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Rockesha promoter could face legal action from Wisconsin area Expo Center after cancelled concert and his failure to pay rent.




Rockesha promoter could face legal action from Wisconsin area Expo Center after cancelled concert and failure to pay rent.


ET_PoorFest_June_21_4_2014Wisconsin —  The Waukesha County Expo Center tells WISN 12 News it may move forward with legal action after the promoter of Rockesha canceled the event last month.

Waukesha County Expo Center manager Teri Adlam said the concert promoter who signed a contract to put on Rockesha on June 21, still owes rent.

“Two weeks before the event, I asked him where he stood. I said, ‘What do you owe, and where are you financially?’ And he said, I’m in pretty good shape. I owe production and I owe you.’ And I said, ‘”The bands are paid?’ He said, ‘The bands are paid,'” Adlam said.

Adlam said she believed him.

She said the promoter paid the deposit, $1,000 to rent out these grounds. The full balance was due the week of the show. She said he didn’t have the money, but they took a chance and let the show go on.

But when not enough people bought tickets at the gate, Rob Lyons couldn’t pay the bands, and they walked.

“I don’t think he knows what to do, and he’s lying low,” Adlam said.

She said she’s tried calling.

“I have not been able to get through, his phone, the voicemail is full, and he’s not answering,” Adlam said.

WISN 12 News has not been able to reach him or even leave a message either.

“With our contract we are owed some rent money, and we’ll be turning that over to the county collections department,” Adlam said.

Online, concertgoers are also still trying to collect.

Even though Lyons recently posted on apology on Facebook promising to reimburse everyone, a new page was created called “Rockesha Debacle and Resolution” to track the status of getting reimbursed from Lyons.

“We feel very bad for the ticket holders and nobody wants to see this happen,” Adlam said.

Adlam said she’s not sure anyone will ever get their money back.

The Expo Center said will change its booking policies to avoid getting burned again.

WISN 12 News has also learned some concertgoers who bought tickets through Paypal and filed claims have gotten their money back.

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Watch full video and read more from WISN website

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