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"I'm down for life. And since I've never been able to kill myself, that's forever!" Oderus Urungus of GWAR






 “GWAR is the greatest band ever! I’m down for life. And since I’ve never been able to kill myself, that’s forever!” Oderus Urungus 


RIP  — Some of the last words spoken by Dave Brockie (pka Oderus Urungus) lead singer of GWAR seem a little haunting. Check out the recent interview with Brockie at the Soundwave Festival in Australia. It was shot in late February only weeks before the singer’s untimely death.

“I will be anti everything until I find a way to kill myself” says Brockie in a video chat with Christina from Soundwave TV. The GWAR founder was backstage at the events Brisbane stop and talks about music, his approach to life and his infamous beheading of Tony Abbott.

Throughout the interview Brockie mentions death more than once and it seems a little ironic with his recent unexpected passing.

The band GWAR has just finished doing shows in Australia and Japan.

Brockie was found dead by a roommate on March 24th 2014.

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