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Sebastian Bach unveils his new CD artwork for "Give 'Em Hell" due in stores worldwide on April 22nd via Frontiers Records.




Sebastian Bach unveils his new CD artwork for “Give ‘Em Hell”

Metal Sucks — Sebastian Bach recently appeared on Mohr Stories, the podcast of comedian Jay Mohr, and once you get past the shock of realizing that Jay Mohr is still around, it’s actually a really fun interview. I mean, Mohr knows his shit! He references the BulletBoys and then and Baz go off on this whole tangent about hair metal artists to whom Baz feels superior (Cinderella, Nitro, Trixster, Brittny Fox, and Lääz Rockit all get skewered) and it’s just like, “Whoa, Bob Sugar knows who Nitro are???” Baz also tells a fun story about a recent airplane ride with David Lee Roth, and pays a compliment to Testament, which is unexpected.

Perhaps strangest of all, though, is the fact that Baz debuted his new single, “Temptation,” at the end of the show… and it’s actually pretty good! It opens with a swampy, kinda Black Label Society-esque riff, and then once the vocals kick in, it becomes very reminiscent of Subhuman Race-era Skid Row… which is all good in my book. I’ve been kinda lukewarm on best on all of Baz’s solo material (save for Bring ‘Em Bach Alive, which I maintain sounds more like Skid Row than most Johnny Solinger-era Skid Row does), but I listened to this thing once and it got stuck in my head so bad I had to listen to it again, and now I’m legit excited to hear the rest of Baz’s new album, Give ‘Em Hell.

You can listen to the podcast here. If you just wanna skip to the new song, it begins shortly before the fifty-one minute mark. But seriously, the whole interview is fun and worth a listen.

Give ‘Em Hell comes out April 22 on Frontiers. Here’s the album art, which will look swell on the side of your van:



Art work for “Give ‘Em Hell” is right HERE

The above was lifted from Axl Rosenberg & Metal Sucks who apparently are now Olympic Gold Metalists

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