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FANS = CATTLE … Eddie Trunk: “Rock Stars do not want to meet you” and says fans are like cattle to bands



Eddie Trunk: “Rock Stars do not want to meet you” and says fans are like cattle to bands



Eddie Trunk Radio Show — In a recent episode of the Eddie Trunk Radio Show, the host talks in depth about rock stars and their fans.

Trunk boldly states; “They do not want to meet you.”

Trunk is outspoken on all things rock n’ roll, and has his hands deep into the industry.

Most known for his connection to the band Kiss, and more directly Ace FrehleyTrunk goes into detail about meet n’ greet packages and explains why 90% of the rock stars out there do not want to meet their fans.

“Some people (rock stars), quite frankly, don’t wanna meet you” a giggling Trunk tells the listeners.

“I’ve said this before you guys, and I’m just being honest about it. These guys don’t want to meet you (laughing). Don’t take it personally, but they don’t.” adds Trunk

“They do not, want to meet you. Hate to break that to you. But they don’t. Yes, you are valuable fans to them, but you are also a total stranger, and they don’t want to meet you. But they are gonna do it (referring to paid meet n’ greets), because, it’s gonna mean some extra money. They’re gonna put the best face on, and do it.” says Trunk

Trunk talks about emails he receives daily from fans complaining about their meet n’ greet experience.

Trunk immitates a fans email saying; “I bought the VIP, the guy was a total dick He didn’t even look me in the eye. We got moved in and out like cattle.”

Trunk then adds: “Because, hate to tell you, but that’s kind of like, what you are to them.”

“But hey, you gonna pay a couple hundred bucks, alright, I’ll give you your 30 seconds.” adds Trunk as he refers to the meet n’ greet costs.

To hear the whole segment, listen below.




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