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Ex Ratt tour manager does tell-all phone-in slamming Bobby Blotzer on The Classic Metal Show


Ex Ratt tour manager does tell-all phone-in slamming Bobby Blotzer on The Classic Metal Show

The Classic Metal Show — Ummm, wow…just wow.

We’re not sure we could type this in it’s entirety if we had a full-time staff of a dozen workers. So we won’t!

But, if you’re a fan of Ratt, or the ‘Fake Ratt’ as referred to by the band’s former road manager/co-manager Jason Green – then may we suggest a coffee.

Or three.

Unless of course you like cold drinks, then we’ll advise a 6-pack (minimum).

JasonGreen_April_2016_1What we’ve embeded below is almost a solid hour, and without exaggeration – The Classic Metal Show host Wendell Neeley and co-host Chris Akin don’t say a word.

Okay, maybe that’s a stretch – they might say 2 or 3 words each – but that’s about it.

It’s ALL Jason Green. Uncut, and man does he unleash on Bob Blotzer.

Green only calls him Bob, as he claims that Bobby Blotzer hates when people call him Bob.

So Green calls him Bob.

Neeley and Akin open the show with Ratt’s “Slip Of The Lip” and end the show with “Tell The World”.

In between Neeley and Akin’s oh-so fitting musical choices, is a verbal onslaught from Green.

Green was, as he calls them the ‘Fake Ratt’ tour manager. A position he held from the project’s inception to his recent departure.

That split between Green and Blotzer was a bit of a mess as documented by Metal Sludge back on February 26th.

Our report included the ‘rumor’ that Scott Griffin was to be released in favor of former Ratt bassist Robbie Crane. That did happen a few days later as predicted by Metal Sludge.

We’re gonna let Jason tell you his story.

Listen and feel free to add your perspective and comments below.

Thanks to The Classic Metal Show for the interview.


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