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Stephen Pearcy responds to Juan Croucier’s recent facebook comments on the state of Ratt




Stephen Pearcy responds to Juan Croucier’s recent facebook comments about the state of Ratt.


Los Angeles –  Last week Juan Courcier engaged a few fans on his official Facebook and answered a few questions regarding the band Ratt. Croucier said, “We are not broken up”   and continued with “Things are on hold at the moment.”

That full original story can be found on Metal Sludge right HERE.

Now yesterday in the Metal Sludge inbox we received this below from Stephen Pearcy.



SEP_July_8_2014_3blocksetRatt future.



Juan has good intentions but,  “The only thing that will happen Ratt w/me involved is the record, unless it dissolves with the label. I’m committed to my solo band and our future. The door is open for Juan to be involved if he would like, and would be more then welcomed concerning other projects with total respect.”

More solo dates, my new solo record and other Top Fuel World projects, tba.



Stephen Pearcy @ Twitter – WikiPedia – Facebook

Stephen Pearcy live at “Whisky-A-Go-Go” June 2014.

A Fan talks about Ratt

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