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Autograph On The Come Back Trail But Have Already Replaced Original Drummer Keni Richards Before Gig #1!



Autograph On The Come Back Trail And Original Drummer Keni Richards Is Out Before Gig #1!


Rumorville — An inside source has revealed to Metal Sludge that Autograph are already replacing guys before they even play gig #1. It seems that original drummer Keni Richards is out.  His replacement is the drummer from Flood a band who ironically was fronted by Simon Daniels in the past.  Simon also known as Danny Simon from the Sunset Strip rockers Jailhouse is the new vocalist in Autograph replacing original singer/song writer  Steve Plunkett.

This seems all too weird as Keni appeared to be the bands most outspoken voice in recent months about the bands come back. Keni has been writing on his Facebook wall, posting classic photos and engaging the fan base. Now it appears, he’s gone before they even play a show.

Metal Sludge posted a facebook message from Keni Richards back on August 20th 2013 welcoming Simon Daniels to the band.

Check out the video below from September where Lucas Gordon interviews the full band, Simon Daniels on Vocals, Keni Richards on drums, Randy Rand on bass and Steve Lynch on guitar.


Metal Sludge has reached out to Keni Richards via his official Facebook and inquired as to this rumor of him being replaced.

Keni Replied with….. “for the time being!!!!!!!”

We dug deeper and asked Keni “What happened?

His second reply was….. “that’s a great question !!!! personal issues 4 me!!! that’s it for now!!!!

With that said, it’s two guys from each band, so maybe they should consider a name change. How about Autoflood?


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