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Steven Sweet on Warrant's show debacle in Illinois; "We can't pay our bills this week, which are already past due."




Steven Sweet on Warrant’s show debacle in Illinois; “I did not lose my home to a tornado, but I did have to return home from my work week to tell my wife (and 10 week-old son) on Mother’s Day, that we can’t pay our bills this week.”


Facebook — After a crazy weekend in the world of all that is Warrant – the bands drummer Steven “Sticky” Sweet has thrown his collective 2 cents into the pot. Sweet recently became a Father and has shared his take on what happened with the cancelled charity gig in Illinois over Mother’s Day weekend. He ties it altogether with mention of his wife, new son and how things are a bit rough for him as well when it comes to paying their bills. Read on below, posted by Sweet on Warrant’s official facebook.

Can you say insensitive? Sweet has since deleted his post.


To read part 1 about how Warrant took $ 10,000.00 and split town before playing (because they didn’t get their other contractually agreed to $ 5,000.00 – for a total of $ 15,000.00 before they stepped onto the stage) please go HERE.

To read part 2 from the local radio DJ (who has invited Warrant on air to explain their leaving town with the 10K yet not playing a note) please go HERE.

To get info for Warrant’s next show (in the area) at the “Hollywood Casino” Joliet Illinois June 19th show go HERE.


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