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SUPER SLUDGE CLASSIC … Our ‘Famous Last Words’ column: 100 Amazing Quotes from Rock Stars Talking Smack (1999)



Our ‘Famous Last Words’ column: 100 Amazing Quotes from Rock Stars Talking Smack (1999)


Celebrating Twenty Years of Metal Sludge (1998-2018) we are bringing you some choice posts from yesteryear.

This “Famous Last Words” post below is the exact article we published on November 10th 1999.

It features Rock Stars talking smack in all forms, in interviews, on live radio and from the stage. We listed their quote and where it was taken from.

It’s hard to believe this was first posted last century but it was, and wow… clearly these guys had little to no filter at some points in their career.

There are 100 quotes from Rock Stars across the board.

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This is Famous Last Words. We put together some of the best quotes the rock world has to offer. This took a lot of time to put together, so you better fucking appreciate it!

Some of the quotes are shit talking, some of them are full of shit, some of them are funny, some are gay, some are contradicting, most are embarrassing, and some are so stupid it’s sick..

We’ll let you decide where each quote comes in at.

A lot of this just goes to show you that your favorite “metal stars” are into talking shit just as much as we are. We will be adding to this as we find new quotes.

If you know of a quote we are missing, send us a name of the magazine it was in and maybe we’ll add it.


“My hell is sitting at home with a Metal Edge in my hand seeing my ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend all over the cover.  That is MY HELL.  The roasting of one’s own insecurity and anguish on a color page in every supermarket in the land.” – Jizzy Pearl, from his book “I Got More Crickets Than Friends”

Jizzy_Pearl_IGMCTF_150_Block_Jan_2018_1“My solo purpose, other than the conquest of the earth, is to share my fucked up spin of life with my fellow humans in hope they will quit their jobs, break up with their girlfriends, and start drinking heavily.”  – Jizzy Pearl, from his book “I Got More Crickets Than Friends”

“The last time I checked it says ‘BLACK FUCKIN’ LABEL SOCIETY’ back there. There ain’t no lame-ass shit like Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, fuckin’ Offspring, fuckin’ douche-cunts from Bush up here. Make some motherfuckin’ noise! Jesus Christ, I had to start this band, cause there’s so much pussy-ass, whining shit out there. We gotta stomp that shit out, man. Since when the fuck was it cool to be a fuckin’ pussy?  I don’t get it.” – Zakk Wylde, Black Label Society, October 28th, 1999, The Whisky A-Go-Go.

“What we’re about to do now is a little game we play. It’s gonna be a longstanding
tradition here in the Society.  I’ll pretty much ask you a question, and the response should be, ‘FUCK YEAH,’ cause if it isn’t, we’re gonna have to take you out back and beat the livin’ fuckin’ piss out of you.”

Zakk Wylde: Question number one: Do the Backstreet Boys suck some major motherfuckin’ horse dick?


Zakk Wylde: Gavin from Bush. If you look like you shower more than three times a day, and have your fuckin’ nails manicured, you fuckin’ pussy ass piece of shit, you shouldn’t be in a fuckin’ rock ‘n’ roll band, am I right?


Zakk Wylde: Next, is Eddie Vedder the whiniest motherfuckin’ cunt on this goddamn planet?


Zakk Wylde: Listen, do me a favor, as a friend: If you ever, ever, ehhh-ver (yes, he pulled a Chris Jericho) fuckin’ hear me singing like that lame-ass cunt from the Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan…”Today is…” SHUT THE FUCK UP, MOTHERFUCKER! If you ever hear me singing me like that, I’m friends with Mike Piazza, I’m gonna give you one of his fuckin’ bats, and beat the fuckin’ piss out of me! Would you do it?


Zakk Wylde: Thank you. What are friends for? Next: The Goo Goo Dolls. Jesus Christ. If you name your fuckin’ band “The Goo Goo Dolls,” fuck that shit, man! What the fuck are you thinking? You deserve a can of whoop-ass if you name your band the Goo Goo Dolls!


ZW: Last but not least, how good would Britney Spears look with a 12-inch cock in her mouth, am I right?

– Zakk Wylde, Black Label Society, October 28th, 1999, Whisky A-Go-Go.

