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Former MTV VJ Riki Rachtman to travel 8,000 miles (1 lap) around America on summer Harley-Davidson ride.



Former MTV Vj Riki Rachtman to travel 8,000 miles (1 lap) around America on summer Harley-Davidson ride.


Los Angeles — And he’s off! Riki Rachtman is on his Harley-Davidson right now and on his way to drive 8,000 miles around the United States of America. The former MTV Vj and Cathouse co-founder is calling it RIKI’S RIDE, and is gonna do 1 lap around America.

This is the equivalent of driving the Daytona 500 sixteen times but we’re pretty sure he’s not just gonna turn left.


Rachtman is no stranger to long trips on 2 wheels. In recent years he has teamed up with fellow Cathouse co-founder and Faster Pussycat frontman Taime Downe and ex. Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke for extended bike rides.  He’s trekked into Mexico and up to Sturgis for their annual bike rally.

In 2013 Riki did a ride across America, but in 2014 he’s gonna do a full 1-lap around the country, not just drive coast to coast.

Rachtman has been tied to the rock n’ metal music scene for years. After his Headbanger’s Ball run he snagged various jobs hosting shows like; VH1‘s ‘Rock Of Love” reunion show with Bret Michaels, “Rock of Love – Charm School” featuring Sharon Osbourne and “Daisy of Love” starring Daisy De Lahoya. But Rachtman also has many ties to motor sports. Most notably as the host of the nationally syndicated Racing Rocks radio program.

We’ve dropped a bunch of related links and video clips below so you can follow Riki on his journey.

He left Los Angeles 48 hours ago and has already posted numerous pics and updates on his social networks.

Below is a classic Headbangers Ball clip with Rachtman and Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine.

Riki’s Ride @ WebSite

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