proof of this yet, but if I discover this to be true, you’ll hear it here first.
You are correct about Stefan not typing the answers to the 20 Questions. Gideon, that guy that runs the Electronic Gypsy, typed up Stefan’s answers, and now I see why! He said he typed it word for word as Stefan told it to him. We told Gideon not to help him with any of the questions or bastard boy floyd would stalk him down. Gideon says he didn’t, but this also remains a mystery. This is getting to be like the Kennedy assassination. One day, the answers will come out.

Here’s the first email in defense of Stefan.

2nd Letter, Sent 3/7/99

My name is H Cherryhomes. I am writing in defense of Stefan Adika. You see, I was the tour manager for Gilby Clarke and Stefan was playing bass on that tour which billed Gilby and L.A. Guns. I would first like to preface my comments regarding the photo you printed of Stefan kissing the ‘Jenny McCarthy’ look alike from the midwest: Stefan and I far from got along famously. In fact, we were often at one another’s throats for various reasons, mostly due to Stefan’s excess of personality. So my reason for comment on this matter is not based on any loyalties one may assume I have, because I have none.
Okay, having said that, I would like to impart some truths and attempt to dispel some outright lies. First of all, I was constantly around our band members, as it was my responsibility to do so. Stefan constantly talked about his wife and child, to us, the member’s of the band and it’s staff, and to fans; constantly. I remember this cute, yet functionally illiterate girl (note the misspellings in her letter) from somewhere in the east [it’s all east to me, an L.A. native] and that is our bus she is being kissed on.
Believe it or not, but here goes: Stefan very likely did dictate his ‘twenty questions’ answers. He is indeed one of the wittiest people I have ever come across, though quite an annoyance much of the time. Next, fans often would ask for a photo or even a kiss from some of the band members, but I can attest, things went no further with the attached members of the group (Gilby and Stefan) If in fact Stefan wanted things to escalate beyond a simple kiss of a fan, which was never the case, I would not have allowed it, as our tour schedule was so busy, we had no time for trysts. Also, I remember this girl well, as I had mentioned she bore a striking resemblance to Jenny McCarthy. I was discussing this very point as we were driving shortly after this photo was taken. Further proof that this whole thing is a ‘fallacy’, is her comments on Stefan’s penis size. I am sure Stef’s wife knows he is not small, and those of us on tour with him were constantly reminded of this fact. Stefan, almost daily masturbated on our bus while looking at the back of MY head while we were driving. He would get my attenti
on and say "Hey H, you think I have a big cock, it’s not bad, uh?" He knew I was repulsed by this, adding to my earlier statement that he was a continuous source of annoyance to me. He would just laugh at my disgust.
What Stefan does or does not in his spare time, I have no clue, but in this particular instance, I know for a fact that the photo certainly implies more than what had occurred. What motive this girl had for writing this slanderous letter, I have no educated guess, but I feel sorry for her. I hope you can print this response promptly.
Thank you,

H Cherryhomes"

Actually, the girl who said Stefan has a small cock IS NOT the same girl who sent us the picture below. It’s a totally different girl. The Jenny clone mentioned nothing about Stefan’s dick. She just said he was a dick. Also, the part of your letter that says, "If in fact Stefan wanted things to escalate beyond a simple kiss of a fan, which was never the case, I would not have allowed it, as our tour schedule was so busy, we had no time for trysts." My answer to that is, How long does it take to get a blowjob in a bathroom? Most rock dudes can be finished and zipped back up in their pants in under a two minutes! Hopefully what you say is true, cause if it isn’t, I’m sure I’ll be sent a ton of letters saying just the opposite.
By the way, what’s up with Stefan masturbating daily to the back of this guys head? That’s a pretty picture. If Eric Turner is "Tissue Boy", than Stef can be "Tissue Boy #2."

Here’s the Jenny lookalike reply to the tour manager’s claims.

