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Shameless, Fatal Smile & Hollywood Burnouts "Garage Deluxe" Munich, Germany – Live Review –



Shameless, Fatal Smile & Hollywood Burnouts
April 10th 2014 “Garage Deluxe”
Munich, Germany
By: Obi Les Groove


Here is my short review of the Munich show. The Garage Deluxe is a small club which holds about 200-300 people.

Hollywood Burnouts
Young band from the Munich area which has just released their second CD. I was really curious about them and they didn’t disappoint. Singer / guitarist has the “rockstar” image and is in my eyes a damn good guitar player. Songs were totally 80s hardrock/glam style and the audience liked it. They had a chick guitarist which fits in perfect.
Had some real good songs like these two:

Rating 7.5/10


Fatal Smile
They entered the stage and they looked like a mix of Motley Crue 1984 & Marilyn Manson with their own “We are evil” image. Stage presence and show were great and they also had some good song but overall too much sounds the same and the big hits are missing. They only played around 50 minutes and there was nothing to complain but for me it just didn’t click. And yes the guitarist looked like Alice Coopers twin brother. One of my friends said he liked them the most of all three bands.

Rating 7/10

This was the third or fourth time seeing Shameless live and it was probably their best concert I’ve seen. They played a lot of TUFF songs and the best Shameless songs. Their new drummer (Tommy Wagner) kicked ass and has a great voice and also the rest of band had a great stage presence. I think he played in Bonfire in the 80s. Stevie Rachelle was a real entertainer and you could see the difference to the opening bands: He definitely knows how to entertain the audience. Best song for me was the Alice Cooper cover Eighteen – the Shameless versions rocks. The crowd was into the band and it seemed that the band had a lot of fun on stage. They also played an encore. Overall a great concert and also merchandise price were very reasonable compared to other concerts

Rating 9/10

Shameless is…
Stevie Rachelle – Vocals
Alexx Michael – Bass
BC Sleaze – Guitars
Tommy Wagner – Drums

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