David_Lee_Roth_90s_Jan_2018_1“You know their (Van Halen) next album is gonna be called Oh, You Miss Him Too? Either that or they’re gonna have to figure out an acronym for ‘Oops, we fucked up the last decade!’
“Oh god, for a long time I thought I was the ‘hip’ replacement! Shit, ’til he (Eddie) gets a hip replacement my sister could kick his ass in a street fight.”
“Classic Van Halen made you want to drink, dance and fuck. Current Van Halen encourages us to drink milk, drive a Nissan and have a relationship.”
“I always pictured Extreme as being short for ‘extremely boring.’ And I describe their music and Gary Cherone’s contribution as a condom advertisement, have you read this before? ‘Thousands of tiny little notes, urging you to let go with music so thin, you feel like you’re hearing nothing at all.’ There will always be a Holyfield or a Tyson, but there’s only one Mohammad Ali. There will always be a new body building champion, but there’s only one Arnold. And there’s only one David Lee. I’m the fun in Van Halen, always will be.” 
– David Lee Roth, Popsmear Magazine, March / April 1998

“We tried to have Winger arrested at the Canadian border.  When Winger was added to the Kiss show they didn’t have great feelings towards us.  We didn’t know why.  Slaughter has always had positive relationships with everybody.  Perhaps it was because Kip had just gone through this thing with his girlfriend, and everything was not firing off bullets for him.  Anyway, all of a sudden there was this bizarre professional jealousy directed our way.  Paybacks are a bitch.  When we saw that their bus was being interrogated at the Canadian border, we started insinuating, ‘Hey man, do you smell pot anywhere?  I smell pot.  And at the border too.  I just don’t understand.’  Basically we took their tour manager apart.  We said that he was selling weed.  So the customs agents took flashlights and guard dogs onto their bus.  It was crazy!  After that was over, we told them that we don’t suggest that they mess with us a whole lot more.  For that point on, interestingly enough, we didn’t get fucked with anymore.” – Dana Strum, Slaughter, Hit Parader, August 1991.  And Slaughter wonders why everyone hates them???

“I’m addicted to some drugs that I wish I wasn’t.  It’s fucked up.  I can’t sleep anymore without either being drunk, wasted or by taking Hellicein which are like LSD.  They’re (Helliceins) a mind altering drug.  I’m taking too many sleeping and waking pills in order to function.” – Sebastian Bach, Rock Scene, June 1990

“As far as the future, we have just endless goals.  If you take Motley Crue, David Lee Roth, a little bit of Poison and then pour gold or platinum over it, you get us!” – Stevie Rachelle, Tufff, Rock Scene Spotlights #21 (Hot Rockers).  Uh, guess again Stevie.

Question to Slaughter:  “When was the last time you guys had a fight?”

SLAUGHTER: Blas: We don’t really do that. We like to laugh at the other bands we perform with that take themselves so seriously. – Blas Elias (Slaughter), chat, June 28, 1999.  So you laugh at yourselves then??  Besides, you only perform with Warrant, Quiet Riot, L.A. Guns and bands like that, so I’m sure they’d be happy to know you laugh at them.  You guys are just as bad as Metal Sludge.  At least we admit it.

“After I did that STERLING interview with you the two guys that are still in the band that I got along with, Erik and Jerry, ceased to be my friend (thin skinned pussies taking themselves to seriously?!?!).  Maybe they both beat the fuck out of each other over frustration for having to share the stage with ‘The Budweiser Frog’???  Who knows, who cares?  How sad is it when a band that has had a measurable (all be it small) amount of success has to resort to recording a CD of themselves covering their only hits???  I’d be frustrated too, wouldn’t you?” – Joey Allen (Ex-Warrant), Email written to Metal Sludge, 9/27/99 

Sebastian_Bach_Madame_X_Jan_2018_1“If you save all the money you’re spending on beer and pot, put it into your music career, you’ll get a hell of a lot farther than all the other people.” – Sebastian Bach when he was in Madame X, Much Music TV Interview, 1987.  Sure, whatever you say High Times cover boy.  Maybe you should take your own advice.

“Don’t follow trends, follow your heart.  Just because Kid Rock is popular today doesn’t mean he will be in 20 years. If you keep changing with the latest trends you’ll always be chasing your tail” – Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue, Yahoo Chat, September 23, 1999

“I love bootlegs. I always have. I used to go to a store in Seattle and never have enough money to buy any but I loved hearing different versions of things. We allow bootlegging at our shows and I think that bands who don’t are greedy MFs. The fans would spend enough money on tickets, tshirts, beer – let them take something home.” – Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue, Yahoo Chat, September 23, 1999.