3rd Letter, Sent 3/7/99

"Stefan constantly talked about his wife and child, to us, the member’s of the band and it’s staff, and to fans; constantly. I remember this cute, yet functionally illiterate girl (note the misspellings in her letter) from somewhere in the east [it’s all east to me, an L.A. native] and that is our bus she is being kissed on." – from H. Cherryhomes
OUR bus? Bahahaha! Try L.A. Guns’ Bus. Gilby’s band was traveling in a R.V. Also, I already said when pointblank asked about a significant other, did he have one?..his reply was "NO." Misspellings or not…the "inbred" got her point across didn’t she? And if you want "illiterate" refer to Stefan’s posts on "Gossip Board" Oh…and Congratulations on purchasing and using "Spell check"

"if in fact Stefan wanted things to escalate beyond a simple kiss of a fan," – from H. Cherryhomes
Who said "fan"? I hadn’t ever heard of this guy before. He was just some dude hanging out on L.A. Guns bus!

"What Stefan does or does not in his spare time, I have no clue, but in this particular instance, I know for a fact that the photo certainly implies more than what had occurred. What motive this girl had for writing this slanderous letter, I have no educated guess" – from H. Cherryhomes
You’ll notice my letter says nothing about anything "occurring." If you think MY letter is slanderous, check out the posts on the "Gossip Board" from your boy Stefan. At least mine contains the truth, and I had the "balls" to submit my letter as myself, and not hide behind false names and posts as he did on the "Gossip Board" Like I said before…"Damn I.P. Numbers!" Hahaha!

My message for Stefan would be: Notes from "mommy" are unacceptable. Be a man and defend YOURSELF, or LET IT DROP. Either is acceptable."

Yeah, if Stefan had a problem with this, he should be the one responding. Here’s another letter on the situation from another girl.

4th Letter, Sent 3/7/99

"Regarding Mr. Cherryhomes’ letter,
I can’t attest to the truth of the other statements he made, but I can tell you for certain that Gilby and company didn’t even -have- a tour bus on the last tour. I met the tour manager in Kansas City, who at the time told me his name was "Kenny," (not "H") who invited me on the vehicle they were really touring in, a motorhome. That’s right, an RV. I don’t know who this H Cherryhomes is, as like I said, the man who identified himself to me as the manager was named Kenny. And the band also kept calling him Kenny, so I never doubted his legitimacy as he was wearing a laminate and Mag Lite around his neck identifying himself with the band. I also saw him tuning some guitars before the show. There was no doubt then, or now, that this man was the manager. He is a tall, thin, dark-short-haired man. Very well dressed, as I remember he was wearing black leather pants and looked quite sharp. He was very nice to me and was extremely hospitable. Cute butt too! But I’m getting sidetracked…
Anyway Stefan himself told me this Kenny was their manager. And like I said, they definitely toured in a motorhome, not a bus. My friend also was invited in the motorhome after the show and she can email you also if you have any doubts. I even used the bathroom in the motorhome and it had a hand-held shower on a hose in the bathroom, like most RV’s do, just to prove I was in there. So with regard to Metal Sludge’s statement that how does the manager know blowjobs don’t take place in the bathroom – having been in there myself, I can affirm that while it’s a tiny room, there is still plenty of room for two people to get it on. I really can’t believe how this Stefan thing has gotten out of control. All the other guys in the band were very nice to us. Stefan sure has another side to him – the asshole side. Hope this clears things up!

Like it was said before, this is the most press Stefan has ever gotten! Welcome to the world of Rock N Roll Stefan! I would suggest that he drops this cause it seems like everytime he or somebody else tries to defend him, they just make the hole that much deeper for him. Let it rest and next time be a little more careful of what your doing. And especially don’t let somebody take your photograph doing it!

