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20 Questions with Bruce Kulick, 9/21/99




Bruce Kulick

Ex-Kiss and Current Union Guitarist Bruce Kulick

This week’s interview is with Bruce Kulick.  Bruce sent back his interview today, so that means we can keep our interview streak alive!  We’ve been giving Sludgeaholics quality interviews every week since March, and this interview is no exception.  As most of you know, Bruce was in Kiss for about 10 years before he got the boot, and now he’s in Union!  Who needs Gene and Paul when you can have Brent Fitz and Jamie Hunting??  So like John Corabi did last January, it’s now Bruce’s turn to answer 20 Questions.  Enjoy!

1.  What are you currently up to?  This is your only chance to plug your shit!
BRUCE KULICK:  New UNION disc in Feb 2000, Eric Carr "Rockology" in late Oct 99, and video, "Tale of the Fox"… ESP cover record out now … keepin’ busy!!

Bruce kicking it at the studio

2.  How important do think image is to a bands career? You guys are like the Tesla of the 90s. Unfortunately you guys haven’t had a hit song or even a gold record.  How do feel about being plain and boring?
I guess you can say I am proud because I care mostly about the music…I drive a Lexus not a sports car!! So I guess I am very plain and boring!!!

3.  What rock star deserves the biggest smack in the mouth and why?
Axl Rose for not reforming Guns and Roses!!
4.  Time for Memory Lane.  What do you remember from these years?
1975 = my First car (Plymouth Duster)
1980 = Being a Rat… (A Good Rat)
1985 = Being in KISS (Good career move)
1990 = Hot in the Shade Tour being successful (thank God)
1996 = Not being in KISS (forced career move).

5.  We heard rumors that when a Union tour got cut short (due to lack of ticket sales) you flew home and made the band ride for 3 days on a bus? Is this true and why?
The guys cannot stand to hear me whine about things… I had the frequent flyer miles, so more room for them and they didn’t have to hear me bitch!!!

Bruce makes John ride the bus while he flies!
Bruce getting read to tell John Corabi he’s flying home while Crabby buses it!

6.  You have to pick one and deal with the consequences.  Which would you prefer:
A.  You lose all of your money and are forced to publicly declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy;
B.  The pope has a painful heart attack and dies.
Sorry… kill the pope!!

Kiss 1992
Bruce, Gene, Eric, and Paul – 1992

7.  How much of Psycho Circus did you really play on?
Much less than people believe…

 8.  Being that you were a fifth wheel for KISS (you know like a spare tire), do you treat your bassist & drummer like Paul & Gene treated you?
I tell Jamie and Brent all the time that I wished Paul and Gene treated me like the way UNION is a band… but that is a fairy tale!!!

9.  Let’s play a game called Mr. Record Executive. You just signed a band, but their singer quit the band to join a traveling circus, so now the band  you signed doesn’t have a singer. Your only choices to replace him are 
Stephen Pearcy, Vince Neil, or Crackhead Bob. Who do you pick and why?
Crackhead Bob of course!! This way they have a chance at being famous for being freaky! And they get on Howard Stern of course!! 

10.  Rate the following chicks on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being a mess, and 10 being a hot piece of ass!
Gerri Miller 
Pamela Anderson
Layla Dawn
Lita Ford
Shannon Tweed
Courtney Love
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Jessica Hahn
Carmen Electra
Claudia Schiffer

Gee what a set up!!  Okay.. so you know the answer … here you go…They are
all pieces of asses!! Well… one is much hotter than the rest of course!

Gerri Miller… 
Pamela Anderson 
Layla Dawn 
Jessica Hahn
Carmen Electra
Claudia Schiffer

11.  Why did you cut your hair so short?
Needed a change…


12.  For $25,000:  Tell Gerri Miller you want to ask her a personal question.  Sit her down, and in all seriousness, tell her that you want her to shave your scrotum for you because you are not comfortable doing it yourself.  You get paid regardless of whether or not she complies, as long as you never confess to getting paid.
Funny that I never thought of that!!

Bruce 1990

13.  Compare these bands and tell us who?s the champ?

Marilyn Manson Vs. Alice Cooper = Alice .. he is the original
Limp Bizkit Vs. Metallica =  Metallica
Kid Rock Vs.  Motley Crue = The Crue
Godsmack Vs. Alice In Chains = Alice again
< /font>Cinderella Vs. Slaughter = Cinderella…
Britney Spears Vs. Debbie Gibson = Debbie is the original chick star

14.  What Kiss and Union songs should go into a vault called ?Songs That Fucking Suck??
Wow… I love the UNION songs…. but KISS…. never liked "Cadillac Dreams" and I told Simmons so…

15.  What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
Not for me to say… but please no Twisted Sister reunion!!!

16.  Assuming you ran into a genuine genie in a bottle (and we?re aren?t talking Christina Aquilera), and she insisted on getting paid to grant the 3 wishes listed below, how much would you pay out of your own pocket right this very minute for the following to happen?
A:  Stevie Wonder to regain his sight?  $1.00 His music is what counts.
B:  Ensure that your worst enemy will actually go to hell?   $100 ( I am generous)
C:  That Ace & Peter get fired from Kiss again and Gene calls you up to fill in?  $10.00    I can’t afford to pay too much for that now!!

17.  How many wigs would Paul Stanley go through during a typical Kiss tour?
You should ask his hair dresser!

18.  Who’s the most overrated band out right now?Not for me to judge… but N’Sync??? whats that about?
19.  We have heard rumors that you are really good friends with Gerri Miller. Is this true and if so how will your doing an interview with us affect your friendship with the former editor of Metal Edge? Or do you not care now that she’s no longer the editor of Metal Edge?
She will hopefully forgive me for indulging in your interview… and we are friends regardless of her leaving the magazine.

Bruce Glam
Bruce in his glam days, 1986


Bruce looking pissed

20.  Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association.  We list a variety of names,
and you give us your thoughts.
Gerri Miller…hard worker
Gene Simmons…hard worker
Tommy Lee…hard cock
Jani Lane….great songwriter
Nikki Sixx…great friend and songwriter
Paul Gargano…good friend who loves metal
Sebastian Bach… great singer…strange dresser
Mark St. John…super fast guitarist
Vinnie Vincent…talented but mislead
Tommy Thayer…good friend who is very smart

Well there you go… guess I will lose some friends but I have gained your respect


Bruce Kulick

No, Bruce, you gained our respect.  That is, what little respect we have for anyone!  When we sent out our request, Bruce responded immediately and he sent back his questions in a timely fashion, so we can’t bitch about that.  He did skip out on Rate-A-Chick, but the answer to question #8 sort of sounds like a diss on Kiss, so that’s cool.  Plus being friends with Gerri Miller and still doing our interview took some balls.  All in all, not a bad job.

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