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20 Questions with Michael Foster, 7/19/99




Michael Foster

Firehouse Drummer Michael Foster

Welcome to our continuing series of interviews with the members of Firehouse!  This time it’s drummer Michael Foster. It took us a while to get our answers back from Michael.  Perry Richardson had to boot him in the ass a few times for us, but finally Michael sent back his answers.  You’ll see it was well worth the wait!  Enjoy!    

1. What are you currently up to? (This is your only chance to plug whatever you want?)
We just got back from japan where we recorded our first live cd. It’s KILLER! It will be available at our shows and web-site until it’s released in the states in august or sept. We’re also in the process of signing a new record deal and will be touring thru the end of the year, so life is good. 

2. You guys always take the time to meet your fans after your shows for free. How do you feel about certain bands (Slaughter) who make their fans buy merchandise before they get to meet them?
We dont do that. That’s their deal. 

3. If you could be a tampon for any celebrity, who would it be?
Rosanne Barr. If i’m gonna be a tampon i want to have a job to do. 

4. Other than Firehouse, what current hard rock/heavy metal band should call it a day and give it up?

Michael Foster

5. You must choose one and live with the guilt for the conseqeuneces.
A. Three guys jump out of a dark alley and beat you within an inch of your life;
B. Three guys jump out of a dark alley and beat C.J. Snare to within an inch of his life.
Are you crazy, CJ of course. I have to play drums, he just has to sing! 

6. What are your top 3 best and worst albums you ever bought?
Richie Sambora(stranger in this town)   
The Cult(electric)                
Queensryche(operation mindcrime or empire)    

Backstreet Boys(backdoor man)    
N’Sync(‘N to U)                 
98 Degrees(Some like it HOT) 

Michael in 1989
Michael in 1989

7. Have you seen everybody’s dick in Firehouse, and if so is everyone circumsized or are there a few hooded monks in Firehouse?
Everybody but CJ’s. Yes they have all been cut! 

8. Which Firehouse song belongs in a vault called "Songs That Suck?"
Sleeping with you 

9. Which of the following drummers plays out of time the most:
A: Lars Ulrich
B: Steve Riley
C: Blas Elias

a) lars ulrich 

10. Please rate the following chicks on a scale of 1-10. 1 being a pig and 10 being totally fuckable:

Pamela Anderson – 8  
Donna D’Errico – 9 
Britney Spears – 10 
Xena, Princess Warrior – 7 
Jenny McCarthy – 6 
Jewel – 2 
Jennifer Love Hewitt – 9 
RuPaul – 10 
Rosie O’Donnell – 1 
Gerri Miller – 0 

11. What rock star deserves the biggest smack in the mouth and why?
Paul Stanley.    We were supposed to do a photo session back stage a one of their shows and Paul refused to take any pictures. He was such a jerk that even Gene made a comment about him. 

12. Who has the most homosexual tendencies in Firehouse?
Perry. He figures he has a 100% better chance of getting laid! 

13. How many copies of Category 5 has Firehouse sold? Don?t lie either! 
75,000 and it’s not even in stores in the states yet! 

14. For "One Million Dollars", would you stand in front of your parents’ bed with the lights on and watch your father have anal sex with your mother? $250,000 bonus if you attempt to masturbate while this is taking place.
there ain’t much i would’nt do for a million dollars. 



15. When was the last time your drank so much you threw up?
Last year in Japan. I drank beer and did shots all night long. I could’nt even find my way back to the hotel. We ended up getting a cab and he took us around the block to the hotel….lol. I threw up all over my room, it was pretty gross. 

Michael proving he tunes his drums!
Michael proving he tunes his own drums

16. Do you tune your drums yourself or do you have a roadie do it for you?
I tune them myself. 

17. When you guys play Asia, do you guys ever visit any of their famous bath houses? You know, the places where they give you a body wash, massage, and a full release. 
Oh yeah, all the time. They give great massages and a full release if you want it. 


18. Who has the fakest wig in rock?
David Lee Roth 

19. On the Rock Never Stops tour, you guys were selling your new CD for $20. Don?t you think that?s kind of steep? Shit, Sam Goody doesn?t even sell their CDs for that much. Please explain why it was $20. 
Because the venues take anywhere from 30-40% of everything sold. So we have to jack the price up to cover the extra overhead. 

20.  Now it’s time for everybody’s favorite part of 20 Questions, Word Association. We give you a name, and you tell us what pops into your mind.

Dana Strum / businessman
Tommy Lee / pornstar
Gerri Miller / get a tan
Jerry Dixon / dude!
C.J. Snare / where’s my met-rx?
C.C. DeVille / he’s back!
Vince Neil / glad he’s back
Rikki Rockett / can we tour with you?
Jesse Ventura / anythings possible
David Lee Roth / Michael didn’t answer this one, so he must have overlooked it.  But since he said that Dave has the fakest wig in rock, we’ll use that for his answer, fakest wig in rock.

Sticks, Tricks, and Lipstick Fix

So that wraps up our interview with Michael Foster.  We’ve interviewed everyone in Firehouse now except C.J. Snare.  Word has it that C.J. is a closet Sludgeaholic and does come to our page, but he never responded to our request to interview him.  Maybe he’s embarrassed that he has a bald spot coming in on the back of his head.  Who knows!  But anyways, if you’d like more info on Firehouse, check out their website at



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