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IT’S NOT LOVE … George Lynch says he was asked to join Ratt, but declined



George Lynch says he was asked to join Ratt, but declined 



Eddie Trunk — George Lynch was on Eddie Trunk’s Sirius/XM radio show this week and had lots to say.

BAM_eBay_Mags_May_2018_160_600_Sky_1Lynch talks about countless projects he’s involved in from music to movies.

The original Dokken guitarist talks about his band Lynch Mob, Ultra Phonics with Corey Glover and a Native American film project called Shadow Nation.

One subject that Trunk brings up is Ratt, to which Lynch becomes a little …shall we say…fidgety about.

Trunk says to Lynch: “Actually I heard you could talk about Ratt.”

Lynch replies: “Well it depends what you wanna talk about” with a giggle. 

Trunk than adds: “Is it true you were offered the gig in Ratt?”

Lynch replies: “Uh huh.” 

Trunk: “And you declined?”

Lynch replies again with: “Uh huh.” 

Trunk: “Something you didn’t wanna do, the deal wasn’t right, anything you wanna say about it?”

Lynch (pauses): “Ahh, yeah, we just couldn’t come to an agreement on it.” 

Trunk asks: “Something that could still be possible, or is it a dead issue?” 

Lynch: “I don’t think so.”

Trunk: “Dead issue?”

Lynch (joking) adds: “They haven’t called me back. I’ve been staring at the phone,… waiting for the Ratt phone to ring.” 

Trunk bursts out laughing as Lynch makes a little fun with the situation adding “I am playing with Blandini, hello! I don’t wanna play with Ratt.”

Hear the interview below.

The Ratt question is right at the 7 minute mark.

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