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HELP Let’s all help The Loveless get their gear back, burned trailer



Let’s all help The Loveless get some gear back, burned trailer


On The Road — Let’s all help fix what we can for these hard working guys. The pictures speak volumes folks.

In short, this hard working band The Loveless from Dayton Ohio is on the road and their trailer caught fire. The results, they watched all of their gear burn on the side of the road.

We ask that our faithful readers and Sludgeaholics give these guys something. Anything, $10, $20 or even $50. If you can do it, click their <GoFundMe> page now.

Anyone who has ever toured knows what comes with the job. Endless hours on the road, truck stop food, and your entire life in a duffle bag, roadcase and your vehicle. Be it a tour bus, a Ryder truck or van and trailer – everything you own is in there. Sadly these guys got bit and it’s not easy to bounce back from this.  But we can help them.

Metal Sludge also asks for any and all related industry companies to step up and donate something. A guitar, a bass, drums heads, cymbals, clothes, energy drinks, cords, cables and guitar picks. Let’s turn this shitty situation into a positive.

We usually don’t back bands asking for money, but in a scenario like this, we’re behind them 100%.


The Loveless are a Psychobilly band from Dayton, OH. They’ve been breaking their backs to get their name out there and tour this past year. They just completed a UK tour earlier this year and made a big impact on everyone who came to see them. Just last week they went out on a crosscountry tour to play Psyclone in Long Beach. Half way through the tour, their trailer caught fire while they were driving to Tempe, AZ. Everyone was safe, but their gear was a total loss. All the guitars, amps, drums, and bass equipment went up in flames.

Anything we can do to get them back to making music will help them immensely. Any of these guys would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it.

I know we can’t replace everything they have, and especially can’t replaced the emotional attatchments they had to their gear they’ve collected through the years. Let’s give them a hand getting back even just a portion of what they lost. I’m sure all of the guys will give you a kiss for helping out.





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