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20 Questions with The Wildhearts' Ginger, 7/27/99





The Wildhearts Singer Ginger

This week’s 20 Questions is with The Wildhearts former singer Ginger.  If you’re not up on The Wildhearts, here’s a brief summary of their career:  They formed in August 1989, they released a CD, toured, broke up, they got back together, they released a CD, did a bunch of drugs, they broke up, they got back together, members quit, they got new members, they released a million singles with new B-Sides, toured, did more drugs, they broke up, they got back together, they toured, destroyed Kerrang’s offices, drank, released more CDs, did some drugs, broke up a few more times, got back together, toured, played Japan, and finally released a live CD.  The Wildhearts have gone their separate ways now and Ginger is working on a solo album and also working on a project called Clam Abuse.  But we didn’t ask Ginger much about that, we asked him quality Metal Sludge style questions.  Enjoy! 

1. What are you currently up to? (This is your only chance to plug your projects, CDs, shows, websites, etc. So get all your shit in now while you have the chance!)

Getting pissed off with record companies, lawyers and Californian gossip junkie lame assed phoney lazy wanna be musicians that never do anything outside of playing Tamie fucking Downs club.

2. If you could be a tampon for any celebrity, who would it be?

I cant say Cristina Ricci because she`s too young, so the girl off the poster for "She`s all that"


3. Imagine a crazed lunatic holding a loaded gun to your head with one bullet left – and right now it?s got your name on it. You can either take a bullet to the chest (a wound from which you might survive), or he will rape you (and he?s hung like Tommy Lee!). He will wear a condom though, since he?s into safe sex. After he?s done raping you, you must take the condom off his dick and suck down all the contents and lick it clean. After that, you are free to go. Which do you choose?

I would gladly take the bullet and laugh.

4. Other than yourself, what rock star deserves the biggest smack in the mouth?

Marilyn Manson.

5. What is the real reason The Wildhearts called it a day?

Couldn`t handle the drugs.

6. How many times have you been arrested and thrown in jail, and what is the most amount of time you?ve spent in the slammer?

Can`t remember the amount but it was quite a common thing to happen when we were kids. Most amount of time was 2 weeks in Thailand.


7. What are your top 3 best and worst memories of The Wildhearts?Best:    Models in Japan

             Drugs in America

             AC/DC in Europe

Worst : Drugs in England

              Fights on drink

              Splitting up


8. What is this about having fans donate money for you to release your solo album?I hate record companies with a passion reserved for rapists, and I would do anything to be able to make music without having to fucking beg for the honour.

9. For $10,000: Would you remove the urine puck from the urinal in a public bathroom and lick it clean. You?ll get $12,500 if you take a bite out of the urine puck!

For $100,000 I would. I could record my album and only have to taste piss instead of eating shit.


10. Please rate the following birds on a scale of 1 – 10. 1 being the bollocks, and 10 being very shagable. (feel free to add any comments you see fit.)

Samantha Fox …….not my type, 4

Geri Halliwell
……………not her type, 5

Melinda Messenger
……gorgeous, 8

Britney Spears

Pamela Anderson
………cute and daft, 8

Carmen Electra
…………looks like a tyre, 3

Claudia Schiffer
…………nice in pictures but looks like Dolph Lungren in real life, 5

Victoria Adams (Posh Spice)
………….a face like a pig eating a bar of shit, 0

Courtney Love
…………..used to look like Tyla (Dogs D`amour) on a bad morning, now throws good shapes, 1 or 5

Shirley Manson
…………I used to really go for girls that looked like fish, so….5

11. What current hard rock/heavy metal band should call it a day and give it up?Kiss

12. The Wildhearts had a little U.S. success with "Suckerpunch" but you guys didn’t tour over here at all. Why didn?t the Wildhearts tour the U.S?Shit management and shit record company, with an A+R guy called Derek Oliver who hated the band.


13. What is/was your drug of choice?

Anything I can/could smoke


14. Give us an example of some of your record company horror stories?

The above mentioned A+R guy who said we were too punk and punk was never going to break in America….about 6 months before Green Day went huge.

15. You must choose one of the following and live with the guilt for the consequences.

A. You get in a bad car accident which puts you in the hospital for a year;


B. Four other people you?ve never met get in a car accident and die in the burning wreck, leaving eight children without parents, money, or shelter. Which do you choose?

A year in hospital wouldn`t be so bad…is there medication involved?

16. Other than yourself, what lead singer sings out of key the most?

Ian Brown from Stone Roses.

17. Are you bitter that The Wildhearts never had the success they deserved?

Nah, cos one or more of us would be dead now.

18. For $250,000: Think of the most physically repugnant person you know. Say their name aloud. Now, to get paid, you must let that person squat above you and release a large helping of diarrhea onto your chest. You must then wait for five minutes, breathing only through your nose. Then you may get up, get showered, and get paid.

Would you do it?

Jesus, I`ve done much worse for less…I know people who pay good money for that kinda thing


19. What the sickest thing The Wildhearts ever did to a groupie?

Hey, we`re Englishmen and that means we`re gentlemen. What`s a groupie?


20. Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name, and you give us your thoughts.

Lars Ulrich = groupie

Slaughter =

Bret Michaels =

Kerrang =

Vince Neil =

Sebastian Bach =

Marilyn Manson =

LA Guns =

Tommy Lee =

Kiss =

Spike =

Nikki Sixx =

For more info on Ginger’s solo projects, The Wildhearts’ history, and other bullshit, go to, which is Ginger’s Official site.



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