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YOU GO NOW! Loudness denied entry into the U.S.A., shows cancelled



Loudness denied entry into the United States of America, shows cancelled


Port of U.S.A. — Online posts from several sources are saying that the band Loudness has been denied entry into the United States of America.

The Japanese based band was set to appear at the annual M3 Rock Festival on April 29th. This was likely the anchor date for this run of shows.

Below is a screen capture from a promoter who had a Loudness date at “The Metal Grill” in Cudahy (Milwaukee), Wisconsin.

Loudness was coming stateside for it’s 30th anniversary “Lightning Strikes2017 U.S. tour.

The band had a total of 7 dates including; Chicago, New YorkColumbia, Maryland and an appearance in Puerto Rico.

No further word from the band or on their official site as of press time.






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