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Poll Results. Most overrated hairband, favorite 80s blond rocker & KISS set list for Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame should have included "I Was Made For Lovin' You" according to the KISS Army?





Most overrated hairband, favorite 80s blond rocker & KISS set list for Rn’R Hall of Fame?


Polls — It’s been a while since we posted some of our Poll results so here we go!

We asked you “Who is the most Overrated Band from the 80s?”  and we have a winner. It’s Motley Crue. It was a close race between Hollywood’s original devil shouters and the Glam Slam Kings of Noise Poison but in the end, it looks like you voted Motley Crue to be the most overrated. With over 5,000 votes cast Bon Jovi was a distant 3rd place with about 15 percent of the votes that the top two had combined. Fourth place goes to the gutter’s finest Hollywood’s very own Guns N’ Roses. L.A. Guns, Dokken and Warrant rounded out the top voted bands and ironically everyone of these groups built their brand on the Sunset Strip of Hollywood California.


Poison_Bobby_Feb_2014_2The original Glam Slam Kings of Noise – Poison




Our next poll was your favorite bleach blond rocker from the 80s. Vince Neil took the early lead but soon after the die hard fans of Def Leppard came on strong and knocked the Motley Crue bad boy out of the top spot for Joe Elliot. Diamond David Lee Roth of Van Halen jumped his way to 3rd place and no others mattered.

The lowest number of votes were cast for Gunnar & Matthew Nelson with only 23. The 2nd and 3rd place ‘losers’ were Ted Poley of Danger Danger and Johnny Rod of King Kobra (W.A.S.P.) who only grabbed 45 & 49 votes each.


JohnnyRod_2_March_2014Johnny Rod of King Kobra and W.A.S.P. was not a favorite bleach blond from the 80s



Okay, onto the KISS poll. We asked you, “Which KISS Song Should End The Band’s Performance At The Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame”

Well, what can we say, but the winner by a landslide was “I was made for lovin’ you” with a total of 4,558 votes out of nearly 9,000 total votes.

We’re not the only ones, as it seemed everyone was wondering, what will KISS do, what will the band play or who will actually perform for their long overdue induction. All the die hards, the radio shows and of course Eddie Trunk all weighed in with their thoughts. But that was months ago. Turns out, they won’t play at all. So all your voting went for naught.

Now we’re not sure if the KISS ARMY was playing games with us, but it appears they voted the bands big disco hit – to be the final encore song. A strong second place finish was “Lick It Up” with 3,222 votes and what most would assume to be last – one of the bands most popular songs “Rock N’ Roll All Night”  got less than 500 votes for 3rd place.


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