5th Letter, sent 3/8/99

Hello again Donna and readers, again this is H Cherryhomes, from Seattle, WA. This is hopefully my last correspondence on the subject of Stefan Adika. I had no idea how big an issue was with some of your readers. I am writing to attempt to clear some ambiguities from my first letter, and to comment on some of the responses it received.
Okay, first off, I didn’t purchase a spell check, it was provided by the Email program and I suggest you try using it Jenny, as good grammar would only lend credence to your references regard
ing another’s intellectual capacities. It was apparent you were going way off the board using words beyond your vernacular to impress readers while attempting to abase Stefan; It only made you look insecure. Hey, but you really looked great, and you did have all of your teeth. Secondly, yes, it was an R.V. rather than a bus. We elected to take an R.V. on the road rather than a bus so we could get hotel rooms as well. If we had gone out with a bus, we would not have gotten hotel rooms and I personally like to sleep in a bed and shower daily, I don’t know about you all. It was convenient to refer to our ride as a ‘Bus’ so readers could relate, and I really had no idea it would become such an issue. Semantics. Finally, to the girl from Kansas City: Nice letter! Very well communicated. Yes, Kenny and ‘H’, one in the same. At some point during that tour I was "Invented" by Mike ‘The Sack’ Fassano, and the name stuck. Thank you for your kind words regarding my butt, it was a nice sidetrack. We loved Kansas City. It was my personal favorite stop on our tour and I look forward to returning, perhaps with Gilby (he is currently discussing a spring tour) or hopefully sometime soon on a tour of my own.
Oh, and Donna, sorry I had assumed it was Jenny who made the "Stefan’s small cock" reference in previous letter, I stand corrected. And hey, it takes me a hell of a lot longer than two minutes to get off, so again I let my assumptions speak for me rather than supposed fact.

H Cherryhomes

Well, if anybody is insecure, it’s Stefan. Word has it that he wants that picture taken down ASAP. Yet he never emailed us about. He had his "people" do it for him. Look dude, if you can’t stand the heat, stay the fuck out of the kitchen. By making a big fuss out of this, your only making yourself look worse. I suggest you chill with the 6th grade threats to "Jenny." Your tour manager said, "fans often would ask for a photo or even a kiss from some of the band members." If that’s true, than you have nothing to worry about, right? What’s worse, a picture of you kissing a girl, or making physical threats to someone? Let it drop dude and move on.

"Dear Donna,
I have some interesting info on Jani Lane, Jerry Dixon, and Eric Turner. Let me start off with their nick names given by my two friends and myself. Jani Lane (frog boy), Jerry Dixon (butt boy), and Eric Turner (tissue boy). This was during the RNS tour. Jani’s nick name is pretty obvious and yes my one friend did fuck the shit out of him, as well as blow him. She said that it was average in size. Jerry Dixon’s nick name comes from a time when she was blowing him. She decided to stick her little finger in his asshole. She said that it made him cum within seconds and that he told her that no one had ever done that to him before. Now for Eric Turner, and I would have to say this is the funniest of them all. My friend told me that her and two other friends of her’s were on the bus. She was blowing Jani and her other friends were fucking Jerry. Anyhow, apparently Eric decided not to join in the actual fun, but decided to jackoff when my friend was blowing Jani. The next thing she knows , she hears Eric say "Anyone have a tissue?" She looks back and Eric had cum all over himself. So during the rest of the tour, whenever Eric would walk by, my other friend and I would yell out, "hey Eric, need a tissue."
P.S. I just love all the juicy info on here. Thanks a bunch."

That’s funny. Those are the stories I enjoy most! Guys will jackoff to anything remotely sexual. Eric supposedly doesn’t cheat on his wife, so that’s why he didn’t join in, though some may argue that what he did is cheating. As I’ve said before, if your hooking up with somebody from Warrant, chances are another band member will ask to join in or at least watch.
Since Jerry is usually drunk or popping pills and can’t remember names, he sometimes calls his girls pet names. Like if your wearing white, he’ll call you snowflake. He has all sorts of silly names he calls people since he probably can’t remember shit. When he was banging one chick, he called her his wife’s name, Susan, by mistake! He’s also passed out on a chick a time or two and has had to be pulled off a poor nude groupie by roadies or other members of the band.

"I love your Dick Chart and have someone to add, who not only has a dick but IS a dick, Stephan Adika. I could have easily pleasured myself with my little finger as it would have been about the same size. He was nice and sweet at first but immediately afterward tossed me out like yesterday’s news. No foreplay or after-glow whatsoever! And the next day I talked to TWO of my girlfriends who said he had asked THEM for sex before I fell for his lines. Stephan also has that quickshooter affliction if you know what I mean. Anyway chalked it up to experience and thanks for giving me opportunity to write about it!"

