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Golden Sludge, Gene Simmons pees on stage? Live video of KISS and it appears the Demon pees his pants on stage? >Must See Video



Golden Sludge, Gene Simmons pees? Live video of KISS and it appears the Demon goes pee on stage?


YouTube — The rock band KISS is on their 40th Anniversary tour and the shows are getting a lot of youtube love from the KISS ARMY!

A video from the band’s show last Wednesday June 25th 2014 has surfaced and it is a bit shocking. Last week was the kick-off of the tour and fans are buzzing. But some fans are a little perplexed at a clip of Gene Simmons during “Hide Your Heart” from the bands Denver Colorado  show where it appears The Demon might be peeing his pants.

Live on stage, front and center for all to see! Huh?  Or is our mind playing tricks on us.

Watch the video below around the 3:40 mark as the camera pans from Paul Stanley towards Gene Simmons. It’s clear that Gene has some sort of liquid flowing from his crotch. Directly from his bulging manhood region is a liquid stream.

It’s not fire (Thank God), and it doesn’t appear to be blood either. Thank Satan for that. And for the love of all humanity, we pray it’s not a load. But something is definitely pouring from between his legs. It is kind of hard to make out exactly what it is. No pun intended, with the use of words like; hard or make out.

But, is it water? Or pee? Or did The Demon blow a ass gasket from catering. We’re not totally sure but it is an interesting video for sure.

Anyone know what this is? Anyone, Buhler, Buhler?

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