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FRED COURY from Cinderella, 3/1/99




Cinderella Drummer Fred Coury (far right)

Welcome to another star studded 20 Questions, this time with Cinderella drummer Fred Coury!

1. What is Cinderella currently up to (tour plans, CD releases, etc.)?

Fred: We are writing for a new record on Sony and will release a live record for the Cleopatra label in the interim (recorded at the Key Club- LA)

2. Has anyone ever mistaken you for a cast member from Welcome Back Kotter?

Fred: Yeah, Freddy Boom Boom Washington

3. Have Jeff LaBar or Eric Brittingham ever smacked themselves in the head when they spin their guitars over their shoulders?

Fred: Of Course, hell….Eric’s bassstrap came loose once and the bass went flying over the amps!

4. If you could be a tampon for a celebrity, who would you choose?

Fred: Madonna

5. What current 80s band do you think should give it up?

Fred: "Current 80’s Band" oxymoron? or am I?

6. Have you ever played on any of Cinderella?s albums?

Fred: Yes, some of Long Cold Winter and I did the Heartbreak Station record all by my little ‘ol self.

7. What?s the most disgusting road story you can think of?

Fred: I would get arrested if I told you….. really!

8. What other ridiculous Hollywood bands did you play in before joining that joke of a band London?

Fred: None before and none after! that was enough for me.

9. Who gets all the fat chicks in Cinderella? Definition: Fat Chicks are chicks that are 150 pounds and over, unless they are over 5’10" then 150 is acceptable!

Fred: Our old keyboard player Rick used to go for all of them. Thought they never got laid so in his mind they were cleaner.

10. A clerk in the butcher shop is 5′ 10” tall. What does he weigh?

Fred: Is there a clerk in a butcher shop? and am I a retard for not knowing this?METAL SLUDGE SAYS: No, not a retard, but maybe slow. A clerk in a butcher shop weighs meat.

11. Whose voice is more irritating, Tom Keifer or Stephen Pearcy?

Fred: I think they’re both cool voices and so do you

12. Who in the band has the most homosexual characteristics?

Fred: Me of course

13. If you could put one Cinderella song in a vault labeled ?Songs The Fucking Suck?, which song would it be?

Fred: Fire and Ice

14. Can you play any other instruments? Besides the drums which you never get to record anyways.

Fred: LOL….. I play many….Violin, Trumpet, Guitar, Cello, Bass, Piano awww fuck…. probably wouldn’t get to record them either!

15. Word on the street is that Tom Keifer?s cock in a limp state is between 6 ? and 8 inches. Have you seen Tom?s dick, and if so, how big would you say it is? (be specific please)

Fred: I’ve never measured it

16. In your heyday, how many chicks would you bang in a week?

Fred: Would I or did I? and depends on what week

17. Who was a bigger prick Nadir D’Priest, Tom Kiefer, or Stephen Pearcy?

Fred: I am such an asshole that those guys could be the biggest pricks in the world and the fact that I am so self-centered and such a prick, I would want the title!

18. Do you shave your balls?

Fred: No, but I do shave my palms (for obvious reasons )and my feet.

19. Who has less say in their band: Michael Anthony in Van Halen, Robbie Crane in Ratt, Rick Steier in Warrant, or yourself in Cinderella?

Fred: I don’t know what say they have, who is Rick Steier? and I can’t complain about my job!

20. What was the worst disaster: AIDS or Cinderella?s ?Still Climbing? CD?

Fred: Good Question….

Thanks for wasting your time and answering our questions Fred!



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