Since we recently interviewed Stefan, we asked him if he had a small dick because a girl wrote in and told us he did. Here is Stefan’s reply:

"Regarding Donna’s email about me having a small dick and being a bad lay, number one, I ain’t gonna be fuckin’ no inbreds in the midwest with no teeth. If the fans could see how my wife is, why would I wanna fuck some girl with missing teeth in the midwest? About me having a small dick, that’s bullshit. I might be Jewish, by I ain’t no Tiny Tim. To my inbred fans, take that one to heart. Now go back to fucking your uncle."

Maybe Stefan should write for us! Of course a rock dude like Stefan isn’t going to admit he has a small cock! That’s not good for business. Well, if you have a Stefan story, you know where to send it. I’ll get to the bottom of this!

"Diva Donna,
Robbie Crane is the biggest slut around. (However, that’s the only *BIG* thing about him… In my book, he’s got a teeny weenie….) Last I knew, and I haven’t been *friends* with him for over two years, he’s cut himself down to five girls a night. (How many he was doing a night before that, I can’t even imagine!) Oh, and the biggest hoot? His girlfriend thinks he’s faithful… "

"Hey Donna! Since Blas and Robbie Crane "get around" a lot, where’s all the stories about them?
Just curious…….."

As you can see, I got one letter on Robbie, and yes, Robbie is a slut. The only difference between him and Blas is that Robbie can count to 10 without using his fingers! :) As for Blas, there should be a million stories on him. Getting stuff on him won’t be a problem. I know last Summer in Florida that Blas was with at least 2 different chicks in one day.

"hey donna — just wondered if anyone has info on John Corabi–i was noticing on the gossi
p board that some girl supposedly had him recently…..guess he’s not all that faithful!! however if those tight ass leather pants are telling the truth, then lord help us!!! he is very gorgeous…..any info is always appreciated!! lol!!"

Yes, I saw that and asked for details, but so far I haven’t gotten any. I’m curious about that myself. I know his girlfriend Layla visits this site, so John better watch himself! If I get any info on it, I’ll be sure to let everyone know.

"Dear Donna,
Let me begin by saying that not only do you provide pretty dandy info, you’re also pretty darn witty and articulate—hats off to you babe!! I thought I’d share some info with you: Rowanne, Jani’s wife, also dated the singer of an old band called Child’s Play from Baltimore (I hung out with her at one of the band’s shows), as well as (hold onto your lunch!!) Vanilla Ice. There was a pic in People mag of her feeding him honey to him in the back of a limo. Also, you talked about Peter Steele already, but let me stress this: the man is not merely well-hung, he’s humongous—–and very very kinky. He’s got LOTS of fetishes. And if you listen to his music, you’ll discover them all. He’s also very romantic, but has a girlfriend. I have no idea, however, if he’s actually romantic WITH his girlfriend."

"Donna,i love your section of metal sludge–what happened with that taime downe question?? I have to know about his sexual behaviour –is he really bi==
U gotta help me donna"

Well I’ve always heard that he swings both ways. Now have I ever seen him suck a cock? No. But he did invite yours truly to his hotel room back in 95 when I went to a Slash’s Snakepit show (I declined by the way, I had other "things" to do). I do know that he has hooked up with other girls, so I’m not sure of the amount of ball juggling he has done in the past. I do know that back when him and Riki Ratchman ran the Cathouse, they lived together and rumor has it they screwed around, but who knows. Maybe it was a one time thing, or maybe it was more than that. But if you have what it takes, give it a shot yourself!

"Hi Donna,
Since you are THE DIVA of slut patrol, could you please try to find someone that has bagged Jay Gordon from Orgy. They just played The Roxy in West Hollywood on Friday and live in the Hollywood area. Maybe one of your friends has a story (or two) to share? Thanks in advance for any juice you may be able to come up with."

