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Earl Skakel rocks his Inappropriate Earlcast with David Arquette and oddly was rocking a full Ultimate Warrior look days before the wrestling star dies.





Earl Skakel rocks his Inappropriate Earlcast with David Arquette and ironically was rocking a full Ultimate Warrior look just days before the wrestling star dies.


Los Angeles — For anyone who loves comedy, metal and perversion – may we suggest Earl Skakel and his Inappropriate Earlcast. Earl is not only a metal head, he’s also a fan of sluts, rock royalty (like Ratt, yes Ratt, Earl loves Ratt) and all things Hollywood. The full time half-assed comedian is also a bit of a wrestling buff and works out regularly. Clearly this is the reason he’s doing photos in speedos dressed as Ultimate Warrior. Yes, we just called Earl half-assed because he can hang with the biggest of balls. Earl also talks some smack and that is right up the Sludge alley.

For anyone who’s not in the know about Earl and his live shows, Earlcast or appearances we encourage you to log on or show up.

He’s also on facebook, twitter and some other social networks and is usually writing whacky posts about being in the gym with homosexuals, trannies or famous people. Warning, there usually isn’t a filter either. So if you have thin skin or can’t hang with smut or worse, than don’t bother. We don’t judge (all the time) and neither does Earl. He’s just very open in his topic choices. We salute that.

Check out Earl with David Arquette below in a recent posting of his Inappropriate Earl. Also a few samples of Earl’s distorted tweets.

ES_Warrior_DavidArquette_4_2014Click HERE to check out the Tawney Kitaen Earlcast we featured last month!





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