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Stephen Pearcy; "As far as Ratt, there is none. With me. But it's still open to do a record." Listen to full interview on Inappropriate Earl






Ex Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy enters Los Angeles studio to record new solo release
Sep_Aug_12_2014_blockLos Angeles — Stephen Pearcy personally checked in with Metal Sludge earlier this week to tell us about his new plans.

The former Ratt singer told us, “New record starting tomorrow” and also informed us that he has “20 plus songs” to sort through for this new solo recording.

Pearcy was the original founding member of the San Diego based Mickey Ratt. After relocating to Los Angeles in 1980, he dropped the Mickey – simply calling the band Ratt.

The singer made an exclusive announcement on Metal Sludge back on April 24th that he was leaving Ratt. “After 30 years creating the band Ratt and losing a real brother, Robbin, it’s time that I personally part ways with the band.” said the 58 year old singer.

A little over 3 months removed from the Ratt band the frontman seems up beat and positive. “Some good players on this record” said Pearcy. He also noted there are several “guest stars” to be included.

Stephen tweeted a photo of ex White Lion and original Anthrax drummer Greg D’Angelo in studio on day #2. (see below)

Sep_Aug_12_2014_2Sounding great, song #4 Day 2 studio Greg D on drum tracks. Do it mutha fkrrrr! It’s a “Smash”


Check out Stephen Pearcy on the Inappropriate Earl.


Live photo of Stephen Pearcy c  Paul Tracy @

Stephen Pearcy @ Twitter

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