The DIVA, I like that. I’m sorry to say, I’m not familiar with Jay Gordon. I did find out that the first time he ever performed on stage was on the Family Values tour with Orgy. He’s been around the L.A. scene for a while, but was never in any bands. But I don’t even know what he looks like. If anybody knows anything, get off your ass and send it in!.

Here’s another inquiry for ya: You probably didn’t see this cause I doubt you watch VH1, but about 2 1/2 weeks ago, they premiered a Behind The Music on Leif Garrett, an old 70`s teen idol, he did cover tunes and stuff. Well, in the beginning they showed some close ups of his, uh…..and he said that there was no sock, it was "All me baby!!!" Ever since then I have been wondering…the guy pretty much was a slut among other things. He’s cool tho, I love his music. I know, this is Metal Sludge, not 70`s something, but hey, it all deals with music. So, SOME old hag out there has to know about him. This was over 20 years back now, but I KNOW that someone has to know about him. So, tell us the usual; how big, how good, ect……Thanx!!! =)"

I watch VH-1, it’s much better than MTV. Those Behind The Scenes and Where Are They Now Specials are cool. The only thing I saw of the Leif Garrett special was something about his friend being in a wheelchair because Leif fucked up and crashed a car or something. Well, if anybody is really old school and has some info on Leif, let me know.

"Hello Donna. Well, let me add to your RICK STEIER info (Not like you have enough)! Don’t let his marriage fool you ladies. He was only married less than a month and was already sleeping around. After one of their shows, he was hitting on my friend really hard and one thing lead to another, and, well, you know the rest of the story. I have another friend that lives in a different state and she told me that when she went on the Warrant tour bus, Rick was all over another girl and that girl was bragging later how they have been having sex earlier. And that was in November. I don’t think Rick knows the meaning of faithfulness."

I don’t think anybody in Warrant knows the meaning of faithfulness. When I asked for Rick Steier info, I never thought I’d get so much! Now if I could only get this much info on Mick Mars….Just kidding.

"Hey there!!!
I was wondering if you could did up some info on Jon Bon Jovi for your Penis Chart.

Alright girls, let’s see if we can get some Bon Jovi info now. I do know that he has cheated on his wife, but how many rock stars don’t do that? So let’s get some info on Jon and find out what’s underneath those Versace clothes.

"This is for Donna-
I just wanted to add a little to all this Rick Steier info that’s going around! Do with this info what you may….Rick has the softest, moistest lips, and he is a very gentle guy. He would never pressure a girl into doing anything she didn’t want to do, and he takes rejection very well. If he rejected, he does tend to whine a little but he doesn’t get mad. And as the other two girls before me have mentioned, Rick is very sweet to his former bedmates and he does have a good memory with names."

Well, I guess I’m a little late – but I thought I’d add some about Rick Steier. Yes, he is average in the length department – but he is a lot of fun in bed. He goes out of his way to make sure you’re having a good time – and will do anything you want him to. Always a plus to have an agreeable man asking you what you want! As said before – he does do those little extras – such as taking off the shoes and rubbing your back.
Also, he’ll be as nice the day after as he was to begin with and he has a knack for remembering names!. There’s something to be said for that!
Have a Merry Christmas!"

My god, one person asked for Rick Steier stuff and we got a ton of stuff! Thanks everyone! Even if somebody has sent me something already, feel free to send in your own story. The more the merrier. It’s good to hear the Rick is cool. But now that he is married, I guess Rick will have to behave. It’s not like the guys in Warrant have been known to cheat or anything!

"I just went to see Taime Downe’s new band in LA last week and i must say he is looking better than ever. I haven’t heard too much info on him on here, im curious as in how he his in bed, basically anything about him?"

I do know that Taime supposedly plays for both teams, if you know what I mean. So if there are any girls, or guys, with any info on Taime, you know where to send it!

I love your site. I laughed for hours. I have got to know about Mike Tramp. Is he big, small, bad or good? I dont care about his music cause it sucks. But I gotta know about him, cause he’s pretty damn sexy. Thanks for all the laughs."