“That’s the difference between the lyrics I write and a band like Pearl Jam.  For example:  Let’s say you save up enough dough to buy a fucking case of Raw Ass – it’s the worst tasting beer we can buy, but that’s all we got the money for – you’re out in front of the liquor store, and some guy puts it in the back of his truck and fucking takes off.  “Motherfucker!  We just lost our beer and the dough!”  Eddie Vedder will fucking whine about it, being a pussy, and write a song about being a wuss and how it’s crushed his fucking life now cause this asshole drove off with his beer.  Come to Black Label, man!  What we do is, we get his license plate number, find out where he fuckin’ lives, go down, smash his truck with a cinder blocks through the windshield, get the beer, then light his house on fire, get drunk, and write a song about it.  That’s the way Black Label handles it, man!  It’s pure fucking comedy at it’s best!! – Zakk Wylde, Black Label Society, Metal Edge, December 1999.

I wrote a little thing on a barf bag on the plane today after I read that Vanilla Ice was attempting a comeback.  I got pissed.  I’ve been waitin’ for this day for a long time.  I’m here, fuckin’ 100% pure fuckin’ rock, and when I come out I will tell you what I mean.  I might be wrong, and I might look stupid for it, but I tell you what the fuck I mean.  Fuck Vanilla Ice.  And fuck Hammer, too.  And fuck the Backstreet Boys, and fuck New Kids On The Block and anybody associated with all them fuckers, man!”  – Kid Rock, Pop Smear Magazine, March / April 1999.

I think it’s really sad that a Britney Spears song is better written than a Limp Bizkit song.  That’s disappointing to me.” – Marilyn Manson, Kerrang, July 31, 1999

“The Poisons and the Warrants of the world were an imitation of things that I’d done before, at least partially.  More than anything, those kind of acts were about the festoonments…They were verily festooned!  All my festoonment came from something that was a bit more heartfelt and spiritual.”  – David Lee Roth, Raw Magazine, February 16-March 1, 1994.

“The band was over-paranoid about the threat of terrorism.  Shit, White Lion, Warrant and David Lee Roth are still going over there to play.  And I wanted to play; so did the band.  It was a chickenshit move.”  – Mark Slaughter on Cinderella, Rip Magazine, June 1991

Mark_Slaughter_Jan_2018_1“There was a confrontation.  Tom Keifer came up to me and asked me if I really said that.  And I replied, “Every word of it.”  I told him I said it because he’d slagged me in the beginning of the whole situation.  You know, we had no beefs at all with Cinderella.  I just think it’s a matter of them not believing that I would stand up for what I believe to be the truth.  They had their manager stepping in and creating more tension.  Look, I have a lot of respect for the guys in Cinderella, but when somebody says something about me, what am I going to do?  Bend over and reach for the soap?  No, I don’t do that.  Talk to the next Zest boy over there.” – Mark Slaughter, Slaughter, Rip Magazine, November 1991

“i thought i should give you all a pre-warning about my answers so nobody gets in an uproar. i made a couple of harsh digs about slaughter and wanted to explain why. slaughter was our opening act on the european heartbreak tour. prior to starting, dana did an interview with a major european magazine stating that it was beneath them to have to open for cinderella and we sucked and they were the reason the tour was sold out. then went on to say how they would blow us off the stage. though i wanted to beat the living crap out of him at the time, we decided to just let it go. after doing two weeks of dates in the uk we dicided to cancel the rest of the tour due to the gulf war that just started. our reasons were obvious, we were concerned for the safety of everyone with us and the fans attending the shows. there had already been bomb threats and we were advised by the u.s. embassy to end the tour. also, it would have been a nightmare trying to get our gear through customs due to the heighted security. we couldn’t get a flight back home and decided to charter a plane and actually flew slaughters crew and our people back home. slaughter stayed and did a promotional press tour in which they hammered us for cancelling, saying how we were wimps and whatever. so.., anyway, we had two months before the u.s. tour started, which they were booked for the first two weeks. day one of that tour, tom opens up a rip magazine to read an interview with mark slaughter dissing us again. tom physically grabbed him by the throat, slammed him against the wall and said, in harsher words than i can use here, if he had anything to say about us say it to our faces. mark, shaking and nearly in tears, tried to say they made it up. i don’t have a problem with blas and thought tim was a nice guy. the other two, i can’t stand.” – Eric Brittingham, Cinderella,  posted in the Cinderella folder in AOL about our 20 Questions with  him, June 18th, 1999.

