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Autograph drummer Keni Richards says: "I WAS fired PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!" He also asks for photoshop help to tell his former bandmates to F-Off!




Autograph drummer Keni Richards says: “I WAS fired PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Revolving Door — In recent months the world has been receiving incoming from the band Autograph. Yes, the “Turn Up The Radio” band from the 80s. This all seemed to come out of left field after hearing next to nothing from the band or their collective ex members for years. Actually decades. Then in one fell swoop we heard from original drummer Keni Richards via his official Facebook that the band was back and reuniting.

Well sorta.

The band were on the come back trail, but without their frontman Steve Plunkett. But fear not, Keni and original guitarist Steve Lynch and bassist Randy Rand were excited and introducing their new singer Simon Daniels aka Danny Simon. Danny or Simon, whichever you prefer is  from the Los Angeles based rockers Jailhouse. He also fronted a band called Flood in the 90s.

Then on January 1st Metal Sludge heard word that Keni was being replaced by Danny’s drummer from Flood. We reached out to Keni, and he replied quickly –  the original Autograph can slammer confirmed the rumor but said it was; “for the time being!!!!”

Metal Sludge inquired as to ‘what happened?’  and Richards replied again with; “that’s a great question !!!! personal issues 4 me!!! that’s it for now!!!!

Well now it’s becoming a little more clear and it appears that Richards and his band, or former bandmates are not on the same page.

Keni took to his Facebook this week and now admits, he was in fact fired and says ‘THIS IS THE LAST TIME I WANT TO TALK ABOUT AUTO……I WAS fired PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

He’s also asked for photoshop help to essentially tell the band to F-off.

See Keni’s facebook posts below.



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