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Eddie Trunk says "Turn out was poor" as blame for 'Rockesha: The Hair Is Back' cancellation. The show featured Quiet Riot, Warrant, Lita Ford & Firehouse.





Eddie Trunk says “Turn out was poor” as the blame for ‘Rockesha: The Hair Is Back’ music festival being cancelled.


Twitter –  Radio personality, TV star, author and all around heavy metal know-it-all Eddie Trunk says a ‘poor turn out’ to blame for 80s hairfest getting cancelled.

A Wisconsin area promoter has been promoting “Rockesha: The Hair Is Back” for months, but It turns the first day of summer rock show is cancelled. As in, just now.

The bands are there, the fans are there and it appears – according to Trunk, the bands didn’t get paid and ain’t gonna play either. So they left.

The featured artists are Quiet Riot, Warrant, Lita Ford, Firehouse and Eric Martin of Mr. Big.

One facebook fan’s comment leads us to believe that Eric Martin did play. Another fan mentioned waiting for an hour for the next band to start.  One fan even posted, “What the F is going on?”

Adding insult to injury to the down boys, this happened to Warrant just last month in neighboring Illinois on May 11th. The band was due $ 10,000.00 day of show, wasn’t paid and walked.

Firehouse singer CJ Snare has been a bit outraged today on his facebook as well noting delayed flights and airline drama.

It’s safe to say CJ will be happy to say; ‘bye, bye baby goodbye‘ to this day for sure.

Sadly the fans get jacked here as well. Many have planned this weekend for weeks and months.  In most cases tickets are refunded but you can’t refund gas, baby sitters, hotels or the other. An all around shame.

See screen captures below of Trunk’s tweets, fan reaction from the event’s facebook page and poster



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