Well somebody, probably the same girl, asked that question on the Gossip Board. Here is one person’s reply on Mike. It doesn’t sound positive!

"So, you wanted to know about Mike’s endowment? Well, it is the same size as his compassion, his understanding, his generousity of spirit and his talent for singing.
It is not anywhere near the size of his ego, his attitude, or his head. Ask his girlfriend, the one he has not married after over 10 years and one kid. Oh and as for you Dying to sleep with him, I bet you could think of better things to do with your free time."

"Considering how prolific Rick is, I’m amazed someone hasn’t gotten to you with the "goods" yet. Rick is genuinely a nice guy. He is a slut, no doubt about it, and is with a different woman every night, but he’s always friendly to his former bed mates. Rick is very complimentary and does little things, like take your shoes off for you. He is a "safety guy" and brings his own stash of condoms. He also doesn’t get irate if a woman doesn’t want to be with him, unlike some others that I know. He wears boxers, which look slightly amusing because he’s got these chicken legs and knobby knees. Hardly a turn-on, but endearing none-the-less. In all honesty, his package is average, and the earth didn’t move, but it wasn’t an unpleasant experience. He is a very nice guy, and you don’t have to worry about him being an ass after the fact, which is always very comforting.
A friend of mine was with Jerry Dixon, and believe it or not, he was able to get it up! She reports that it is on the large end of average, more than adaquate, but that he was fairly selfish in his gratification. He didn’t do a whole lot to make sure she walked away happy!
I guess I can throw a bit in about Danny too. Danny is a spectacular kisser. This is a guy who, when he makes up his mind that he is into you, he is so focused it is unreal. He is VERY good with his mouth and tongue, and is extemely concerned about making sure his partner is satisfied. The fact that he can’t get enough of you is extremely sexy, if you know what I mean. I know another woman who has been with him also, and she reports the same thing. I don’t know who your original source was, but she must’ve gotten him on a bad night!"

Now that’s what I call good info! I like it when I get stuff with details. I agree with you about Jerry being selfish. All he cares about is a blowjob. If he gets a blowjob, he could care less about pleasing you, that is providing he can get it up. But most of the time Jerry’s a drunk mess. I feel sorry for his wife Susan. But when Jerry has gotten it up, I don’t think there is much to talk about. Now lets find some stuff on Jani. I know there are at least a couple thousand of you with Jani stories, especially when he was drinking.  Jani could be violent went he was drunk. I also heard that back around 94, he told a girl I know to meet him back at his room. When she showed up a little while later, Jani was passed out on the floor and was practically laying in his vomit. Yummy! There are a million Warrant stories. So if you have any Jani sex stories, send them in!

"I wanted to add Rowanne also went out with (or was possibly engaged to) Donald Trump. This is 100% true, I even saw she and him holding hands once in TIME magazine. Check it out."

You are correct, however, the magazine was People. That was back in 91/92. I had forgotten about that one. Thanks!

"OK here is my latest edition to your penis chart. Do you remember Keel. I barely remember anyway kuz Im kind of young but I met their old guitar player Mark Ferrari at a bar last week and he was really shmoozzing me saying "oh I used to be in Keel and we toured hte world, etx" so I thought, why not. Well he is a decent lay but again not overley special. One thing kind of nasty though [I know you like these detail!) is he had hair like,, growing OUT of it. Thats a new one. Also he shavess his upper arms! A Steve (Summers) flash back there. Anyway thats all for now."

"Yo Donna….just thought you should know: Jizzy Pearl WOULD NEVER EVEN THINK of doing it in any other postition than MISSIONARY…and WOULDN’T EVEN DREAM OF GOING DOWN ON A GIRL….and doesn’t EVER cum….because he thinks it’ll make him look "old" if he releases his god damn CHI. (He’s a thai chi weirdo) And if you’re looking forward to a nice, juicy kiss…..forget about it….he’s not into kissing or hugging…or anything affectionate for that matter………just thought you should know….."

