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20 Questions with Brent Muscat, 7/13/99




Doesn't He Look Excited!?

Brent Muscat (doesn’t he looked excited!?)

This week’s 20 Questions is with former Faster Pussycat guitarist Brent Muscat.  Brent is now playing with Philip Lewis and The Liberators.  We originally sent out our questions to Brent last fucking March.  Then he responded a few months later saying he lost his questions, so then we had to send the questions back out to him.  Now it’s July, and we finally have our fucking interview with Brent.  You’ll see it was well worth the wait!

1.  What are you currently up to? (This is the only chance to plug your shit.)
I play with Phil Lewis, and I am a Camera assitant on music videos, movies, and commercials.

2.  Nikki Sixx sent back his questions to us within 24 hours.  Tommy Lee sent his questions back to us within 2 days.  However, we first sent you questions back in March, and in early May you said you?ve been busy and we?ll send them back soon.  Now you?ve recently said you lost our questions.   What the fuck is your problem?  You can?t be that busy.  What exactly have you been doing?
I worked on a Red hot chili peppers, and Brian Setzer’s Video, and some gigs here and there with phil.

3.  Faster Pussycat was kinda glam but also a bit androgynous too. How many members of the group did some experimenting with male genitals?
Just one

4.  What rock star deserves the biggest smack in the mouth?
thats a hard one!  J.Simmons?

5.  What?s up with your old drummer who got busted out in the midwest while on tour for having drugs Fed Exed to the motel? (While you toured with Motley Crue and had a video in rotation on MTV, right? What a jackass!)
I think he is living in New York, and doing H.

6.  Make up your own question and answer it.  (He didn’t answer this question, so he must not have been able to think up a question to ask himself.)

7.  A nude Haitian prostitute stands in front of you.  The good news is she is stunningly gorgeous.  The bad news is that she hasn?t had an AIDS test in ten years.  For $5,000,000, would you have anal sex with her for only 5 seconds.  That?s right, only 5 seconds.  That?s $1,000,000 per second.  Would you do it? 
No.  What good is the money if you die and can’t spend it?

8.  We know you were only like 18 when Faster Pussycat got signed.  Our question is:  Before you were signed, how much pussy did you get, and once you were signed, by what percent did the pussy increase?  
Before I was signed, I could count on my hands,  After we became popular just about anybody I wanted, and too many to count. I’m very lucky I didn’t have any babies, or get any bad stuff, such as aids.

9.  If you could be a tampon for any celebrity, who would it be?
Becoming soaked with blood doesn’t seem like a good time to me!

10. What still playing 80s band should call it a day?
I’m not sure what 80’s bands are even still playing.

11.  What?s the most hilarious thing Philip Lewis has told you about L.A. Guns?
A story about Tracii tied to an alter and his balls in a sling.

12.  Other than this interview, what was the last thing you regretted doing?
no regrets!

13.  What does God look like?
A little like my grandpa!  with big eyes and nice teeth.

14. Which would you prefer:
A.  Your child is born with a genetic birth defect that causes one of its legs to be half the size of the other,
B.  Your child is born in perfect health, but twenty other couples will have the same birth defect on their next child.
I could take care of a kid with one short leg, as long as his third leg was long!

15.  What Faster Pussycast song could go into a vault called ?Songs That Fucking Suck??
"Lovers leap" or "Aint no way around it".

16.   We know you played in a few Sunset Strip bands after Faster Pusstcat got slapped into reality (dropped from your label). Tell us about The Fizzy Bangers and what that was all about?
Just a punk band that was a blast to play with. And many young girls.

17.  When was the last time you did something rock and roll in a hotel?
Last month with Taime.

18.  In the movie "The Decline of Western Civilazation Part 2 – The Metal Years", a member of Faster Pussycat says "I’m just doing this until I get a real job at McDonalds". What does he do now for a day job?
He is a sound editor for spanish TV

19. Did Taime Downe ever put his hand on your knee or maybe pinch your ass?
Maybe once or twice.

20.   Now is the time for Metal Sludge’s world famous Name Association. We mention a name and you
give us your thoughts.  For example: Taime Downe / Transvestite Dress Wearing Fruit.

Nikki Sixx / Rip off artist
Greg Steele / hermit
Rupaul / loose hole
Philip Lewis / Very cool!  And super polite!
Gerri Miller / loves 80s rock
Gwen Stefani / good kisser
Rikki Rachtman / Right place at the right time with the wrong person.
Rikki Rockett / Loves animals
Rikki Lake / Loves to eat animals
Howard Stern / Popular geek who is getting even with those who stole his milk money.

Brent also wants you to know him and Philip are playing this Thursday, July 15th, at the Coconut Teaser in Hollywood.  We suggest you do whatever it takes to make it to this huge show.  Get on plane, swim, hitchhike, steal your mom’s car, whatever it takes.  Fuck, Greyhound is only 89 bucks, so get your ass on a Greyhound and make your way to LA for this huge rock-n-roll, heavy metal style concert!  Who needs OzFest when you have The Liberators at the Teaser?? 
For more information on that and other things, check out Queen Rat’s Philip Lewis Band Site at



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