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Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal and Gary Hoey ask fans to fill up their kickstarter with $ 20,000.00 hoping to fund their tour.



Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal offers his dirty tour under wear to fans for $ 5,000.00!


Lameland USA —  We’re gonna start this post off with a question. What is cheesier  –  the countless American Idol type reality TV music shows or grown men who are rock stars asking fans for tens of thousands of dollars with a kickstarter?

We’ll say the later.

What would we have thought way back in 1984 if David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen came onto MTV and asked us to help pay for their tour bus? Or if Bruce Dickinson asked you to send him 5 grand for his used undies.

We’re not talking KISS boots worn by Paul Stanley on the bands Dynasty tour. We’re talking dirty under wear folks.

This is an insult to rock music fans everywhere.

Straight from the world wide web we give you the latest installment of kicksludger.

This month Guitar Gods (not our words, this is taken right off their tour poster)  Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal of Guns N’ Roses and Gary Hoey are asking fans to pony up $ 20,000.00 to help pay for their tour expenses.

The Guitar Gods state the following in part of their plea for your support:

“We had this crazy idea we could all share one rhythm section to make the tour financially possible, but Bumblefoot and I said HECK NO! We have to take our bands, that’s what our fans want. Of course, this is going to cost a crap load of cash! $13,000 in fuel just for starters. paying for band, crew, insurance, food (They don’t work for pizza and beer anymore) All the funds we raise will go to the expenses of this tour.”

Fans on the world famous Metal Sludge Gossip Board have chimed in with their 2 cents.

One online music fan named Hollywood’s Burning posted his translation below.


GG_RB_GH_June_14_1_2014“The more support we get, the more things we can do for you during this tour.” Bumblefoot


The kickstarter video below has some interesting offers like a $ 150.00 phone call or a $ 150.00 guitar strap. You can even pay $ 200.00 and Bumblefoot will tape a picture of your Mom or your pet to his thigh for the show. Yes, anyone who wants to shell out 200 bucks can let their Shitzu ride shotgun on Ron Thal‘s pant leg for a night.

May we ask, what kind of an idiot would pay for this? And who is the moron that came up with this genius part of the campaign anyway.

GG_RB_GH_June_14_7_2014Sadly it appears one desperate fan is gonna part with 2 bills and is probably doing a photo shoot with Sparky right now. Providing the whole 20 grand gets funded.

Now just to let all you know, Metal Sludge is not completely against kickstarter or IndieGogo.

There are some music projects and campaigns that have been successful and reasonable. We understand young bands trying to come up. We have an open mind when legitimate offers or ideas are well thought out and seem to have a meaning.

But when it’s blatant ass-hattery (if that can be used as a word) it’s a joke.

What next?

Will we see rock stars on freeway off ramps as traffic pours into Hollywood holding signs asking for cash.

Even here with the Guitar Gods plea for help – their offer of 10 bucks for music, 50 for a fan pack (T-shirt, 8×10, download) or even 1500 for a signed Fender guitar is realistic. But it really goes south with the five grand for this clown’s filthy underwear.

Their claim is that Bumblefoot will wear the same underwear every night on stage for the whole tour. And to prove it, he will write your name on the waist band of these underwear, then take a photo every night before the show. After the tour is over he will mail the underwear to your home. With a guitar pick of course.

A guitar pick? These are like .10 cents at any music store around the world.

This whole concept in general sucks when people take advantage of it or abuse it.

Metal Sludge believes that guys who tour with Guns N’ Roses and travel first class with their day job should not expect fans to pay for their first class travel when said day job doesn’t cover it.

The idea that dirty under wear are being offered for 5 grand and that Guitar Gods in general have to ask fans for gas money is more than sad.

It’s pathetic and stupid.

It’s one thing to stand in line at a meet-n-greet and it’s another to shell out what amounts to more than a months wages for some scab band member’s drawers.

The final option is to pay these 2 Guitar Gods $ 8,000.00 dollars and they’ll come to your house with an acoustic guitar and play for an hour. They even add, “We will even cook you dinner.”  How nice of them.

There is one small stipulation, you cover their airfare and all related expenses if it’s not local.

We’re betting they won’t bring the groceries to cook that meal and we’re gonna assume those on your tab too!

Happy funding.

80s_sky_short_scraper_2014_June_13Tour Dates:

  • 06/12/14 Thursday Wilkes-Barre, PA The FM Kirby Center –
  • 06/13/14 Friday Huntington, NY The Paramount –
  • 06/14/14 Saturday Sayrville, NJ Starland Ballroom –
  • 06/15/14 Sunday Akron NY Brauns Concert Cove –
  • 06/17/14 Tuesday Englewood, NJ Bergan Performing Arts Center –
  • 06/18/14 Wednesday Cleveland OH Agoura Ballroom
  • 06/20/14 Friday St. Charles, IL Arcada Theater
  • 06/21/14 Saturday Toronto ON Phoenix Concert Theater
  • 06/22/14 Sunday Joliet IL Mojoe’s Concert Hall
  • 06/23/14 Monday Minneapolis MN Skyway Theater
  • 06/26/14 Thursday Seattle, WA Showbox Theater
  • 06/27/14 Friday Portland, OR Roseland Theater
  • 06/28/14 Saturday Richmond, BC River Rock Casino
  • 07/02/14 Wednesday Santa Ana, CA The Observatory
  • 07/03/14 Thursday Beverly Hills, CA Saban Theater
  • 07/04/14 Friday San Jose CA Club Milano
  • 07/05/14 Saturday Ramona CA Ramona Rodeo Grounds
  • 07/07/14 Monday Las Vegas, NV House of Blues
  • 07/08/14 Tuesday Tucson, AZ Rialto Theater
  • 07/10/14 Thursday Dallas TX House of Blues
  • 07/11/14 Friday Pharr TX Pharr Event Center
  • 07/12/14 Saturday Houston TX House of Blues

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