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TMZ claimed Scott Weiland Arrested For Meth? Nope, Cops launch investigation over doppelganger arrest (Update)





Scott Weiland arrested for stealing razors from Beverly Hills Rite Aid…oh, and meth too

Metal Sludge has linked Scott Weiland’s official Facebook page HERE, and embedded Scott’s video message below.

Scott is in fact NOT locked up at all, and a celebrity impersonator, who claimed to be Weiland is actually in custody.

Read TMZ updates below. 


9:00 PM PT — L.A. County Sheriffs are now confirming the famous Scott Weiland is NOT in custody … and have launched an investigation to find out who exactly they have locked up.

This story is unbelievable — Sheriffs tell us they believe a Scott Weiland impersonator is currently behind bars … and claim he looks identical to the singer … including his trademark red hair.

We’re told once TMZ called cops after the real Scott posted online video calling BS on his arrest — they went and confronted the unknown man and established he was a knockoff.

The sheriffs — who are in charge of the jail — claim the Beverly Hills PD made the arrest and ID’d the guy as the former Stone Temple Pilot Scott Weiland.  Pseudo Scott was processed and has been in jail since July 26th.

The guy in jail allegedly stole the razors and had meth … but he ain’t famous.

Beverly Hills PD now tell us the guy identified himself as the singer Scott Weiland … but have discovered through a (well timed) FBI fingerprint analyzation … that he was actually a 44-year old guy named Jason Michael Hurley.

We’re told Hurley will now have providing false information added on to his alleged offenses.


7:19 PM PT — Weiland just posted a video to Facebook saying he’s NOT in jail. He appears to be in an L.A. recording studio. But there’s a bit of a twist … 

We just spoke to a rep for the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. who tells us, “He is definitely in custody. We did a physical check on that inmate and he is currently in custody.”  

And … the Beverly Hills Police Dept. gave us a written statement titled, “Celebrity Arrest,” and in the statement it says, “The suspect, former Stone Temple Pilots band member Scott Weiland (46 years of age), was taken into custody for burglary and possession of a controlled substance.”

Stay tuned … 



TMZ —  Scott Weiland wishes he got arrested for stealing razors from a drug store … because the razor theft was small potatoes compared to what cops ultimately found — meth.

The Stone Temple Pilots singer is in jail … charged with felony possession of a controlled substance and burglary.

Cops tell us … Scott went to a Bev Hills Rite-Aid late last month and pilfered some razors and other cosmetic items. When a security guard tried stopping him, Scott breezed out, but not for long. Cops nabbed him down the block, searched him and found what they say was methamphetamine. 

We’re also told Scott pulled the celeb card, telling cops, “I’m Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots.”

It didn’t work.  He’s been in jail the last 4 weeks on $95,000 bond.

BTW … as for why the charge was burglary instead of simple theft … cops say he entered with the intent of stealing, and their proof is that he carried an “insulated” bag which prevents censors from going off.


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