“Didn’t you notice a change in Jani Lane?  I mean, it couldn’t have been us that got weird.  I was a friend of theirs, and they fucked me big-time.  I mean, just walking off a tour like this is so unprofessional.  There’s no excuse, really.” – C.C. DeVille, Poison, Rip Magazine, August 1991

“They got booed in Europe.  (David Lee) Roth’s office called ours and said they had a really tough time with Warrant.  They said, ‘This Jani character has a real attitude.  He thinks Dave should be opening for them.’  I said, ‘Well, that was sort of the attitude we got.’  I mean, what was the fucking problem?  I guess it was the best thing.  They left.” – Bret Michaels, Poison, Rip Magazine, August 1991

“C.C. and Bobby (Dall) really wanted us on the tour.  It was between us and Winger.  A couple people in Poison’s management firm didn’t want Warrant on the tour.  They were totally against it.  We went through hell getting that tour, and then we finally get it, someone from the Poison camp called Jani or our manager – I think it was our manager – and said, ‘Do you think that Jani would dye his hair dark?  Would he consider that? Because he does look a lot like Bret.’  We were like, ‘Are you fucking our of your
mind?’ “
 – Erik Turner, Warrant, Rip Magazine, October 1991

BBF_Sludge_Mailbag_Coming_Soon_Jan_1_2018_1“I’m twenty-four years old in ten days, and I am NOT fucking Kip Winger, okay? You want to talk about rock & roll, I’ll sit there all day, as long as someone’s buying the drinks. But don’t expect me to be like everybody else. If you want an amusing anecdote, talk to Mark Slaughter. I’m sure he’ll say something like, ‘Yeah, we had a couple of lite beers and ran down the hall in our underwear. Whoooooo.'” – Chris Robinson, Black Crowes, Rolling Stone, January 24, 1991

“You know what’s funny, Chris Robinson doesn’t use real good information in the way he slags people.  He lumped us together with Winger and Warrant.  Winger is very much like what their record is, and Warrant is a good hard-rock band who do this coordinated trip of their own in concert.  Slaughter borders on a heavier metal sound.  Then he makes a comment like, “We don’t wear hairspray and eyeliner like Slaughter and Winger.”  In fact, he does wear eyeliner!  Shit, he wears more eyeliner than Dana or I ever did in our previous band.  And I might add that Mr. Robinson’s clothing is definitely far and above what I can afford.  Hey, man, be a bigmouth, that’s cool, just know what your talking about.” – Mark Slaughter, Slaughter, Rip Magazine, November 1991

“I like Extreme but this guitarist-who’s a serious guitar player, mind you-dumped on us.  I remember the exact quote, “I turned on MTV and saw Slaughter at Number One for nine weeks and figured I should think about retiring,” something like that.  I mean, what an angry, arrogant motherfucker.” – Dana Strum, Slaughter, Rip Magazine, May 1991.  Like Dana never talks shit!  We salute Nuno for that comment.

Here’s a question that was asked to Mick Mars in the February 6th, 1988 issue of Kerrang!  It was about a month after Nikki Sixx OD and died and their European tour was cancelled.

What about the Nikki Sixx drugs OD story?  It’s said that it occurred right after that (The Japan Girls Girls Girls tour) ended.

“I heard about that too, and I just started laughing!  It’s total shit…just another one of those dumb stories that get put out about us.  Honestly, man, stories like that about us go out all the time…did you hear the latest one about how I’m supposed to be getting married?  I mean, COME ON!  No way…”

So Nikki Sixx definitely did not suffer a drugs overdose?

“No!  None of that happened!  Nikki didn’t die either…I heard that one, too!  It’s just dumb shit.” – Mick Mars, Kerrang, February 6, 1988.

“We’re better than they are. We’re better musicians than they are, we’re better players than they are. Put it this way, they can TRY and walk onstage after an Iron Maiden show if they want.” – Bruce Dickinson talking about Metallica, Metal Hammer, May 1999

“Korn are a fashion statement. The only fashion statement Iron Maiden make is fuck fashion. There’s an eternal quality to great rock ‘n’ roll; listen to the first Black Sabbath album – that album has never dated. Now play’s Korn’s record – in 20 year’s time I wonder what people will think of it. Will they truly be the future of rock ‘n’ roll or are they the Cinderella of the year 2000?” – Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden, Metal Hammer. May 1999



“Oh, fuck no. I saw that thing from Australia. It was so God awful. I was so embarrassed. I couldn’t stand it. It was just not what people want from Van Halen, obviously. The poor guy’s singing Roth tunes, Sammy tunes, and it just doesn’t sound right. Some of them sound flat fucking stupid. The band looked stupid. I was just wondering if we looked that stupid sometimes.” – Sammy Hagar when asked if he was tempted to see the current Van Halen lineup live, from Rolling Stone Network, March 24, 1999

“Well, I’ve heard it…it’s sad actually.” – Sammy Hagar when asked his opinion on Van Halen 3, on the Howard Stern show March 9, 1999

“I’m pretty tired of hearing Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins whine about his fans and how they’ve turned their backs on him. Someone needs to smack that kid upside the head and tell him to shut the fuck up! He’s always complaining.” – Rob Zombie, Kerrang, February 13, 1999.

