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ABSOLUTE SH!T SHOW … “Vince Neil has a bloated drinkers face, a pregnant looking belly and vocally he was ‘off’ at best” says Rn’R Experience.Com



“Vince Neil has a bloated drinkers face, a pregnant looking belly and vocally he was ‘off’ at best” says Rn’R Experience.Com


ROCK N’ ROLL EXPERIENCE — Holy Shit Hon, Vince f’n Neil is playin’ Dundalk!  That’s the exact reaction most patrons exclaimed when it was announced that former Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil would be headlining the Heritage Fest in glorious Dundalk, Maryland.

Dundalk Heritage Fest is an absolute shit show.  The stage is tiny, the barricade dividing the stage from the audience is made of chicken wire and compressed wood, the attendees appeared to be stuck in the late 80’s, wearing a bra was clearly not a popular option, and Vince Neil sounded as good as the amount of beers you consumed.

When Vince took the stage it was clear that he had been partying non stop since Motley Crue ended; he has a bloated drinkers face and a pregnant looking belly.  Vocally Mr. Neil was “off” at best.  Skipping every other word, haphazardly leading the crowd through sing-a-longs of “Home Sweet Home” and “Wild Side”, and drilling the legacy of Motley Crue to the ground, Vince and his backing band “Slaughter” performed a 9 song set, 8 of which were Motley covers.

Interesting side note, the price of admission was $8 which broke down to $1 per Motley cover Vince performed.

Vince has gained about 50 extra pounds since Motley ended and his onstage demeanor was lethargic and generally boring.  “Home Sweet Home” was butchered by Blando’s guitar intro/outro which lacked feeling and vibe.  When Tommy Lee left Motley Mick Mars performed the intro to “Home Sweet Home” on acoustic guitar and made it sound superb, Blando’s interpretation of the song was like watching a shitty cover band trying to perform the song.  It didn’t help that Blando’s guitar kept cutting out for part of the performance which showed how unprofessional the show felt at times.


Dundalk Heritage Festival
Baltimore, MD

 Vince Neil Set List: For Those About To Rock (Intro), Dr Feelgood, Looks That Kill, Home Sweet Home, Don’t Go Away Mad, Same Ol’ Situation, Whole Lotta Love/Heaven and Hell, Kickstart My Heart, Girls Girls Girls, Wild Side

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