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THE LONE RAT … Bobby Blotzer breaks his silence with plenty to say about his former Ratt bandmates


Bobby Blotzer breaks his silence with plenty to say about his former Ratt bandmates, including recent Warren DeMartini rumors


Facebook — After months of silence former Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer has spoke out via social media.

In a brand new post via Bobby Blotzer’s The Ratt Experience official Facebook page the drummer lets loose.

The former member of the band fires off on numerous details related to the band, including the latest on guitarist Warren DeMartini and his alleged firing from the group.

RENT_ME_BLOCK_Red_White_Sludge_2013Blotzer on his latetst blog writes: “Hi Guys, Bobby here checking . Just wanted to make a few points regarding the RATT litigation.”

Blotzer then lists 10 bullet points and #8 reads as follows: “Coming to a head very soon. Anyone who thinks this is over and Wbs INC lost, Ask Warren. Ask Juan. Ask Stephen. Ask me. Ask our attorneys.”

Blotzer also details information related to the recent and current legal battles amongst each other,  and ends bullet point number 9. with: “Ask, why is Warren gone? Think about that one. I have the answer.” 

This statement from Blotzer seems very ironic, as rumors from the Ratt camp swirl around the other 3 current members of the famed Hollywood band.

Metal Sludge reported earlier this week that numerous industry sources close to the band have stated Warren DeMartini has been kicked out of the band Ratt.

Blotzer claims he has the answer as to why.

Direct messages to Stephen Pearcy and Juan Croucier inquiring about this rumor have went unanswered.

Stay tuned as we await more from the Ratt camp.








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