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Part 2 of our Metal Sludge Exclusive! Is former Warrant singer Jani Lane’s supposed long-lost daughter looking for a cash-in?


The late Jani Lane & Brandy Magill


Is former Warrant singer Jani Lane’s supposed long-lost daughter looking for a cash-in?
Here’s part 2 of our Metal Sludge exclusive
By Gerry Gittelson
Metal Sludge Editor at Large


LOS ANGELES — The story of Jani Lane’s long-lost daughter is gaining momentum, as a Florida woman named Brandy Lynn Magill is claiming to be the illegitimate offspring of the late rock star who sold millions of records with Warrant before dying of acute alcohol poisoning in 2011. He was 47.

Metal Sludge first broke the story HERE.

Magill, who looks just like him, purportedly is Lane’s love child from a one-night affair in 1983, and she says she is working on proving it, though she has yet to take the matter to court.

However, Lane’s first of three wives, legendary “Cherry Pie” girl Bobbie Brown, has weighed in, and Brown claims that if Magill plans to sue the family estate, the 30-year-old yoga instructor is barking up the wrong tree.

“There has not been a single dime since he died,” Brown said. “After probate, the estate was split three ways between my daughter, Taylar Lane, Jani’s current wife when he died, and their other daughter. I don’t know exactly where it stands because I’m not up Taylar’s ass about it, but there’s no money because Jani had a lot of debt. He was deeply in debt when he died.”

However, that’s only the case if you take Brown’s word for it.

Jani_Lane_3rd_Daughter_Brandi_16_2014Jani Lane & Brandy Magill

Lane’s estate was reported to be worth $600,000 when he died, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Furthermore, it’s reasonable to assume more money continues to flow because Lane wrote all of Warrant’s biggest hits including “Heaven,” “Sometimes She Cries,” “Down Boys,” “Cherry Pie” and “I Saw Red,” all of which made the Billboard Top 20.

“Heaven” and “Cherry Pie” continue to be re-packaged all the time, and both hits still are played on the radio every day.

According to Warrant’s publishing agreement, Lane owned 80 percent, and the rest of the band split the rest. This comes from a source with knowledge of the situation.

Brown said Magill had hinted about being an heir to Lane’s estate from the beginning when the two first made contact several years ago, and Brown said she was “freaked out about it.”

Magill said Taylar Lane at one point was a Facebook friend but not since Magill cancelled Facebook and re-started it again.

Taylar Lane was not available for comment.

Taylar Lane & Brandy Magill

As for proving Magill is Lane’s real daughter, it can be done through DNA testing with Lane’s two other daughters, though it’s unclear if either would be willing to cooperate.

According to the rules of intestate succession, children born within a marriage have been treated much better than those born outside wedlock. Reasons for this may include difficulty in proving parentage and prevailing social values of the time and place.

Courts have been known to interpret wills as excluding a child born out of wedlock if the will didn’t specifically identify the child as offspring. Recently, however, more states have concluded that treating a child of unmarried parents differently than children born while married punishes the innocent child.

If a will or trust is not clear as to whether to exclude or include a child, the state’s rules of intestate succession may be applied. Generally, the trend is toward interpreting a will or trust to include all children unless it’s clear that the parent intended some other outcome.


Proof of Paternity

As mentioned, using genetic testing is one way to obtain proof about a father/child biological relationship existing. That’s only part of the puzzle, though.

In addition, factors to prove paternity for the purposes of allowing the child to inherit from the father include:

  • Did the parents have a marriage ceremony, either before or after the birth of the child?
  • If the marriage didn’t occur, did the father participate in the child’s life as though the marriage was valid?
  • Did the couple live together for 10 months prior to the birth of the child?
  • Did the father support the child?
  • Did the father claim the child on a tax return?
  • Did the father allow the child to use his last name?
  • Did the father openly treat the child as his own?

Bambi Flanner is the name of Magill’s mother. She’s the one who says her one-night affair with Lane – four years before he would join Warrant – produced a pregnancy, and Magill was born nine months later.

Metal Sludge has obtained a complete email exchange between Flanner and Bobbie Brown. Here it is below.


  • Conversation started 2 February

02/02/2014 08:55

Bambi Flanner

Hi Bobbie, boy is this tough. I have a 30 year old daughter conceived during a weekend with Jani in Florida when he was playing with Dorian Gray. It’s been a dirty little secret, but I told my daughter, Brandy, several years ago and she’s kept my secret. Yesterday I gave her the choice. If she wants to pursue paternity then I will support her. She just wants to know her family. Her history. Where she’s from. I’m sure you can understand that. So that’s what we intend to do. I don’t know how to go about getting a court order, but it can’t be that hard, if it comes to that. The DNA can prove me wrong and I’ll just go away, or it can prove me right and we’ll all have to deal with it. The publicity can either be good or bad, either way. So what do you think? I would like this to be as easy as possible for my daughter, but she really has the need to know. Bambi


07/02/2014 05:50

Bambi Flanner

I’m sorry you didn’t receive my other message. My daughter is the daughter of Jani Lane. She was conceived before he was Jani Lane, in 1983 in Florida. She really needs to know for sure and I’m requesting someone in the family agree to provide DNA to prove her paternity. The estate must be settled by now, so she’s not a threat financially. The publicity would be good for Jani, as well as for your book. She looks just like him and really has the need to know who she is. Medically it’s important as well, we have no idea about his family history. Will you help us?


