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ALMOST DEAD OR ALIVE? … Ozzy Osbourne spotted with Sharon New Year’s Day despite Deathbed Rumors



Ozzy Osbourne spotted with Sharon New Year’s Day despite Deathbed Rumors



Metal Sludge — Over the last 48 hours the rumors that Ozzy Osbourne is on his deathbed are circulating the internet

Radaronline posted early morning on January 1st 2020: “Heavy metal maniac Ozzy OsbourneOpens in New Window is bedridden in agonizing pain and losing his marbles, sources said — prompting pals to believe he’s waiting to die!

“Sources revealed the bat-biting Black Sabbath frontman is in such dire straits he didn’t even realize his wife, SharonOpens in New Window, missed the holidays with him for the first time in 40 years.” wrote Radaronline

Meanwhile, TMZ has now shared a short video clip of Ozzy and Sharon at a Los Angeles area gas station.


TMZ writes: “Ozzy Osbourne is not waiting to die … he’s still living large and his wife says they’ve got huge plans on deck in the new year.”

Radaronline also wrote: “Ozzy just lies in bed all day, moaning in pain 24/7. He doesn’t know his family half the time and once mistook Sharon for a total stranger, asking her, ‘Who are you?’”

TMZ added: “Ozzy’s rocking some shades and a pretty stylish cane, and even though he doesn’t say much, he’s still moving around in his fancy car … no “Weekend at Bernie’s” stunts here.”

Daughter Kelly Osbourne wrote on social media: “It’s no secret that my dad has had a rough year when it comes to his health but come the F*CK on this is utter bullshit.”

See the full Radaronline article HERE and the TMZ article is HERE.




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