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L.A. DRAMAS … Rumors swirl that L.A. Guns will cancel M3 appearance over time slot issue, Tracii Guns confirms



Rumors swirl that L.A. Guns will cancel M3 appearance over time slot issue, Tracii Guns confirms


Whaaaammmmbulance — Just when you thought you heard it all from L.A. Guns, with fired guys, hired guys, the missing peace and (now) the missing purple rain… what next?

Why not cancel a major festival appearance over some minutes on stage.

It appears that this just might be the case according to some rumor swirling about online.

One online blogger wrote to Metal Sludge direct with the following: “Rumors swirling that LA Guns are off M3 now because they don’t like their time slot?” 

The fans of M3, and fans of the latest version of L.A. Guns are all bickering like only fans can bicker over the band’s alleged decision to ‘pull out’ of M3 over their time slot.



L.A. Guns fearless leader Phil Lewis, the culprit responsible for firing Michael Grant last month (how dare he be so rude to fire the Dream Police) has posted about the latest M3 drama by sharing a post on his Facebook.

LA_Guns+Phil_Tracii_M3_April_9It’s bad enough the fans can’t see the Police Man sing the Prince song and now they’re gonna pull out of the big M3 show?

Fans are losing their minds.

And they got a new guy, that Johnny what’s his Z’nuff on the other geetar.

What! You don’t know who that is?

Sure you do…he’s the guy that looks like Elvis Costello‘s nephew and he’s always online at Starbucks bitching about people looking at him, or at Target filming himself in the isles annoyed that they gussied up and rearranged the place.

Yeah that guy, Johnny Monaco.

Maybe if we’re lucky LA. Guns will break up (again), and Steve Riley will show up with Kenny Kweens, Stacey Blades and that Jizzy dude to phil, errr…fill the spot.

You never know.

I mean if someone would have told you in 2015 that the following year Bobby Blotzer would be on tour as RATT with 4 dudes from a Las Vegas cover band, that no one ever heard of…would you have believed it?

Didn’t think so.

As of late this evening (EST) guitarist and band founder Tracii Guns has confirmed the rumor.

Guns wrote in reply to a fan’s tweet inquiring about the cancellation writing: “That is correct. Something to do with no second stage and affecting the lineup.” 


 also chimed in on the active Facebook thread writing: “Thank you kindly friends. Hopefully it will get resolved but either way please come see us play a full set at a venue near you soon.”

To read more about L.A. Guns, M3, and the latest drama surrounding the Purple Rainless camp, go log onto the M3 Facebook page.

Stay tuned as we await the next breaking news story from L.A. Guns.






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