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SEANN NICOLS … Former Singer For BOBBY BLOTZER’s RATT Says Drummer Is ‘Full Of S**t’



Former Singer For BOBBY BLOTZER’s RATT Says Drummer Is ‘Full Of S**t’ And ‘Not Above Board’




Blabbermouth — Former QUIET RIOT and ADLER’S APPETITE frontman Seann Nicols (a.k.a. Sheldon Tarsha) spoke to “The Classic Metal Show” about his experience of singing for Bobby Blotzer‘s version of RATT for one show in March 2017 at the Prairie Knights Casino & Resort in Fort Yates, North Dakota. “It was easy,” Seann said (hear audio below). “There was no contract to sign. I literally just packed my bags and [went] on a fun trip with a bunch of great musicians and [got] to do something really fun, singing songs that I love. So it was easy for me. And I didn’t see it as putting me back at all — I looked at it as a good experience, a fun way to spend my time and expand my horizons. Now, obviously, [laughs] the deeper I got into the situation, I started seeing some serious warning signs, and Bobby is not above board — period. He’s not. He’s full of shit. He’s full of shit — let’s just face the reality here.”

Referring to the fact that Blotzer has been embroiled in a legal battle with the other members of the classic RATT lineup over the rights to the band’s name, Nicols continued: “I’m looking at legal documentation that [Bobby is] sending me over — all these legal documents. He’s, like, ‘Dude, this is real. I own the [RATT] trademark. This is my band. These guys walked away from it. They dropped the ball.’ He goes, ‘I took the band as a business and I built it back up to generate a lot of money. I pay my guys well.’ And that’s one thing I’ll say about Bobby — he definitely paid me, and he paid me double what Frankie [BanaliQUIET RIOT drummer] paid me. So thumbs up for that — that was cool. He definitely treats his musicians well on a business level, but on a personal level, the guy’s all over the place. I can’t get along with him; he’s weird. He’s accused me of not being a good friend and talking all weird. It’s just too much drama, dude. So I realized it wasn’t gonna work on a personal level with him either.”

Despite the fact that he is unlikely to play with Bobby in a band situation again, Seann said that he doesn’t bear any ill will toward the RATT drummer. “As crazy as he is, he is a part of an old era,” Nicols said. “And the way that he acts makes sense for where he came from and what he’s been through. So I don’t wish him anything negative. I think he is an important part of music history, and he was a part of bringing so many songs that me and so many other people around the world love. And I have to love him for that. But working with him and getting along with him at this point in time, it’s not good for me.”


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