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Enuff Z'Nuff singer Johnny Monaco looking for a gig on Los Angeles Craigslist "SINGER/GUITAR PLAYER AVAILABLE"



Enuff Z’Nuff singer Johnny Monaco advertises on Los Angeles Craigslist for a LA gig.


Johnny Monaco of Enuff Z’Nuff – AVAILABLE FOR NATIONAL ACT & local cover gigs.

National act touring / solo acoustic performances / production / guitar instruction / studio session work


Hello LA!

I’m looking for a new high-energy gig that stays busy. Preferably pop/rock but I’m open to all styles.

You can find all kinds of stuff on me in the links below. TV/film opportunities OK!

Johnny on Facebook

Johnny on iTunes

Johnny on YouTube

Johnny on SoundCloud

Johnny on LinkedIn

80’s Invasion Tour Review (Enuff Z’Nuff/ Bang Tango & Ted Poley of Danger Danger)

Uber Rock (Enuff Z’Nuff – Crumlin, The Patriot – December 1, 2013)

The above ad can be found on Los Angeles Craigslist

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