07/02/2014 15:11

Bobbie Jean Brown

So youre saying u had a one night stand w jani 30 years ago and he is the father of your daughter? How would u get dna to prove that now that he has passed? And why on earth would u wait til now to do this?

How can i help ?

Shes gorgeous


07/02/2014 22:54

Bambi Flanner

Lol. Yes I am. It’s extremely far fetched and unbelievable, even for me. I prefer to think we had a mad passionate short love affair, but it was really just 1 night and 2 days of hanging out together in a motel room in Panama City. When he became jani lane and I saw him (and you) on Tv, I thought it was a cute guy who looked like that one guy. He was playing drums when I met him. I have absolutely no idea why he picked me, but I was off to be married soon and the whole weekend was spontaneous, and I figured what the hell. Before I knew I was pregnant, my fiancé confessed he had had a fling before I got to California. So I confessed too and we both felt relieved. Until we found out I was pregnant. The timing was really close. When brandy was born (5weeks early) they told me her blood type and it wasn’t possible for my husband to be the father. He knew, but we never mentioned it again. Several years ago I had an issue with my heart (turned out to be indigestion). I was afraid that my now alcoholic ex-husband would say something to brandy if something happened to me and I couldn’t live with the thought of her finding out like that. So I told her the truth but asked her to not tell anyone else. Not my proudest moment. I was selfish because I didn’t want the entire family to know. A few days ago I asked her how she felt about it, and she said it was eating her up not knowing who she is. So I promised her I would try. I think she deserves to know. Jani and I did this together, and I don’t think he would’ve been ashamed by It, although I can’t claim to have known him well enough to swear to it. The reason I know it was him is because that weekend he gave me hell about my name. To make me feel better he told me the story of his name. That is the part of the weekend I remember most. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to pick him out of a line up. But how many John Kennedy oswalds were born around that time. Who played drums. In Panama City. I need someone who shares his DNA to agree to a mouth swab. I would pay for it, of course. I’ve written his sisters but I doubt they’ll respond. Your daughter, if she would agree, would prove paternity. I know it’s a lot to ask, but like I said, brandy won’t be a threat financially because it’s been so long since he died.

08/02/2014 15:51

Bobbie Jean Brown

AS MUCH as i feel you and for your daughter, i totally would do what i could i mentioned it to my daughter and unfortunately she has no interest in doing this , i am so sorry. i can’t make her, she is a child who if it involves any drama whatsoever or anything extra on her part usually declines or actually always. she shies from press of all kinds and won’t even appear on my show. she is still very sensitive of her father and his death and all to do with him so i can’t promise she may never but now is not a good time for her. you can possibly ask his other daughter madison lane. and or her mother rowan brewer . as far as sisters of his, i don’t know that you’ll get anywhere with them at all honestly. i suggest trying madison and rowan. i do apologize i just think in time taylar would be more willing just not now . again i’m so sorry.


08/02/2014 16:05

Bambi Flanner

Bobbie, you’ve been more than kind, and you’ve done more than I thought anyone would be willing to do. This an awful lot to ask of anyone, and I completely understand why your daughter isn’t interested. Please don’t be sorry. You’re awesome. Thanks for trying. Things always work out, and somehow this will too. Again, thank you.


08/02/2014 16:33

Bambi Flanner

By the way, you can tell Taylar that if the shoe was on the other foot, and it was Taylar asking, I think Brandy’s response would’ve been exactly the same. She probably would’ve responded with “why is this my problem?” Lol


18/02/2014 18:18

Bambi Flanner

Bobbie, Gerry has reached out to Brandy. He says he’s already spoken with you. Is he going to do a humiliating story about Jani? Crystal from everything about Jani Lane or whatever it is says he’ll smear Jani, and that’s the last thing we want.



19/02/2014 00:25

Bobbie Jean Brown

He called me but i was busy shooting n absolutely did not speak. So thats not true exactly. And between u and i hes not the person id go to to release this info first .


19/02/2014 01:03

Bobbie Jean Brown

i’m not even sure why he contacted me at all , or why he is even involved?


19/02/2014 05:11

Bambi Flanner

Thank you. We’ve never heard of him or the magazine, but Brandy came across it online and sent them an e-mail. He wrote back saying he’d already spoken with you, and is close with the entire family. I’ve told Brandy to stay away. They seem pretty scummy. I’ve been talking to Crystal who allegedly handles all of his media, and she’s promised to help, but she’s pretty hostile.


19/02/2014 20:38

Bobbie Jean Brown

I really think goin publicity is a bad route to take and anyone even considering helping u wont if u do honestly bc thTs what would take any credibility from it is my personal opinion. Publicity should b the last thing to happen on the situation . Especially if proof is the motive . I would b leery of both parties mentioned .


19/02/2014 20:41

Bambi Flanner

I agree. I’m way over my head here. I work in a hospital handling insurance. What do I know of sludge magazines. We’re going to get a court order when we can and approach it that way. I just wanted the family to know to get used to the idea. I don’t want them to hate my daughter. She’s a gift.



19/02/2014 20:42

Bambi Flanner

Thank you.


19/02/2014 20:48

Bobbie Jean Brown

As long as u do this legit legal no press or seeking money or attention it should be relatively easy. Theres no money to be had anyway and wo proof any press just makes u look bad and seeking attention and lessen chances of anyones help . Just giving my best advice. U dont want backlash and attacks or hate from anyone about this for her trust me.


19/02/2014 20:53

Bambi Flanner

No I don’t. And it’s definitely not about money. Obviously. I’ll take all the advice you have to give.




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