Wow, Jizzy sounds like a lot of fun! Talk about a dead fuck. And isn’t it ironic his name is Jizzy, yet he won’t cum. So let’s see, he’s not into kissing, hugging, cumming, going down on a girl, or any other position than missonary. Tibetan monks are more exciting!

" Hey Donna! I have a good friend who’s nuts about Glenn Danzig. Any "sludge " on him? "Sizes", etc…… She’s crazy about the guy!!
Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving! "

All right, here’s a letter I just go on the very subject. Here’s all you wanted to know about Glen Danzig!

"First of all, let me say that Glen is a very unpredictable, and strange guy. Most of us don’t know this, but the guy is like pushing 45. Yep that’s right. He was born into my FATHER’S generation. Maybe that’s why he has such strange quirks.
Glen doesn’t drink alcohol, do any sort of drugs, or smoke. (he doesn’t let anyone smoke on the tour bus either, but Chuck Biscuts and I ignored that rule). But Glen does indulge in Chocolate. TONS of it. On his bar, instead of liquor bottles, he has bowls of chocolate candy. Pretty strange for a guy who constantly works out!
Also, the majority of the groupies that he takes on the bus are old, droopy, half dressed hags!! I’m not shitting you. These chicks are like pro’s from the Rolling Stone days. You know what I mean? Yeah, he gets a nice looking one once in a while, but he does have his regular assortment of hags in the big cities he tours to. Judging from his height and girth, Glen probably has a 5 incher in his pants, and 2 inches wide. I was in a band with a chick who had a friend who had him once. She was one of the type of girls that never had an orgasm in her life. My friend was in the next room while Glen and the girl were getting it on. The girl still had to fake it. And it didn’t last much longer than 10, to 15 minutes anyway.
Not to mention, Glen is a total party pooper! God forbid one of the other guys in his band (John Christ, and Eeire Von) have a hotel room party. If people are smoking cigarettes, he’s outta there in two minutes. Pouting and frowning all the way. This is all I can remember for now. Sorry it wasn’t more lusty. If I remember more, or get more info, i’ll write ya’. Hope some of this helps."

"Hey Donna,
Saw some comments about Phil Lewis and wanted to add my own: Phil is a true gentleman. He is articulate, well-read, and very funny. On LA Guns first ever club tour, my friend and I stayed in the same room with Phil (w/ her and Phil in one bed and me in another). Let’s just say that the following day she had a big smile on her face all the way home (it was a 5 hour drive). Even though he wasn’t interested in me, he still gave me lots of compliments and treated me with respect. In fact he was even nicer to me than her the next morning. VIVA PHIL"

"Nothing really exciting, but you guys might be able to use this. I’m not sure if this is true or not, but Kim Hooker (lead singer from Tygertailz) would refuse to go on stage until some chick would blow him. BTW I have to add my 2 cents in about Phil Lewis, he is great with his tongue!"

"hmmm I have some juicy gossip for anyone interested in L.A. Guns…I know for a fact Johnny is a good lay..he’s very hot and has a great looking ass as well as hmmm a nice sized prick(he definately knows how to use it) and i know he isn’t exactly faithful either…as for Tracii and Jizzy they’re pretty good too in the sack(but nothing compared to the bassist) i never knew anyone to have any complaints about them…well if i decide to part with more gossip you guys will be the first to know…."

"Dear Donna,
You asked about what musicians were faithful to their spouses……well, I don’t know him personally, but I do know someone who does. I think it’s a pretty safe bet that Warren DeMartini (Ratt) is a faithful guy. He seems to be one of the few. Also, I’ll bet Aerosmith members are pretty faithful too. Present day, of course. ( The 70’s don’t count anymore.) I don’t know them, but it just seems that way."

Your probably correct about Warren, yet I don’t know for sure. I can probably find out. Robbie Crane is definitely the slut of the band, yet he isn’t married, so he’s allowed. I’d figure Aerosmith is pretty loyal now. However, I can see Steven possibly fooling around, but for the most part I’d agree. I haven’t heard any stories saying otherwise. I’m sure my friends will email me if that isn’t the case!

