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FINAL WORDS … Former Ratt guitarist Robbin Crosby talked to Mitch Lafon in what was possibly his last interview



Former Ratt guitarist Robbin Crosby talked to Mitch Lafon in what was possibly his last ever interview


One-On-One — We have posted below what is quite possibly Robbin Crosby’s last ever recorded audio (phone) interview.

The former Ratt guitarist talks in depth about the history of the band, his health and what turns out to be the final years of his life.

Early on in the interview Crosby goes into great detail describing each album, their tours, the infighting in the group and more. He also talks about how they battled with their opening bands (Bon Jovi, Poison and Queensryche) while on tour, among other things.

The 6’5″ blond bombshell was a hit with the ladies over the 80’s and he talks about women, his drug use and the cost of his habit.

Crosby also talks about Nikki Sixx at points and goes in depth about some of their friendship. He also mentions various rockers thoughout the clip including Don Dokken, Ronnie James Dio, John Corabi as well as stories about each of the Ratt band members.

Towards the end of the interview ironically Crosby speaks out about the (Ratt) band’s current (at the time, 2001) lawsuits.

We don’t want to take any words out of Robbin’s mouth, and would rather you listen for yourself.

We have noted Mitch Lafon’s description (below) of the interview on his youtube channel. Thanks to Mitch for this classic interview with the late great Ratt guitarist Robbin “King” Crosby.

This is a must listen for any Ratt fan or rock n’ roll fan in general.


Welcome to this very special edition of One On One With Mitch Lafon as I dig back into my vaults to June 10th 2001 – for what is believed to be Robbin Crosby of RATT’s final interview. At the time Robbin was in hospice care and very much wanted to have his version of the band’s history documented.

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