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Red Dragon Cartel show in Wolverhampton cancelled, rest of UK tour & Download festival in jeopardy?




Red Dragon Cartel run into more cancellations in The UK & Europe.


Metal Talk  is reporting the following:

Red Dragon Cartel, the band featuring former Ozzy Osbourne and Badlands guitarist Jake E Lee sensationally cancelled their gig on Sunday night which was due to take place at the Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton after a fall out with the promoter.

An argument broke out between the band and promoter Denise Dale who was representing Metal Music Bookings and Management who had booked the band for the UK tour.

Fans travelling to the show were unaware of the cancellation until they arrived at the venue to see a notice stuck on the glass door announcing the cancellation saying “Due to unforeseen circumstances”. Jake E.Lee himself had scribbled in black marker pen over the notice saying: “Jake E Lee was here and ready to go 8/06/14″ with a line underneath “Unforeseen circumstances” seemingly pointing the blame at Denise Dale.


At the time of cancellation there was no message from the band on their official Facebook page saying the gig was off but at 8.00pm the band’s singer Jonas Fairley shared a photo of the notice.

One fan had even travelled from Cornwall especially for the show.

The vents of anger over the cancellation have been divided between the band and Denise Dale herself. Metal Music Bookings were forced to make an announcement on their Red Dragon Cartel Facebook thread with the following explanation: (See screen cap below)


MetalTalk understands that the show in Buckley on the 13th is now also cancelled and their appearance at Download is also in jeopardy over the visa irregularities. Shows in Glasgow and Newcastle had already been cancelled after it was announced that Jake E Lee had to return to America on important business affairs, although rumours do persist that this was due to poor ticket sales and the expensive price of tickets.

The band did play London and Nottingham on the 6th and 7th and you can see a clip from the London show right here where it is clear Jake E Lee has lost none of his trademark spark.

The above article is courtesy of Metal Talk



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