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YOU’RE FIRED … Industry sources alleging that L.A. Guns have fired guitarist Michael Grant



Industry sources alleging that L.A. Guns have fired guitarist Michael Grant


HOLLYWOOD, California —  A hot rumor coming into Metal Sludge late this afternoon is alleging Michael Grant has been fired from L.A. Guns.

Our industry source says: “A little bird told me that Michael Grant just got the axe from LA Guns.”

The source added: “I’m hearing it was a long time coming” and also noted that Grant was notified of his firing via e-mail.

metalbabe_block_150_1Metal Sludge inquired as to who pulled the trigger, and the source replied; “I’m hearing it came from the top.”

Another insider close to the band has also confirmed to Metal Sludge that Grant was infact fired from the group.

We’re not sure who the ‘top’ is, but one can only assume it’s Lewis, Guns or both.

L.A. Guns have been experiencing a big surge in the last 18 months since the return of founder and lead guitarist Tracii Guns.

Phil Lewis essentially left his version of the band with drummer Steve Riley to join forces with former bandmate Guns in late 2016.

Since their reunion the duo signed with Frontiers Sr1 and released “The Missing Peace” with solid reiews and great  fanfare.

Guns and Lewis together have brought select members of their previous touring lineups to form one version L.A. Guns.

Grant was brought over from Lewis‘ version of the band, while Guns brought drummer Shane Fitzgibbon from his version.

The 5-piece group is solidified by Johnny Martin (bass) who played with Guns in his League Of Gentlemen project in 2012.

Metal Sludge inquired to the group’s management and Scotty Ludwick of Status Global Management has gone on record denying the rumor.

Metal Sludge stands by our story.





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