“I’m living the life of a rock star and that’s more than 99% of all aspiring musicians can say.” – Bruno Ravel, Danger Danger, Metal Edge, April 1996

“Two years ago we were extinct. Now we’re heroes for still doing it.” – Dana Strum, Slaughter, Las Vegas Review Journal, August 26, 1997. Heroes? On what planet, because it sure ain’t this one.

“We don’t want to tour with Def Leppard. We’d rather tour with the Ramones or Iggy or Manson or KoRn. It’s not about a period of time; it’s about bands you respect.” – Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue, Express News, San Antonio, TX., March 4, 1999

Nikki_Sixx_Lemmy_Crue_Motorhead_Jan_2018_1“Winning is my main prerogative now. I don’t want to become (Motorhead frontman) Lemmy and be an overweight, wrinkled alcoholic. I’ll still cut your throat, but now I need a reason besides you looking at me wrong.” – Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue, Express News, San Antonio, TX., March 4, 1999

“By the way, any band that has a number in their name, you gotta look out for: 311, Third Eye Blind, Matchbox 20 – these are all bands that hurt music, hurt style, hurt what kids look up to. I’m very concerned.” – Marilyn Manson, Alternative Press, April 1999.

“You know, I like Jonathan. But he’s pretending to be rehabilitated from drugs and alcohol in order to be a more appropriate father for his bastard child and his Family Values tour. However, I see it’s just a matter of hours now before I drag him down into my crystal-meth hell.” – Marilyn Manson on Jonathan Davis from Korn, Alternative Press, April 1999.

“I use to get Slurpees for Dana Strum, the bass player in Slaughter.” – Ross Robinson, Producer for Korn, Limp Bizkit, Soulfly, Machine Head, etc., Alternative Press, April 1999

“I still love being in Motley Crue, but it’s becoming very trying. I find myself becoming more of a recluse. I’m the reluctant rock star. I don’t want all this stuff that comes with it. The older I get, the more I hate it.” – Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue, Metal Edge, May 1994

“I ain’t some pretty boy glam fag.” – Sebastian Bach, Metal Edge, March 1990

“Girls you don’t hang on a tour bus and talk about the ozone layers, YOU SUCK DICK THAT’S YOUR JOB.” – Stefan Adika, L.A. Guns, From our Gossip Board, 2/28/99

metalbabe_block_150_1“I’m gonna spare you the usual ‘We really matured as people and we’ve really grown up, the songwriting is so much more mature’ crap. The day I become mature is the day I get out of what I’m doing because there’s no room for maturity in this business. If anything, we’ve digressed. If people thought we were 19 on the last record, we’re pushing eight or nine on this one.” – Sebastian Bach, Metal Edge, October 1991.

“I’m not surprised that you think nothing of expecting me to drop everything and join… When we spoke about it six months ago I was a little interested in doing a live album but you fucked me then, and that’s fine. Ralph deserved a break. But I’ve heard nothing but shit talked about me from you guys. I’d look pretty foolish jumping in now, don’t you think? I have a band and a CD coming out soon. And knowing our chemistry the whole thing would last maybe a week… and I feel to get involved would be a step back. It would never work. It’s like getting back with an old girlfriend. It’s never the same. Bury LAG with a little dignity.” – Phil Lewis, An open letter to Tracii Guns, released July 1998 after Ralph left L.A. Guns.

“Ya know what a lot of bands don’t do? They don’t age gracefully.” – Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue, Decade Of Decadence Home Video, 1992

“If you want to find Nikki Sixx when he’s not onstage, go look for him on the streets, hanging with the kids, sharing a beer and a sandwich ’cause that’s where I’ll be, man…on the streets where I belong.” – Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue, Rock Shots ’88

“Marilyn Manson is a completely different thing than Slaughter.” – Dana Strum, Slaughter, Metal Edge, May 1999. Thanks for clearing that up Dana.

