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20 Questions with Perry Richardson, 6/8/99






Welcome to another huge ass interview, this time with Firehouse bassist Perry Richardson!  We interviewed Firehouse guitarist Bill Leverty a few months back, and now it’s Perry’s turn to get asked stupid questions and get his 15 minutes of fame.  

1. What are you currently up to? (This is your only chance to plug your CDs, websites, tours, and other shit.)

PERRY:  here’s whats up with me. First of all, Firehouse is due to start the summer tour on May 26th. We will be releasing our 5th cd, "Category 5" sometime this summer. We also just returned from a japanese tour where we recorded a live cd. It will be released in japan in july and sometime before christmas in the U.S.

     In other news, Michael Foster, myself, and our partner in Myrtle Beach, Scott Hyman, has started a business together. It is called "3930 MUSIC GROUP. It includes an independent record label(3930 records), a booking agency, a production company and a backline company. We have recently released our first cd on the label. It is a pretty heavy band called "UP SPOOK HILL", who are already getting some great airplay in the south, midwest, and a few european countries.

2. Other than The Dollhouse, what are the coolest bars in Mrytle Beach to pick up chicks at?

PERRY:  the coolest bars to pick up chicks in myrtle. I really wouldnt know anything about that. While i’m in town i try to be a good boy. I know where to go hear a good band though!

3. You guys always take the time to meet your fans after your shows for free. How do you feel about certain bands (Slaughter) who make their fans buy merchandise before they get to meet them?

PERRY:  i dont think there’s much wrong with making the fans buy something to get to meet you. Although, we would never do that. But, at least the fans have the opportunity to meet them if they buy something. Thats better than not caring and not meeting the fans at all.

4. Do you think ?Up Spooks Hill? has a snowballs chance in hell of every getting a record deal?

PERRY:  i  think "UP SPOOK HILL" has a very good chance of getting signed by a big label. They are incredible live and their song writing is outstanding.

5. What rock star deserves the biggest smack in the mouth?

PERRY:  the biggest smack in the mouth would have to go to David Lee Roth. He once came out during our show and demanded that the plug be pulled on the p.a., just because we were kicking his ass. If you’re scared the opening band is

going to kick your butt, you should go home!

6. What Firehouse song could go into the vault, ?Songs That Fucking Suck??

PERRY:  there’s only one song by Firehouse that i dont like…Sleeping With You!!!!

7. What current hard rock/heavy metal band should just give it up and call it a day?

PERRY:  name one that shouldnt give up!

8. Was their any rock star/celebrity that you really wanted to meet, and when you did you found them to be a dick?

PERRY:  one guy that i wanted to meet and ended up being a dick, was Geoff Tate.

Let me say that everyone else in the band was awesome!

9. Last time you did something rock and roll in a hotel?

PERRY:  Tuesday

10. Please rate the following chicks on a scale of 1-10, 1 being a totally mess and 10 being totally fuckable.

Pamela Anderson =

Robin Quivers =

Courtney Love =

Brandy =

Carmen Electra =

Tyra Banks =

Gwen Stefani = 

Yasmine Bleeth =

Gerri Miller =

Mariah Carey =

11. Other than yourself, who is the saddest excuse for a bass player?

PERRY:  next to me, Steve Bailey is definitely the worse excuse for a bass player!

12. When did you lose your virginity and how was it?

PERRY:  I lost my virginity the first time i fucked……….it was slendid!

13. Have you ever caught anybody in the band "doing rapid one arm pullups", "launching the hand shuttle", "fathering some pleasure", "being your own best friend", etc.. in their bunk on the tour bus? Or have you ever been busted?

PERRY:  nope and nope…..i much more careful than that!

14. Do you guys bang a lot of Asian broads when you tour over in China, Japan, Singapore, etc…?

PERRY:  Of course…’s cheaper than bringing american women with you.

15. What rock album did you buy that you were most disappointed in?

PERRY:  Queensryche-Promised Land

16. If you HAD to have sex with any animal, what animal would you pick and why?

PERRY:  a Rhino, because they have a handle when they’re giving head.

17. Do you laugh at the other members of the band for cutting their hair?

PERRY:  no, i just laugh at them!

18. What?s the most disgusting road story you can think of?

PERRY:  there is no such thing as a disgusting road story…..YET!

19. Complete this sentence, ?Anal sex is???

PERRY:  very messy.

20. Metal Sludge’s famous Word Association. We mention a name, and you tell us your opinion.

Dana Strum /hide your wallet

Bret Michaels
/hide your microphone

Tommy Lee
/hide your woman

Bobby Dall
/hide your bass

Jesse Camp
/hide your clothes

Marvelous 3
/hide your candy

Alabama the group not the state
/hide your sheep

Kid Rock
/hide your lowriderhide your tits

Stone Cold Steve Austin
/just hide

Alright, let’s put your hands together for Perry Richardson!  Ok, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.  If you want to find out more about Firehouse, then take your ass over to  If your curious about Up Spooks Hill, and who isn’t, then go check out Tell ’em to send us a CD to review, cause we’re cheap bastards.



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