"For Donna…

"hi. Metal Sludge is the best thing that ever happened.
As for Blas being a great lover, no. He’s huge, yeah but hes also pretty selfish and pretty lethargic. his old girlfriend is not great, but shes OK. Shes had her moments of psychosis and can be realy possessive if she wants.
Fred coury’s married to a pretty girl that is cool but he cheats. SURPRISE"

Well so far, Blas has gotten high reviews from everyone I’ve heard from. But it is good to hear other points of view. I guess I might just have to get into the saddle and find out for myself!

About 95% of all guys in touring bands cheat. There are a few loyal guys around, but they are really few and far between. Hey, if you know somebody in a band who is supposedly loyal, let me know! Lets see if we can find a rocker out there who is a good boy.

"Donna Anderson,
In reply to your quest to find a rocker that doesn’t cheat, I heard that Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl doesn’t cheat, but then again, that could be because he showed his little dick in Playgirl and no one wants him! Or, maybe he is a homo who just uses a girl for a cover! I heard through the grapevine that all the guys in the band cheat on their wives but him (even though he is now divorced and still doesn’t date). Maybe he just sets his standards too high. The only girls that go to their shows have no teeth and weigh about 180lbs. He is just going to have to settle for what he has available around him (I heard that was all men dream about is a girl with no teeth, isn’t that what you heard?)."

Since he showed his little thang in Metal Edge, he probably couldn’t get a blow job from a $3 hooker. Interesting that he doesn’t date a chick though. Yet, neither does Phil from Pantera, so maybe they have something in common! If anybody else can shed some light on this breaking story, please notify me at once!

"I just wanted to say I think your Long/Short penis size page is hilarious!!! I just wanted to contribute my information for ya. From what I can even remember about Stephen Pearcy,…too put it in nicer words, you could say he was less than average. And, yes everybody knows what Tommy Lee’s got, but I’d have to say that Tracii Guns’ doesn’t come close to that. But he did have a Very nice sized one though. Who knows it was sooo long ago maybe it grew even more since then, but I doubt it. That’s it. Bye"

Tracii has gotten good reviews on his Sex Action from everyone I’ve heard from. If Stephen Pearcy performs like he does on stage, he is definately below average! And I have NO desire to find out.

"I can help you out with a few things

Blas Elias…real hair. I know. I’ve pulled on it. Okay in bed. Very kinky. Loves to smack his women up against the headboards. Also infamous for leading stupid women to believe they are his girlfriend..hence having a girlfriend every three miles. Ex girlfriend that STILL LIVES with him is a psycho. Take my word for it. Then again, I would be too if I actually expected a musician to be faithful…please."

Blas is known for having a girl in every port. His "wholesome" image fools a lot of the naive young girls. There is nothing "wholesome" about Blas. Like I said before, he’s has screwed a couple girls a day before. So it’s seems Blas is a very healthy boy!

Thanks for the email everyone and keep em cumming!

Lustfully Yours,
Donna Anderson

Also, Kid Rock has a midget he performs with called Joe C. He’s 3’9 and looks like a 5 year old, but he’s actually 25! I saw him in person once and thought he was a cute 5 year old. He flipped some people off and everybody thought it was hilarious coming from a little kid, but then he said he was Kid Rock’s partner. I also heard a story that he was banging some chick in a car, and when the cops pulled up, they wanted to arrest the girl cause they thought she was molesting a minor! He might be cute in a little kid type way, but hooking up with a guy who looks like he’s 5 doesn’t do it for me. There would be something wrong with that!

I also know a guy that might have been hit on by Dave in 1994 at one of his club shows. Dave really went out of his way to compliment this dude on his hair and acted a little fruity. Now I know Dave doesn’t have a lot of hair anymore, but the way he came off sounded a little odd. So who knows. But back in the day, Dave was definitely fucking plenty of girls. Maybe after fucking half the female population, Dave needed new challenges!

I haven’t heard anything about Lars’ cheating on his wife, yet again, he hasn’t been married long. Lars is well known for being a total pig, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he did. Not many rock stars know the meaning of "faithful."



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