“I mean, hey, the guy’s creative, okay? But he’s a lousy human.” – Eddie Van Halen on David Lee Roth, Guitar World, July 1985

“I fuck my brains out. I fuck everything that moves. And if it doesn’t move, we work something out.” – Gene Simmons, Kiss, Playboy, March 1999

“Two days ago we saw this guy who had his whole back tattooed with our portraits. Stupid.” – Peter Criss, Kiss, Playboy March 1999

 Kiss_Reunion_era_90s_2018_1“The best gimmick I’ve seen is bands with multiplatinum albums going on-stage in ripped-up clothes making believe they’re poor. That’s a great gimmick.” – Paul Stanly, Kiss, Playboy March 1999

“The most bizarre thing was seeing my face wrapped around the gateway to hell. A tattoo. If you can imagine my mouth wide open-her lips at that point were not shut either. You know the phrase, Go fuck yourself?” – Gene Simmons, Kiss, Playboy, March 1999

“I think my guitar playing is probably average. It’s overrated.” – Ace Frehley, Kiss, Playboy, March 1999

“Oh, yeah, because he’s (Billy Corgan) probably one of the few citizens of the alternative nation, or whatever you want to call it, that admits Van Halen was an influence. Everyone else says Kiss. I mean, give me a fuckin’ break. If they play guitar, they must have heard Van Halen somewhere down the line. I just don’t see Kiss being a guitar-inspiring type of thing. I mean, I’m not putting Kiss down at all. I love Gene, he helped us out in the beginning, and without him we probably wouldn’t be where we are. But to say Ace Frehley was the reason you picked up a guitar?” – Eddie Van Halen, Guitar World, September 1996

“It reminded me of overdue dentist appointments”
“It sounded like hot water on a sick cat”
“You want me to sit here and salute the sinking of the Titanic?”
 – David Lee Roth on Howard Stern, when listening to the Van Halen song “How Many Say I”, which is sung by Eddie.

“Eddie Van Halen’s a weakling and his brother is a triple weakling.” – David Lee Roth, October 18, 1997, from Slawterhouse Magazine at

“I don’t understand U2’s music. It’s too serious. They bum me out.” – Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue, Rolling Stone, August 13, 1987

“He looked like a pair of panty hose stuffed with cottage cheese.” – David Lee Roth on Eddie Van Halen, October 18, 1997, from Slawterhouse Magazine at

“He’s [Eddie Van Halen] got the spiritual spine of a chocolate eclair. – David Lee Roth, October 18, 1997, from Slawterhouse Magazine at

“I’m sorry I didn’t do heroin when I was pregnant” – Sebastian Bach, Spin Magazine, February 1996

Riki_Rachtman_Dave_Mustaine_Jan_2018_1“I was known as the metal guy, which I wasn’t. I got labeled. I never picked one video the whole time I was at MTV! I never said I was metal. – Riki Rachtman, former Headbanger’s Ball Host and former owner of the LA metal club the Cathouse, Spin Magazine, February 1996

“There’s certain interviews I like. I hate Metal Edge and Hit Parader. I hate cheesy magazines. I think RIP’s a really cool magazine, but I have to admit I don’t really like doing interviews. I feel safe talking to you, but I’ve been burned by so many people. One person asked me, “So Nikki, what’s your favorite color?” Doug (Thaler, Motley’s manager) couldn’t get me to do an interview for a month after that. I don’t like the bubblegum imagery of some magazines. It’s a real catch 22–not wanting to talk to certain people, wanting to talk to others, not coming off as a snob” – Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue, Rip Magazine, March 1994

“The new record is so lame, and I’m not just saying that because of the way they look now. I don’t care what they look like. I just hate the record because it has no attitude, no fire, no nothing. It sucks. – Kerry King, Slayer, on Metallica’s ‘Load’ album, Kerrang, July 6, 1996

“There’s also very little femininty in what Metallica do. Their gigs are like big wank sessions. All these geezers, virgin little boys, praying to this big willy.” – Ian Astbury, The Cult, Vox, Octboer 1991 IAN ASTBURY

“To me, Metallica is a shitty band. I mean I fucking hate Metallica. I think their music is crap. It’s just garbage, and they won’t be here in a few years. And I don’t care if I get hassled for that. There is nothing in that music, lyrically, musically, rhythmically. I mean what’s their fucking purpose? To me that’s crap and I don’t mind if I get shit for that.” – Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue, Creem Metal, April 1990

“Dear, Sweet, Fat, Balding, Larz (love the make-up babe!) Taking your ever moronic soapbox position on a subject that’s NONE of your fucking business has made you out to be an asshole as usual. Considering that me and Tommy know that your live tapes have been re-recorded. And ALL your instruments were repaired in Pro Tools (and had that balls to lie to your fans an call it a ‘live’ album)…People in glass houses should NOT throw rocks!! considering your bullshit to the press, we feel its only fair to return the punch!!…Your such a poseur…Thanks for releasing that ‘load’ of shit CD of yours…you made more room for us!!” – Nikki Sixx & Tommy Lee on AOL, regarding Lars Ulrich’s allegations that Motley performed to a tape at the American Music Awards in January of 97. (Motley did by the way.)

