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Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer forced to pull out of Monsters of Rock Cruise, "So, sorry I can't be there to rip for you and really don't know when I'll see you all again."



Bobby Blotzer “So, sorry I can’t be there to rip for you and really don’t know when I’ll see you all again”


Facebook — Ratt can slammer Bobby Blotzer has just posted on his official Facebook that he will not appear on the Monsters of Rock Cruise.  It appears the band will be there but Blotz has some health issues regarding his neck.

BB_MORC_March_18_1_2014Post from March 18th 2014

Blotz_Ratt_Jan_2014_1Post from January 2014

Metal Sludge first reported rumors HERE that Bobby Blotzer would not play the bands run of show surrounding NAMM. It turned out to be true and Jimmy DeGrasso filled the shoes and played all west coast Ratt shows in January. It was the first time Blotzer had missed a show since joining the band in 1982.

In recent weeks the band has been thrust into internet turmoil with a barrage of posts from Blotzer. The messages seemed to take direct aim at all of the original Ratt band mates. Blotzer himself called out Stephen Pearcy, Juan Croucier and Warren DeMartini right HERE calling them; “Selfish MFRS, Always” stating they don’t care about people. In another post HERE said “Stephen (Pearcy) is out” and claimed they (Ratt) couldn’t do a record without a band.

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