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Eddie Trunk takes another pot shot at Steel Panther; "It just feels like a disconnect for me to see icons like Judas Priest taking what is basically the modern day Spinal Tap on tour."



Eddie Trunk takes another shot at Steel Panther; “It just feels like a disconnect for me to see icons like Judas Priest taking what is basically the modern day Spinal Tap on tour.”


Eddie Trunk — Eddie Trunk seems to have taken yet another pot shot at the Los Angeles based rockers Steel Panther. Trunk appears to have had an on-going subliminal grudge against the kings of Sunset Strip for years.

In his most recent ranting (excerpt below) directed toward the group, the That Metal Show host explains his view. In a nutshell Trunk is not happy with Steel Panther being chosen to support Judas Priest on their fall US tour.

Trunk refers to them as “modern day Spinal Tap”. See info and tour dates HERE.

Excuse us?

Did Trunk just drivel the following, “A new or old band with the same real core commitment and values to metal they have had.”


Hey Eddie, please pull your head out of your ass.

The guys from Steel Panther have as many metal values and commitment as anyone currently in the game.

Here is a little history for anyone not in the know about where the Steel Panther guys come from.

SteelPanther_2013_1Steel Panther formed in the late 90s and have had a 15 year career with this project alone. All members have collectively been in the industry and playing professionally for as long as most 80s bands.  Whether it be glam, metal, thrash or otherwise – the guys have definitely paid their dues.

The band members Michael Starr (vocals), Satchel (guitar), Lexxi Foxx (bass) and Styx Zadinia (drums) all have a history that dates back many-many years, well before Steel Panther was born.

Lead vocalist Michael Starr (aka Ralph Saenz) started playing the Sunset Strip clubs in the mid 80s with a few local bands including 7% SolutionThis band featured Sean McNabb on bass who later went on to play with Quiet Riot, Dokken, and House of Lords. That group’s line up was complete with guitarist Mitch Perry (Talas, Heaven) and Paul Monroe (XYZ). Starr then adapted the stage name David Lee Ralph, which eventually spawned into Michael Diamond when he fronted the Van Halen tribute the Atomic Punks. Starr co-founded that group in 1994 and played with them up through 2008 when he left the group to pursue Steel Panther full-time. The VH project was praised by everyone from David Lee Roth to Michael Anthony and even the king of all media – Howard Stern.

The Van Halen front-man himself went so far as to say; “The Atomic Punks are the best tribute to Van Halen ever!” A quote taken from his 1997 autobiography “Crazy From The Heat.”

Starr also appeared in “Rock Star” the movie (2001) and did a brief stint fronting L.A. Guns (1998).

Russ Parrish (pka Satchel) also has a deep history with many metal roots.

Parrish was an instructor at GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology) and has worked extensively with Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big, Racer X). He also was a member of War & Peace featuring Jeff Pilson (ex. Dokken, Foreigner), Ricky Parent (ex. Enuff Z’Nuff) and Tommy Henricksen.

With metal riffs a plenty he soon found himself in the band Fight (1992-1995). A side project formed by Rob Halford (Judas Priest) that also featured drummer Scott Travis (ex. Racer X, Judas Priest). In addition, Parrish has credits working with Sebastian Bach (ex. Skid Row), Jeff Duncan (Armored Saint, ex. Odin) and Corey Taylor (Slipknot).

How are these guys not metal enough with their values or commitment?

Eddie seems to imply that Steel Panther are not worthy of their recently announced opening slot on tour with the Metal Gods Judas Priest.

Trunk has posted an extensive rant right HERE airing out his feelings on this recent news.

And this is not Eddie Trunk‘s first slam on Steel Panther. In a September 2013 interview with the Examiner Trunk talks about Steel Panther. See below.


Trunk brings up Fozzy in the above interview, yet appears to claim his admitted ‘lack of support’ by not having Fozzy on his show.

But oddly if you google Eddie Trunk and Fozzy you will find numerous mentions of the band and related tweets, posts and interviews from 2010- through 2014 – all by Eddie about Fozzy.

ET_SP_June_28_1_2014_5 ET_SP_June_28_1_2014_6
Also in a 2010 interview with Pop Candy Trunk questions Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian’s love for the Los Angeles rockers when Ian claimed: “Steel Panther are better than Warrant or Poison.”

Trunk says the metal guitarists claims are “unbelievably ridiculous.”

Trunk continues;  “I’ve never gotten overly excited about any sort of bands that are basically cover bands or kind of spoof bands, and that’s what they are. And they have success for it, and that’s great, but for me it’s not something I’m going to get excited about.”

Trunk has continued to look down on, frown on, or take shots at the band for years on twitter, in his interviews and blogs.


ET_SP_June_28_1_2014_1 ET_SP_June_28_1_2014_2

We at Metal Sludge have been flying the flag with Steel Panther since their inception. We’ve had their backs since the Danger Kitty and Metal Shop days. This includes their eventual evolution into Metal Skool and then the mighty Steel Panther.  We will continue to back one of the greatest rock bands of all-time unconditionally.

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