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Autograph Founding Guitarist Steve Lynch Update To Fans: “Daniel Simoni and Marc Weiland have Now Sued the Beloved Widow of Randy Rand”

The late Randy Rand, his widow Regina Rand and Steve Lynch all pictured – Image courtesy Facebook

Metal Sludge — In the latest saga involving the 80’s band Autograph it appears there are some new developments.

According to founding guitarist Steve Lynch, the current singer Simon Daniels (real name Daniel Simoni) and drummer Marc Weiland have now filed a lawsuit against Randy Rand‘s widow, Regina Rand.

Lynch took to his Facebook earlier today (January 4th 2023) with the following update:


Hello Everyone,

A new low has been hit.

The “coverband”, under Daniel Simoni and Marc Weiland have now sued the beloved widow of Randy Rand, as they attempt to hijack the original trademark while claiming to our fans that future gigs and a CD are dedicated to his legacy.

This was never about honoring Randy Rand, and this repulsive action makes it very clear. To sue Regina Rand, especially as she is still grieving over the tragedy of losing her beloved husband, is unforgivable. If Randy were here today, rest assured, there would be hell to pay.

The level of low could not be set any lower. There’s a Les Brown quote that sums it up


“…people FAIL in life not because they aim too high and miss

but they aim too LOW and HIT”


I remain confident, committed, and transparent in litigating this matter to bring home the true legacy that Randy and the original members started with Autograph, and to bring Regina the peace and comfort she seeks and deserves.

Yours sincerely,


NOTE: The posting is an excerpt from the lawsuit filed by Simoni and Weiland in the State of California. They sued me, I countersued and they have added Regina Rand —it’s all on court record.


We have shared the Facebook post from Lynch below both as a screen capture and embedded the post as well.

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