“Now that Poison’s out of the way, we can go right to the top.” – James Hetfield, Metallica, Rip Magazine, November 1991

Weiss_Rock_Scene_Sky_160_Oct_2017_1“Ride The Wind? What the fuck is riding the fucking wind? How the fuck do you ride the wind?” I don’t blame this song on Poison. I blame it totally on (producer) Bruce Fairbairn. The tempo of the song, the happiness of the guitar sound–that’s not fair to the band. Maybe there’s some rock on here somewhere.” – Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue, Rip Magazine, December 1990, when Nikki was listening to Poison’s ‘Flesh & Blood’ Album.

“Poison is not a trendy band, because there’s really no one that really does want to look like us or be like us.” – Bret Micheals, Poison, Rip Magazine, December 1990

“I have no anger towards them (Poison). It’s not like I’m talking about Phil Lewis of L.A. Guns, who time and time again has badmouthed us. Yeah, it’s true that we used to open for you, and you ended up opening for us. But why get pissed off about it? Hey Phil, come over to my house, we’ll sit down and talk about it. Otherwise you’re gonna come off as the Kevin DuBrow of the ’90s.” – Jani Lane, Warrant, Hit Parader, November 1992

“If you’ve ever listened to Motley Crue you can’t really say we’re heavy metal. To me, heavy metal is Slayer or Anthrax, stuff that gives you a headache. It’s boring noise! If you can’t stomp your feet to it and it does not make you smile, I don’t want to listen to it.” – Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue, Metallix Sp. 2

“I’d cringe to see Motley Crue have that kind of success (referring to Bon Jovi). We’re the largest cult band. We sell consistently three or four million records every year, sold out 15 to 20,000 seaters every night (two nights in the same city a lot of times). We’re not going to ever be a pop band.” – Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue, Metallix Sp. 2

“You know, the Feelgood thing got so big and so out of control. Only my friends who really know me understand this, but it was really a disappointing time in my career, because it was so big, with the jets, and limos and everything, it was just gross, man. It got so fucking big-four or five sold out arenas and stadiums, and four or five celebrities every night, I felt too far away from the fans, it was bumming me out, man. I remember Vince had this thing where he just really loved the jets and the limos. And me, Mick and Tommy were like, “Can’t we just ride in a van and a bus, so we can meet people?” – Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue, Livewire Magazine, Volume 4 Number 11, Fall 1994.

“Well, they’ve disavowed drugs which I find a lie. Because at that age, if you’re not doing drugs there is no reason to even be involved in rock ‘n’ roll. So if they don’t start admitting to doing drugs, I’m gonna insult them. And I will plant drugs on them and call the police. Everyone’s better when they’re on drugs, undoubtedly. Rock ‘n’ roll is about drugs. – Marilyn Manson on Aerosmith, Kerrang, December 19-26, 1998

“A band like Aerosmith, one of my all-time favorite bands, they just made an album worse than Foreigner. Come on guys, you’re fuckin’ Aerosmith. You guys have got the balls to do. Fuckin’ make a record that’ll blow everyone’s mind. Take a chance. Get rid of these bubblegum songwriters. The guys who wrote “Walk This Way” and “Dream On” do not need songwriters. It breaks my heart to hear a song like their first single “Falling Down Is Hard On Your Knees” or whatever it’s called (“Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees”). I just go ‘Nooooo, man. Come on guys, you’re fuckin’ Aerosmith. You’re the bad ass motherfuckers! You hear the song they did for that “Sargeant Peppers” movie and the music they’re doing now and you just have to hang your head. I’m not going to be that band. We’re going to keep pushin’ and pushin’. We may lose some people.” – Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue, Q & A from Nikki’s Car Phone by Sheila Rene’, 1997.

“I’d like to see celebrity deaths from Korn. I’d like to see several members of that band die, so that that Adidas rock would stop making young kids have a terrible sense of fashion and a terrible sense of what rock ‘n’ roll should be.– Marilyn Manson, Kerrang, December 19-26, 1998

Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, and Mick Mars were on MTV’s Week In Rock back in 1994. They were asked how they felt about Vince Neil’s jet ski accident when he hit a coral reef. Tommy: “How’s the coral reef?”
Nikki: “What do you expect when 300 pounds of blubber hits a coral reef?”
Mick: “You’re invited but you weigh a ton.”

