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HOME SWEET FOR SALE … Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee selling Calabasas crib for $4.65M >Video<



Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee selling Calabasas crib for $4.65M


TMZ  — Tommy Lee‘s Calabasas pad is apparently home sweet home no longer … so he’s trying to unload it once again.

The rocker put his 6 bed, 8 bath, nearly 10,000 sq. ft. palace back on the market after briefly taking it down early this year. Tommy’s house is 3 levels featuring walnut floors, stone counters, soaring ceilings, a full gym and an incredible music studio transformed from a 13-car garage.

If that’s not cool enough … there’s also a retractable roof covering a jungle-like indoor atrium with cascading waterfalls. And just for good measure … the backyard boasts a saltwater pool and built-in BBQ.

Lee was asking for nearly $5 mil for the home last year, but is now working with new agents — Jonathan Siegfried and Tomer Fridman — and dropped the price to $4.65 mil.

You’ll recall … this is the house where Tommy Lee’s son recently coldcocked his dad, triggering a criminal investigation.

He bought the property in 2007 for $5.85 mil … so it seems like quite a steal.


Article courtesy of TMZ

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