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SAVING PUDDLES … Puddle Of Mudd perform without frontman, Saving Abel singer fills in and disses Wes Scantlin



Puddle Of Mudd perform without frontman, Saving Abel singer fills in and disses Wes Scantlin


Franklin, OHIO — Puddle Of Mudd are advertised to appear tonight at “JD Legends” in Franklin Ohio.

According to locals Saving Abel played their opening set along with Sponge to a club packed with 600+ people.

Puddle Of Mudd are (kind of) in the house and were ready to take the stage, but they had no singer. It seems that Wes Scantlin is not at the club, and some club goers are saying he’s MIA.

Reports are that Saving Abel frontman Scott Austin is singing for Puddle Of Mudd right now.

Multiple fans are upset, and some have even blogged online that Austin just stated into the mic live; “I don’t even like Wes (Scantlin), but these people deserve what they paid for.”

No official word as to where Scantlin is or might be.

Stay tuned for more updates and info.


Update: It appears that Scantlin was booked to appear at “Pub Fountains” in Stafford (Houston) Texas tonight (August 5th) as well.

Now we’re not David Blaine or Harry Houdini, but how the fuck you suppose to be playing concerts in Texas and Ohio on the same night?






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