“I don’t drink and drive, I might spill it.” – Eddie Van Halen, Rip Magazine, February 1992

“Puking is the second best release to orgasm. I dig it. When I puke, it’s totally righteous. It’s so great. It’s like a total release of heaviness. It’s like an orgasm coming out of your mouth. It’s sexual.” – Sebastian Bach, Rip Magazine, January 1991

“Bands get pissed off at us for having to do meet-and-greets. Because it’s part of our tour, they now feel pressure by their fans to do the same. And many aren’t happy about it.” – Dana Strum, Slaughter, Screamer Magazine, September 1992

“There’s an emotional commitment but you can never commit everything, and the person that commits everything has nothing for themselves. The only kind of relationship you can have in my opinion is a realistic one, which is you cannot control another human being, period. Expect nothing from another human being…It’s too bad if they get hurt. Your happiness comes first. How can a person you’ve only known a year, two, five, 10, whatever, expect anything more than nothing? If someone takes a dollar from me I’ll scream bloody murder but if I give somebody a dollar, I give it gladly. It’s freedom of choice.” – Gene Simmons on relationships, Kiss Alive Worldwide 96/97 Tour Magazine

“it’s fucking GREAT to be filthy rich , unbelievably famous , and able to fuck whoever i goddam please. it’s too bad you’ll never be able to experience anything close to the happiness i experience on my shittiest day , you live-in-a-snowbank-work-at-the-donut-shop piece of hoser shit.” – Sebastian Bach, Replying to someone in our Sludge Mailbag who was talking shit about him, November 28, 1998

“Well, the guys in Alice In Chains have bad-mouthed us over and over and over again too. We’re on the same label, and we were asked to let them open for us. We did it, and I actually liked those guys. Then they sell half a million records, and they turn into a bunch of whiners who think they’re the coolest thing since sliced bread. It just makes me want to say, “Hey, grow up!” – Jani Lane, Warrant, Hit Parader, November 1992

Marilyn_Manson_Jan_2018_1“Def Leppard? That’s such a strange comparison. I guess I’ll have to hack off my arm and beat my wife with my good one.” – Marilyn Manson, when asked if he thought the song ‘I Don’t Like The Drugs’ sounded like it could be a Def Leppard hit from 1984, Kerrang, September 19, 1998

“Chicken McNuggets don’t die any easier than baby fur seals” – Ted Nugent, Rip Magazine, July 1991

“Too many fags on that stage for me, dude.” – Tommy Lee on Madonna’s Back-Up Dancers during the Blonde Ambition Tour, Rip Magazine, January 1991

“God knows Guns ‘N’ Roses wore more makeup than Warrant ever did” – Jerry Dixon, Warrant, Rip Magazine, December 1992

“I’ve seen so many glam bands get bounced from labels, and it makes me ecstatic.” – Glenn Danzig, Rip Magazine, November 1992

“It’s not commercial metal, it’s not real heavy, it’s comfortable like an old sneaker” – Peter Loran, Trixter, 1992, on the sound of their ‘Hear’ album that was a bigger bomb than the bombs dropped over Hiroshima. How can he say Trixter wasn’t commercial metal? That’s like saying Vince Neil can sing.

“I think the Doors suck. The Doors blew! I went out and got the Jim Morrison lyric book and threw it in the trash! It’s garbage! The guy couldn’t write to save his ass!” – Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue, Rip Magazine, December 1991

“I don’t understand why it’s worse for a man to pose naked in a magazine than a women” – Jesse James Dupree, Jackyl, Rip Magazine, February 1994. Maybe because you have such a small cock.

“I hate coke, though. It sucks! If there’s any kid out there doing it, just quit. You don’t control it, it controls you. It’s fucking horrible.” – Sebastian Bach, Kerrang, April 8, 1995

“Ozzy is not paying the bands enough money. He asked us and we said no. Ten thousand dollars a night is chickenshit. It costs more than that for us to get from town to town, it costs more than that for us to have an entourage! You try and tell Dave, Nick, Marty and myself that we’re gonna be able to split a fiver for playing the show tonight–fuck you, Ozzy.” – Dave Mustaine, Megadeth, on why Megadeth didn’t do Ozz Fest in 1997, Metal Hammer, September 1997 (I guess Ozzy paid them more the next year, cause they then went out with Ozzy)

“My contemporaries are Garth Brooks and the Spice Girls. They’re not doing anything rock, but they’re doing things on the same grand scale that I like to do things on” – Marilyn Manson, Kerrang, September 19, 1998

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